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Remote Access
Stealth Mode


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Cloud-based admin-panel and log storage
  • Activity logs from anywhere at any time
  • Real-time Screenshot Viewing
  • View logs via your Web-browser
  • Cloud-based centralized
  • Free real-time remote assistance


  • Email and chats in IM apps aren’t intercepted
  • The interface is available in English only

Realtime Spy allows you to spy on your own computer when you are not there. With this remote monitoring software, you do not even need to physically install the software on your computer because you can run it remotely.

Price:$ 79.95

If you need to monitor your employees or children, but don’t want to install software on their computers, then Realtime-Spy is the perfect solution.

But with other remote monitoring solutions out there, you have no idea if they are actually working as promised. Many of these programs require physical installation and can be detected by savvy computer users. Others claim that they will work remotely, but really just offer screenshots instead of true activity logs.

Solution: Realtime Spy allows you to see everything happening in real time without having to physically install anything onto your computer! You can view instant screenshots and activity logs from any location at any time!

In this article I have shared my personal Realtime Spy Review and also Realtime Spy Coupon Code October 2022 that you can use to get some great deals on your purchase.

Bottom Line Upfront: Are you looking for a way to spy on your own computer when you are not there?

Realtime Spy is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to monitor their computers remotely. With this software, you can run it from anywhere and see what’s happening on your computer without physically installing anything. It runs in complete stealth mode so that no one will know they’re being spied on!

Realtime spy Reviews

You’ll never have to worry about someone accessing your personal information or viewing inappropriate content again because with Realtime Spy, all of these things can be prevented!

This is an easy-to-use program that doesn’t require any technical knowledge and has been proven time and time again as the best remote monitoring software available today.

Click here and try Realtime Spy right now!

Content Outline

What is Realtime Spy? Realtime Spy Overview 

Realtime Spy allows you to spy on your own computer when you are not there. With this remote monitoring software, you do not even need to physically install the software on your computer because you can run it remotely.

You can then access all activities on the computer and view them in real-time.

You can be anywhere and always see what is displayed on your computer and what has been written and what other activities the person using your PC has done.


Regardless of whether the remote PC is configured online or offline, you can access activity logs from anywhere. Realtime Spy is doing very well. It also works in hidden mode, so the user has no idea about his computer activities.

In this post, we are going to share about Realtime-Spy Coupon Codes 2022 and Review.

Best Realtime Spy Coupon Codes & Promo Codes October 2022

Popular Questions About Realtime Spy

Here, I will also be answering the most commonly asked questions about Realtime Spy. You might questions like:

– Can I use Realtime Spy Review on multiple devices?
– How long does it take to install Realtime Spy?
– What are the prices for Realtime Spy?
– Who should use Realtime Spy?
– What are the features of Realtime Spy?
– How do I use Realtime Spy?
– What devices are compatible with Realtime Spy?
– What is the VoiPo?
– Is there a free trial for VoiPo?
– How does VoiPo work?
– How much does VoiPo cost to use monthly?
– What are the features that are included in VoiPo?

Realtime Spy Review 2022: Is This PC Monitoring Software Worth?

Realtime Spy is the best remote monitoring software because it has received excellent ratings for remote access, journaling, and monitoring functions.

It is also very easy to use and costs less compared to other similar remote monitoring software.

Realtime-Spy Review

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Realtime-Spy Features:

There are 3 categories of remote control software features: remote access, monitoring, and registration reports.

1. Remote access features of Realtime-Spy:

Remote installation: You can remotely install or uninstall the Realtime-Spy software. This means that you do not have to physically install it on your computer, as you can do so if you are in another country.

2. Accessing the Registry 24/7:

From a remote computer, you can access any record on your monitored computer anytime, anywhere. When purchasing this remote monitoring software, you will receive a personal site address. Newspapers are updated every 10 minutes.

3. Registering and Monitoring multiple PCs:

You can view the records or store them on multiple computers of your property and track them in a single remote location. Simply select a username for each computer and click on this username to view your records.

It’s very easy to see the logs from one user to another because no additional configuration is required on your system.

4. Stealth Mode:

The release of Realtime-Spy is completely undetectable. The installation process is the only time the user knows that you have been running the computer.

Ask for permission to proceed with the installation, and once the authorization has been granted, it can be executed in complete secrecy.

The user does not know when his activities will be recorded on the computer.


5. Internet Connection Ability:

Unlike other similar programs, Realtime-Spy is not affected by the various types of Internet connections used on the monitored computer.

