Multicollab Review 2024: Best Content Collaboration Tool For WordPress?

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Multicollab Review


Multicollab is a unique and high-quality tool. It will make the process of providing feedback and comments easier and more efficient. In WordPress, the plugin has improved content collaboration. With Gutenberg, you can combine the power of Google Docs and WordPress in one tool.

Out of 10


  • Commenting directly on articles and pages.
  • Responding to other people's posts.
  • Comments are assigned to certain people.
  • Marking a comment as done provides an easy way to resolve it.
  • In-build email notification


  • Free version comes with limited features


Price: $ 198

Looking for a method to enhance the publishing process for WordPress? Read this article about Multicollab Review to find out more.

Multicollab adds inline comments and collaboration similar to Google Docs to the default WordPress block editor.

It provides information on specific texts and materials, responds to comments and resolves them, offers alternatives to direct editing, and more.

It feels as if you have access to the collaborative features of Google Docs within the WordPress dashboard.

In this hands-on Multicollab review, I’ll explain more about what this plugin does and demonstrate how it can improve your WordPress editorial operations.

Multicollab Review 2024: What Is Multicollab?

Multicollab, developed by WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner Multidots, integrates Google Docs-style editorial comments into WordPress to revolutionize the content creation process.

You no longer need to rely on various tools to work with your team and complete your tasks; you can now utilize Multicollab to centralize your efforts.

The days of worrying about content have passed. This plugin makes it easy to create and share editorial criticism.


Multicollab’s complete compatibility with the Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress enables you to safely make superior improvements while your team resolves them in real-time.

By streamlining the editing process with this plugin, you can now be certain that your entire publishing process is 100 percent effective and results-driven.

By utilizing Multicollab immediately, you are investing in a prosperous editorial future. One click is all it takes to begin doing things the Multidots way.

Features of Multicollab

Here are some of the best features of Multicollab:

1. Inline Comments

The plugin enables you to add inline comments to any text in a blog post.

Multicollab Inline Comments Features

Simply choose the text and click the Comment button to leave a comment for that section.

2. Replies & Resolve

Similar to new comments, you can react to existing ones inline. Additionally, after you are finished, you may simply mark the issue as resolved.

Multicollab Replies & Resolve Features

This is incredibly useful if you wish to respond to or add to a specific comment without creating a new one.

3. Assign Comments to Users

What if you desire a specific user to view and manage the comment? Simply tag them using the @ symbol followed by their name to assign the task.

As you write the name, a selection of users with the user roles will appear, from which you may select the person to whom you wish to assign the comment.

4. Activity Middle

Multicollab has an Activity Center board that allows you to monitor the commenting activity of users on posts/pages. In the activity center, you can view all comments that have been left on your posts and pages.

Comments that are active have a white background, while comments that have been resolved have a gray background. In addition, when a remark is selected from the activity center, its backdrop turns blue.

5. Email Notifications

Similar to Google Docs, you instantly receive an email notification when you are mentioned in a remark. This tool allows you to keep on top of the content approval process.

Features of Multicollab - Multicollab Review

6. Built for Gutenberg

The plugin is designed exclusively for the Gutenberg editor and is compatible only with WordPress versions 5.3 and later. This plugin is incompatible with the traditional editor.

7. User Roles and Accesses

Various user roles have different access permissions to the plugin. Super Admins, Administrators, and Editors are able to view, edit, remove, react to, and resolve any post or page’s comments.

Authors and Contributors can only view, edit, remove, react to, and resolve comments on their own posts. 

8. Manage Permissions

Select which team members should be given permission to manage comments and suggestions in Multicollab.

Adding comments, resolving comments, and disabling comments can be configured. Suggestions can be accepted and rejected by configuring who has access.

9. Free to Use

Yes, it is correct. The plugin is freely accessible through the repository. Additionally, you may install and activate it directly from the WordPress dashboard.

There may be a pro version with extra capabilities in the future, but at present, only the $99 per year subscription plan provides priority assistance.

10. Well Documented

WordPress plugins must include comprehensive documentation. MultiCollab provides comprehensive documentation that covers the majority of the plugin’s features.

If you ever require assistance, you can find a relevant article in their documentation.

11. Premium Version

The Premium version of Multicollab was released by the Multidots team. They have developed new tools that enable team collaboration easier than ever before

New Feature Highlights:

  • Comment on Media – Not Just Text!

You can remark on any text or media inside your articles to assist your team in navigating content-related difficulties.

The premium edition of Multicollab enables exact remarks. You no longer need to insert modifications in unusual places!

You and your team can always be on the same page because you can now remark on photographs, videos, audios, and even galleries.

  • Collaborators can be notified by email when notes are added

With email notifications enabled, you no longer need to wonder if your team members received the message you sent. Simply make your edits and add your comments, and the plugin will do the rest.

Instant email notifications facilitate collaboration with your team and keep you in touch with them. In WordPress, your team can instantly review notifications and respond with a single click.

  • Just like in Google Docs, you can work in suggestion mode

Use Suggestion Mode to monitor your content production process. Using this tool, you and your team may navigate through your workflows and complete assigned tasks with ease.

When paired with mentions and alerts, all changes made to posts or pages are highlighted for the user to approve, reject, or cooperate as required.

Throughout the editorial workflow, teams can readily track WordPress text that has been edited, deleted, or added.

  • Advanced Reporting with Timeline Activities

When you deal with as much stuff as you do every day, the basics are insufficient. Through our Advanced Dashboard’s visible data points and user-friendly reporting tool, you may gain greater insight into your editorial workflow.

