Zonblast Review 2022 | How does ZonBlast work? (Zonblast Pros & Cons) And Is It Better Than Viral Launch?

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  • It is backed by SixLeaf, a well-known brand for launching new products
  • When you go for the Zonblast tool, you also get access to other tools of SixLeaf Suite
  • Which gives you more options to accelerate your sales.
  • It has time-tested features that work well on the dynamic e-commerce platform
  • Can sync with the Amazon algorithm changes.
  • There is no limit on the number of inventories that can be put for promotion
  • Zonblast customer support is known to be extremely responsive to customer queries
  • There is no common strategy that can work for all
  • Every business is different and so should be the strategy
  • Zonblast can help you find the best strategy that will work for your brand


  • The small-size Amazon sellers may find the tool Zonblast expensive at a price of around $347 per month per product

Zonblast was launched in 2014 and in 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Zonblast 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help the numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

Price:$ 27

Today we have featured Zonblast Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started

Are you sick of promoting the same old stuff and having bad luck with your online sales?

Are you looking for a platform that will help you sell more products on Amazon?

Solution: ZonBlast is a unique tool that integrates with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to help launch your products easily, rank quickly, and scale your Brand.

Help people who have just started their business make better decisions on launching their business.

Start fresh again! Use Zonblast hack to improve your launch day. Your new Product launches are going to be smooth and profitable. You’ll get good reviews from customers or can gain new customers through social media tactics.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who have launched products on Amazon? You may already know that it is not a cakewalk to earn good sales on Amazon products unless you have put in a lot of effort and time into it.

At the same time, as an entrepreneur, you want to make sure your venture becomes profitable at the earliest.

To get increased traffic to your product listing, it becomes necessary to run and manage promotional campaigns on every product that you launch on Amazon.

Bottom Line Up Front

Now introducing ZonBlast Next: The Next Gen of SixLeaf Launch Platforms, featuring Rebate campaigns, powered by Lynx.

Powered by the new Lynx platform, and time-tested strategies, ZonBlast Classic still performs incredibly well for Brands in all niches.

I highly recommended, Zonblast check out now

Zonblast review

However, you may not have all the time required to manage these campaigns.

Promotions are extremely important because otherwise, your target audience may not be aware of the availability of such a product, even if it is of the best quality in its category.

Content Outline

Zonblast Review 2022 | Can It Help You Build An eCommerce Empire?

A Good Promotion Campaign Includes –

  • Identifying the best keywords
  • Identifying the right channels to promote the product
  • Ensuring the product has enough positive reviews
  • And, watching out the competition moves closely to ensure you are not behind anytime

Today, as an Amazon product seller you don’t have to bother too much on managing effective promotion campaigns.


While there are different ways to reach out to the target audience, tools like Zonblast can make your life extremely easy as they can not only assist you in launching your products but also ensure they are moved fast on Amazon.

The tools like Zonblast help you to stop worrying about generating leads and concentrate only on converting the leads into the end customers.

How to increase your sales of Amazon products with Zonblast? How the tool Zonblast can help you automate product promotions? How this automated tool can help you identify the best keywords and the right launch strategy? 

Here is a detailed Zonblast Review tool to answer all your queries so that you don’t miss out on building an Amazon empire quite easily and quickly.

What Is Zonblast?: Zonblast Review Detailed Overview

First of all, let me throw light on a few points that you should know about Zonblast before you decide to start using the tool.

Zonblast was launched in 2014 and in 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Zonblast 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help the numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

Zonblast review

It is not just about launching the Amazon product, Zonblast is a tool that can help you find strategies that can make your brand become an e-commerce empire. 

Zonblast was born to fulfill the needs of a set of Amazon sellers who struggled to address the key issues like launching new brands and scaling up the sales on the marketplace effectively.

These sellers came together to discuss various ideas, case studies, and theories that can leverage the brand to its fullest and implemented the outcome only to see positive results. 

From there, Zonblast never really looked back and today, it continues to serve countless brands in finding a safe place in the highly dynamic e-commerce marketplace.

Six leaf brand has different tools and services that are designed to serve the sellers in overcoming their challenges. 

These tools help to automate the process of product launch and bring more exposure to the brand with a minimum effort and time requiring from the entrepreneur.

