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Pexgle Review


Pexgle is a fantastic software that has become a boon to the e-commerce industry because of the Pexda team.

Out of 10


  • Picked by AI
  • Best-selling Products
  • Up to 250 Stores for Analyzer
  • Daily Post Tracking
  • Best Performing Facebook Ads
  • Active Ads Tracking
  • Up to 250 Pages for Monitoring
  • Multiple Collections
  • Top 10,000 stores
  • Best Selling Products


  • The price can deter the interest of some users


Price: $ 74

I’ve always been on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge in the world of e-commerce. As someone who’s navigated the highs and lows of online business, I know that staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

That’s why, when I stumbled upon Pexgle, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. In this Pexgle review, I’ll share my personal experiences and insights into this powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way you approach your e-commerce endeavors.

Whether you’re a seasoned online entrepreneur or just starting, join me on this journey as I uncover the secrets and benefits of Pexgle.


Bottom Line Up Front: 

Pexgle is an all-in-one toolkit tailored for e-commerce entrepreneurs, focused on discovering winning products and effective advertising strategies. With its comprehensive set of tools and features, Pexgle equips users with the insights and data needed to identify profitable products and successful ad campaigns, making it an indispensable resource for those looking to excel in the world of e-commerce.

Pexgle Review

Pexgle is a fantastic hunting tool, one of the best in the market. It comprises amazing functions and distinctive qualities, which are fruitful in increasing sales and boosting revenue.

The fourth quarter of advertising income for Facebook was reported as $27.2 million in 2020, a 31% increase over 2019.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a rise of 5% in the average price of an advertisement, while there was a rise of 25% in the number of ad impressions.

During the second quarter of 2019, mobile advertisements generated 94% of ad income, a 3% rise over the first quarter of 2019.

What Is Pexgle?

pexgle - google chrome - extension

Pexgle is a fantastic software that has become a boon to the e-commerce industry because of the Pexda team. For your information, Pexda is a clever spy tool that helps inform about the data of brand new products daily.

It is basically a product research tool that comes with distinct features that have no match to other such products.

Pexgle is an extension of Pexda, which is more advanced in its features and functions. It is a product research tool plus a spy tool, two-in-one.

After researching, I discovered that it is a spying tool that only works on Shopify sites (apparently, it does not function on most other popular e-commerce platforms).

This website aims to present your business data, including best-selling products, traffic data, referrals, and so on. This information is only available to their paying subscribers.

Pexgle Features

  • Pexgle performs a process known as “micro-targeting” to present you with opportunities to purchase unsaturated products within your specialty.
  • It keeps the information about winning items confidential while helping you research them.
  • Unique personalization capabilities.
  • The most comprehensive collection of award-winning items in the business.
  • Recent data accompanied by an in-depth analysis.
  • Access for several users on your team’s account.
  • User-friendly interface

Introducing the Pexgle Toolkit

Find out which items have won the most awards based on the feedback of actual customers.

  1. Find out the advertising your rivals are running that is getting the greatest results.
  2. Is the product popular now, or is it starting to lose its appeal? You may find out via Aliexpress insights.
  3. Learn about the best stores and brands currently trending (over 300,000 top-selling & famous stores, updated weekly.)
  4. Determine which kind of content is most successful in your particular area.
  5. Keep an eye on the advertising campaigns that your rivals are running and figure out which commercials are successful.


Pexgle gives you a PERSONALIZED winning product list that we share with NOBODY ELSE! If you are just starting out, our service probably isn’t right for you. If you’re currently doing at least $50 a day

💰  Price

$ 74

😍  Pros

Instantly increase your revenue, conversion rate and sales

😩  Cons

The price can deter the interest of some users


Pexgle is a fantastic software that has become a boon to the e-commerce industry because of the Pexda team.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Why Pexgle?

 Here are the reasons if you are asked – why Pexgle?

  • It lets you track and monitor your contemporaries in several categories and target the scaling part only.
  • All the essential data about the target market are displayed on the Pexgle dashboard with extensive details and reporting.
  • The user interface of Pexgle is very clear and has FREE updates, features, and advanced personalization.
  • You get to use the Pexgle features for free for a limited time. Within this time, you can decide how well it works for you before buying a subscription.


Suppose you are seeking ways to make your business more automated. In that case, Pexgle can assist you in automating the process of locating the products that are selling the best on the market as well as the techniques of marketing those products.

You can enter the URLs of your competitors and wait for popular products or the best marketing to come up before attempting to replicate it yourself.

The nicest part about Pexgle is that it enables users to track the leading items and advertisements in their niche using a completely personalized dashboard. That is just incredible!

