NutriProfits Review 2024: Best Affiliate CPA Network For Publisher?

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NutriProfits Review


NutriProfits is an affiliate network that allows you to make money by selling high-quality health and beauty goods to clients online. Participation in the program is completely free.

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  • High commission rates
  • Lifetime cookies
  • Great customer support
  • A lot of products to promote
  • Good quality products


  • Limited payment methods


Price: $

Are you looking to advertise premium health and beauty items? Have a look at what we thought about NutriProfits.

NutriProfits is an affiliate network launched in 2013 by seasoned affiliate marketers. They provide superior health and cosmetic goods that may be marketed in over 100 countries.

Affiliates may earn up to 40% in commissions and 6% on future purchases of their referrals.

You can advertise a broad range of items for weight reduction, bodybuilding, hair loss, colon cleansing, nootropics, male enhancement, anti-aging, varicose veins, and acne.

Let us check out this NutriProfits Review and know more about this platform.

NutriProfits Review 2024: What Is NutriProfits?

NutriProfits was founded in 2013 to provide affiliates in the health and beauty sectors with the greatest quality supplements.

As soon as you enter the dashboard, you will know how it is specially designed for affiliates. NutriProfits offer lifetime cookies for their affiliates, which is one of their USPs and we found it really impressive.

NutriProfits Review

They are one of the few CPA (cost per acquisition) networks that primarily concentrate on providing you with only the best health and beauty products. If you are unfamiliar with the niche or new to affiliate marketing, you can always contact their staff and they will help you out.

I will surely recommend you to use their guidance, as they know the most effective methods for promoting their offers.

NutriProfits’ staff takes care of everything else; all you need to do is generate traffic. Their internal web pages are available for your use. You may use and modify the template for your promotional purposes.

How To Use NutriProfits?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of NutriProfits from here, and click on ‘Sign Up.

official website of NutriProfits

Step – 2: Fill up the information asked for, check the circles, and click on ‘Create Account.

Fill all the information and proceed

Step – 3: Verify your account. Then, fill up the sign-in details and click on ‘Log in’.

Fill up the sign in details and click

This is what the NutriProfits dashboard looks like.

NutriProfits Dashboard

Scroll down and you will see a lot more offers:

Offers in NutriProfits

You will see all the reports here.

Reports Section in NutriProfits

Here you will see all your referrals.

NutriProfits Referral

You can check your payout options from here.

NutriProfits payout options

Your bonuses will appear here.

NutriProfits bonus options

And finally, from here you can check out the available contest.

Nutriprofits Contest

Make sure you make the best use of these.

NutriProfits Contest – Promote & Earn

The NutriProfits contest is something you must not miss. The contest will start on 21-11-2022 and will stay until 31-03-2023. Cash prizes worth USD 20,000 will be awarded the prizes being:

NutriProfits contest Award prizes

1st prize – USD 12,000

2nd prize – USD 5,000

3rd prize – USD 3,000

All you have to do is generate sales.

Here are the products that you can promote for the contest:

NutriProfits products that you can promote

  • Meltamin, 
  • Lipid Control Plus, 
  • GOAT Stamina, 
  • NuviaLab Immune, 
  • Bravona Forte, 
  • Denton, 
  • Revamin Acne, 
  • Detoxyn, 
  • Collagen Select, 
  • Erisil Plus, 
  • NuviaLab Meno

Here are the countries from which offers take part in the contest:

  • Poland, 
  • Italy, 
  • Germany, 
  • Austria, 
  • France, 
  • Spain, 
  • Netherlands, 
  • Denmark, 
  • Sweden, 
  • Norway, 
  • Hungary, 
  • Singapore, 
  • Malaysia.

Winners will be awarded on April 7th, 2023, and prizes will be distributed 30 days after the contest.

You can register for the NutriProfits contest from here.

NutriProfits Dashboard & Offers

On the offers page, you can quickly get the links to advertise the offer and see the GEOs they accept.

The offers are accessible in a multitude of nations, and the links are dynamically updated dependent on the user’s location.

Here is a tip: You may run Switzerland or Belgium, and it will automatically recognize the user’s browser language and display the offer in the appropriate language (since these countries are tri, and bilingual).

NutriProfits Dashboard & Offers

The fact that you get compensated for sales even if the consumer does not purchase is a major plus. This is referred to as lifetime cookie tracking.

Having a cookie with a lifetime means that even if a consumer purchases two weeks later, you will still be rewarded for the transaction, which equals more money for you!

Nutriprofits is the only firm I am aware of that provides affiliates lifelong cookies!

NutriProfits Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Nutriprofits


  • Good quality products
  • A lot of products to promote
  • Great customer support
  • Lifetime cookies
  • High commission rates


  • Limited payment methods

FAQs About NutriProfits Review

What is NutriProfits?

Affiliates may make money via the NutriProfits affiliate network by selling goods from the Health and Beauty category.

How does NutriProfits work?

The NutriProfits affiliate program has their own in-house offers which is why they have a real influence on the high quality of products and high converting landing pages of products. You will get a fee of up to 40% for acting as a middleman in selling their goods, which are of the greatest efficacy and quality. Simple rules apply!

What are marketing techniques not allowed in NutriProfits?

Spam, or the transmission of unsolicited material to a receiver, is a forbidden advertising tactic. Spam is a strategy with questionable efficacy that is unlawful and immoral.

How can I promote NutriProfits products?

There are several techniques to market the goods. The most common strategy is advertising on websites that are thematically relevant to the product. Use popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, Joomla!, or Blogger for this purpose. You may also advertise the items by leaving comments on message boards, blogs, Facebook groups, and other social networking sites. There are several promotional options, but they urge their Affiliates to establish websites and blogs with unique and engaging content.

What are the commission rates at NutriProfits?

With up to 40% of each transaction, NutriProfits delivers the highest commissions on the market! Their commission rates are completely unparalleled.

How much can I earn using NutriProfits?

Your earnings mostly rely on your inventiveness and the time you devote to product marketing. NutriProfits offers their Affiliates items of the greatest quality, ensuring excellent conversion rates. Many individuals quit quickly because they anticipate a fast, effortless income. According to the experience of their Affiliates, it is not worthwhile to give up. The most active Affiliates make tens of thousands of euros each month. However, at first, they were also rookies!

Is NutriProfits free of charge for its affiliates?

There is no price for initiating collaboration. Taking a few minutes to register for the affiliate program - is all that is required. You will be able to check into your account shortly.

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Conclusion: NutriProfits Review 2024

The affiliate network of NutriProfits provides the most popular and sought-after brands in the Health and Beauty area.

The products offered by NutriProfits are of the greatest efficacy and quality, which ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and a substantial income for affiliates.

Participation in the program is completely free. You may market their health-related services in several nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Spain, France, and Sweden.

Some items may be advertised in several locations, while others are confined to a small number of nations. One of my favorite features is that they provide affiliates with cookie tracking for life.

This implies that if someone does not delete their cookies from their device, they might theoretically click on your link and make a purchase a few years later, and you would still get money.

You may market your product offerings without a website if you have prominent social media accounts with many followers. Or use the pre-built landing offer landing pages.

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