Also, these tools are very easy to learn and execute that an Amazon product seller can become an Amazon empire within no time.


You might have questions like this for Zoneblast Review: 

How does ZonBlast work?

What is ZonBlast?

How does ZonBlast work?

What kind of help/guidance can I expect from ZonBlast?

Is this a monthly subscription or can I sign up for just one month?

How many units do I need to giveaway for my product?

How many keywords can I target per promotion?

How Do ZonBlast Plans Work?

Can I expect reviews from a SixLeaf promotion?

How quickly can I get my promotion started?

What Are The Features Of Zonblast?

Zoneblast is a tool created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers.

So, when it was created, they thought through all the issues faced by the sellers while launching a product.

Zonblast review - Sixleaf suite

Hence, every feature of Zonblast is designed to address the specific needs of the sellers and overcome the challenges involved in launching the brand.

Let’s discuss the important features of Zonblast, the automated tools available for sellers.

Keyword Tool

Irrespective of the platform of your business, all online business campaigns are heavily dependent on the right keywords.

In Amazon, the amazon product listing is ranked using the A9 algorithm based on the relevance of the keywords searched.

Hence, to be ranked on the top when a prospective customer searches on Amazon, you should ensure the best keywords are used for your product listing. 

Zonblast has the feature keyword tool that gives you the right keyword suggestions based on the Amazon data.

These are the keywords with a history of highest search as well as the minimum competition.

Keyword Cluster

The study says that usually, long-tail keywords have lesser search volume in comparison with the head-term (shorter) keywords.

However, the long-tail keywords enjoy higher conversion rates and are considered best for your product listing. 

These keywords can optimize your product listing and put your product on top of Amazon search as the search phrase includes exact specifications, thus, resulting in higher sales.

Zonblast review - keyword cluster


ZonBlast Classic has been responsible for ranking tens of thousands of products and putting thousands of Brands on the map.

💰  Price

$ 27

😍  Pros

There is no limit on the number of inventories that can be put for promotion. 

😩  Cons

You may face some occasionally with the software.


Zonblast was launched in 2014 and in 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Zonblast 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help the numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Zonblast’s feature keyword cluster helps you find the relevant long-tail keywords quite conveniently.

It helps you find those keywords which have the least competition while allowing you to get up to 50 keywords per blast.


Zonblast uses the term’ blast’ for promotion.

It is one of the most prominent features of Zonblast that aims to bring higher traction for your brand. 

When you blast your product using Zonblast, you are introducing your product and the offer in front of the countless Amazon customers who are aiming to get the best deal.

You can use any of the five types of blasts that Zonblast offers to you, which are:

1. Solo blast:

It is that blast feature that aims to give your product listing a boost for one-time.

Sellers who have inventories in tons but want to test Zonblast on any of their niche product listings can use this feature.

2. Wave4:

This is a type of blast that boosts your product listing for four days continuously. It can help the seller get some long-term benefits.


3. Wave7:

With a wave7 blast, you can boost your product listing for seven consecutive days resulting in some traction for even your old product listing.

It works the best for niche sellers who can dominate the marketplace for a week to gain good traction.

4. Pulse:

It is a blast type that provides the Amazon algorithm exactly those keywords that can put your product listing on the top.

All you need to do is to set your parameters right and the rest will be handled by the Zonblast tool.

5. Custom:

This is the blast type that helps you customize your blast depending on your exact goals.

If you want to enjoy flexibility in blasting your product listing, this is the blast type you should use.

Variable Code Distribution

Variable Code Distribution or VCD is a feature of Zonblast that allows a seller to distribute claim codes to prospective customers without any limit on any of the days of the multi-day promotion event. 

Zonblast review - variable code distribution

Distributing coupon codes to the target buyers results in a higher conversion rate and Zonblast ensures you get the maximum benefit by handing out the claim codes to the extent you want without any limitation. 

With VCD, you don’t have to limit yourself to the set amount per day but can decide how you would want to have varied code distribution on different days according to the pulse of the buyers, thus resulting in organic growth


While the first version of Heatseeker itself was wonderful, the upgraded version of the feature in Zonblast 3.5 can do wonders on your brand’s performance on the Amazon platform.     

Heatseeker is that feature that provides to the Amazon algorithm naturally, in an organic way by letting your brand rank in the top amongst the competition. 


