HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review 2024– Is It Worthy?

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In this competitive marketing field with all the chaos, it’s very difficult to search for excellent hosting services. In this article, I am going to give you a detailed review of the best hosting services currently present in the market – HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting

I know you might be having so many doubts and questions on your mind for trusting this hosting service but believe me, this is one of the best services.

I have used for my business and that’s why I am here to give you detailed information about features, benefits, and other facilities of WooCommerce Hosting services. 

You must be very careful about choosing your hosting plans for your business and so for purchasing a WooCommerce plan you shouldn’t only see the place but you must have a sight on the other aspects of this hosting service too. 

So for understanding it well without any confusion have a look at each part of the hosting because it includes different sections and each section plays a very important role in your business. 

In this article, you will get a clear idea about WooCommerce hosting and you will also get to know what you need for your business and what can be your perfect Hosting plan. So, let’s begin. 

HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review 

WooCommerce Hosting by HostArmada Review 2024– Is It Worth The Hype?

Overview of HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review

Let me begin with the most basic thing about WooCommerce and what it is? WooCommerce is created for users of WordPress sites and is the most successful, productive, and adaptive eCommerce platform you can see on the internet nowadays.

It’s an open-source eCommerce application used by businessmen, developers.

Overall, downloads have been down on this hosting plan and people are converting their hosting plans because of its best services. Nearly 28% of the stores work online under this hosting and is the famous platform you can search on networking sites.

WooCommerce is present with many augmentations in current retailing businesses, which can fulfill every developer’s requirements. It never fails to impress their users, even the payment mode is simple and convenient for every user.

If you have a search list about the hosting plan you can see WooCommerce at the top of the list.

One must understand to use it for the best and make use of its features and updates for growing their business in the market. 

Features of WooCommerce Hosting

woocommerce hosting

  • Installation at a single-click 

Why put lots of effort when you can simply click and install WooCommerce hosting plan. Yes, this feature is updated to save your time with no huge process to install the hosting you desire.

Just simply click on the download option and your work is done. In addition, your visitors can be in contact with you in no time without facing any issues. 

  • Regular Backups

What if you have lost your data and important documents and other kinds of stuff because of some damage to your website?

You need not worry about it because there comes a feature that gives you a great offer by regularly backing up your data without any efforts done by you.

It automatically backups the whole data with security and safeguards. WooCommerce is giving you a helping hand by saving your website content without facing any issues further. 

  • Management 

Every business person wishes to get a well-maintained and managed web hosting page and WooCommerce does it so for their customers.

It has various PHP versions that are related to the whole hosting and it makes sure to get updated in a regular interval of time without any delay.

It keeps the check on storage, users, regular visitors, and many more pieces of stuff. I can assure you that in the case of management in WooCommerce you won’t face any issues. 

  • Serve cache

Server cache is one of the excellent features offered by WooCommerce which helps you to increase the speed of your website. In addition to it, the clients get encouraged by the speed and even permits many visitors on their websites with the cheapest subscription plan.

  • SSD cloud-based storage

You will see in the pricing section below that WooCommerce provides its users with SSD cloud-based storage at every subscription plan. Battery-powered RAID which also controls the whole function and data of the website is connected with SSD storage services for their customers. 

If you are looking for a cloud hosting platform that comes at an affordable price and delivers quality services, then you must check out this review of Kamatera and find out if this platform serves your purpose.

  • Security and safety

WooCommerce comes with a better security option. Obviously, you don’t want to keep their website safe and secure?

It provides the latest security technologies which are applicable for every subscription plan of the website. For every security level, it utilizes two firewalls that protect your audience’s data and information from any type of threats and issues. 

  • Technical support

Human-powered technical support is given to all the customers at any hour of the time. Any issues which are related to SSL certificates, plugins, layouts, the functioning of websites are solved by this technical team support. 24/7 hours well-managed service is available. 

  • Simple Pilot service with cPanel

Have you ever seen an airplane flying without a pilot? Likewise, you cannot have full control of your website without a pilot for yourself. WooCommerce provides you cPanel Pilot services which are very simple to understand and even to use.

cPanel has made many wonders for the past many years that it maintains its popularity in the marketing field even now.

Pricing Plans of HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review

Basically, pricing of WooCommerce comes with three different plans and each plan comes with various but indeed excellent features, pricing details of WooCommerce are listed below.

pricing plan of hostarmada woocommerce hosting review

Plan 1- StarDock 

This pricing plan comes with the benefit of the visitors who are the beginners for this online marketing business and want to afford the best hosting services.

This plan starts with $1.20 per month and with the regular subscription plans it will cost your $7.99 each month. The features provided by these subscription plans are 

  • Availability of 2 cores of CPU. 
  • Single website
  • RAM storage of 2 GB
  • Domain names with free of cost 
  • Storage of 15 GB in SSD cloud-based
  • 10000 best and variety of audiences. 
  • Backups available at seven days interval
  • Bandwidth which is unmetered 
  • Defaulted hosting perks available.
  • Creation for launching perks.

