{Updated} Kamatera Review 2020: (Pros & Cons) @$4/Mo

In the post, I’m going to do the Kamatera Review 2020. In this post we will cover the introduction, What we like about Kamatera, What we don’t like about Kamatera, features, flexibility of Kamatera, why to Kamatera, offering products and services, global data centers and conclusion.

{Updated} Kamatera Review 2020: (Pros & Cons) @$4/Mo

Detailed Kamatera Review

In 1995 Kamatera was established in the form of International IT service provider on a global platform which plays as serving millions of thousands of customers with the cutting edge of technology. In simple words, we can say that it is as a cloud service platform kind of provider which provides different kinds of cloud hosting as well as servers globally.

Kamatera reviews

It also offers cloud infrastructure for every kind of customers which ranges from small business to enterprise-grade. Over the experience of 20 years, it’s been expertise in cloud computing and serving many clients which also includes newbies professionals SaaS providers and enterprise. It also has 13 global data centers with the thousands of servers located around the whole world which also helps in making easy for the clients to access the fastest server to the nearby location. 

Kamateraalso provides a guarantee of 99.95% uptime not just words but also proves by using cutting edge technology like a bandwidth of 600 Gbit, hard drives, intel processors. In order to reach the goal, one needs the reliability and speed and Kamatera holds it. It holds a performer of high servers which lead to fast processing and reactions at times. to provide the best cloud computing technology it keeps on upgrading its hardware and infrastructure by the help of deploying the best technologies around the world.

The experts are also of high performing servers with zero maintenance. With the help of the most technologically advanced products such as tailored for premium customers, it ensures no chance of failure with a percentage of 99.95. Uptime guarantee.


Kamatera offering products and services

It consists of cloud infrastructure as well as managed cloud, it also maintains quality in all cloud products by serving flexibility and scalable products based on the cloud. In Kamatera one can take advantage of the cloud as:

  • Cloud servers-  cloud servers basically get activation within 2-3 minutes and come up with an instant upscaling and downscaling with an uptime guarantee of 99.95% no hardware maintenance, low cost of ownership and pricing which is unbeatable. It also has a place in the market for several years and has vast experience regarding cloud servers and the best of it is that it has 30 days free trial with the unbeatable pricing and highest performance.

Kamatera - Cloud Servers Pricing

Kamatera is a kind of regular services such as virtual machine which is located in cloud infrastructure which also offers features like infinite scalability as well as performance in price which is unbeatable. It can also be used for sites such as SaaS products enterprise etc.

  • Cloud servers with web hosting panel– these can be instantly covered and configured with the favorite web hosting control panel.its the best solution for the businesses or organizations who want their own solution. Companies who are using multiple websites such as bloggers eCommerce websites are the ideal choice with the pre-installed web hosting control panel system. They have many benefits such as complete management on the system, easy to upload files CMS emails etc one can also configure the system easily

Kamatera - Cloud Servers Pricing

  • Kamatera.com Private cloud network can be called as PCN which is a computing model for the business and the organizations .it is used for enabling the cloud computing environment for the business it is cost-effective ultra-reliable and comes with increment in cloud network security. It also offers exclusive access to the data and helps in eliminating security issues.
  • Cloud block storage-it is a data storage for cloud servers similar to virtual private hard disk. Also offers quick background processing and calculating a great value for money with a low cost per gigabyte. The size can also be increased as it has fully scalable service. With the help of cloud storage, one can get storage for files database images and another level of data with the guarantee of offline backup and system support. Cloud black storage starts at $0.05 per month per GB. 
  • Managed cloud services-it has been the most requested service in the sector as everyone demands proper management. It is a significant part because without a properly managed cloud panel it would be challenging for the business owners unless you have highly trained workers. It also offers to add on managed services. It has several features such as 100% support and maintenance 24/7 monitoring from their network centers operating email servers FTP  load balancers etc.

Kamatera Managed Cloud Services Pricing

  • Cloud firewall- very few servers are there which offers cloud firewall and thankfully Kamatera is one. It has the offerings of extensive protection from unauthorized and suspicious sources, protection against hackers spyware etc.it also provides industry-leading protection against all online attacks with the cloud firewall product.

Kamatera - Cloud Firewall Pricing

Basically, it is designed to protect all the data from outside attackers.

  • Some more Kamatera products are:
  • Managed Microsoft cloud services
  • Cloud migration services
  • SaaS provider infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Application hosting, eCommerce and mobile applications

Kamatera.com Review - Kamatera Services

With many numbers of cloud-based products to offer one can choose or select any one at a low price without fear of compromising with the quality. Kamatera offers the best quality product as compared to others. 

Flexibility of Kamatera

Talking about other companies when the point comes for the flexibility of product they agree but fails to do so, but Kamatera offers flexible products where one can pay as he goes and cancels any time whenever he wants

It also offers the opportunity to change the product either by quality or by price for any period of time as well as one can cancel the product without any dilemma whenever he wants.