As an Amazon vendor, you can couple the VCD feature along with Heatseeker for the best results.


Sidewinder is another important feature that adds up to the benefits of the Amazon seller.

With this feature, you can allow the blasts to spear the ranking of a specific keyword that you feel is relevant.

Every blast can result in the upward movement of the ranking of your product listing, thus bringing generating more and more sales to your brand.

Why Zonblast?

For any Amazon vendor, it is extremely difficult to build an empire alone.

You may have the knowledge and intelligence required to plan the promotion campaigns, however, you still need to execute it which demands a great amount of time and energy from you.

As an entrepreneur, you have thousands of other things to concentrate on and may not want to exhaust your energy on just launching the product listing.

Zonblast is still assisting companies in navigating the ever-changing E-commerce market. Each SixLeaf tool and service is intended to meet the demands of Amazon merchants. Their objective is to automate the launch process, improve brand visibility, and reduce the learning curve significantly.

ZonBlast Review - Minimize - Risk Of Hijackers
ZonBlast Review Minimize Risk Of Hijackers

Zonblast, the automated tool can make your job easy, comfortable, and convenient by helping you in launching the product and managing the promotion campaigns with a minimum requirement of your time and energy.

All it requires is just a few clicks from you and your strategy can be built and implemented.

  • Order Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Review Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Data Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Keyword Tracking / Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics / Reporting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Optimization
  • Sales Tracking / Analysis
  • Alerts / Notifications
  • Content Management / Optimization
  • Price Optimization
  • PPC Ads Management
  • Conversion / ROI Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Refund Management
  • Shipping Management

Pros and Cons of Zonblast Review

While the automated tools can be of great help in making a mark as an Amazon vendor, not every seller would want to jump into the use of these tools, especially when there is a price to be paid to use them.

At the same time, as an entrepreneur, you would want your venture to be profitable at the earliest and want to generate more and more sales to your product listing within no time.

Also, you need to ensure that none of the Terms of Service set by Amazon is violated in the process.

Zonblast is that automated tool that claims to have the ability to influence the Amazon algorithm, thus promising you to rank your product listing on the top of the order in the marketplace. 

But, is it worth your investment? Let’s understand the pros and cons of Zonblast to make a better decision.



  • It is backed by SixLeaf, a well-known brand for launching new products. When you go for the Zonblast tool, you also get access to other tools of SixLeaf Suite which gives you more options to accelerate your sales.
  • It has time-tested features that work well on the dynamic e-commerce platform and can sync with the Amazon algorithm changes.
  • There is no limit on the number of inventories that can be put for promotion. 
  • Zonblast customer support is known to be extremely responsive to customer queries.
  • There is no common strategy that can work for all. Every business is different and so should be the strategy. Zonblast can help you find the best strategy that will work for your brand.


  • The small-size Amazon sellers may find the tool Zonblast expensive at a price of around $347 per month per product. 
  • It suits majorly the sellers who have inventories in plenty. You may have to sell a certain number of units at a giveaway discount initially to get some traffic.
  • You may face some occasionally with the software.

Zonblast Vs Viral Launch

The Zonblast Product Finder was introduced in 2014 and renamed Sixleaf in 2016. Ideally, Zon Blast is an optimization platform that Amazon sellers can use to successfully bring their products to market.

Zonblast’s design strategy is not just to get the product to market, but also to help Amazon sellers develop sales strategies that will help their brands become household names.

Originally, the idea for Zonblast was supposed to satisfy a personal need. While Viral Launch is another amazing product search tool used by Amazon sellers. Viral Launch has a number of features that can help you make the right business decisions that will improve sales.

Zonblast Alternatives

1. Helium 10


Our first company in the list of alternatives is Helium 10. This is one of the leading apps for optimizing your promotional campaigns and strategy making. They offer helpful software for Amazon sellers.

Their ads manager and follow-up email automation make this app easier for businesses to organize and manage their campaigns.


Helium 10 lacks only daily analytics reports and slows data processing sometimes.

Helium 10 is overall a good software provider with a solid client base of more than seven lakhs. Clients are from small businesses, global brands, and agencies.


 Starter pack – 37 dollars per month.

Platinum pack – 97 dollars per month.

Diamond pack – 197 dollars per month.