Real-time monitoring – you can spy in real-time. They know what the computer is writing when the action is executed. You will know which site you are visiting once you have entered the URL of the site.

All keystrokes are controlled exactly by the type of key being pressed through the keyboard and with each mouse click.

Realtime Spy Monitoring Functions

Here are the best monitoring functions offering by Realtime Spy:

1. Screenshots:

Screenshots are saved and sent to the remote computer for viewing.

2. E-mail Monitoring:

Sent and received e-mails are saved and sent to your private e-mail for later use.

3. Registration of visits to websites:

All visited websites are stored independently of the browser used. It is compatible with all web browsers like Opera, America Online, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

4. Chat E-mail:

All chat messages are saved. You not only receive the messages sent but also the messages received. You have a complete overview of the conversations.

Print, documents, applications, and other files are recorded when the user prints something that is also being recorded.

The used files and the opened or created folders are saved as well as all other applications executed by the user.

5. PC Remote:

You can remotely shut down the computer you are monitoring or rebooting. It is total control at the highest level. Similarly, Realtime-spy for mobile and Mac are also easy to install monitoring software.


Realtime Spy Log Management Features:

Here are Realtime Spy log management features:

1. Searching records:

You can quickly search the records to quickly find the data you are looking for.

2. Registration Report:

You can see all the registration reports from the application itself. Just open the application and look at the registry reports of all computers on which you have the Realtime-Spy monitoring software installed.

You can see all the activities of each computer.

3. The Top 10 List for Computer Monitoring:

Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular activities on the monitored computer. You will receive the top 10 email senders, chat messages, used apps, open sites, and more.

Real-time spy is very affordable.

For just $ 79.95, you already get the software and a license that you can use for a computer. If you want to install the real-time Spy monitoring software on multiple computers, you need to pay an additional $19.95 for each additional computer.

You do not have to buy the software more than once; you only need to have the license for additional computers. If you want to add custom usernames to give you more security and privacy, you can get this for just $9.95.

There are no monthly or annual maintenance fees.

Voucher available! When ordering, be sure to use the TAKE15 Realtime spy discount codes 2022 to save 15% instantly.


Realtime Spy Intelligence Customer Support

The real-time spy is powered by Spytech Software Inc. The support team that can answer your specific questions about this program will be directed to your technical support.

Before you send a ticket or call Spytech’s technical support hotline, you should review the frequently asked questions on your website and see if your questions can be answered.

If you have a specific question or have a problem, your technical support experts are ready to help you.

Who Should Use Realtime-Spy Monitoring Software?

Companies can use this wonderful software. As a boss, it is very beneficial to ensure that your workforce will function even if you are not physically supervised.

Inform your staff that Realtime-Spy is installed on their computers and that they record all activity on their computers. You would not want to get caught playing games or on surfing social networks.


Schools and other institutions can also use this software. Computers designed for research and other educational purposes can be monitored to ensure that they are used for that purpose, not for recreation.

Parents can use it to control the use of the computer by their children. Even when the father is at work, he can monitor what his son is doing when he uses the computer at home.

This will give you an idea of what the child really does when alone with a computer. There are many dangers on the internet so you can relax with this tool.

You can also use this monitoring software for remote access to your own computer.

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Realtime Spy Review- Pros and Cons:

Here are some of the pros and cons about Realtime Spy that you must know:

Realtime Spy Pros:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Cloud-based admin-panel and log storage.
  • Activity logs from anywhere at any time.
  • Real-time Screenshot Viewing.
  • View logs via your Web-browser.
  • Cloud-based centralized.
  • Free real-time remote assistance.

Realtime Spy Cons:

  • Email and chats in IM apps aren’t intercepted.
  • The interface is available in English only.

Realtime Spy Pricing Plans: How Much Realtime Spy Cost?

Thank you for considering the Realtime-Spy discount! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the powerful features. You can buy Realtime-Spy online through secure orders, phone/fax, or post.


All purchases include unlimited technical support (including free remote support), free upgrades for smaller releases, and full 60-day updates! You can buy additional seats and add them to the base purchase price to cover more computers if you have them.

All prices are unique, one-off purchases.

Additional computer/device license (requires a real-time spy to request the license).
$ 19.95.

Add 500 screenshots to your account.
$ 19.95.

Standard Edition: – 5596 Hrs

  • Buy our cloud monitoring software with the latest technology that can be installed remotely and start monitoring your computer today.
  • A lifetime license (no renewal fee)
  • FREE remote support in real-time.
  • ALL-FREE and unlimited minor updates.
  • FREE and unlimited online technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Award-winning software.
  • Complete product support and documentation.