What we like about Kamatera

  • Experience of more than 20 years and also being one of the pioneers in the VPS hosting industry is unbeatable
  • The support ticket also gets answered in 2 minutes from the opening. Usually, it had unmanaged server earlier
  • And talking about the pricing for their unmanaged servers is great. As the quality of service and the hardware used, $4 as the starting in the industry is best.
  • The customizability which is offered- have a custom server dashboard with the report and the info required, fully customize the servers which deploy without an increase in the price

What we don’t like about Kamatera 

  • When deploying of server occurs one can not use the % character for the password.
  • If one needs the managed servers the add on cost per server is $50. It is not so expensive but in comparison with managed and unmanaged servers, it is high compared to other managed VPS providers. It does not have any relation with the quality of the product
  • As in writing the available templates can deploy a server like a docker elasticsearch FreeNAS HAproxy Redis tomcat MySQL Joomla Jenkins drupal matter most Magento phpBB WordPress rocket chat rabbitMQ PHP Ruby on rails nextcloud Redmine. Some of them are important and are made for improvements like Magento and WordPress.

Why Kamatera? (Check Out Kamatera Review)

  • Provides cloud services which are technologically advanced with personal service provided by experts with the help of advanced skills and experience
  • It ensures 24/7 individual support with the help of live chat, phone call or email
  • A system or server can easily be deployed within 60 seconds. Choose the fastest server available near the location and join the thousands of customers who are enjoying the Kamatera server with zero maintenance and 99.95% guarantee.
  • One can choose any location for the launching of the website and Kamatera’s leading-edge data centers incorporating the high performance of hardware and communication will help in ensuring that you got the reliable service and also the security and speed
  • By short term contracts, one can use service by hourly or by every minute and can pay only for what is used. It also offers for upgrade and downgrade whenever there is a requirement and can also move from single processor to a cluster of 20 core 256GB RAM
  • A free 30 days trial is also offered which will help you to ensure the security and also allows to cancel the plan at any time.

Features of Kamatera

Kamatera.com Review - Kamatera Features

  • SSD hard drive provides rocket speed
  • Redundancy of every product on every server
  • A permanent bandwidth for every product i.e 10Gbit per second
  • A frequency of 2.666GHz is used for every intel processor 

24/7 support of Kamatera

The main aim of the Kamatera is to serve you with the dedication and give priority to any of your query 24/7/365. It has a team full of experienced people and skilled professionals. A 30 days free trial policy and pay per use by the minute billing guarantee 100% satisfaction of customers and this is the reason why customers prefer the Kamatera. In order to cancel your plans, it offers short term agreements

Kamatera.com Review - Technical Support

The team is made to provide enterprise-grade service to all customers with the expertise and specification in every aspect to pave the success. It also does not show any discrimination among the customers who are already in, or who are the new ones as well as the potential customers. From the very first call till the last call you will be attended to as friendly. For the support, you can call support team via phone call live chat or email

Global data centers of Kamatera

It has global data centers in which some of them are located in the technological center such as New York, Hong Kong, London, Israel, Texas, California, and Amsterdam. All the centers are located in such a manner to cover the eastern region North American region, the Asian region, European region, and the Middle East region.

All of the centers are equipped with a high standard of technology security and disaster guarantee, hence it does not matter in which corner of the world you are you can contact from the nearest center. the data centers include:

  • Surveillance for any mishap
  • Disaster recovery management 
  • Access is allowed only to personnel but for visitors
  • Power failure proof
  • UPS. N+1 redundant
  • Infrastructure backed by tier 1 providers
  • Generators in case of power failure

Kamatera for an affiliate website |  Should you use?

If you are an entrepreneur then you need to maintain a lot of blogger sites and websites in various markets to drive traffic. You need to invest $50 for a month for premium cloud VPS. any of the cloud VPS costing $10 per month.

Kamatera servers start from $4 per month with super-premium features as well as flexibility. More of the speed and easy scaling.the price is relatively low as compared to other providers with the same quality of services. Kamatera Cloud VPS for masters come up with add ons such as Plesk, cPanel etc.with the help of this one can easily manage the account on the cloud.

 As we have noticed that the Kamatera pricing is very cost-effective and there is no requirement for the discounts or promo on the pricing structure. Therefore the company is running 30 days free trial on their cloud server plans.

Kamatera 30 days free trial. So let’s just get started for free without any billing contract.

Customer Review:

Kamatera – Customer Review

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Conclusion: Kamatera Review 2020 | A Reliable Cloud Servers

Kamatera provides a free setup for all of its customers without charging any pay from them.where as other cloud providers require customers to invest a lot whereas in Kamatera one has to pay for what he uses and till when he uses.

One can scale easily by adding servers, CPU, storage, RAM within minutes.

Cloud infrastructure consists of firewalls as well as load balancers.

It is most effective as the cost pricing starts at only $4 per month for the single cloud server and as slowly you will increase the resources the price will increase accordingly.

If in case of choosing other cloud infrastructures that provide less support fewer resources and change you, its better choose Kamatera- A shining star with the best cloud infrastructure.

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