Enterprise pack- You can customize the package for large businesses and agencies.

2. Price Intelligence


Price Intelligence is another competitor of Zonblast. Their forte is Retail management and Price optimization services.

You can sign-up with Price Intelligence for a comprehensive package to analyze your focus market data and services regarding pricing. They also help you with information about competitor’s activities,


So, whether you are a small business owner, an agency, or a big enterprise, Price Intelligence can provide you all the required information about the market.

Price Intelligence offers secured, innovative technology and professional customer support. So, if you have high expectations, they are reliable partners to achieve them together.

PriceIntelligence platform is an industry leader in Pricing Optimization and Retail Management Systems to determine accurate market data and optimize prices.

It also provides complete pricing services. Our success is driven by a deep commitment to technology and creativity, as well as proximity to our customers.

If you’re a company looking to boost revenue and earnings or a producer looking to maintain stable pricing, PriceIntelligence has the industry data you need.

Zonblast Review

Numerous clients, including renowned retailers and manufacturers, entrust us with their company.

We satisfy your demands for reliability, data quality, and protection – regardless of how big they are – with PriceIntelligence. With a free, personalized 30-45 minute online tutorial, learn about the advantages of PriceIntelligence.


Price Intelligence offers a free version for beginners or someone who wants to try before going for a quotation.

They customize pricing as per the client’s requirements. If you want to get pricing, please use the price inquiry form on their website.

Pricing depends upon the number of target countries, crawling intervals, articles, and many more.

They will respond to you with all the details.

3. Viral Launch


Increase your sales and revenue on Amazon with this excellent software. Viral Launch has helped hundreds of clients over the years and generated over 8 billion dollars of business on Amazon.

Their services suite includes software for product discovery, market intelligence, competitor intelligence, keyword manager, listing builder, kinetic PPC, listing analyzer, and split testing.


Viral Launch is your reliable partner for launches and promotional campaigns.

Monitor and analyze your competitors. Learn from their achievements and mistakes both and apply them to your business strategy.

Viral Launch equips the brand with the resources necessary to succeed as an Amazon seller. Through our simple-to-use product suite (which has contributed to over $ 8 billion in Amazon sales), you own the strategic edge.

Investigate the Amazon vendor tools available via our optimized network. With realistic revenue forecasts, patterns, and observations, you will discover reliable product concepts quicker than ever.

Reverse-engineer and track the top rivals to identify and draw on their strengths and vulnerabilities. Automated keyword analysis identifies the most relevant keywords for your product at the click of a mouse.

Improve PPC outcomes with ad rank monitoring, suggested bids, suggested product targeting, and controlled services. Enhance the keyword plan by monitoring results and identifying simple areas for improvement.

Zonblast Review


Viral Launch offers monthly and annual plans for their clients.

Monthly Plans

Essentials plan – 69 dollars per month

Pro plan – 99 dollars per month.

Brand Builder plan – 199 dollars per month.

Annual plans

Essentials plan – 58 dollars per month.

Pro plan – 83 dollars per month.

Brand Builder plan – 139 dollars per month.

First-timers can get two months of free services.

4. Quartile


Our last software provider is Quartile. They manage around two percent of advertising spends on Amazon globally with their cutting-edge PPC services.


They are servicing clients across eleven countries with state-of-the-art technology such as machine learning, PPC software, smart advertisement, automated software for optimizing campaigns, etc.

They assist you in planning, optimising, and growing your Amazon rankings.

A Sophisticated Pay-Per-Click Platform That Dynamically Manages Campaigns for Maximum Performance Establish Your Objectives and Allow the System to Optimize Your Campaigns.

Quartile allows brands and agencies to expand their Amazon Advertising promotions. A quartile is a world pioneer, managing about 2% of all Amazon ads spent across 11 countries.

They assist brands in maximising their position on the world’s biggest e-commerce website by the use of cutting-edge machine learning.

Their intelligent advertisements have a better conversion rate, which boosts revenues and scores. A self-contained network that automatically adjusts and optimises campaigns.

With expertise in 11 distinct Amazon countries, they will assist you in establishing an immediate global footprint.

Zonblast Review


For pricing, Quartile offers customized packages for clients.

Pricing depends upon the type of services, the location you intend to target.

