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🔺 Can ManyCam work with a phone?

Yes, you can do different tasks on your mobile phone with the help of ManyCam, such as recording your videos. Also, the best part about this is that its mobile version is completely free, and you can easily download it from the play store.


In this post, we have shared the ManyCam Discount Coupon Codes, & ManyCam Promo Codes 2024 with a summer promotion of 35% off. ManyCam is a webcam software & screen recorder for your live streaming & video conversations.

You can build professional-looking shows on your much-loved platforms, record your screen, add many impacts, and do much more.

You can use it with Skype, Omegle, Hangouts, Facebook, or YouTube. It allows you to enhance your overall live experience.

Read this ManyCam Review 2024 in detail with some coupons & lifetime discounts.

Bottom Line Up Front 

Live Video Made Better. ManyCam is the go-to software to enhance your live video on streaming platform,

video conferencing app and distant classes. Buy ManyCam Standard, Studio or Enterprise to enjoy

I highly recommended, ManyCam check out now

ManyCam Discount Coupon

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Why I Recommended ManyCam

ManyCam requires time to learn all of its intricacies, but the more you delve into it, the more ideas for unusual video streams emerge.

Despite some limitations, the free version is adequate for non-commercial use. ManyCam has no stream time limits and fast servers in all plans, giving it an advantage over similar software.

The library of standard effects (items) to be placed in the image contains only the most basic objects, but users can also create their own. ManyCam is an excellent choice for streamers, tutorial creators, reviewers, YouTubers, social media personalities, and video chatters.

ManyCam Live video software & Virtual Webcam: ManyCam Promo Coupon Code

ManyCam Live video software & Virtual Webcam

ManyCam is amazing webcam software that helps users to live stream and use live video tools to enhance productivity.

With Manycam, you can deliver live streaming videos to as many platforms as you want to. It allows you to add layers to the top of your main video.

The software comes with over 12,000 masks,3D effects, and graphics. ManyCam promises to deliver all-in-one video software functionalities.

How To Use ManyCam With Website/App?

ManyCam features and tools for live stream

ManyCam offers web virtual software, enabling users to be more productive. ManyCam works seamlessly with a number of websites/apps such as Skype, Omegle, Hangouts, and various others.

To use ManyCam as a webcam, you need to switch to the video settings. In the video settings, choose the video source as the webcam.

Finally, choose the microphone and speakers for Manycam audio settings. It works the same way with all types of apps.

Is Manycam Legit?

The short answer is that Manycam is a genuine website. It has been downloaded over 80 million times around the world and has been translated into 12 different languages. Manycam is one of the most widely used live-streaming programmes.

What can you do with Manycam?

On Manycam, you may find over 10,000 effects and digital assets. It may take some time to become used to the new features. You can use these instead of props if you’re an online teacher. Consider including some of the following features:

1. Color Correction

Your webcam’s brightness, contrast, and saturation can all be adjusted. Reds, greens, and blues can all have their colour balance adjusted. This allows you to add more light when the interior is dark or less light if you need it.

I have to increase the brightness to seem better on-screen during class time because I sit next to the window and am fairly pale.

2. Add Awesome Effects

One of the most significant advantages for ESL teachers is the ability to apply interesting effects to their webcam streaming, photographs, and videos.

Manycam incorporates real-time effects that can enhance the student’s enjoyment of the class. From emojis to animals to gifs, you may find images for practically any topic. These effects can be utilized to increase student understanding, expand on a topic, or make them chuckle.

You can either use the built-in effects or search for new ones to use in the classroom. Using the search box, you may locate any picture effect in a matter of seconds.

The Effects tab contains a plethora of effects and elements that can be used to spice up video feeds. From background and borders to customizable graphics and animated emoticons, practically anything you can imagine is available. A range of filters with blur effects or colour filters is also available.

Users who require additional effects or products can install them themselves in ManyCam or even publish them on the official website.

Video sources

Simply selecting the desired source will get you started using ManyCam. When compared to other programs of its kind, the list of supported video sources for streaming on ManyCam is extremely extensive.

The most common types of video sources are screen captures from programs, cameras, desktops, online URLs (like YouTube), media files, and so on.

Users can create presets, although the maximum number that may be saved is contingent on the ManyCam license that is purchased (2 presets in Free and up to 24 presets in Premium).