You will never again be in the dark about the status of your material. The Activity Timeline monitors cooperation and records progress across all pages and posts, with the simple user, content category, and time stamp filtering.

Discover the needs of your team using Quick Snapshot Reporting for the most recent comment activity on each page and post.


Top 7 reasons why I recommend Multicollab

1. Easy to use with WordPress:

Gutenberg is a game-changer for blog publishing. Blogs can now be created, edited, and published on the fly!

You will never have any more frustrating moments with formatting because all of your work goes straight into Google Docs without ever having copy-pasted across software platforms like before Gutenburg.

With Multicollab, it’s easy as pie using WordPress, which has been my go-to blogging tool since day one, so you can continue doing what feels natural while still getting professional results.

2. Lesser errors:

The more tools you use, the greater your chances of getting things wrong.

The great thing about using just one content editor is that it can be used for everything from blogging posts to technical documentation without fear because all your work will fall under one roof with Multicollab; no need to switch back and back and forth between different programs when there’s an error or mistake made on either side!

3. No training required:

The future of content marketing is now at your fingertips! With Multicollab, you can share ideas with other editors in an easy-to-use Google Docs-like interface.

No training required – jump right into collaborating on projects together for hours without any hassles or confusion about how things work because it’s all done through familiar tools everyone knows from past experiences, such as word processing programs that are also accessible online via PCs/Laptops etcetera…

4. Quality work:

What if you could work faster without sacrificing quality?

With Multicollab’s innovative collaboration features and centralized content revision management system within WordPress—you can!

This plugin will help keep all changes in one place so that nothing gets lost or altered by accident.

It also allows for tighter control of what goes live on your site, ensuring every piece is perfect before going public with it – just like professional editors do at publishing houses everywhere.

5. Save time:

Google Docs is a compromise to your editorial workflow because you can’t take full advantage of all the custom blocks and templates that have been designed for WordPress.

You will save time avoiding copying-pasting content between different platforms with Multicollab, which also provides excellent visibility on collaboration activities happening within posts in Google docs!

6. Manage better:

With custom permissions in Multicollab, you can more easily manage user access to content from an approval perspective.

Instant email notifications will keep everyone on the same page when someone assignments replies or approves/rejects feedback with this tool–you’ll never have questions arise about who did what because they were notified instantly!

You could also share directly linked comments via Slack (or any other communication platform), which is extremely handy for collaboration around projects.

7. Work asynchronously:

Multicollab enables your team to work asynchronously, which means one person writing and another editing.

The rest of the group can resolve items or publish content without waiting for someone else’s finishing touches on it all summer! Integrate Multicell with Slack so that you sync up collaboration activity data right inside their platform (coming soon).

You’ll also be able to attach documents/ravings images in comments, then provide additional references when responding by simply clicking “References” at the bottom left corner–no more scrolling through published pages blindfolded, trying desperately not to lose anything important among thousands of others invisible.

How to Use Multicollab?

To use Multicollab on your website, you must first install it just like any other plugin. The plugin can be installed using your WordPress admin dashboard, like any other plugin.

Installing Multicollab

Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress Admin Dashboard. You can find Multicollab by searching for it and clicking on Install.

The installation is complete. The sidebar will then display an option named Multicollab. You can click on that if you want to go premium and find and purchase a suitable plan for you.

Multicollab Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Multicollab is a plugin with numerous capabilities. And based on your requirements, there are a few pricing levels available.

If you are a small business or blog site that requires simply the most essential feature of this plugin, which is the ability to comment on any content and assign/mention team members, you can choose the free Basic edition.

However, there are additional payment options for those who require more from the platform and whose business depends on collaboration.

Multicollab Pricing

The Plus price plan of Multicollab will allow users to comment not only on text but also on any type of media. You may also manage users’ access to add/resolve comments.

This is in addition to the standard features and specialized Plus support. The annual cost of this plan is $199. There is an additional pricing level with the name Pro.

This plan goes above and above in terms of functionality and provides a truly collaborative experience for all of your website’s users. In addition to the features of Plus and Basic, Suggestion Mode is included.

You will also get access to the enhanced reporting dashboard. Additionally, support will be expedited for this approach. This package is $499 per year.

FAQ On Multicollab Review

What exactly is Multicollab?

Multicollab is a WordPress plugin that provides editorial commenting in the style of Google Docs for the Gutenberg editor.

Who uses Multicollab?

Multicollab is a WordPress plugin intended for Agencies and Publishers where numerous individuals need to cooperate on content production in the Gutenberg editor.

What is collaborative editing in WordPress?

Multiple users participating in WordPress page/post-editing is referred to as collaborative editing.

Is Multicollab the greatest WordPress plugin for collaboration?

Multicollab is the ideal solution for facilitating collaborative editing in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. It is probably one of the greatest WordPress plugins for collaboration available.

Is Multicollab free?

Multicollab’s basic version is free. Additionally, there are two paid versions of this plugin with greater capabilities.

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Conclusion: Multicollab Review 2024

Multicollab is a revolutionary tool. The collaborative editing feature aids both agencies and publishers in improving the WordPress publishing process.

Upon using the tool, we discovered that it performed as stated. This plugin’s features did make a difference, and we now utilize it on our website as well.

Multicollab’s ability to comment on any text or media is a remarkable capability. But the doc-style suggestion mode is absolutely excellent since it highlights any changes to posts or pages for others to accept, reject, or contribute further.

Overall, this tool provides a completely new collaborative editing workflow window in WordPress.

If your business or workflow relies on a collaborative approach, you will like using this application. Do you have any questions about the tool? Ask us below in the comments section.

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