Fill in the form on their website, and they will contact you to understand the requirements.

Quartile will send you pricing offers accordingly.

That’s all for the Zonblast Alternatives today.

Refer the article, review the web, do the comparative analysis, and decide upon your business’s best software on Amazon.

5. Zonbase:

Here, you’ll find your next purchase. They make it easy for you to sift through Amazon’s database of over 20 million items. Discover a lucrative market in a matter of seconds.

Discover the specifics of your Amazon quest. Their Gurus use this to expedite their product testing. This is a critical asset that can not be overlooked! Their Estimator Tool is an excellent way to determine the price of every ASIN.

Assist in new releases and have an easy means of spying on the competitors. Want to track the product’s ranking for every keyword? Reduce the workload by allowing them to monitor whatever product you want.

Zonblast Review

Increase your Amazon earnings by focusing on your most profitable keywords. They simplify keyword study! Their data is more precise and pertinent.

Want to be the best in your field? Determine which keywords are currently ranking and then beat them at their own game.

It’s simple – and efficient! Daily updates on new products and the hottest items on Amazon. Optimize your product page by using your keyword set.


How does ZonBlast work?

Zonblast is a company that sells products on Amazon. There are five types of blasts: Solo blast – promotes just one product at a time. Pulse – helps get your product to the top of the list in the algorithm for Amazon. You can set parameters and leave it to do its work while you do other things.

What is ZonBlast?

ZonBlast is a platform that helps people who are trying to start new businesses. ZonBlast has done this for six, seven, and eight of these businesses. These businesses have made 629,663 dollars more because they used ZonBlast.

Zonblast Real Customer Review & Testimonials

I trust SixLeaf & Joe Junfola and have since the early ZonBlast days. I’ve been a client since their first month of their launch services and I’ve adopted everything they’ve put out since. We do 7 figures with our Brands and I can definitely say that they’ve played a huge role in that success.

Great company and support staff. There’s an occasional bug but would definitely recommend.

Their customer service is AMAZING! I have used another launch service and it was so hard to get answers and they certainly didn’t help me figure out what I should do to launch! Kristin has been so helpful and personable. It has made what could be a very overwhelming experience manageable. Thank you for your great service!

ZonBlast/SixLeaf is outstanding. Kristin has been our primary contact since starting a while back. Questions are answered quickly and this being my first little adventure into ecommerce, she/they have been great at helping us through the early stages. I love that we can ask a question and get a clear answer quickly.

In terms of performance, I couldn’t be happier. I was on the zonblast 1 product initially but now with the release of our 2nd and 3rd products, we’ve since upgraded. LISTEN TO THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS when it comes to listing quality. My first blast wasn’t great, but with their guidance I tweaked listing and it went so much smoother. Since then we’ve been rocking keywords we hit regularly. It’s almost too easy. Looking forward to trying out their Phoenix tool as well. Great company, love the anti guru sentiment there, and looking forward to seeing what they release next.

Excellent service. I’ve been with them for over 2 years now using zonblast and their suite at various points and I’m honestly super impressed with how far they’ve come as of late with phoenix. Their support has been excellent as well. I will say they’ve helped a ton in my biz. Thanks guys.

It was a pleasure working with the team over at SixLeaf. I’ve done several launches with them in the past and their software just works.


Zonblast Video Review: What You Need To Know

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Zonblast Review

👉What Is Zonblast?

Ans - Zonblast was launched in 2014 and in 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Zonblast 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

👉 Is running a promotion Amazon safe?

Ans - We go above and beyond to make sure everything we do is in compliance with Amazon, and we constantly monitor changes within Amazon to ensure so.

👉How does it all work?

Ans - The aim of their promotions is to drastically improve the ranking of the relevant keywords for your product. Increasing the ranking of relevant keywords on your list will make your product more accessible to more people who search for a product like yours on amazon.com. Put simply, higher keyword rankings allow more people to see your product and you have a better sales opportunity. Ideally, your ad will convert more search engines to page 1 buyer and your ad will stay there.

👉What kind of help/guidance can I expect from SixLeaf?

Ans - They have full-time support and a staff that is here to answer any questions, make recommendations, and walk you through the process from start to finish.

👉Is this a monthly subscription or can I sign up for just one month?