Not only will using this program save you time, but it will also significantly reduce the amount of money spent on product testing.

Do you think you can advance without putting yourself to the test? already selling commodities and brand new products that are trending? right off the bat. That is the most effective strategy for taking your company to the next level of growth.

Shopify Analytics Tool

Shopify Analytics Tool pexgle

This part is functional, displaying the top Shopify sites’ winning products and advertisements sourced from one or more provided URLs.

It’s like having a feed that automatically updates throughout the day with the best-selling products, which you can then sort, filter, and save for later review. Shopify is the only option!

Choose one of the top Shopify stores from the “Top Stores” section to follow. If you are a drop shipper, I recommend selecting a category that includes “Novelty & Special Use.” You can add as many as you want.

Then, look at the list of the Best-Selling Products and sort it by “Highest Traffic” or “Highest Change.” After that, browse through the product pages and Facebook advertisements that were successful after that…

eCom Spy Tool For Product Research On Pexgle

1. Taking Note of Certain Stores:

  • Peg School lets you follow shops that are related to your niche.
  • This ensures your feed is unique and that no one else is testing the same goods as you.
  • You can add stores by hand or from thousands of shops in different niches.

2. Products that sell the most:

  • You can see their best-selling items once you’ve added a store to your list of places to follow.
  • You can sort the goods by different things, like how new they are or how many people visit them.
  • You can look at the details and descriptions of the products to get ideas for your shop.

3. Facebook Tracker:

  • Peg School also has a Facebook tracker that lets you keep an eye on pages and Facebook ads related to your niche.
  • This can help you find things to post on your own Facebook page.
  • The Facebook tracker differs from the tool for researching products and has its own price plan.
  • Peg School is a tool for finding information about products. It has unique features, like the ability to follow individual stores and a Facebook tracker.
  • It’s a step up from other product study tools on the market and can help drop shippers and people who own e-commerce stores.

Why Use Pexgle?

In-depth analysis: It might be challenging for a expanding company to examine and genuinely comprehend where and how it can strengthen its business tactics to expand at an incredibly rapid rate. Pexgle functions as an analyzer for your page and gives you as accurate as possible analytics.

Marketing: Customers frequently are unable to properly understand the detailed statistics provided on their competitors’ websites, which leaves them wondering exactly what is rating them worse than their competitors.

Pexgle presents some of the most essential and basic facts regarding the competing organizations to ensure that you have a full comprehension of the situation.

People frequently tend to become confused about the type of material they should put up for their niche to perform well; perfect content is one reason for this.

The alternative of trial and error is a taxing form of work. Out here, Pexgle comes to your rescue. It will inform you about the market trends and what the traffic wants to view.

Growth in the Market: Don’t we all harbor at least a glimmer of hope that one day our salaries will reach the six- or seven-figure range?

Pexgle will assist you in tripling your sales rate, improving your knowledge of marketing, and increasing the number of advertisements you receive, all of which will allow you to earn more money than you could have hoped for!

To be fair, there is more to it than just boasting. Pexgle has earned the trust of some of the most reputable customers, whose testimonials you can verify.

Still unsure about whether or not to invest? You don’t need to worry because Pexgle provides a free 7-day trial to check it out for yourself and then use a Pexgle coupon code to bring the price down to meet your spending limits.

User-Interface Of Pexgle

The user interface of Pexgle is very neat, clean, and simple to use. Once you create your account, log in, and you can do everything from your homepage itself. To get started, type the name of the store you want to analyze or the URL into the search engine.

The extensive search will show all the data about that particular store. This data is filtered according to the countries and Facebook ads about that store.

User-Interface Of Pexgle

On further scrolling, you will find all the detailed data about that store’s trending and best-selling products.

You can apply the filters for more advanced searches, as this will save you a lot of time and provide you with exactly what you want to see. 


It has several search filters, which help you give detailed ad information. The homepage is self-explanatory, and every feature is mentioned there.

You have to navigate to any feature you wish to use. There are two primary features on the dashboard – Facebook Tracker and Shopify Analytics, and each has clearly shown subsections for easy and smooth navigation ahead. 

So, if you want data on any store, search it and follow the links, and it will be as smooth as a cakewalk. 

Winning Ads Picked By AI

This is a brand-new function just released by Pexgle, and it is a dream come true for drop shippers!

The winning products and their entire analytic data, including responses, shares, and comments, are updated here daily.

You can view all of the advertisements Pexgle AI has examined, or you may filter this by trending advertising instead.

The dashboard provides a link that will take you straight to the product page on AliExpress as well as the Facebook Ad copy. It is even possible to view how many different stores are now advertising the goods; this is a potent feature.

