Best Ads Spy Tools For Marketers 2024 (Spy On Your Competition)

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If we really want to get a step ahead of our competitors then we should follow the trending market strategies along with the cutting-edge native advertising trends.

And now you might be thinking, how you can get to all of the trending and best working ads insights of your competitors. Check out [Latest] Best Legit Ads Spy Tools That You Should Try 2024.

Yes! You can get all of the detailed ad insights of your faceless competitors simply by using Best Ads Spy Tools that are available right out there in the market.

But, when you are choosing the Best Ads Spy Tools, then you will find hundreds of tools claiming to be the best. But in reality, it is not so, there are few tools that work the best and provides the best ad insights of your competitors.

So, here the problem arises again, know which tools you must be used in order to spy over your competitor’s Ads Campaigns and also check which banners and pre-landing pages are working best for them and bringing sales conversion.

There are many Ads Spy Tools but we are here to find the Best Ads Spy Tools that is reliable and provides the best Ads insights and supports all of the major platforms.

So here we have listed the Best Ads Spy Tools that we have used and skyrocket our sales simply by spying on our competitors Ads Campaigns.

So these are our Best Ads Spy Tools that we have personally used and monitored its benefits. Let’s start the detailed insights of the products by covering all of the important aspects of the Ads Spy Tools.

List of Best Ads Spy Tool In 2024

1) PowerAdSpy

Here PowerAdSpy is the one the legit and promising Ads spy tool that is available for you in the market. PowerAdSpy tools mainly spy on all of your competitor’s best-working Facebook ads strategies and then you can easily modify it and start using that strategy right for your own business.

Best Ads Spy Tools - PowerAdSpy

The best part about the PowerAdSpy tool is that there are more than 1000 people all over the world.

And these people are actually experiencing ad campaigns along with watching all of the best working ads and after that, they submit all of the Ads Copies to PowerAdSpy in order to build the Ads database for a customer like you and me.

The most interesting thing about the PowerAdSpy that here you can use these ads according to the niche of your business and after that creating your own Facebook Ads simply by using all of your competitor’s ads data insights and rock in the market.

PowerAdSpy is the only tool that mainly offers the option of Advanced Search And Filtering that will definitely help you in searching all of the relevant ads. Now using this tool you can easily get filter the ads by age, gender relationship, interest, and keywords too.

Using this tool you can simply spy over on your competitor’s strategies as this tool allows you to spy on all of your competitor’s campaigns and then keep track of their ads, creatives along with the landing pages too right on a single dashboard.

The most interesting feature of PowerAdSpy that we like most is the In-depth Analytics as this feature mainly helps you in finding the targeted audience right with a click of a button.

Now you can easily target the market segments for each and every ad that you are interested in.

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Key Features of PowerAdSpy:

  • In-depth analytics
  • Deciding on The Niche
  • Custom Ads Search
  • Ad Placement Analysis
  • Choose the right CTS right for your Ads
  • Gives access to a huge database of Facebook Ads
  • Gives a sneak-peek into the best performing ads
  • See the engagement level of any ads of your competitors

So, here we have listed the features of this amazing ads spy tool called PowerAdSpy these are not the end of the feature as here you will get many amazing features that will help you spying over your competitor’s ads campaigns.

Why Should You Use PowerAdSpy?

  • This tool really helps you in formulating any of the successful marketing strategies right for your business. PowerAdSpy will really help you in understanding what is actually working out there in the market and also what is not working.
  • That really helps in getting a high return on investments.

Why PowerAdSpy

  • PowerAdSpy is having the biggest database as it has more than 6 million Facebook Ads right from over more than 15 countries in order to help you in learning all of the best selling apps.
  • Here you can also get all of the target audience and then simply define your niche and you can also create many effective advertisements that generally appeal right to your target audience.
  • It also helps you in doing the Competitors Analysis as it empowers you along with outsmarting it in the long run.
  • Using this tool you can easily place all of your Ads correctly in order to maximize the conversions too.

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2) AdPlexity

AdPlexity is one of the best and reliable Ads Spying solutions on the market and is one of the legit Ads Spy Tools.

Hereby entering the AdPlexity Platform, you can simply monitor along with download all of the competitor’s promo materials just like the banners and also the landing pages from any types of popular networks for more than 70 countries.

Best Ads Spy Tools - AdPlexity

Now simply keep track of your competitor’s most profitable Ads campaigns right on the many traffic sources. Basically, AdPlexity comes in different versions that are as follows:

  • AdPlexity Mobile
  • AdPlexity Desktop
  • AdPlexity Native
  • AdPlexity API

So these are the 4 types of AdPlexity Products that will help you a step ahead of competition simply by joining this amazing Ads spy tool.

Now you can see all of the campaigns that are actually running greatly right in more than 75 countries. Here this tool also provides real-time insights into the campaigns running right on the desktop along with the mobile exchanges too.

AdPlexity - feature

Simply by using this AdPlexity tool you will get Landing Pages, Pop Up Redirects, Banner Ads, Device Integrations along with country support and also with 120 carrier support.

Key Features of AdPlexity:

  • Banners Ads
  • Supports 70 countries
  • Pop Up Redirects
  • Landing Page Downloads
  • Ultra Fast Search
  • Seamless Device Integrations
  • 100 Affiliate Networks
  • It has more than 120 carriers
  • Devices and the browsers targeted

Without having any second thought we would like to say AdPlexity is the best Ads Spying tool that will definitely help you in spying over your unnamed customers. So, here what are you actually waiting for simply getting started with AdPlexity now.