Tips for other video sources:

Webcam. If you’re having trouble getting ManyCam to work with your webcam, make sure the driver software is up to date. It is important to keep in mind that ManyCam will not have access to a webcam if it is already being used by another program (for example, Skype).

Game. This mode is designed to work best with a full-screen view, which is typically how gamers access their games. Bear in mind that in order for ManyCam to begin recording, the game in question must first be started.

IP Camera. Because ManyCam is compatible with the HTTP and RTSP protocols for connecting IP cameras, it is able to handle video transmissions in the MJPEG and H264 file formats.

RTMP. To sum things up, this is one of the protocols that can be used for streaming video via TCP connections. ManyCam requires a binding address, port, and stream key in order to establish a connection to an RTMP server.

URL. Because ManyCam is unable to search for the appropriate material on a web page, users are required to provide direct links to the files they wish to capture. When an invalid URL or server attempts to request authorization, an error will be generated.

YouTube. ManyCam will only connect to YouTube full URLs (, so avoid using short connections from YouTube (like YouTube).

ManyCam Features: Live video software & Virtual Webcam ManyCam Coupon Codes

ManyCam virtual background features

ManyCam is designed to satisfy almost every customer’s demands with a plethora of features. I tried a lot of features of ManyCam but certainly missed out on some:

Create Virtual Background

There are a few video meeting apps that I have certainly tried. But trust me, ManyCam is one of the best video apps for the virtual webcam.

The reason is that it can blur your background or remove/replace it with a better video or image source without needing the green screen. If you are a professional, you can use their Chroma Key feature for enhanced optimization.

Live Streaming On Facebook & YouTube

Let’s say you are an influencer and looking to reach a wider audience. You can use the live stream feature of Manycam for Facebook & YouTube live streaming.

I would also recommend it because Facebook and YouTube may have poor video quality. ManyCam improves your audience’s live-streaming experience.



In most of the video streaming tools, you would probably need to share your screen for display. This feature of ManyCam allows the user to share images videos instantly and form layers one over the other during the broadcast.

You can even resize and reposition the images or videos during the live stream.

3D Masks & Effects

Need some fun during live streams? ManyCam gives over 12,000 masks and effects to make live chats and streaming fun and exciting. You can drag and drop the images, resize the masks, or even animated GIFs.

Other Advanced Features of ManyCam: 

  • Chroma Key Feature
  • Screencasting
  • 4K Video Support
  • Motion Detection
  • IP Camera
  • Web Source


ManyCam is an application program that allows users to use their webcam with multiple different video chat and video streaming applications simultaneously for Windows and MacOS computers.

💰  Price

$ 29

😍  Pros

Amazing microphone audio effects including voice changing, distorting.

😩  Cons

Only allow 3 effect addition to Favorites


ManyCam is an application program that allows users to use their webcam with multiple different video chat and video streaming applications simultaneously for Windows and Mac computers.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

What can you use Manycam for?

ManyCam software is a dedicated video streaming tool that allows you to stream live videos on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.

This tool functions as a bridge between your camera and the application to which you wish to connect it. It may be Facebook Live, a Twitch Livestream, a Skype video chat, or something else entirely.

sources of video

Choose a source to begin using ManyCam. ManyCam supports a large number of video sources for broadcasting (in comparison to similar programs). Typical video sources include program screengrabs, cameras, desktops, web URLs (such as YouTube), media files, and so on. Users can build presets, although the maximum number depends on the ManyCam license acquired (2 presets in Free and up to 24 presets in Premium).

ManyCam’s desktop version has the most possibilities, including video sources. First and foremost, it is important to note that there are five video recording modes:

Fullscreen captures the entire desktop;

Area under the cursor – ideal for magnifying glass effect (ManyCam also enables changing video sources while streaming);

App window – capture a work window of any programme (just programs in the taskbar, no background services or apps in the tray).

App area – records a specific program area (it continues recording even if the program is stopped or minimized);

Custom area – record any region of the desktop (unavailable in the Free version).

Is ManyCam Free To Use: ManyCam Discount & deals

ManyCam can be downloaded for free using the discount link. It has a premium license for businesses.

The free plan of ManyCam has enhanced features such as picture-in-picture, desktop capture, snapshots, and ManyCam mobile app download. However, the free plan will have a watermark during the live stream.

