Zoho Affiliate Review 2024: Is It Actually Worth Using Or Not?

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Zoho Affiliate Review


The Zoho Cloud Software Suite offers businesses all the applications to manage their finances, customer relations, sales, marketing, and more. The company specializes in web-based business tools and information technology.

Out of 10


  • Join at no cost.
  • A team committed to your success.
  • Gain access to the dashboard for affiliates.
  • Track commissions and payments with ease.
  • Easy to use and access.


  • Somewhere limited custom fields.
  • Doesn't allow you to import social media contact.


Price: $

Businesses need a comprehensive and affordable cloud software suite to manage their operations.

But it can be hard to know which application is right for your business and whether the suite will be a good fit for your budget. The Zoho Cloud Software Suite is an affordable and comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

It offers a wide range of applications that are easy to use and customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. And because it’s cloud-based, you can access your data from any device or computer with an internet connection.

All this makes Zoho a very powerful tool, which is why it is a great opportunity to join the Zoho Affiliate Program and make money.

Let us check out what is the Zoho Affiliate Program all about.

Zoho Affiliate Review 2024: What Is Zoho? 

The Zoho Cloud Software Suite offers businesses all the applications to manage their finances, customer relations, sales, marketing, and more.

Zoho Affiliate Review

Zoho Corporation is an Indian technology business headquartered in Chennai, India, focusing on software development.

The company specializes in web-based business tools and information technology, such as an online office suite, an Internet of things management platform, and IT management software.

The headquarters of Zoho is in Chennai, India. As of 2022, the company has 12 offices in nine countries worldwide. In addition to China, the corporation maintains offices in Singapore and Japan.

Zoho Affiliate Program Review

Ideal for enterprises, entrepreneurs, independent software suppliers (ISVs), and website owners, the Zoho Affiliate Program enables you to generate additional income streams while assisting your clients and followers in locating business-growth solutions.

Earn incentives for generating sales by promoting Zoho. There is no yearly cap on commission earnings, nor is there a minimum sales requirement.

Zoho Affiliate Features

1. Support their entire business:

Provide your clients with a comprehensive solution to help them generate leads, complete more business, and handle post-sale services, HR, and finances.

2. Win at customer experience and loyalty: 

Offer distinctive, well-integrated solutions across the lifecycle of your customers. Gain the affection and loyalty of your customers with seamless encounters. Enhance retention and decrease turnover.

3. Gain a competitive advantage:

Create a competitive edge by introducing a more comprehensive, integrated solution to the market.

4. Manage business finances:

Assist them in managing their company with cloud-based applications for subscriptions, inventory management, online accounting, and a lot more. 

5. Improve workforce management:

Using HR and collaboration applications transforms how they operate and manage the workforce.

6. Attract, engage, and convert: 

Help them acquire and keep consumers and enhance marketing return on investment and campaign efficacy with a comprehensive range of potent digital marketing tools.

7. Close more deals: 

Provide your clients with the ideal multichannel CRM to foster strong connections, increase sales, and accelerate revenue growth.

8. Enhance your membership benefits and sales:

By providing them with all the tools they need to operate their entire company, you may give new value to current members and make your organization more appealing to new prospects.

9. Digitize your community: 

With SaaS solutions from Zoho, you can digitally revolutionize how your member community operates and service its consumers.

With a suite of mobile applications, let them remain connected with their whole organization while on the road. Shape and support the success of your industry.

10. Build a flourishing community: 

Assist your members in attracting more customers, retaining their loyalty, and increasing their income by providing them with the resources they need to thrive in every aspect of business, from sales and marketing to human resources and finance.

11. Attract, engage, and convert: 

Help them acquire and keep consumers and increase marketing ROI and campaign efficacy using a comprehensive array of efficient digital marketing tools.

After signing up, each qualified referral will get $ 100 in Zoho Wallet credits, which they may use to buy any new Zoho app.

For every qualifying sale you produce, you may earn 15 % of Zoho’s revenue in the ensuing 12 months, providing the referred customer remains with the company for at least 90 days.

