Malwarebytes vs Norton 2024: Which Antivirus Is Worth Using & Why?

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Are you confused between Malwarebytes and Norton? Struggling to know that which one is better and why?

If yes then read this full article and find your idol one. Let’s start with the basic comparison!


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Pricing $39.99/year $19.99 /year
Best for

This utility is preferred by computer users and organisations for removing dangerous applications, code snippets, malware, spyware, and other dangers.

In a single place, these suites provide you with the protection that you need. A variety of security services are available, including on-device security, online privacy, and identity theft protection.

  • It offers Protection in real-time.
  • It has Tools for scanning.
  • Establishes a blacklist of sites that has spam activity.
  • It has Virus removal.
  • It offers Prevention of new infections.
  • Allow protection from one to another device .
  • It has feature of tracking.
  • It ensures 100% guarantee for safety.
  • Allows parental control.
  • Gives best security to data and device.
  • Admin console is great because it is easy to to use.
  • Malwarebytes often detects malware that other solution don't
  • Makes clean up easy for IT.
  • Blocks potentially hazardous website.
  • Scans quickly and accurately assesses real dangerous.
  • Easy to install.
  • Blocks threats in real-time.
  • Has an intelligent firewall.
  • Offers an excellent VPN
  • Protects against all kinds of malware.
  • Auto updates fail at times.
  • More layperson explanations of threats detected
  • The GUI for the cloud interface could use improvement.
  • It can take long to scan.
Ease of Use

In shades of white, blue, and grey, Malwarebytes’ user interface is modern and intuitive. On the left, there are several modules such as Dashboard, Scan, Quarantine, Reports, and Settings. With just a single click, you can run a scan using the Dashboard window, which shows you your security status.

As with Norton products, Norton's interface is decluttered, intuitive and user-friendly. Norton is one of the few anti-virus suites to have two interfaces. There is a banner showing the current status and rectangular tiles below it. They contain functionalities and features that can be clicked. You can also access My Norton by clicking the shortcut.

Value For Money

Malwarebytes offers resellers, managed service providers, repair technicians, and technology partners solutions to complement its endpoint security solutions (EDR, EPP, and incident response). Malwarebytes has a compact and improved form to offer excellent protection against all types of viruses and malware.

Norton is a full-featured antivirus, however. Protect against a variety of threats with its comprehensive all-in-one solution. It offers features to enhance your safety, security, and privacy. Besides preventing identity theft, it also provides solutions to resolve the issue. Norton products are also extremely cost-effective.

Customer Support

It gives Guides, FAQs and email forms to it's user.

It offers FAQs, guides, phone, email and live chat to it's user.

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 Should you choose Malwarebytes vs Norton? Learn what you need to know about the best antivirus suite in this review. Malwarebytes vs Norton will be compared in this guide.

The following factors will be considered when evaluating the two brands: features, malware protection, performance, user interface, pricing, and compatibility. AV-Test’s latest results will also be utilized.

Whenever you access the open internet, you are at risk of falling victim to cyberattacks. According to Threat Post, the dark web is a lucrative market for sensitive and identifying information in 2021.

The theft of your personal and sensitive information is an incentive for cybercriminals. You need comprehensive protection to ensure the security of your information.

A paid antivirus suite can provide this protection. You can protect yourself against malware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats with an all-in-one antivirus suite. Identity theft is also protected.

The list of features in a premium antivirus suite surpasses those of free antivirus products. Premium antivirus products provide enhanced security, privacy, and performance.

Its features include; cloud backups, password managers, VPNs, safe browsing, firewalls, parental control, file shredders, privacy monitors, and dark web monitoring.

The peace of mind that comes with premium antivirus suites is also very important. The performance of the suites is not compromised while you are protected. Their subscriptions also cover multiple devices, and they are cross-platform. This makes them an excellent buy.

Let’s get started without further ago!

Malwarebytes vs Norton: Overview

The industry is well-known for antivirus brands such as Malwarebytes and Norton. A subscription to their services gives you excellent protection against online threats, and their subscription covers multiple devices.

Do you need to hurry? Below is a quick comparison of the two brands.

1. Features

Winner: Norton. Security and privacy are enhanced by Norton antivirus products. Identity theft and parental control are some of the impressive features. Malwarebytes offers a limited range of protection options.