With a premium plan, you can stream on ManyCam without a watermark. You can either get a Manycam lifetime discount or an annual subscription.

The standard plan for Manycam costs $27/year. If you are an individual, you can get the ManyCam Studio Lifetime/Annual subscription with up to a 30% discount.

ManyCam Business plans start with $99/year to $269/year. However, you can use the Discount code for ManyCam to get Lifetime offers.

Manycam summer promotion code 35% off

Remember that Manycam also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, most of the reviews about ManyCam said that you wouldn’t feel the need to ask for a refund.

ManyCam Video sources

Choose a preferred source to begin using ManyCam. ManyCam supports a large number of video sources for broadcasting (in comparison to similar programs). Program screengrabs, cameras, desktops, online URLs (e.g., YouTube), media files, and so on are common video sources. Users can build presets,

however, the maximum number is limited by the number of ManyCam licenses acquired (2 presets in Free and up to 24 presets in Premium).

The ManyCam desktop app has the most features, including video sources. First and foremost, there are five different video recording modes to choose from:

Record the entire desktop in fullscreen mode.
The area under the cursor – useful for magnifying glass effect (ManyCam also allows you to change the video source while streaming);

Record a work window of any program (just taskbar programs, not background services or apps in the tray);

App area – records a specific program area (it keeps recording even if the program is stopped or minimized);
Select any section of the desktop to record in the customs area (unavailable in the Free version).

It’s worth mentioning that among the other choices is the ability to ignore the pointer display and click visualization. ManyCam’s commercial edition includes additional features such as screen drawing and advanced tools. ManyCam has a hardware acceleration option that reduces CPU burden when recording. ManyCam will use the video card to optimize computer resource consumption if it is turned on.

Other video sources to consider:

Webcam. Check for webcam driver updates if ManyCam isn’t working with your webcam. ManyCam will not be able to access a webcam if it is already in use by another program (for example, Skype).

Game. This mode is designed to be viewed in full-screen mode, which is common among gamers. Keep in mind that ManyCam won’t be able to begin recording until the game has been launched.

IP (Internet Protocol) Camera ManyCam connects IP cameras using HTTP and RTSP protocols, allowing it to stream video in MJPEG and H264 codecs.

ManyCam Lifetime Deals

Most other similar websites do not offer a lifetime subscription, while ManyCam does. Here, you will find 3 major options for a lifetime subscription. They are –

  • Standard: This will cost you around $ 59 for a lifetime. This will include one device, 4 video sources, and HD Video Quality. This is their cheapest plan for a lifetime.
  • Studio: This will cost you around $ 119 for a lifetime. This will include two devices, 12 video sources, and 4K Video Quality.
  • Premium: This will cost you around $ 149 for a lifetime. This will include three devices, 24 video sources, and 4k Video Quality. This is their costliest plan for a lifetime.

You can visit the pricing page on their official website for more details regarding these.

What can I do with ManyCam?

ManyCam is primarily a live streaming and video recording program that allows you to record videos from various sources.

However, the usefulness of manycams does not end there. This app can benefit online tutors, social media content providers, and even working professionals.

We’ll go over some of the ManyCam effects in this section, as well as how experts from many fields can profit from this incredible software.

1. Using presets to export and import

Assume you’re a gamer. You record your multiplayer gaming, as well as your reactions while playing the game and those of your friends with whom you are playing.

You can either record or livestream this gaming session on Twitch. This means that every time you livestream, you must set up all of your friends’ livestream feeds, as well as the screen recording setup, audio, and other settings.

That’s a tedious chore, to put it bluntly. However, you may export your live streaming configuration and import it whenever you wish to start recording or streaming with the aid of presets.

2. Webcam (virtual)

Virtual webcams from ManyCams might be useful for online tutors and pupils. A virtual webcam, unlike standard webcams, may share your computer’s resources during video conversations. During WebEx calls, Facebook chats, or Skype talks, you can use the virtual webcam. You may now place videos and share displays during a video call using the virtual webcam.

3. A Variety of Video Sources

You can record videos from up to 24 distinct video sources with ManyCam. You can use camera footage, pre-recorded videos, and other web sources in your live recording, as well as show your computer screen.

With so many different video source possibilities, you may be more creative when filming your social media material. Adding Video sources is simple and can be done in a variety of ways. In the next sections, we’ll learn more about this feature in depth.

