Top 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs in 2024 | Best Beauty Affiliate Programs to Try in 2024

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In this post we are goin to cover best makeup affiliate programs in 2024.

It’s obvious to see why beauty affiliate marketing is among the most preferred areas amongst website owners as well as publishers.

It is very unlikely to find a woman who does not enjoy applying cosmetics or caring for her skin and hair. Boys, in addition to girls, are now becoming more engaged in the cosmetic industry these days.

They have also started pampering themselves with various skincare treatments, hair products, scents, and other kinds of cosmetics.

Even though you don’t apply makeup, many individuals end up spending a great deal of money on such items.

Advertising beauty products on your site would not only help you to generate money, but it would also increase the traffic to the website.

10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs in 2024

Here are list of the best makeup affiliate programs for you.

1. XLASH Cosmetics

In 2011, XLASH launched their services in the Scandinavian marketplace, gaining 3 million clients in just a few years.

Because they think that “nature makes a significant contribution to everlasting beauty,” all of their eyelash serums are created with this philosophy in view.

XLASH Cosmetics - Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

What exactly does XLASH do?

Your eyelashes grow bigger and denser. And you don’t even have to clean up the mess and hassle of lash extensions. XLASH items are free of dangerous chemicals and toxins, and they have never been experimented on animals.

As a result of this, the brand resonates to a wide range of people, even the animal rights activists.

The typical sales value for XLASH partners is $55, and with a 15% fee, which indicates each purchase is approximately $8.25 to you.

When you combine the low overall payments with a promised conversion rate of 5%, you will really be ready to see all the possibilities.

  • The Commission rate is 15% per sale.
  • Cookie duration is 30 days.

2. Stila Cosmetics

Jeanine Lobell, a well – known professional makeup artist, founded Stila Cosmetics.

The company’s business name is derived from the Italian phrase “to sketch” or “to pen,” and their mission is to provide their customers with a variety of cosmetics to help them build a makeup look that is entirely special to them.

Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics has a 20 – year track record of award – winning formulas that are perfectly at home on the runway since they are off.

In 2009, the brand relaunched with an emphasis on its affiliate programme and e-commerce initiatives.

The great thing about every cosmetic affiliate network is that if your customers like it, they would purchase it over and over again.

Stila does its part in helping you benefit from it by providing limitless commission fees during the 90 – day cookie period, as well as free delivery on purchases over $50 to stimulate repeat business.

  • Commission rate is 6% per sale
  • Cookie duration is of 60 days

3. SunDaily Skincare 

Sundaily is distinct from other products and companies available. It is essentially a nutraceutical, or orally administered skincare, like some people prefer to call it.

It operates from within to leave your skin appearing radiant as well as wrinkle – free, whereas other beauty products try to absorb into your face.

Their products protect your skin from all the damage caused by free radicals, pollutants, as well as other environmental exposures.

The best part is that it’s available in the form of vegan – friendly candies that you can consume once every day.

SunDaily Skincare- Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

More than anything else, this is  a unique beauty product that will tempt  all those Internet window shoppers to continue to learn further about this brand.

So, while the product alone seems appealing, the $50 incentive per average transaction is considerably a lot.

This beauty affiliate programme has the largest per – sale payment in this review.

Additionally, since this product is so fresh, you won’t be up against all the other online marketers.

It’s a bit off the beaten path for the beauty industry, but you are targeting the very same demographic, and it is a great product for social networking influencers to collaborate with.

  • The Commission rate is $50 per sale
  • Cookie duration is 15 days.

4. Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a premium brand that everyone who hears it recognises right away, even if they’re not familiar with cosmetics.

And, yeah, I’m most probably connected to them, but it had no bearing on my judgment to add them. The brand has been operating since 1959 and has developed to establish a global cosmetics powerhouse with over 2,000 locations.

Yves Rocher

In a sector where some firms demand obscene quantities for a small bottle of eye serum.

Yves Rocher takes pleasure in using organic ingredients and maintaining their variety of personal care and beauty items reasonably. 

As far as beauty affiliate programmes are, their network revenue score isn’t high enough to be included in a review like this.

However, their 15% commission cost is considerably more than the market average, which tipped the scales in their favour. Plus, because of their widespread brand familiarity, you won’t be having to sell consumers unfamiliar things.

Their EPC also demonstrates that they have sufficient internet sales rate to sustain collaborating with them.

  • The Commission rate is 15% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 30 days

5. Spencer Barnes LA 

Spencer Barnes is a renowned makeup professional who has worked with celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Meghan Markle.

The very next logical progression for a beauty specialist is to broaden out and develop their personal line of goods, which Spencer did.

And that contains a broad selection of cosmetics or items that mimic the effects of surgery minus the need to go through the knife.

 Spencer Barnes is among the most well – known brands in beauty and cosmetics, so if that’s your target market, this is a line to try advertising.

First, there’s the program’s Share A Sale ‘Power Rank’ of 547, followed by its $140.4 EPC. With those two statistics added together, it’s safe to say that everyone who sends traffic to this offer is gaining money.

Although an 8% commission fee may appear low, please remember that customers who buy on this website are going to spend loads of money in a single appointment.

  • The Commission rate is 8% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 30 days

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6. Olive Young

Olive Young has already been in existence since 1999 and it is one of Korea’s greatest well – known and recognized K – Beauty companies.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “K – Beauty,” it refers to makeup and skincare products which are either made in Korea or are inspired from Korean products.

Spencer Barnes LA - Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

The strange thing would be that the K – Beauty cosmetic industry is valued almost $13 billion every year, and it’s only going to get bigger.

