Mirelia Networks Review 2024: Best Ad Network For Adult Dating Traffic?

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Mirelia Networks Review


Mirelia is a direct advertiser with the trendiest dating offers for Tier 1 English-speaking countries and a network of advertisers offering high-quality traffic from member areas. Mirelia provides premium services to advertising and affiliate marketers in the always-popular dating area. Currently, their platform receives more than 1.5 billion monthly impressions and 30 million monthly clicks.

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  • Highly secure – Alert systems, anti-fraud software
  • Integrate through RTB, API, and white label
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Fast campaign approvals
  • High-quality traffic
  • Competitive rates in tier 1 geos
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Consequently, there were no negative aspects discovered.


Price: $

If you have any skin in the dating game, in the sense that you like promoting dating options, then you should investigate Mirelia Networks.

Mirelia Networks is a self-service demand-side platform with high-quality dating traffic from members’ areas.

The staff at Mirelia Networks has more than ten years of expertise in affiliate marketing and is highly competent in digital ad tech solutions that can exponentially increase your ROI.

So let’s analyze the statistics.

Currently, the network receives 1.5 billion monthly impressions and 30 million hits. They have 1.5 million daily users over a network of their unique members-only sites in over 20+ tier 1 GEOs.

This equates to a large number of highly converting traffic from members’ areas (direct traffic).

As no commission is paid to publishers, affiliates may get more significant rewards and premium adult traffic at affordable prices.

Most of Mirelia’s traffic is mobile, with 90% coming from mobile users and the remaining 10% divided evenly between desktops and tablets.

Mirelia is, therefore one of the major traffic generators in the adult dating sector.

Let us check out the Mirelia network review in detail.

Mirelia Networks Review 2024: What Is Mirelia Network?

Mirelia Networks is an advertising network created by specialists in the online dating industry that focuses largely on mobile and desktop display adult traffic from Tier 1 GEOs.

Mirelia Networks is an advertising network created by specialists in the online dating industry that focuses mainly on desktop and mobile display adult traffic from Tier 1 GEOs.

Since 2018, Mirelia Networks has been in existence. The network’s staff has more than eight years of expertise in online dating and distributes adult traffic from the Members Area to its partners.

The internal websites of Mirelia get more than 1.5 million unique visitors daily, and the network produces more than 1.5 billion ad impressions per month from 20 GEOs.

Simultaneously, the company’s internal analysts and media purchasing department are evaluating the growth of the websites’ audiences with each passing day.

Mirelia Networks Review

Advertisers may purchase traffic from Mirelia Networks using two different business models: CPM and CPC (the latter will be available after you reach out to your manager).

The CPC model is only accessible for dating-related offerings. In addition to gambling, phone sex, games, adult paysites, dating, and cams, you will be able to market more offers if you work on CPM.

Given that Mirelia Networks concentrates on adult traffic, you should monetize it with adult offerings. In most cases, the ad approval procedure on Mirelia Networks is quick.

The Help section of the network’s official website describes all of the regulations. You will not be allowed to operate with Mirelia if you run fraudulent traffic or advertise tech support offerings and other questionable content.

If you are unsure if your offer satisfies the requirements, you may contact your account manager, who will do everything possible to assist you.

Mirelia Networks – Ladders & Traffic

Mirelia utilizes a novel way to landers. In contrast to the majority of DSPs that need you to submit your own creatives, Mirelia has them already integrated. This is excellent news for affiliates using Smartlinks and will save them a lot of time.

So how does this work?

Each lender is picked deliberately for its high CTR. This indicates you do not need to test this yourself since the testing has already been completed.

These internal pools of high-performing creatives operate in tandem with intelligent targeting to maintain the quality of landing pages on the network.

Similar creative options are available for CPM bidding, with the exception that you may submit your banners when utilizing CPM campaigns.

Mirelia is also unusual because it solely supports display traffic, including banners and native and interstitial advertisements.

These are shown in different zones throughout Mirelia’s direct site network and are handled by smart targeting ad technology.

The system’s operation is as follows: RTB ad technology displays impressions to the audience utilizing smart targeting. The platform then chooses the highest bid and the optimal ad placement for the impression.

After clicking the ad, the user is sent to an interstitial page where they may sign up for push notifications. 3-5 seconds later, the user is sent to the click URL.

The procedure ensures that all available inventory is filled and that your offers continue getting high-quality traffic.

Priority traffic comprises the most recent users and offers with historically high EPC. Backfill orders are less expensive but will only be shown to users who have clicked on priority advertisements. 

You may deliberately pick backfill if you use smart links since they automatically select the best offer for the user, regardless of whether they have seen that offer.

Understanding this technique will allow you to manage your bids properly. Therefore, let’s do the split test utilizing the pre-built landers.

Create two identical campaigns first. Next, designate the best-suited landing page for your offer. You may preview the landing pages in the landing pages area.

Try to choose one with a high CTR corresponding to the vertical: dating or general.

You may now choose your split. If you simply use a single split, it will get 20% of the traffic. If you pick two splits, you will get forty percent of the traffic, up to one hundred percent.

Mirelia Networks – Tracking & Optimization

Once your campaign has been created, saved, and activated, you can begin testing the traffic and targeting and begin the optimization process. Mirelia connects with the majority of tracking systems, making campaign optimization simple.

Although it is recommended to use your tracker, it is crucial not to miss the statistics page. This will provide immediate report production and real-time data for all active campaigns.

Following the split above, it is time to monitor this in your campaigns. Simply provide your split value to your tacking link using a parameter such as &utm term = mirelia split1.

Then, after allowing this to run for a day, just review the results using your tracker and alter your bids to give more weight to the winning split. Thus, you may raise your ROI and the volume of your winning campaign.

Ad Networks Supported By Mirelia

Ad Networks Supported By Mirelia

Native Interstitials:

Native Interstitials provide mobile app users with interactive advertisements and are often positioned between content locations.

Display Banners:

It can appear at the top or bottom of the page’s content and provides a direct message with a call to action.

Native Ads:

Native advertisements use a banner with a high conversion rate that is engaging via headlines or graphics and fits well with the style and content of the host websites.

How To Sign Up For Mirelia Network?

Step – 1: Use this link to go to the official affiliate signup page of Mirelia, fill in the details asked for, and click on ‘Register’.

Mirelia Networks DSP Sign Up

Step – 2: Now, all you need to do is activate your account. Check your email and click on the activation link. 

Mirelia Networks Email

Step – 4: Then you will be asked to log in. Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Sign in’.

Mirelia Networks Sign In

That is it. Earn using Mirelia.

Mirelia Networks Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons:


  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Integrate through RTB, API, and white label
  • Highly secure – Alert systems, anti-fraud software
  • Competitive rates in tier 1 geos
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Fast campaign approvals
  • High-quality traffic


  • None

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Conclusion: Mirelia Networks Review 2024

Mirelia Networks is a data-driven DSP with a large selection of high-converting creatives to complement your marketing plan.

The site is well-designed and employs unique ad tech solutions to provide high-quality traffic and leads to dating affiliates.

The intelligent targeting options are precious, and the anti-fraud software and top-tier security ensure that advertisers are in good hands.

As an affiliate, you can get reasonable pricing and personalized live service via a unique DSP that provides exceptional performance and value.

In addition, various payment options are available to finance your account.

Even though the platform is a bit different from what you may be used to, most affiliates will be up and running within minutes.

Additionally, the platform offers several optimizations, monitoring tools, and real-time analytics to increase your ROI.

Sign up for a Mirelia Networks account to get amazing results from high-quality member-only traffic.





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