You will not be eligible for a commission on the customer’s future purchases of other Zoho services.

How Does the Zoho Affiliate Program Work?

Using the Zoho Affiliate Program is pretty easy. Here, check out how the Zoho Affiliate dashboard looks:

Zoho Affiliate Program Dashboard

If you click on ‘Check our Affiliate Resources’, you will see all the information you may be needing for all their products to promote them.

You will find cool and helpful stuff like this – 

Affiliate Resources

And this,

Sales & Marketing

You can simply choose the products you wish to refer to like this – 

choose the products you wish

And make links like this – 

make links like this

Keep track of all your referral credits:

Tracking referral credits

Check your commission dashboard and easily transfer your commission to your bank account.

Check your commission dashboard

Just fill up your billing details. 

fill up billing details

That is it. You are good to go.

How to Use Zoho Affiliate Program?

Step – 1: Go to the Zoho affiliate program official site from here, and log in to your account. Fill up your details and click on ‘SIGN IN’. 

Fill up your Signin details

Step – 2: You will see something like this. Click on ‘Check out Affiliate Resources. 

Check out Affiliate Resources

Step – 3: You will see a lot of resources here that you can make use of.

Step - 3 You will see a lot of resources

You can click on each one of these and develop a good affiliate strategy.

Step – 4: Scroll down and you will see these bundles. By clicking on these you can limit your search to particular bundles.

Step - 4 Scroll down to see bundles

Step – 5: Simply hover your mouse to any of these, you will find a lot of information here.

Step - 5

Step – 6: When you will open one of these, in my case I have opened ‘CRM Plus’, you can choose to watch a video by clicking on ‘WATCH OVERVIEW’ or directly see how Zoho CRM Plus works by clicking on ‘ACCESS ZOHO CRM PLUS’.

Step – 7: Fill up the details and click on ‘GET STARTED FOR FREE.

Step - 7 Fill up the details and GET STARTED FOR FREE

Step – 8: You can check out all these incredible features they have and click on ‘Access CRM’.

Step-8 click on ‘Access CRM

Step – 9: Let them give you a tour or attend their webinars to know more about their products and how you can earn by selling them.

Step - 9 Let them give you a tour

FAQs About Zoho Affiliate Review

How do I track my earnings from Zoho?

You may get information about commissions earned by logging into your affiliate dashboard anytime.

Is there a limit on the money I may earn or the number of clients I can refer via the Zoho Affiliate program?

There are no restrictions on the number of consumers you may refer or the cash you can earn via this program. You are urged to provide as many references as possible.

How much commission am I eligible to earn via the Affiliate Program?

For each qualifying sale you produce, you may earn 15% of Zoho's income from that transaction over the ensuing 12 months, providing the referred customer continues with Zoho for at least 90 days. You will not be eligible for commissions on the customer's future purchases of other Zoho services.

Who can I refer for the Zoho Affiliate Program?

You may recommend any firm not already a Zoho subscriber to any premium plan.

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Conclusion: Why Do I Recommend Zoho Affiliate?

Here are some of the reasons why I believe the Zoho suite is excellent for affiliates:

  • A team committed to your success.
  • Utilize their extensive array of marketing assets.
  • There is no maximum commission you may earn.
  • Gain access to the dashboard for affiliates.
  • Track commissions and payments with ease.
  • Using Zoho’s URL builder, you can generate affiliate connections to any website.
  • No minimum sales need.
  • Join at no cost. Earn commissions for referrals that qualify.
  • Zoho offers 55+ products. Affiliates have products among multiple categories to pick and promote to their clients. 
  • They offer a generous 90-day cookie period life. 
  • Exclusive $100 Wallet credits to the referred clients that Affiliates get brought to Zoho. 
  • Zoho has a robust privacy-first approach. You can check out their privacy policy from here.   
  • Zoho provides support in all major languages across the globe. This makes it attractive for affiliates/influencers from all regions to join and promote Zoho products.

After all this, I can easily recommend Zoho Affiliate Program for you to get started with promoting Zoho prodocuts.

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