When you add those figures to the fact that some women in Europe and North America are only now beginning to utilize K – Beauty subscription box services, you can see why these items are so popular right now.

If you do have the right customers, now is as perfect as any moment to cash in on the ongoing trend.

This is a specialized programs to advertise, which may deter some affiliates from ever attempting it.

Olive Young

Olive Young’s network performance metrics, on the other hand, do not however lie – an EPC of $129.10 suggests they pay out a lot of money to associates every month.

The idea that they have only been working on Share A Sale from July 2019 but have already achieved this amount of achievement speaks volumes about their business.

  • The Commission rate is 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 30 days

7. Elizabeth Arden

Yet another cosmetic company that doesn’t even require an intro is Elizabeth Arden.

They founded their initial salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1910 and seem to have established themselves as a household icon.

Elizabeth Arden practically invented the makeup industry a century earlier, despite the fact that she had to alter her identity from Florence Nightingale Graham to achieve her fame.

Elizabeth Arden- Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

Elizabeth Arden has still been associated with “complete beauty” as well as the notion that “beauty is the birthright of every woman” a hundred years later.

You would think that a company like this would have a makeup affiliate programs worth advertising, correct?

It is for a variety of causes. First is that not only is it a well-known company, but they’re also using social media in an innovative way. As a result, this demonstrates growth and flexibility.

Their associate vendor stats also check all the criteria, and within their 30-day cookie duration, you may earn numerous commissions from recurring orders.

  • The Commission rate is 8% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 30 days

8. Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty offers a line of “ecological, sustainable, and luxurious” alpyn makeup and skincare items.

The truth that they are centered on wild – crafted alpine botanicals and are cultivated in the hills of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is an afterthought.

Alpyn Beauty- Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

Which is a fancy way of asserting they are not only perfectly natural, but also derived from renewable resources.

It’s intriguing to see a sub – niche within a sub – niche emerge here.

Makeup and cosmetics are clearly lucrative to sell, but there is still a sub – niche here just for websites that offer 100% ecologically friendly makeup.

Alpyn Beauty items are not inexpensive, a jar of their goods costs roughly $60.

However, they offer their clients the option of paying for their item in four interest – free payments, which is a brilliant way of mitigating sticker shock, which can cause high cart abandonment rates.

You earn 25% of each and every purchase, which implies that with an average transaction amount of over $100, you will make $25 every transaction.

Multiply it by the tens of hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to pay $60 for a little container of natural skin serum.

  • The Commission rate is 25% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 90 days

9. Avon Cosmetics

Avon is arguably better known for its door – to – door cosmetic sales (supposedly now termed as social selling) than for its web presence.

You apparently have no idea why you have seen “Avon calling!” commercials, but it just proves how big of a cultural phenomenon they have become.

Avon has always been in business for about 130 years & is probably among the best well known beauty products today in the entire cosmetics market.

Avon Cosmetics

The one true drawback to this affiliate scheme is that Avon continues to recruit “social selling” reps on a daily basis, so you will be up against some strong competitors.

However, finding another company that customers not only know about but also believe as much as Avon would be difficult.

Avon products are successful, as evidenced by the fact that its social selling staff have profited from them for over a generation.

  • The Commission rate is between $2 to $20 per sale
  • Cookie duration is up to 45 days

10. Tula Skincare: Probiotic Skin Care Products 

Tula was created by Dr. Roshni Raj, a real qualified doctor with a degree in medicine, thus she is unlikely to be affected by any future Google upgrades.

However, keeping the SEO sarcasm aside, Dr. Raj developed a line of cruelty – free skin care solutions that are also devoid of the chemical additives present in other “natural” goods.

Tula Skincare - Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

Rather, they are produced with ingredients like probiotics, ceramides, as well as rice protein.

Cruelty – free is indeed a major distinction since many cosmetics businesses who claim they don’t try their items on animals do so when compelled by law.

Tula is currently among the Share A Sale’s top – performing goods in the whole skincare or the cosmetics sector.

Affiliates are generating income here, which is unsurprising, given Tula’s generous 20% of commission rate, which is far more than the industry standard.

They have operated in the affiliate world for about 5 years, but they have found a way to keep their overall sales and visibility consistent.

Thus, it is assured, while a lot of businesses have fallen by the wayside, Tula is probably doing things well.

  • The Commission rate is 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration is 90 days

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Conclusion: Best Makeup Affiliate Programs 2024

Makeup is a specialty that you may easily ignore since it ‘s probably super competitive, oversaturated, or even both.

However, after looking into the many  beauty affiliate programs offered by a variety of networks, there are still a few holes in the industry.

Because customers are more ecologically conscious than they have been in years, the sub – niche here seems to be certified cruelty – free or 100 percent organic skincare items, as we indicated before.

An authority website is the most effective strategy to reach that same demographic. Do you have any idea what an authoritative website is? 

This isn’t another pitch fest where we spend the first 25 minutes talking about affiliate marketing in general, then waste the next 40 minutes telling you about all the gigantic, super – duper, never – before – seen benefits you will get if you join today.

When you are dealing with an everlasting specialty like cosmetics and makeup, the affiliate programs is a sensible approach to generate a substantial amount of money via your blog.

Furthermore, makeup is a specialty in which you can quickly determine which company is a better match for you.

In the light of environmentalists’ increasing awareness, marketing a company that provides vegan – friendly, cruelty – free items is often a smart option.

While most cosmetic affiliate programs are available through in – house programs or affiliate networks, the very first alternative is always preferable because it is easier to recognize and enroll.

Also, keep checking a company’s authority and power before marketing it. Also, don’t forget to double – check the proposals and pricing you will receive after each transaction to ensure you are not being scammed.

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