Here you can use the following filters to find profitable campaigns:

  • Filter by Keyword
  • Filter by Advertisers
  • Filter by Publisher
  • Filter by Affiliate Network

3) Anstrex

Here this one is another legit Native Ads Spy Tool that generally offers all of the competitive intelligence data right with you. We have also written the detailed Anstrex Review to help you out further.

With Anstrex you can stay ahead of the competition simply by spying right over your competitor’s ads strategy and then using it as your own. Now you can explore all of the current trends in the native ads industry and then ramp up your ROI and sales conversion.

Best Ads Spy Tools - Anstrex

Anstrex generally unlocks the secrets if native advertising so that you can easily create campaigns by exploring what is actually working for your comparison. With the help of these native Ads spy tools you can easily:

  • Save your countless hours on research that you do
  • Provides more rights for your advertising spend.
  • Access more native ads network than any other tool in the market.

Anstrex database is the biggest database as it is having more than 10 million of native ads right from 27 ads networks and in more than 15 countries. This tool works best on the desktop as well as on mobile too

You can spy over the ads of the countries like the USA, UK, South Africa, Italy, India, Mexico and many others too. And the best part is that here you can simply analyse the native ads right in various categories and languages.

Power of Anstrex

What You Can Do With Anstrex?

  • Save on marketing
  • Learn the secrets of Anstrex
  • Drive more traffic with Anstrex
  • Speed up your time with market
  • Finding the best offers in the market
  • Access the full Anstrex Community
  • Keep up on connection and get killer images

Pros & Cons 

  • Here it comes with a free trial
  • It helps you in improving ROI
  • It provides a high-resolution screenshot of every advertiser’s page.
  • It allows you in downloading the landing pages and also allows competition.
  • Pricing is a little bit high

It mainly offers an easy-to-use interface that will definitely help others in finding the successful native ad campaigns right in any category you want. Anstrex also offers the filtering option and will make the search so much easy for you.

Anstrex native tools pricing

The best part of this tool is that here it offers a preview of the landing pages in an instant and you will have the ad networks in details.

You can simply go on to filter ads simply by the different metrics like the (Alexa Ranks. Ads-Strength along with Days Running and many more things in a row.

You can also download the landing pages. And here it mainly covers the mobile as well as the desktop platforms. Here you will be also getting information like how long the ads were running and how many platforms the ads have been running.

At last, this tool will help you in analyzing tons of native ads in just a few seconds. And you can simply track many affiliate campaigns of your competitors in your niche. This enables you to stay ahead of your competition easily.


4) WhatsRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere is an ads spy tool that mainly allows you to find out where your competitors are advertising and basically what kinds of ads they are actually using. You can also find out which advertisers and ads are basically running on particular domains or by the keywords.


Here this tool mainly covers the data from more than 22 countries and you can simply select among the display version, mobile, or the full display option. This tool is having an international coverage of 150 display networks along with 140 mobiles ads networks. This tool also collects the banner, text along with the native advertisements.

With this tool, you can easily get access to the most complete and clear picture of the digital advertising ecosystem and then after discovering the winning strategies and simply learn which ads are actually performing the best and also build the most profitable campaigns.

Using WhatRunsWhere You Will:

  • See all of the top-performing creatives in the markets along with the niche
  • You can easily identify winning campaigns in order to inform your own strategy
  • Simply find the new traffic sources and then reach to a larger audience.
  • Access all of the best-in-class data right across the 7 largest online markets.
  • Simply stay up-date on the ins and the outs of your competitor’s strategies.
  • Understand the key trends right across the desktop, mobile along with native channels.

Basically, this tool offers the possibility to search by the advertisers, publishers, keywords or the networks. Here you can use the enterprise version, you can simply explore all of the advanced features and the opportunity to simply search by the categories and also the networks.

Key features of WhatRunsWhere:

  • Gives powerful analysis on ads
  • See the top brand and affiliate ads
  • Discover winning Strategies
  • It has the freshest and the most accurate data

This is not the end of the features here, you will get a long list of features when you will visit its official site.

The best part about this tool is that here the data is mainly collected 24/7 and updated daily in order to ensure you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date pictures of the digital ads industry.

WhatRunsWhere features

WhatRunsWhere will definitely provide comprehensive ads intelligence and will give unparalleled insights that will help you in building profitable digital strategies. You can easily see all of the top ads right from across the web.

This tool has the ability to segment right between the large brands along with affiliate campaigns. Simply narrow down the filter by the keyword, ad type, country along with the date range, and many more things in a row.

WhatRunsWhere overview

So, here we have ended up with Best Ads Spy Tools that we highly recommend you to use in order to get a step ahead of your competitors and build a successful ads campaign.

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Conclusion: Best Ads Spy Tools 2024

Now you have got the most promising and the Best Ads Spy Tools that we have used in order to build many successful ads campaigns. Here you can use any of them, but we would like to recommend PowerAdSpy and AdPlexity as these can give you more flexibility and also more ads insights. These are the most powerful ads spy tools that cover all of detailed ads data of your competitors and both of them are easy to use and deserve your try.

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We hope this post helped you in finding the Best Ads Spy Tools. Feel free to drop your opinion about these extremely powerful ads spy tools right in the comment section. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

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