More Edition: 

  • A lifetime license (no renewal fee).
  • FREE remote support in real-time.
  • ALL-FREE and unlimited minor updates.
  • FREE and unlimited online technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Award-winning software.
  • Extensive help and product documentation. Powerful Email: All emails sent/received on the monitored computer are sent to your email address (Windows only).
  • A lifetime license (no renewal fee).
  • FREE remote support in real-time.
  • ALL-FREE and unlimited minor updates.
  • FREE and unlimited online technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Award-winning software.
  • Complete product support and documentation.

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Realtime Spy User Reviews From Youtube 

FAQs About Realtime Spy Review 2022

What Operating Systems are supported by Realtime-Spy?

Realtime-Spy supports Windows NT, 200x, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS X 10.6+, macOS, and Android 3.0+.

Will my antivirus or antispyware software detect Realtime-Spy ?

During any conflicts, Antivirus and Realtime-Spy allows work together.

How do I remove a User/Computer from my Realtime-Spy webspace?

You can use the 'Remove Computer' function in the member's area and click on 'Remove Computer'.

What is real time spy?

Realtime-Spy is a new, high-tech software that allows you to track what people do on their Android device. It lets you log the activity in real time from anywhere. You can also see the location of the person's phone 24/7 from our secure website.

Is Realtime Spy legit?

Yes, Realtime Spy is surely a legit tool. Spytech's monitoring software is undetectable. It operates in complete stealth so the person being monitored does not know about it. The interface is easy to use and people can learn quickly how to operate it.

Is SpyAgent safe?

SpyAgent by Spytech is a good way to track what your kids do online. It blocks websites with filters and by adding URLs to a blacklist. It is also a reliable tool that is affordable.

Is it legal to use Spytech Realtime Spy?

Yes, it is legal to use Spytech Realtime Spy on your computer. Realtime-Spy can be installed on computers that you own and have permission to monitor.

Can I get a demo for Spytech Realtime Spy?

Yes, you do get a demo version of Realtime Spy which you can use before purchasing the Spytech Realtime Spy

Can I use this Spytech Realtime Spy on mobile phones?

Spytech Realtime Spy is available for both Android and iPhone mobile platforms.

Can antivirus or anti-spyware software detect Spytech Realtime Spy app?

Some antivirus software might make it hard to install the Realtime Spy app. But you can follow the exclusion instructions that will let your antivirus and the Realtime Spy app work together.

Can I archive my Realtime-Spy logs?

Yes, you can download logs using the Realtime-Spy archive utility in your member's area. You can use it to see logs from your account for future viewing and saving.

Conclusion: Realtime Spy Review & Realtime Spy Coupon Code 2022

Real-time Spy does not need an IP address and does not connect directly to the PC you are monitoring.

You can get the Realtime PC monitoring download link below. After installation, all log files are secretly uploaded to your personal real-time spy account on your web server.

That way, you can see real-time reports from anywhere in the world. Real-time spy works best with a hidden email account service.

This allows you to send the remote drop-down registration module that you create for each computer that you want to monitor from a hidden and secure email address.

Realtime-Spy works discreetly and is not visible to the remote user. The file you send to the remote user can be deleted without affecting the real-time spy monitoring process!

Real-time spy is invisible on all Windows platforms even in Windows Task Manager!

If the person you want to monitor is familiar with the technology, Realtime-Spy is the computer monitoring program for you.

This internet monitoring program can be installed remotely and works entirely in the stealth mode. Real-time spy costs only $ 79.95 and is a good deal for the money.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Realtime-Spy” website.

Share your Review about Realtime-Spy discount in the comment section. Have you ever used Realtime-Spy for your business?

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  1. Simple to-utilize user interface, the ability for a continuous survey of different records and cloud-based will certainly always maintain you conscious and you’ll have the ability to check your tool from any place on a real-time basis.

  2. What are you doing sitting at your computer? You can do anything! This is the idea behind Realtime Spy, a remote monitoring software. With this nifty little tool, you can spy on your own computer whenever you want because you don’t need to bother installing it yourself. Instead, just log into their website through any web browser and find out everything that’s happening in front of or behind closed doors at home or work!

  3. If you are looking for a monitoring software that can be accessed remotely, then Realtime Spy is the program for you. This top-rated product records every keystroke, screenshots your screen randomly to make sure everything is working as it should work, and alerts you if there are any intruders on your network.

  4. I don’t just love Realtime Spy because of the functionality it provides. There are also other features that can be customized to your needs, like disabling all sound alerts or downloading onto a thumb drive for safekeeping because you only need the one installation!

