Wincher Review 2023: Is It The Most Accurate Keyword Rank Tracker Out There?

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Keyword Research Tool
Ease of Use
User Friendly


  • It provides impressive data accuracy.
  • Wincher works with its simplicity.
  • It offers flexible pricing model.
  • Keywords can be updated as per the need.
  • It represents best version for bloggers and small business owners.


  • It doesn't support more comprehensive keyword strategy.

Wincher is one of the easiest-to-use rank trackers available. It's really simple to use while still having enough features to suit all of your keyword tracking requirements. You may sign up for a 14-day free trial of Wincher on the tool's homepage to explore how it integrates into your workflow.

Price:$ 29

In this post we are going to give you a detailed Wincher Review, so stay till the end.

You can influence your business’s search engine ranking directly. Traffic and sales come from search engines. So, when rankings fluctuate or drop, you need to be aware.

A rank tracking tool can help you keep track. Our review is going to focus on Wincher – an extremely popular rank tracker that boasts its ability to provide accurate ranking data.

After reading this Wincher Review, you’ll know whether or not this tool is suitable for your needs.

Here we go.

Wincher Review: What is Wincher?

A professional keyword rank tracking tool, Wincher is packed with features to help you monitor your performance in search results.

Wincher - Wincher Review

Apart from allowing you to check online positions, the tool also includes the following features:

  • Keyword research for free & unlimited
  • On-page SEO checker that is free and unlimited
  • Customization of automated reports
  • Plugin for WordPress for free

Moreover, Wincher is one of the most accurate rank trackers available on the internet.

Wincher Review: How to use Wincher?

Go to Wincher to create your free trial account before we get started. It doesn’t require your credit card information; just verify your email address.

After creating your account, you can add the websites you’d like to monitor, choose which device to monitor the ranking on (mobile or desktop), and select the country.

If you need more geo-specific tracking solutions, Wincher allows you to track your position in specific cities and areas.

Wincher offers several options for adding keywords to the rank tracker:

  • Wincher can suggest keywords or you can manually type them.
  • CSV file or Google Search Console can be used to import data.
  • The keywords you already track with Wincher can be imported from another website.
  • Using the Keyword Research tool, find relevant keywords.

By clicking on “Add keywords”, you can select the best option for you. With no effort on your part, you will receive daily rank tracking updates.

Create keyword groups for similar and related terms to help organize how the data is presented. Using this method, you can separate keywords according to their ranking on Google.

Wincher Review: Wincher Features

Thus far, Wincher appears to be no different than any other keyword ranking tool available today. You can’t just look at something for a few seconds and judge it – the devil is in the details!

Here’s a closer look at what Wincher actually does and how accurate it is at ranking keywords.

1. Local Rank Tracking

Local businesses must monitor their SERP positions in their local area. In 180 countries, Wincher allows you to keep track of over 100k locations.

Wincher Local Rank Tracking - Wincher Review

The feature is more than enough for bloggers and small businesses.

2. On-Demand Data Update

All data is updated every 24 hours without exceptions by Wincher. However, Google SERPs are subject to rapid change. You sometimes have to react as quickly as possible by getting the latest ranking position as possible. You can manually update the rankings using Wincher.

In this scenario, you might have just made changes to a blog post or page on your site within the day and want to see if it has improved its ranking for a particular keyword. Wincher makes it possible!

3. Competitor Tracking and Automated Alerts

Wincher’s Competitors feature lets you see your competitors’ rankings for the same keywords you rank for. Additionally, the tool displays the average position and search volume of your competitors for the keywords.

Wincher Competitor Tracking - Wincher Review

It is from this vantage point that you can discover what your competitors are doing, as well as how you can outmaneuver or even outrank them!

Should you build links on some of your pages in order to rank higher than your competitors, or should you instead create content focusing on new keywords? Wincher collects the data for you to answer these questions!

4. Keyword Research Tool

As well as keyword rank tracking, it also has keyword research features that will help you target search terms so you can optimize your site accordingly. Wincher is primarily a keyword tracking tool before we look at its keyword research tool.

Comparing Wincher to other SEO tools such as SEMrush is unfair because SEMrush provides more comprehensive features for your SEO campaign.

Wincher Keyword Research Tool - Wincher Review

Its basic tool, however, can help you find relevant keywords and provide you with useful suggestions.

Typing your seed word in the Related keywords field will reveal terms that you don’t rank for, which you can consider re-optimizing content for or creating new content for.

As a free bonus, it’s a nice addition to the rank tracker. Your website may rank for some surprising keywords you had no idea you were ranking for.

5. User Permissions

There are often additional costs associated with multiple users on your account for SEO tools. As part of any Wincher plan, you can enable the feature for multiple users.

Users can create various projects and receive specific permissions from here. For instance, you can give a new user the responsibility of managing all sites and assign him or her a specific task.

Additionally, there is the External user’s feature. The interesting thing about this feature is that you can restrict certain users from viewing other projects, unlike Multiple users.

It’s only available in the Enterprise plan for those who run an agency and have many different clients.

6. On-Page SEO Tool

Wincher’s on-page SEO checker, which is also part of the keyword research tool, will help you determine how well your webpage is optimized for a specific keyword. In addition to your score, Wincher provides an extensive list of tips to improve your ranking.

Wincher On Page SEO Tool - Wincher Review

You can use this method for optimizing your content to rank for the keywords you wish to target. The reason they aren’t ranking higher on SERPs is no longer a mystery!

7. WordPress Plugin

You can download the WordPress plugin if you run a WordPress site. Rank for and track keywords associated with up to ten keywords even with the free version.

For free users, you can track up to seven days of ranking history, but with a paid subscription you can track up to five years.

In addition, you can monitor your search engine rankings from your WordPress dashboard using a neat keyword table.

Wincher Review: Pricing

There are three Wincher plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

Depending on how many keywords you wish to track and what features you need, you can select the right option.

Wincher Pricing Plans

Plans for monitoring 500 keywords and ten websites start at 29€/month (approximately $35).

Wincher Review: Pros & Cons

We have some pros and cons of wincher:


  • Rank tracking data provided by Wincher is the freshest available – impressive data accuracy. Keywords can be updated daily and refreshed manually as well. That’s the way rank trackers should work.
  • Wincher impresses with its simplicity while many tools have such complex user interfaces. With this tool, even beginners can become pros.
  • Flexible pricing model – I like the flexibility to change your preferences depending on your keyword tracking needs. You can track 500 keywords daily with their cheapest plan, which is more than enough for bloggers and small business owners.


  • For all the keywords you researched, Wincher provides keyword suggestions, search volume, and other metrics. However, it doesn’t have a keyword difficulty score, which could be used to help users come up with a much more comprehensive keyword strategy.

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Conclusion: Wincher Review 2023

Wincher makes tracking keywords easier than ever. It has a clear understanding of its target audience, which sets it apart from other rank trackers.

The Wincher on-page SEO tool and its accurate scheduled or on-demand rank tracking make it an excellent choice for this purpose. However, Wincher is only a keyword tracker at the moment.

Given the key features mentioned above, Wincher could be considered the best rank tracker. However, Wincher is unlikely to be able to help you launch a full-scale SEO strategy for your online business if you’re looking for a more sophisticated tool.

In addition to its keyword tracking capabilities, it may not be sufficient just to have a keyword research tool.

It is only a few features away from being a truly indispensable SEO ranking monitoring tool. The current version of the tool is an excellent choice for tracking your Google rankings and assessing your SEO performance.

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