Plan 2- Web Wrap 

The audiences who already have their own websites but are looking for a better option in a web hosting service plan, then this is the best plan they can choose. It will cost you $1.94 each month and with the regular subscription plan, it comes on a $12.95 per month plan. The features available are 

  • Availability of 4 cores of CPU.
  • Unlimited websites are available.
  • Unmetered bandwidth. 
  • RAM storage of 4 GB.
  • Domain names are free of cost.
  • Backups are available at 14 daily services.
  • Storage of 30 GB with SSD cloud-based.
  • 60000 different visitors to the website.
  • Wrap feature perks. 

Plan 3- Speed Reaper 

If you are one such customer of a hosting plan who wants to enhance the speed of the website then this plan is perfect for you. It comes with $2.69 each month and at a regular subscription plan, it will cost you $17.95 every month. The features available with these plans are 

  • Availability of 6 cores of CPU 
  • Backups for 21 days on a daily basis
  • Unlimited website available 
  • RAM storage of 6 GB 
  • 120000 unique visitors
  • Storage of 40 GB on SSD cloud-based 
  • Domain names absolutely free
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • Huge caching
  • Speed 
  • Default perks in hosting services
  • Warp feature perks
  • Creation of launch perks

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Customer Support at WooCommerce

hosting plans

Every visitor needs good customer support from every hosting plan they purchase and WooCommerce provides exactly what you need. You have the full support of the WooCommerce team if you are facing any issue regarding the services in this hosting plan. 

  • Good Backups Services

WooCommerce provides you a great backup option in case you missed any data or important part of your website, backups available in every subscription plan you purchase, the content and all the information are safe and secure with no harm and what you need when you have a support of security of your backups.

On a daily basis, the hosting plan does a backup of your documents and important files in case of safeguarding your content. The team is available technically and humanly 24/7 hours for your support. 

  • Security, Threats, and Safety

Your audiences must feel secure while they use your website, various platforms on the internet utilize certain levels of firewalls which can offer their user safety, and even in WooCommerce you don’t have to go into detail about the whole mechanism of security, it keeps your customers all the data safe and secure.

Also, you must have security on your own website for avoiding threats and problems regarding your data and customers. 

Pros and Cons of HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review


  • WooCommerce is easy to use with proper guidance and support. 
  • 99.9% uptime available at SSD cloud-based technology.
  • 24/7 hours of both mechanical and in-person customer support available.
  • Each server allows only a limited number of customers to avoid traffic.
  • The whole tour of the website and their services is free of cost. 
  • In case you are not satisfied with the service, the money return is guaranteed in 45 days.
  • Availability of best technical support by the hosting plan.
  • WooCommerce permits you to download the small servers with good maintenance of limited visitors in every service to show their best presentation. 
  • If unsatisfied with the services provided by WooCommerce, you can cancel your upcoming services free of cost.
  • With each subscription plan, you will be provided migration of the services of the website at least once before selecting your plan. 
  • WooCommerce offers its users facilities such as security of files and their transfers, templates, and layouts, installation of modules, and can clear your problems with the websites too.


  • Being the best hosting plan in the recent market, its plans come with expensive prices for every type of service.
  • At some point on the website, personalized working is quite difficult.  

FAQs | WooCommerce Hosting by HostArmada

🤓 How can I personalize the Woo theme?

You must have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS for setting your own theme on your website. If you have extra knowledge of PHP services it will be beneficial to you for layouts and designs of your websites. The things which come with your ability to download a custom logo, addition of images or background are created in WordPress and after knowing this you are finally ready for customizing your theme then you must choose the child theme and then the advance version of the parent theme, according to your basic knowledge it will help you to personalize your Woo theme.

😎 What are the benefits of HostArmada?

The benefits which HostArmada provides are You can easily speed up your website loading time, improvise the bounce rate of your visitor's websites too. Provides a good layer of firewall security for their users Gives us 24/7 hours of good technical and human customer support.

🤓 Why should we select HostArmada for our project?

If you are looking for a creative and stationary way that can give you good maintenance of your website with reliable surroundings for your website then host armada is the best to choose for. It enhances the speed of your website, gives good technical support, with elegance in the management of your website.

Conclusion | HostArmada WooCommerce Hosting Review 2024

After all, we have come to the end of the article, it’s quite a huge article but provides you up-to-date information and detailed facilities about WooCommerce.

Isn’t it? Well, I have personally used WooCommerce and it comes to be an excellent hosting plan for me.

Besides, its services and features are impressive with good customer support and now I know why it is said to be one of the topmost hosting service plans in the recent market. 

I hope you’ve understood the above data with no difficulties and you can also go through the pricing which is provided by Hostamarda for WooCommerce hosting, with each unique and best feature mentioned above. 

There’s absolutely no hurry on choosing which plan is best for you because it comes with a money return guarantee in 45 days with no difficulty so you can have a tour on the website’s service and can take your decision firmly and easily. 

Hope this article is helpful to you. 

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