    I think what I like best about this program is really has something for everyone; if you want peace of mind then tweaking notification levels may keep potential problems at bay. If you would rather know everything that goes on with your computer (you control), then changing settings will help ensure nothing can slip by unnoticed.

  5. I’ve used Realtime Spy and I’m really glad that I did! It’s so amazing to be able to see what pictures my children were taking without having to randomly search the hard drive every day.

    It’s also really nice because it has a lot of different security features like time slots where only specific people can do certain things. I’m not as worried about hackers or viruses now, because they totally won’t know this software is there even though it’s on all the time.

  6. I was excited to try this software because I am constantly on the go and have meetings sometimes farthest away. It’s so good to be able to check on my computer when I need it or if an automated email is sent with a warning of suspicious activity on my machine.

    The price is fair, but there are ways you can prob save money which are more affordable options available for parents especially who are looking for help with home surveillance of their kids computers.

  7. This is the perfect solution for parents who are trying to keep track of what their kids are up to while they’re not in the same room.

  8. Realtime Spy is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to monitor their computers remotely. With this software, you can run it from anywhere and see what’s happening on your computer without physically installing anything.

    It runs in complete stealth mode so that no one will know they’re being spied on! Not only does Realtime Spy take great stealth pictures via a live feed from your user’s webcam whenever those sneaky upskirt-watching pervs start getting out of line, but it also records any nasty conversations or keystrokes as well as taking screenshots every few minutes if necessary.

  9. As someone who has grown increasingly more paranoid about the safety of my computer, I’ve tried many different types of monitoring software.

    Realtime Spy is by far one of the most reliable products on the market. It installs in seconds and runs invisibly on your device so all you have to do is log into their homepage with your personal credentials to get instant access!

    You can even see what programs are running or if any new activity has occurred since your last check-in. Plus they come with remote surveillance capabilities, meaning that you can control their mouse movements from afar which comes in handy when trying to spot malware before it does harm!

  10. Realtime Spy lets you track whatever is happening remotely on your computer. It even sends an email if someone tries to access it without your permission. Realtime Spy is guaranteed to give you some peace of mind at a low price!

  11. An important part of being a responsible parent is always keeping tabs on what your kids are up to. Even more so when they’re at home by themselves while you’re at work or away from the house for some other reason.

    But with Realtime Spy, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can install this software remotely then monitor everything happening on your computer without anyone ever knowing that they’re being spied on!

    And best of all, if you think things might be heading off in a dangerous direction – the software will let the parents know immediately which helps put them back on track before any trouble starts and potentially gets out of hand.

  12. Here is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to monitor their computers remotely. With this software, you can run it from anywhere and see what’s happening on your computer without physically installing anything. It runs in complete stealth mode so that no one will know they’re being spied on!

  13. I found out about Realtime Spy just recently, and have been super impressed with the company so far. I feel totally safe using this software because it’s so transparent, not to mention how easy it is for me to use. Remote computing has never felt easier!

  14. I couldn’t be happier with this spy software. It was so easy-to-use and, even better, I could install it on any computer without physically being there! That means I can keep an eye on my kids while they use the family computer or, if I want to find out what someone is up to creatively in their spare time (perhaps a spouse), all I have to do is log into their computer remotely from anywhere at anytime using Realtime Spy!

  15. Every time I needed to go somewhere without my laptop, like the grocery or a doctor’s visit, I was always scared that someone might come and steal it. But now with Realtime Spy, no one will know I’ve gone until they try to use my laptop and can’t find me! It does everything but physically installing to your computer and having you watch it constantly. This product is genius!

  16. I’ve always wanted to know what was happening on my laptop while I wasn’t there. With Realtime Spy, I can see what’s going on at work even when I’m home. It is like having two-way video chat with myself!

  17. I wasn’t looking for a spyware when I stumbled across this great deal. The price was right, the reviews were good and it sounded like something easy enough to use. I tried cutting corners by going with a free service but they kept show ads claiming my computer was infected. That’s when I finally took the plunge into Realtime Spy because there are no viruses or scams that can be found in their remote monitoring software.

    Realtime Spy is an amazing program with an easy interface, incredibly few bugs and wide compatibility for different types of computers!

  18. Remote monitoring software is a genre getting hard to navigate these days, and it’s even worse if you need something simple and cheap. I was very satisfied with what Realtime Spy had to offer: good ratings on functions, easy to use and inexpensive.