2. Malware protection

Winner: Norton. Malwarebytes and Norton both offer outstanding malware protection. Norton’s identity theft protection, however, makes it the preferred choice.

3. System performance

Winner: Tie. Neither antivirus solution compromises your system performance. Their performance overhead has been optimized.

4. User interface

Winner: Tie. The antivirus products from both brands feature easy-to-use interfaces. They offer easy navigation and easy access to all features.

5. Pricing

Winner: Norton. Subscription plans are available for both brands. Both brands offer excellent value, but Norton offers the best deal.

6. Compatibility

Winner: Tie. Malwarebytes and Norton products work across platforms. For example, they work on Windows, Macs, Androids, and iOS devices. Other antivirus software can also be integrated with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes vs Norton: Main Differences

A great antivirus program is Malwarebytes or Norton. It protects you against a variety of threats, including those that evolve over time. However, Norton is the best antivirus suite if you want complete protection.

Norton even protects you against identity theft. Malwarebytes, on the other hand, is not equipped with many security and privacy-enhancing features. It will therefore not be a good buy.

1. Features

The features and functionalities of antivirus suites are crucial. Besides adding value to your money, they reinforce security and privacy. Identifying an excellent antivirus suite also involves features.

An antivirus suite is generally better if it has more quality features. As a result, let’s take a look at some of the features provided by Malwarebytes and Norton.

In addition to Malwarebytes Free and Malwarebytes Premium, Malwarebytes also offers two premium products. There is a low-end Malwarebytes Premium product and a high-end Malwarebytes Premium plus Privacy product.

Malwarebytes products are not overly endowed in terms of features. There are no surprises. The antimalware software from Malwarebytes sticks to its roots, providing an effective yet simple solution. Both products offer similar protection.

Malwarebytes overview - Malwarebytes vs Norton

The groups are as follows:

  • Protecting the web.
  • Protection against malware and potentially unwanted programs.
  • Protection against ransomware.
  • Protecting from exploits.

A new feature has been added to Malwarebytes Premium plus Privacy;

  • Privacy online with a VPN.

In addition to device security, Norton offers comprehensive protection and device security only. According to Norton, there’s a solution for everyone. Norton’s high-end suites are all rolled under the umbrella of comprehensive protection.

In a single place, these suites provide you with the protection that you need. A variety of security services are available, including on-device security, online privacy, and identity theft protection.

The Norton Antivirus Plus product belongs to the device security category. This is a low-cost, yet powerful antivirus from Norton. Among its features are;

Norton Overview - Malwarebytes vs Norton

  • Protection against online threats bolstered by an award-winning antivirus engine.
  • Cloud backup of 2GB.
  • An online password manager.
  • Firewall with two ways of communication.

The comprehensive category follows, which contains the Norton 360 suite. There are all the features of Norton Antivirus Plus in this antivirus suite, as well as added privacy features. Furthermore, Norton 360 Deluxe, Norton 360 Standard, and Norton 360 with LifeLock are also available.

As a base package, Norton 360 Standard is available. The suite provides a layer of protection for your devices while ensuring a bit of privacy. Hence, the majority of its features relate to the security and privacy of the device. These include:

  • Backup to the cloud of 10GB.
  • Monitoring the Dark Web.
  • Monitoring PC Webcams.
  • You can use this VPN on 1 PC, 1 Mac, or 1 smartphone or tablet.

The Norton 360 Deluxe package is the next offering in the 360 suite. As this package offers all the features you need, we recommend it. You can protect your entire family with it since it covers multiple devices. Additionally, it offers parental control features that protect your children. 

Among its unique features are;

  • Backup to the cloud of 50GB.
  • School time and parental control.
  • VPN service for up to five PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Monitoring of personal information.

This suite ends with the Norton 360 with LifeLock package. This is the all-inclusive, comprehensive package and the most expensive of the three. Besides having all the previous features, this package also has a unique LifeLock feature. It offers identity theft protection, unlike other antivirus suites.

Your identity is insured by some form of reimbursement if it is compromised. Experts and lawyers are covered as well. That’s what LifeLock offers. LifeLock Select, LifeLock Advantage, and LifeLock Ultimate Plus are the three plans included in this package.