Pexgle Features Review

Pexgle software comprises three main features that are present on the homepage’s dashboard. These are – Shopify Analytics, Winning Ads by AI, and Facebook Tracker. 


1. Shopify Analytics

Shopify Analytics is one of the widely used features of Pexgle because it lets you spy on your competitors’ store products. It shows you all the products or items they sell, as there is no limit to the number of products.

Usually, the research part is the most difficult for any e-Commerce store, but Pexgle has made it very simple. Several filters are provided to ease the navigation process so you save a lot of time.

pexgle business annual - Tool

some filters are – price, domain name, traffic, and specific collections. It shows you what is selling hot in the market so that you can use the same strategy for your business. 

Searching for a store shows detailed information about the store’s products, like product description, price, Facebook ads, links to the original store page, etc.

This detailed information shows you the hot-selling products in various stores and will motivate you to follow similar strategies and products for your store. Its biggest USP is it saves time and effort and helps generate a lot of money.


2. Winning Ads by AI

Winnings Ads by AI is the latest feature by Pexgle. As the name suggests, this feature updates the winning products on the dashboard daily, along with full information about them, like shares, reactions, and comments of those who have used those products.

Winning Ads by AI

You can see the trending or all the ads analyzed by Pexgle AI.

This can be sifted by trending ads or looking at all the ads Pexgle AI has analyzed. The dashboard can direct you to the Facebook Ad copy and the AliExpress product page.

You can see how several stores are currently trying to advertise the product; this is extremely effective!

You can visit the Facebook ad copy of the product and the AliExpress product page from the dashboard itself. This super powerful feature shows the stores that are presently advertising that product.

3. Facebook Tracker

Facebook Tracker is another essential feature of Pexgle because any good and successful business will attract traffic with the help of Facebook ads.

This feature comes with filters that will help you examine the performance data of the Facebook ads of the product.

It lets you observe all the content of the Facebook pages and various posts for specific products.

This data will help you inspect what works and what doesn’t and what marketing strategies work better than others.

Facebook Tracker
Facebook Tracker

With this magnificent feature, you will never have to worry about designing an attractive Facebook post. 

4. Followed Stores

If you have any favorite or preferred store you wish to follow, you can keep it in your favorites.

It lets you add many stores to your homepage and examine its metrics, ads, and products.

To do this, copy-paste the URL of that store and click on the Followed Stores tab to attain more information on the store and its products.

5. Best Facebook Ads

To get more traffic and sales towards your store, get motivation and ideas from Facebook posts. In no time, it gives you informative results and makes the process less cost-effective.

Best Facebook Ads

It shows you the best ads on Facebook, and you can inspect the people’s comments.

You can then decide the kind of Ads you want to post because good posts garner a lot of comments and reviews, which can be helpful for your store. 

 6. Top Store

The Top Stores feature gives access to the top-performing stores on Shopify. It displays the top 500 Shopify stores, which means you can include more information on several products.

pexgle - commerce inspector - Top Stores feature
pexgle – commerce inspector – Top Stores feature

If you find a lucrative store, you can add it to the Followed Stores list and regularly examine it from the dashboard.

This feature saves you a lot of time by eliminating manual efforts. All the above components help you spy on the top and favorite stores to add a competitive edge to yours

Pexgle Review: Pricing plans

After gaining full information about Pexgle software, now comes the time to discuss its pricing, as it is important to know the cost of what you will buy.

Be informed that it does not promise to be the cheapest tool out there, but it boasts of giving value to the money spent by the customer. They offer monthly and annual subscription plans to offer you savings. 

Here are the pricing plans:

pexgle pricing

Pro Guru Business
  • Up to 250 Pages for Monitoring
  • Up to 500 Stores for Analyzer
  • Up to 1,500 Stores for Analyser
  • Up to 250 Stores for Analyzer
  • Up to 500 Pages for Monitoring
  • Up to 1,500 Pages for Monitoring
  • Picked by AI
  • Best-selling Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Best-selling Products
  • Picked by AI
  • Picked by AI
  • Daily Post Tracking
  • Multiple Collections
  • Filter Metric
  • Best Performing Facebook Ads
  • Filter Metric
  • Best Performing Facebook Ads
  • Active Ads Tracking
  • Top 10,000 stores
  • Top 30,000 stores
  • Multiple Collections
  • Multiple Users – 5
  • Multiple Users – 10
  • Top 10,000 stores
  • Best Performing Facebook Ads
  • Multiple Collections
  • Filter Metric


This clearly shows that if you want to use the best features of Pexgle, you will have to make a costly investment.