4. Playlist of Videos

When developing content or teaching students online, online tutors and e-learning content providers must consult a variety of sources.

It is not ideal to navigate through your computer’s drives to refer to some study material only to illustrate a point while live broadcasting.

To avoid a similar problem, plan ahead of time and construct a video playlist with all of the elements you’ll need during the creation of your e-course.

After you’ve carefully constructed your video playlist and incorporated all of the different sources to which you could be referring, you can easily flip between them with a single click.

5. NDI Sources

Network Device Interface (NDI) is an acronym for Network Device Interface. It’s a software standard that allows video-compatible apps to communicate. You can use ManyCam to interact with other NDI-compatible video sources like Skype or Microsoft Teams using the NDI source input.

As a result, you can use ManyCam features when video chatting on Skype or Teams. While utilizing other video conferencing software, you can blur your background, adjust the background setting, utilize a green screen, and even employ face filters.

This is a fantastic tool that would be quite useful for professionals who work from home.

Manycam Annual Vs. Lifetime

If you are someone who frequently uses video editing, then you must buy a lifetime subscription because you will get different advantages.

The best part is that you don’t even need to renew your plan, and you need to pay once to enjoy the lifetime service.

Also, you will be glad to know that if you take the lifetime subscription, you will automatically receive the upgraded versions free of cost.

Manycam Alternatives

1. Youcam:-


Youcam is a complete solution for anyone looking to edit, publish, or share photos and videos.

It is an all-in-one webcam and video camera utility for your PC. It combines a high-performance video camera with a powerful yet easy to use, video capture tool.


Featuring a library of over 60 animated transitions and effects helps to create professional-quality videos. 

Youcam combines a diverse range of tools that let you create professional photo and video-editing applications.

The tool is amazingly intuitive and incredibly easy to use. You won’t believe how much time is saved by using this tool.


The pricing options are flexible and grant you a free trial too. It takes proper care of your expenditure. Starting with just $15 won’t even have mayhem in your pocket. 

2. Iglasses:-


iGlasses makes it easy to add stunning video effects to your live streaming and broadcasts.iGlasses is compatible with popular web-based tools, making it easy to share your videos.

iGlasses offers a quick and convenient way of adjusting webcam settings from within any app, including Skype, FaceTime, and more.


It is an easy-to-use tool that will help you produce the best webcam videos possible.

With a few taps, you can use iGlasses to enhance your webcam’s video settings.

These include contrast, brightness, color saturation, white balance, and gamma control –all from within any application that uses a webcam or records video.


A free trial is offered for every proposal so that you can evaluate the product before purchase.

But if you are looking forward to receiving a better benefit from the software, then a three-month subscription to ProtonMail is recommended at $5 per month.

You can work confidently, knowing your money is being used wisely.



CamTwist is a camera utility that allows you to connect to and work with different IP camera settings. It is capable of modifying the internal parameters of IP cameras.

It makes it a valuable tool for any technician who works with internet-enabled security devices.CamTwist transforms analog video into digital format. It handles all popular video codecs. 


Pro 4K is the 4K Ultra HD editor that combines a significant number of tools and effects to be used for professional purposes. The software is powerful and easy to use. 

Allows a completely smooth design experience. With CamTwist, you can stream live to the web from your smartphone or tablet.


It offers a versatile font that blends history and modernity in one perfect package. However, a free trial isn’t available to the user. But a $10 won’t hurt your pocket much if you are a work enthusiast or a picture lover. 

4. Contacam:-


ContaCam provides the simplest, most cost-effective way to get your videos online. Install on a Windows PC and start streaming with the push of a button.

ContaCam is a robust, easy-to-use video surveillance program. It lets you take control of your security and monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.


It’s a lightweight yet sturdy and responsive webcam. There is software that supports it and improves video conferencing. It delivers the performance you need. 

It helps you achieve your creative goals and solve the complex challenges of high-end optical systems today.


ContaCam is a Windows-based program, and while it is not very cost-hungry, software development makes you spend some time on it. Not more than $10 is required on it. 

 5. Wondershare Uniconverter: 

This is the one-stop solution to all your problems regarding video conversion.

This is the device that will help you convert the videos, but it will also help you edit, compress, record, and download the video.


This device is best known for its conversion of video through phones and tablets.