Norton 360 includes LifeLock Select as its base product. Features of the all-in-one bundle include;

  • Backup to the cloud of 100GB.
  • Monitoring 1 Bureau of Credit.
  • Protect your wallet from theft.
  • Credit and SSN alerts.
  • Up to 5 PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets can use the VPN.
  • Protection package worth millions of dollars.
  • Monitoring of IDs.
  • Identify yourself with LifeLock’s identity alert system.
  • Notifications of Data Breach.
  • Identity restoration specialists in the U.S.

Next, we’ll look at the Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage. In addition to the previous plan’s features, this plan includes the following upgrades and additions;

  • Cloud backup of 250GB.
  • Monitoring by phone.
  • You can lock your identity.
  • Monitoring of fake identities.
  • Scanning of court records.
  • Alerts for credit card and bank activity.
  • Secure VPN for up to 10 computers, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

Lastly, Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus. The most comprehensive plan – and the most expensive one, as you might guess – is this one. Some of its features and upgrades include;

  • Backup to the cloud of 500GB.
  • Monitor your credit with 3 bureaus.
  • Investment Activity Alerts and 401(k) Alerts.
  • Monitoring of the title to your home.
  • You can use our secure VPN on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet (restrictions apply).

Norton offers a more extensive set of features than Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes’ main focus is protection, while Norton also offers identity protection, parental control, and other tools. This is where Norton stands out from the competition.

Winner: Norton

2. Malware Protection

Security, privacy, and protection are unparalleled with Malwarebytes and Norton products. You can protect yourself from viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, as well as other online and complex threats with either antivirus solution.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning powers Malwarebytes Katana’s antivirus engine to detect malware faster.

As a result, it is capable of delivering real-time protection against a variety of threats. In addition, it can generate a threat signature for on-the-shelf malware using behavior-based analysis.

Having multiple layers of protection puts it at the forefront of antivirus products. Together with the superior detection capabilities of Malwarebytes, zero-day attacks and evolving threats are no match for this product.

Norton Malware Protection

Moreover, Malwarebytes offers insight into your system’s security so you can decide how to protect it. Malwarebytes provides detailed information about any threat it detects. The threat type and its behavior are described.

Powered by its award-winning antivirus engine, Norton is an all-in-one security solution. A multi-layered protection strategy, as well as artificial intelligence, is also used by Malwarebytes. Norton’s products offer robust protection against the latest online threats.

Norton products can detect malware more quickly with emulation enhanced with cloud file signature data. Additionally, a two-way firewall prevents unauthorized traffic from leaving or entering the system. A system for intrusion prevention is also built into this firewall.

A number of outstanding protections are available to PC users, including proactive exploit protection, reputation protection, behavioral protection, and power erasure.

Norton provides 100% virus protection with auto-renewing subscriptions. This is an indication that this antivirus software is secure.

Viruses that Norton cannot remove will be refunded to you.

AV-Test results will be used to evaluate malware protection capabilities. A number of samples are used in this lab to assess antivirus products based on real-world scenarios. Their goals are to detect widespread and prevalent malware, protect against zero-day attacks, and detect malware infections.

Winner: Norton

3. System Performance

Performance optimizations have been made to Norton and Malwarebytes antivirus products. As a result, they now offer protection with even less performance impact. Players can now pause notifications and updates, resulting in fewer interruptions while they play or watch.

The Malwarebytes Katana engine scans with 50 percent less CPU usage. It is lightweight on your resources since it does not have a lot of features. It won’t slow you down or consume a lot of resources, even when scanning is active.

Norton used to have high-performance overhead, but that no longer applies to the latest versions.

Norton uses very few system resources, and background scans won’t impact your system performance. Active scanning may cause your device to become feverish, however.

Winner: Tie

4. User Interface

Several changes were made to both the under the hood and user interface of Malwarebytes version 4. The new interface is simpler, clutter-free, and more user-friendly.

There is a toolbar at the top of the window that contains notifications, settings, and the help icon. An enormous status area takes up half the space below the toolbar.

On the other half, you’ll find three categories of features and functionality. These include detection history, scanning, and real-time protection. Whenever you click on one of the features or functionalities, a new window will appear with a streamlined interface.

Norton User Interface - Malwarebytes vs Norton

As with Norton products, Norton’s interface is decluttered, intuitive, and user-friendly. Norton is one of the few anti-virus suites to have two interfaces; My Norton and the Classic Norton interface.