Ans - Although they operate their advertising services on a monthly subscription model, none of our services require a long-term commitment and you can upgrade / downgrade / cancel your service at any time.

👉How many keywords can I target per promotion?

Ans - You can select up to 50 keywords per action and take multiple actions throughout the month. Depending on your competition, we can recommend 1 to 2 keywords per promotion so as not to dilute your stock of promotions.

<>✔ What is artificial intelligence?

AI may be clearly described as computer systems capable of performing tasks that would typically involve human intelligence. For example, most computer systems are restricted to predefined criteria and problem-solving methods designed by their human masters. On the other hand, artificial intelligence will not be bound by those constraints.

❤ What are Zonblast's hours of support?

Their daily support hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday to Friday.

👍How do I begin with Zonblast?

Go to their official website. If you've signed up and logged into your account, you'll see a welcoming message containing clear directions and walk-through videos that will walk you through the process of arranging your first promotion. Do you still have concerns? They'll get you started immediately if you click the chat icon.

👏 How fast can Zonblast make funds accessible in my wallet?

Instantaneously. When they incorporate ACH and wire financing, deadlines would be determined by the processing periods of your bank.

🤩 How can I use the funds in my wallet?

Currently, the funds in your pocket will be used to conduct ZonBlast Next promotions. Soon, you'll be able to operate your private campaigns through ManyChat by using the SixLeaf API and wallet.

👌What can purchasers get as a result of a rebate?

Your customers will be invited to spend their refund in one of more than a hundred different formats, including supermarket gift cards, debit cards, and more.

😍Do the gift cards sold to purchasers have an end date?

Yes, the expiration period is usually 4+ months, based on the card selected by the purchaser.

👍How many units do I need to distribute to promote my product?

Each product recommendation is unique and is dependent on the product and category within which it is being made. The simplest way to begin is to give us a connection to your listing; from there, they will provide their analysis and suggestions based on your listing and the competition. You should use the following loose inventory guidelines to decide if you have enough hard inventory to get underway. Low competition space/keyword – a minimum of 20 units every day for seven days Space/keyword in the middle of the competition – a minimum of 35 units every day for seven days Space/keyword with high competition – minimum of 50 units per day for seven days

👉How Are the Zonblast's Plans Executed?

Their monthly membership plans include an infinite number of whole days per offer and payment period. For instance: For the single product kit priced at $ 347, you will run coupons on that single product every single day of the billing period. You can update or downgrade your account at any point from your account's billing area.

🎡Can I anticipate feedback as a result of a SixLeaf promotion?

ZonBlast is not a service that does reviews. As they have said from the start, demanding ratings for shoppers to participate in your campaign violates both the Amazon Terms of Service and FTC guidelines. They do not ask our deals group to leave feedback, and they do not restrict entry to potential offers or otherwise coerce their crowd into leaving unnatural reviews. Amazon has now changed its rating policy in such a way that if a customer orders the goods with a significant coupon code, they would undoubtedly be unable to leave a review at all.

👀 Is it possible to connect multiple Seller Central accounts to my SixLeaf account?

Of course! They can handle many accounts for you, whether you have a few brands across numerous Seller Central accounts or manage accounts for clients. They can integrate many Seller Central accounts to your single SixLeaf account.

👁 Is it necessary for me to link my Seller Central account to SixLeaf?

No. A bypass option is available in the integration menu, allowing you to manually upload all of your listings and their details.

👍 Why aren't my new ASINs/listings visible in my account?

If you don't see ASINs in your SixLeaf account, first try re-syncing your integration. After you've integrated for the first time, the SixLeaf integration process only retrieves new listings from your Seller Central account when you hit the resync button. If this is a fresh listing in your Seller Central account, you'll need to resync your integration with SixLeaf so that it can pull down that information.

🙌 How ZonBlast Promotions Work?

The purpose of any promotion or sale is to raise brand awareness. Whether you're running an email list sale, social media ads, or using a service like ZonBlast. Increased exposure puts your goods in front of more people who are looking for similar products, increasing the chance of organic sales. When it comes to Amazon, this is accomplished through a high-volume promotion or a cheap gift. You launch a big discount sale on a product for a set period of time to boost sales while focusing on specific keywords. ZonBlast accomplishes this by sending our private audience a discounted promotion of your product. In your Amazon Seller Central account, you create a temporary discount on a product. (Usually in the form of single-use claim codes) You choose the discount, the keywords to target, and the number of coupon codes to distribute per day and for how long. SixLeaf's customer service staff is there to help and guide you through every step of your promotion.