They ensure that their customers can experience the best video conversion device, giving them high-quality output in significantly less time.

Also, it will be going to convert your video 30 times quicker. This is flexible to almost all devices and can work with all of them.

6. Adobe After Effect: 

It is one of the perfect editing tools that will help you completely give a new look to your videos and other short clips.

With the help of Adobe After Effects, you can animate any logo or a character, and you can make rain or start a fire and design in a 3D space.


It will not only help you with the background but also with animating the titles, credits, and many more things. Also, with the help of Adobe After Effects,

you can add anything to your clip, such as moving objects or any other things. You can also easily create compositions, and you can even use dynamic links to remove the rendering.

With the help of this tool, you can easily add anything from Photoshop or any other tool kit.

7. VideoLAN:

You will be glad to know that it is a non-profit organization, and whatever the profit it earns, they transferred it to the needy people and donated them all.

Also, the VideoLAN is an open platform, and anybody who thinks that they can improve any of their product can have access to it.


The best thing about this device is that it is available completely free to its customers. Also, they have already released another type of VideoLAN,

which you can use in Android also, and it has support to Chromecast. Moreover, they are also working on developing a tool that is flexible for apple users.

8. Ecamm Live:

They provide you with a free trial period of around 14 days. It is one of the advanced broadcasting tools that is almost flexible to all types of devices, such as iPhone, Mac,


HDMI devices, cameras, and many other devices. Here, they will provide you with the power of the Mac application, so when you complete your broadcast, you will get a very high-quality of video.

It is also effortless to use, and you can start broadcasting in just one click. Also, here, you don’t have to worry about setting up the complicated sets or required to do any other types of arrangements.

Also, during live streaming, you can see the number of viewers and comments.

9. Renderforest: 

It is a multifunctional tool that helps design high-quality logos, videos, graphics, and mockups in a short time.


Here in this tool, you will easily find each video template, from intros to explainer animations. You can also use the customizable scenes provided by this tool to create an excellent video.

Also, you will be glad to know that it can also help you develop a website where you can do the marketing of your product.

They are very well known for their logo design, and you can also create one effective logo for your brand. Just write your name or brand, and they will design it for you.


Before moving on to the second half of our comparison, I’d want to tell you about the former’s pricing structure since it has a big impact on whether you should buy ManyCam or YouCam.

If you have any reservations about ManyCam, you may download it for free, install it on your computer, and test it out for yourself. The free version, on the other hand, lacks many of the features found in the full and paid versions.

ManyCam Pros And Cons:

Pros of ManyCam:

  • Quality performance
  • 3D face masks and other creative effects
  • Media source switcher
  • Multiple channel broadcasting
  • Microphone Audio effects
  • Multiple-tier lower thirds
  • Lifetime Discount Coupons
  • Works with various tools for Webcams, such as Skype, Hangouts, and Omegle
  • High-quality live video streaming
  • 12 images and video sources in different formats
  • Preview before going live.


  • No HD resolutions
  • Only 3 effects can be added to favorites
  • Limited video sources in a free trial

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Today’s Manycam Top Offers

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Total Offers 14
Average Savings 54%

Recently Added Manycam Discount Codes & Deals

Browse the most popular collection of Manycam coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
Manycam FREE Get the Latest Discount On Manycam 19/07/2024 23/07/2024
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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee 21/07/2024 25/07/2024
Only From $ 29 Premium Manycam Plans 19/07/2024 27/07/2021
50% Off Manycam Student Discount 21/07/2024 24/07/2021

Conclusion: Is the ManyCam Discount Code Legit? 

ManyCam is a perfect live streaming software that helps you to organize video chats without hassle. ManyCam has the live video tools you need, from Chroma Key, multiple video sources, and picture-in-picture to effects.

You can download the free version and then, after trying it, upgrade to the paid plan.

Today, it has more than 60 million downloads and is trusted by major brands like Microsoft, HP, FedEx, HSBC, Skype, etc.

I hope you enjoy the ManyCam features and take full advantage of the ManyCam coupon code to get lifetime discounts.  


Amazing Performance with Higher Resolution

Amazing Performance with Higher Resolution

ManyCam Discount Coupon


ManyCam is an application program that allows users to use their webcam with multiple different video chat and video streaming applications simultaneously for Windows and Mac computers.

Out of 10


Price: $ 29

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