Norton usually has horizontally aligned panes, but mine has vertically aligned panes. Featured in the thin right pane are the features, while an inspiring photograph of a mountain climber adorns the thick left pane.

Classic interfaces are aligned horizontally as other antivirus suites are. There is a banner showing the current status and rectangular tiles below it. They contain functionalities and features that can be clicked.

You can also access My Norton by clicking the shortcut. The user interfaces of both products are easy to navigate.

Winner: Tie

5. Pricing

There are different subscription plans offered by Malwarebytes and Norton. These plans may cover more than one device. You can also cancel your subscription within 60 days.

Here are the details:

  • It costs $39.99 per year to subscribe to Malwarebytes Premium for one device.
  • It costs $79.99 per year to subscribe to Malwarebytes Premium for 5 devices.
  • For $99.99 per year, you can get Malwarebytes Premium plus privacy for 5 devices.

Malwarebytes Pricing

Malwarebytes Products Regular Price
Malwarebytes Premium for PCs $39.99/year
Malwarebytes Premium for Mac $39.99/year
Malwarebytes Business Products Varies

This is the first-year subscription information for Norton products;

Norton Pricing

  • A single PC or Mac is covered by Norton antivirus plus, which retails for $19.99 a year.
  • The Norton 360 standard subscription costs $39.99 a year, and it covers 1 PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.
  • It offers protection for up to five PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Norton 360 deluxe costs $49.99 a year.
  • With Norton 360 with LifeLock Select, you can protect up to five devices for $99.48 per year.
  • With Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage, you can protect up to ten devices for $191.88 annually.
  • LifeLock Ultimate Plus comes with Norton 360 for $299.88 per year; it covers unlimited devices.
Norton Products Regular Price
Norton Antivirus Plus $59.99/year
Norton 360 Standard $79.99/year
Norton 360 Deluxe $99.99/year
Norton 360 with Lifelock Select $149.99/year
Norton 360 with Ultimate Plus $349.99/year
Norton Small Business Security Varies

Norton offers excellent value for your money based on the pricing structure and what each brand offers. Norton offers impressive security and privacy features, impeccable protection, and identity theft protection.

Winner: Norton

6. Compatibility

Norton and Malwarebytes are both cross-platform products. They are compatible with Macs, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Android and Windows have the most features in both brands.

Basic protection comes with limited features for Macs and iOS devices. These limitations are due to the bottlenecks of those operating systems. Other antivirus programs have similar limitations. 

Malwarebytes Ease Of Use - Malwarebytes vs Norton

The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program can be configured to work in conjunction with other antivirus programs, unlike Norton.

Winner: Tie

FAQ On Malwarebytes vs Norton

What is the best Malwarebytes premium?

There has been a lot of progress at Malwarebytes. There is now an advanced antivirus suite in the premium version. You can now protect yourself against complex threats with its real-time protection. Although it lacks many features, it cannot offer comprehensive protection.

Do I need Malwarebytes if I have Norton?

In terms of protecting your devices from malware, Norton does an excellent job. Malwarebytes is also available if you need it. It is not recommended to run two antivirus programs at the same time, but Malwarebytes is an exception. Malwarebytes works alongside other antivirus solutions because it consumes very little resources.

Does Norton slow down your computer?

Norton products are not as impactful on your system as older versions. The performance of Norton antivirus products has been improved significantly. This has resulted in a significant reduction in performance overhead.

Which Norton product is best?

Norton 360 Deluxe is highly recommended. A single subscription provides you with protection for multiple devices, and the features are well balanced. Additionally, it provides parental control services, so the whole family is protected.

Is it possible to purchase Norton 360 without renewing?

Norton 360 suite packages can be purchased without requiring you to renew. This will, however, prevent you from receiving various benefits that require auto-renewal.

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Conclusion: Malwarebytes vs Norton 2024

In comparison to other antivirus suites like Norton, Malwarebytes still falls short. In spite of this, it remains one of the best antivirus programs because it protects against emerging threats and zero-day malware.

Despite its lack of privacy and security features, it is still a good antimalware tool. However, you cannot completely rely on it as a complete protection tool.

Norton is a full-featured antivirus, however. Protect against a variety of threats with its comprehensive all-in-one solution. It offers features to enhance your safety, security, and privacy.

Besides preventing identity theft, it also provides solutions to resolve the issue. Norton products are also extremely cost-effective.

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