HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Review 2024– Is It A Reliable Hosting?

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In this article, you’ll find a detailed review of the HostArmada CPU Dedicated Server, taking you one step closer to making the right choice for your website. So here we go.

If you own an online business and are looking for a hosting service, you are going to be overwhelmed by a ton of thoughts.

It does not matter if you’ve just started the venture or you are an experienced online business store owner, you must require a good-quality web-hosting service. With so many options out there, picking the right one is always going to be confusing.

When it comes to hosting services, I have often been confused thinking whether it is right for my brand? Will it enhance performance? Will it be useful?

And what might I reap out of it? I bet you all will be having these same thoughts running through your mind as well.

To ensure the efficient and hassle-free working of your websites, a dedicated CPU hosting service such as HostArmada is your buddy.

HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server

HostArmada CPU Dedicated Server Review 2024 | Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Overview of HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Review

HostArmada was established in the year 2019. Although it is still in its infancy stages, in the market today, HostArmada is the fastest growing and fairly popular web hosting service.

They are a private company that has independent funding and resources. 

They’re novel and creative and provide their users with really innovative approaches to the Cloud SSD web hosting. It offers a variety of features and a 99.9% uptime making it a cool hosting service.

HostArmada believes in transparency and tolerance. 

They offer absolute clarity on their features and what you can expect from them. Customer satisfaction is high for HostArmada.

With HostArmada, you will get up-to-the-minute regular updates and knowledge through a lot of self-help guides and video tutorials as well as blog posts.

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Features of HostArmada Dedicated Server


managed web hosting service

  • Security for websites

Websites must be offered very rigid security to protect all the content and information being updated and circulated on it.


HostArmada provides you a variety of such security tools that are specifically made for this purpose for every CPU dedicated server hosting plan. 


It also has an anti-virus scanner as well as a free certification of SSL. So harmful actions, viruses, and malicious activities are detected and blocked.


The scanner and SSL certification has no limit for domains and can be used for as many domains as you wish. 


  • ROOT access

Advanced users get ROOT level access on each Dedicated CPU Server hosting plan. You will get options to customize your web hostings which will keep you in complete control. 


This is one of the primary benefits of HostArmada. And you get this without having to pay any additional fees or affecting the management service in any way possible. 


  • Newest services for excellent performance

HostArmada offers state-of-the-art services, which are always updated to ensure that the performance never disappoints. 


Regular updates make sure that there are no bugs in the applications, the susceptibility can be patched wherever patching is required. 


Also, you can work very comfortably with more than one PHP version so that your website co-operates with the dedicated CPU server plans. 


  • Constant and dependable backups

Backups are essential for the safe-keeping of important information. Making a backup is fairly easy but maintaining it is the real deal.


Because of this, all the dedicated server plans offer regular and consistent backups that are automated with cPanel backup service. 


You can choose to have daily, weekly or monthly backups according to your requirement. 


  • Installing applications with a single click

The 1-click application installer makes it super easy to install as well as design every application individually. Further, you can also store and maintain different applications in different folders. 


  • Properly controlled web-based hosting service

HostArmada does not joke around when it comes to their server plans. They follow stringent regular routines to make sure that the dedicated CPU server plans are updated, in a good state and making available various PHP versions along with keeping a check on the condition of the storage units.


All this is done to give a good performance to the server. 


  • Out of the league caching for web servers

HostArmada has another level of caching for all its customers’ websites by using NGINX.


It aids in the quick loading of the websites and allows more visitors even on smaller plans by using and tracking small resource usage footprints of the visitors. 


  • cPanel offers a great pilot service

What cPanel does is essentially the job of a control panel. It helps to manage your hosting services in just a few steps thus making your job easier. 


Every hosting plan of HostArmada has cPanel with it for the comfort of its users. It is reliable, easy to understand and use, and most of all, it is free with every dedicated CPU server hosting plan. 


  • 24/7 Technical Support

The HostArmada team is at your service every day of the week and all hours of the day as and when you need them for any query that you might.


You can get in touch with their staff as well as automated bots to communicate with them regarding some issues you might be having. 

Benefits of HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server

  • Speedy loading

HostArmada offers a super-fast, blazing speed that will enhance your website’s performance. The ideal speed required to load your website will be easily achieved. 

  • Ideal security

Perfect, high-level security is provided to make sure that your website is not ruined by hackers. All means of protection are ensured. 

  • Good uptime

You can expect great uptime, precisely 99.9%, and absolute reliability. Uptime means the time that your website stays online. With HostArmada, your website will stay online 24/7. 

  • Upgrade options

There is a vast room to upgrade and you grow your website as your visitors start to increase. The HostArmada is always ready to offer custom solutions for its client’s issues. 

Why are the uses of Dedicated CPU Hosting Service?