And many eCommerce owners cannot afford it. Annual payments seem to be less than monthly, but for one time, you will have to shed a good amount of money.

If you think you will effectively use the service for the whole year, then the investment is not bad. 

The best deal is to first take the 7-day trial of Pexgle for their Pro plan for just $1.95. You can use the code “SCAMTEST20” for $20 to hold on to Pexgle. 

Pros & Cons of Pexgle:

Pros Cons
  • It offers a robust product research tool.
  • The platform can be overwhelming for newcomers.
  • Ad campaign analysis feature allows users to gain insights into successful advertising.
  • The effectiveness of Pexgle may vary depending on the niche or industry.
  • Pexgle can give users a significant competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape.
  • Pexgle centralizes essential data to streamline research and facilitate quick, informed decision-making.
  • The platform provides historical product and ad performance data for market trend and competitor analysis.

Pexgle VS FindNiche: Suppliers & Competitors Research

Research on suppliers is also important to consider when looking at potential products for a dropshipping firm.

In this particular type of business model, known as dropshipping, the drop shipper does not keep any inventory; instead, the package is delivered by the supplier. Having a reliable provider would make things simpler.

You may determine whether or not the provider is the leading brand supplier by using FindNiche.

In addition, it is essential that you watch the performance of your rivals and immediately identify the trends that are driving the most sales in order to leapfrog the other businesses in your industry. FindNiche allows you to research all of Shopify’s rival companies.

Performance Ads Research

After selecting the finest Facebook ad option from the column, I continued. I purchased all of the successful Facebook advertisements that were related to sugar and cotton.

Even if another person has a product that has already been demonstrated to be successful with him, it will be difficult to make sales if he does not know how to sell it. You are able to track the effectiveness of your competitors’ advertisements and strategies using Pexgle.

This is the aspect of the Pexgle that I enjoy using the most. This is due to the fact that from what I’ve gathered, locating the winning product can be quite simple, but locating the winning ads cannot.

You could be under the impression that you can use this feature by searching for the terms using the search box on Facebook. Yes! It is not impossible. You will not be successful using a strategic approach as Pexgle does.

Winning Products Research

After I enter the URL into the Pexgle search engine. I was able to collect a lot of information regarding the shop.

The tool known as Pexgle is unlike any other. Once the user has input the URLs of their competitors into the software, they will be able to monitor the products that are currently popular in both the market and their competitors’ stores.

This is the most effective function that the program has, and it helps you identify new winning goods that you can reproduce and advertise online.

This application keeps a tight eye on the advertisements on Facebook as well as the visitors and sales. You simply enter the URLs of your rivals, and then sit back and enjoy the show.

Facebook Real Customer Review & Testimonials


FAQs Related To Pexgle Review 

🤔 Q1. Is there any hidden fee in the pricing plans?

Ans - There is no hidden fee on the monthly or annual contracts.

👷 Q2. Do they have any custom plans?

Ans - Yes, they offer flexible plans, like their enterprise plan is 100% adjustable so that it suits your distinctive marketing needs.

🆕 Q3. Is it possible to switch between plans or cancel the subscription later?

Ans - Yes, the user gets the option to upgrade/downgrade the plan at any given time. The user is even allowed to cancel the subscription at any time. Not only this, but Pexgle also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if the user is dissatisfied with the product.

💳 Q4. What are the accepted payment methods?

Ans - Pexgle accepts PayPal when you are buying its subscription.

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Conclusion: Pexgle Review – The Good, Bad & Good To Know 2023

From the above-detailed review, it is evident that Pexgle is one of the most alluring and best-performing spy tools available in the market. It helps in monitoring and analyzing the best Shopify stores so that you can formulate your marketing strategies based on what is selling hot in the market and how.

Pexgle may seem to be costly software, but it will save you a lot of time in carrying out your search and analysis and annual subscriptions will save you money.

 It is clear that its fantastic features cannot be ignored and weighed against its pricing plans. Imagine getting access to what your competitors are doing to achieve success and revenues, which will help you build your store successfully.

It will guide you on how to post the best adverts on Facebook to attract customers and make a market of your own. It will guide you about what people like.

The user interface is chic and simple and does not require prior technical knowledge to carry out the searches and do analysis.

Other Features

  • Pexgle uses “micro-targeting” to show you items in your niche that aren’t already sold out.
  • It helps you find and keep track of winning goods.
  • Unique personalization possibilities.
  • The largest list of winning products in the business.
  • The data is new, and the analysis is in-depth.
  • Your team has access to more than one account.
  • User-friendly design

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