👏 What should I charge for my promotion?

You can set the price of your promotion anywhere between 50 and 89 percent off. SixLeaf does not require specific pricing to launch an offer. The higher the discount, the better your code redemption results will be if you're seeking a maximum number of codes taken every single day. If you're not getting the results you want, cancel your current campaign and start over with new codes from Seller Central and a bigger discount in SixLeaf.

Conclusion: Zonblast Review With Latest Discount And Offers 2022

When you consider the features and benefits of Zonblast, one can say that it works well for both veteran sellers as well as novice Amazon vendors.

Because it is the part of SixLeaf brand, the sellers can also get access to the other tools and strategies that the SixLeaf brand offers, thus giving more opportunities to grow the brand. 

It is a tool that got developed by the Amazon sellers themselves. So, if you want to learn from the other sellers’ experience, then Zonblast is the perfect tool to accelerate your sales and rank your products on the top of Amazon search.

Features: Zonblast is a simple tool to monitor, analyze and manage your Amazon seller feedback. Zonblast can monitor all the recent seller reviews on Amazon.com, including bad or positive reviews, hidden unhelpful or hate comments etc., so you can quickly identify any suspicious activity that may be driving sales on your site.

Advantages: By tracking bad or negative Amazon reviews from sellers you can help them improve their performance (and thus increase their seller ranking). These feedback activities are statistically significant and therefore not accidental – they indicate deliberate intent to mislead buyers. You can use Zonblast to detect fake reviews by using what is known as “astrochemistry”.

Benefits: By increasing buyer trust in your business you will get more

Their effort and years of experience can help you in gaining a competitive advantage over your competition and get an audience base without putting in too much effort.

In the last six years of its operations since the launch of Zonblast, it has served innumerable Amazon vendors in scaling up their sales and making their business a profitable one.

So, if you are one of those Amazon sellers who is looking for a tool that is developed based on the expertise and experience of the real sellers, then you can consider Zonblast provided you are not sensitive to the pricing.  I hope you enjoy this Zonblast Review 2022.

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How to Write the Perfect Title for Your Amazon Listing

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88 thoughts on “Zonblast Review 2022 | How does ZonBlast work? (Zonblast Pros & Cons) And Is It Better Than Viral Launch?”

  1. Excellent service. I’ve been using zonblast for over 2 years and have been using Zonblast and their suite at different times and I am very impressed with how far we’ve come with the help of zonblast. the customer support is really amzing and the staff is really supportive. I will say that they have helped me a lot in my business, Thanks

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  5. The first thing you should ask yourself as an Amazon FBA seller before launching a product is, “How can I stand out from the crowd?” Because there is a swarm of Amazon sellers, and it is formidable. Amazon retailers utilize Zonblast to better analyze the competition in the Amazon marketplace and improve their product rankings, I really liked your zonblast review, you have mentioned some key points, I have personally liked, Thankyou:) keep doing the great work.

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  7. Hello, Sonia
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  8. I trust SixLeaf and Joe Junfola and have been doing so since the early days of ZonBlast. I’ve been a customer of their services since the first month and have taken over everything they’ve released since then. We make 7 figures with the help of zonblast, and I can say with certainty that they have a large part in this success, I just want to share my experience..nice review though, you have mentioned each and every point, for anyone who doesn’t know about zonblast, your in-depth zonblast review will definaltely help them out.

  9. You may not be familiar with this company, but they’re the best of the best. They don’t just do Amazon SEO for you- they cover it all: product listing creation, influencer outreach and building relationships, keyword research and more. I don’t know how I ever coped without them before! You might not be familiar with this company, but they’re absolutely amazing at what they do- in fact, big companies are turning to Zonblast when their sales slow down because these guys always come through in a pinch. I’ve been using them for years now Thanks for providing zonblast review