  1. E-commerce sites – Online business owners, as a rule, require hosting services. It aids the website to sustain in high traffic conditions and also manage marketing campaigns.
  2. Clients who manage reseller programs use dedicated server hosting services as they offer a variety of services on the cPanel account.
  3. Clients maintaining databases also require hosting servers. In that case, they are used so that all the hardware will be shifted to database service.
  4. Dedicated email service – Dedicated server hosting plans can help to maintain and manage the email service. They tend to take out the restrictions on the outbound emails as well.
  5. Personalized applications – With the growth in websites, the demands also keep on increasing. In such a case, the hosting plans offer to help you to manage the ever-increasing demands of the visitors to your website.

Then you can focus on your customers and help them in a better way and further your business efficiently. The better you treat your customers, the more traffic you will attract to your website.

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powerful dedicated cpu server

Customer Support at HostArmada

HostArmada offers multiple means of contacting the team. They have options for live chat, telephonic communication, email, and ticketing system.

Their response time is known to be the lowest as compared to similar such services out in the market. They have different departments such as the Technical support, Sales crew, Billing and Finance Crew, and the Abuse and DMCA crew. 

All the departments are available at your disposal for 24 hours, all days of the year, ready to handle your problems and help you with anything you need.

Chat – They offer the chat option wherein you can have a live chat with them instantly. The response time is zero since they reply immediately.

Telephone – You can ring them up at the number given on their official website. They also pick up the call and reply instantly.

Email – You can mail them at their official email id which is [email protected]. They typically take an hour to revert to emails.

Ticketing system – You can fill out a form and get a ticket, the response to which will also be given within 10 minutes.

I am honestly stumped at their response rates. Super quick and reliable. There’s no way you could get stuck in any of their processes without help.

Pricing of HostArmada CPU Dedicated Server 

HostArmada CPU servers have three pricing plans for you. All come with their unique features and only get better with the price.


pricing plans of dedicated cpu server hosting


The plans are as such: Armada DS – LIFT OFF, Armada DS – Low Orbit, and Armada DS – High Orbit. They have different hardware specifications and a couple of free goodies too. Let us take a detailed look at each one of them.


Plan 1 – Armada DS – LIFT OFF

This plan is available at $149/month. It’s hardware specifications include 4 Cores CPU, 160GB of Cloud SSD Storage, 8GB RAM, and 5TB of Bandwidth.


The free goodies to go along with it include a domain name, a cPanel, and an NGINX Web Server. In case you are not satisfied with this plan, you can cancel it at any time and you will not be charged with any cancellation fees.


Plan 2 – Armada DS – Low Orbit

This plan is available at $209/month. The hardware specifications include 8 Cores CPU, 320 GB Cloud SSD Storage, 16GB RAM, and 6TB Bandwidth.


The free goodies are a domain name, cPanel, and NGINX web server. This plan offers a free website migration service. All your data will be safe for every Web Hosting Package while migrating.


Plan 3 – Armada DS – High Orbit

This plan is available for you at $329/month. The hardware specifications include 16 Cores CPU, 640GB Cloud SSD Storage, 32GB RAM, and 7TB Bandwidth.


The free goodies remain the same, which are a domain name, cPanel, and NGINX Web Server. This plan also gives you refund policy. You can request a refund within a week if you find yourself dissatisfied with the service.  

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Pros and Cons of HostArmada Dedicated Server Review


  1. HostArmada offers a free domain with each plan.
  2. The NGINX cache service makes it very easy to keep a track of visitors on the website and ensure more traffic as well.
  3. It offers reliable security with no chance of information leaking.
  4. There is 24/7 support from the HostArmada team in case you need any help regarding issues.
  5. Each plan offers one special feature. The LIFT-OFF plan has free cancellation, the Low Orbit plan has a free migrating service option and the High Orbit plan has a 7-day refund guarantee.
  6. The use of SSD technology results in the websites working faster and being more responsive.


  1. It does not offer enough bandwidth according to the capacities at the data centers. This is beneficial for the performance of the websites.
  2. The installation process has an additional cost as skilled staff are required for monitoring and maintaining the servers.
  3. It has a high renewal rate.

FAQs | HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Review

🤔 Should I update my package when my website is live?

There is no need for that. All the Development Hosting plans can be used as a production environment for your website because they are essentially the same Cloud SSD shared hosting packages.

👉 What is the duration of HostArmada cookies?

The tracking cooking lasts for 3 months, that is, ninety days. So in case, a visitor clicks on the link, then you will get the commission only if they sign up within three months of clicking.

👍 Is HostArmada compatible with WordPress?

Yes, it is. HostArmada has a wonderfully managed cloud hosting system for WordPress. It can install WordPress in one single click. It also provides a LiteSpeed plugin for your WordPress blog or website.

Conclusion | HostArmada Dedicated Server Review 2024

All in all, there are only positives for HostArmada. The pros are way more than the cons and are useful too. What I love about it is the affordable prices and the marvelous customer support system.

It is like finding everything under one roof, so you don’t have to look anywhere else. HostArmada has the A to Z of features when it comes to web hosting services.

Needless to say, it gets a huge thumbs up from me and you can go ahead and choose this to be your very own hosting system. The market research also reveals it is the most popular service of its kind. So there’s your answer.

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