  19. I only use the best and most reliable remote monitoring software for my business. That’s why I chose Realtime Spy, because it’s perfect for any type of surveillance.

  20. Realtime Spy is an excellent remote monitoring system for your home and office, and in the current marketplace it’s one of the best-rated systems we’ve evaluated. You can remotely access cameras in your house or business premises via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    It has comprehensive journaling features that will show you when someone enters a certain restricted area—such as your room when you’re not home to stop unwanted intruders–and also tracks when people come within 15ft of any wireless device like cell phones or laptops that may contain sensitive information making this software ideal for homes where children are present since the parents control their web activities from anywhere on their phone through a secure cloud connection.

  21. I’ve never tried this software before, but it’s great because not only is it affordably priced, but the remote access function also makes it easy to monitor your work remotely.

  22. Realtime Spy has been a lifesaver for me. The journaling function can help you step back from your daily life and get some perspective on what really matters in life apart from work, fame, food. In short Realtime Spy will win both your trust and love!

  23. There is nothing quite like knowing that your loved one is safe with the touch of a button.
    Realtime Spy gives you control and assurance that they will be there when and where they said they would. The app works on most smart devices, and it captures every movement so you know exactly what’s going on in their world at any given time.

    You can also view uploaded pictures which makes it easy to pinpoint their location if necessary! Your peace of mind comes at such an affordable price too, so try out this spyware today!

  24. I LOVE Realtime Spy because it’s the best. I’ve tried other ones that cost more or less, but they didn’t do as good of a job at their functions. This one is among the top in its class and does everything I need it to effortlessly.

    Remote access? No problem, easy to use graphical interface with no difficult-to-understand prompts like some other programs – you can also install on up to 10 devices for free.

    Journaling? Completely customizable notifications so you’ll know when your monitoring features are being accessed without having anything show up in activity log folders you have set up for employees or children!

    Monitoring? Again, complete customization from alerts when monitoring features are being used to specifically designated keyspaces!

  25. Realtime Spy does not need an IP address and does not connect directly to the PC you are monitoring. It is important that with Real-time Spy, your devices never come in contact which can be dangerous with viruses or malware attacks. It uploads log files privately to your web server account so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting access to any sensitive data on your device(s).

  26. This product is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s the perfect tool for keeping eyes on your computer from afar. But if you have an icky feeling about being spied on, this program probably isn’t for you.

    Realtime Spy will bug your desktop without you even knowing! With Realtime Spy, checking up on what your spouse or children are doing at any moment of the day has never been easier!

  27. This software is a no nonsense way of spying on a computer without them knowing. It works by having access to the logs and not actually connecting directly to the computer, so it can’t be blocked or find out. The best thing about this program is you don’t need an IP address for this spyware to work–just insert your username and password from our stealthy web server and all log files will be uploaded every hour!

  28. If you need to know what your computer is up to, even when you’re not there, Real-time Spy will keep a close eye on it. There’s no need for an IP address or direct connection to the PC either.

    This amazing spyware features a hidden email account service which lets you see reports from anywhere in world! It works best with log files uploaded automatically after installation.

  29. Realtime Spy helps you protect your computer and offers 100% guaranteed prevention against spyware monitoring so I can be truly safe anywhere anytime during any activity. It also monitors updates to Microsoft products, Windows 10 upgrades, application uptime, applications installed or deleted, etc.

  30. I just starting using Remote Spy and can already tell that it has been worth the investment. Unlike other competing programs, Remote Spy is easy to use and does all of the work for you instead of requiring hours of tweaking to get results.

    At this price and with such a great functionality, I highly recommend it.

  31. Realtime Spy is extremely useful for people who love to do sneaky things and get away with it. This program secretly records everything without connecting to your computer so you can see other downloads happening outside of what you should be able to see.

    You can use it anywhere in the world by logging into your account via another email address if need be! The audio files you download are perfect recordings because this software captures anything going through your microphone.

  32. Who says you can’t be a traveler and share your findings with friends at home? Realtime Spy is the easiest way to log what your kids are doing on their computer, even if they’re all the way across the globe! It’s like getting an early Christmas present.

  33. Realtime spy has many great features and seemed like a great choice! The installation was easy and designing the username and password for the account went even faster than creating her last email account. All of this means that we could be secretly watching whats going on with no fear whatsoever!

  34. I used to be afraid of giving my computer up to the repair man because I would inevitably get it back with all kinds of new viruses. Now, with Realtime Spy, I never have to worry about that again. This software runs on your computer remotely so you can spy on it while you’re away and protect yourself from any potential virus scams!

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