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  11. Novices might cringe at the idea of strategically using marketing software to increase sales, but you need to admit that marketing your products can be a real hassle. It’s time-consuming and often unreliable. Marketing tools may take care of many details for you–from designing graphics to streamlining promotions across different channels. One such tool is Zonblast, which enables sellers with busy schedules to create products quickly and well on Amazon, so they don’t have to continually go back and forth between client work or other tasks in order maintain their brand’s success. The best part about this tool is that anyone can use it right away. Easy online tutorials show you how every step works including text formatting, changing borders around images,

  12. Honestly, I laughed the first time I heard that Zonblast was coming out with their own product. They’re already making millions of dollars off customers, why would they need to release their own brand? Well it turns out I was really wrong. Turns out these tools can be helpful when you’re just getting started and don’t know how to use Amazon marketing techniques without help. A lot of people just love how effortless it is when putting up posts or tracking data for days on end. It’s not like any other software ive used before- which in turn makes it worth a try since there’s no risk in downloading and seeing how this will work for you! Thanks for providing zonblast review

  13. With Siphong, you can search for potential customers to buy your products quickly. I tested it out and within 10 minutes I had more than 200 leads coming at me!Shawn V. Rose

  14. Zonblast has a three-step process to make marketing your items on Amazon easier. They guide you through targeting customers, going viral, and evaluating success. The Zonblast team is there to answer every question that might come up about how it works or anything else related to AMS campaigns. All in all the product is great for anyone who wants to create a successful marketing campaign from scratch without having an advertising background. Whether you’re new at this or not, Zonblast will get your products selling!

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  17. “I find Zonblast very empowering. I’m able to set prices and then forget about struggling with huge inventory or advertising costs.”

  18. I can’t imagine what my life and business and Amazon brand would be like without Zonblast. It’s just one of those tools that has given me a tangible edge, giving me more time to focus on things I love rather than scouring the internet for leads. But as great as this is, it does come with some dark sides…if you’re not careful Zonblast will put your personal items up for sale! Just avoid setting any zip codes in settings so nothing gets mixed up or if you do find a mix-up then delete shortly after. You’ll want to switch out RSS feeds periodically to make sure that these don’t get cached by the brain which ends up clogging photos from going through too many rounds. Thanks for providing zonblast review

  19. I’ve been increasing my presence on Amazon and keeping up with the latest trends in e-commerce for a while now, but I have to say that Zonblast has really helped. Every time I log into it there are still so many reports, notifications, reports going back months of product sales. It really makes you feel like a legit businessperson! If you want to learn all about what’s going on in the world of E-Commerce then just grab your laptop and head over to SixLeaf.com because it provides timely updates from industry experts as well as practical tips for sellers who happen to be feeling overwhelmed by all Skynet’s products’ data overload.

  20. Zonblast is amazing. It does so much for you with just the click of a button. I thought it was going to be hard but their videos and step-by-step instructions made it all easy. Now I’m winning on Amazon !!! Thanks for providing zonblast review

  21. I’ve always struggled to navigate Amazon’s search engine. It’s not intuitive and it requires too much of a learning curve. I’m new to all this E-commerce stuff, so I needed assistance from an expert set of tools that would automate the process while decreasing my exposure time. That is until Zonblast came along! Now everything is easier for me.

  22. I’ve always been a believer of Amazon and their marketplace. So, when I heard about Zonblast, I downloaded it to see if it would help me with my business needs. And wow! It really has made such a difference in terms of automating processes, saving time and making sure that all the research and preparation for your product is done well before you launch your campaign on Amazon. One word: powerful. Thanks for providing zonblast review

  23. Before Zonblast, I barely got any sales from my product. So customers didn’t want to take a chance on it and would just go for the big name brands. Since Zonblast matched me with a popular product out there already in high demand, not only have I been able to get more sales but people are hesitating less because they know it’s going to be good. It was virtually impossible for me before-hand. Move over corporate giants who’ll never take you seriously! With XMLIConnect, size does matter! That’s right-your company can rise above the obscure ranks of local businesses and become an industry leader overnight by leveraging us.

  24. Zonblast is a well-rounded, perfect product for an Amazon seller. Zonblast’s goal is to automate the launch process, increase the brand’s exposure while exponentially reducing the learning curve. Whether you need tools like RepricerExpress and AuctionMonitor or services such as Facebook Ads Setup and Google Analytics Setup there is something that will fit into your budget plan. You can’t go wrong with this amazingly helpful service!