Top 20 Best Music Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2024

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Music affiliate programs have a lot of possibilities for profit.

Are you interested in adding a music – related affiliate programs to your webpage? Music affiliate programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The beauty of music is that you may concentrate on a variety of various kinds of interests.

You can target performers, DJs, professional musicians, those who want to learn how to play an instrument, as well as a variety of other groups.

The disadvantage is that you must first identify your musical expertise before beginning your investigation.

Music is something that everyone loves, it can be an intensely competitive sector. As a result, it’s a popular topic for niche web pages.

Because “music” is such a broad concept, merely looking for a music affiliate programs will bring up some of the things on this list — general music webpages.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that a site that is more niche in particular will do considerably better in terms of generating money rapidly and gaining user engagement.

For instance, learn how to perform retro – themed songs on heavy metal guitar with virtual sax lessons for amateurs.

Niche site options could include 7 – string bass guitar tuition or developing your personal midi tunes.

Top 20 Best Music Affiliate Programs 2024

So, if you are willing and passionate enough to earn big through music, even though you are not a professional musician, then read on.

First thing to understand is that although your website isn’t about music, you could still promote music affiliate websites if they pertain to your present blog post.

I have a list of the 20 best music affiliate programs that only function on a few posts on my website, and yet they still pay off since I have a high Google ranking.

  1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  2. Guitar Center
  3. Musician’s Friend
  4. Sweetwater
  5. Gear4music
  6. MasterClass
  7. Playground Sessions
  8. Singorama
  9. Singing Machine
  10. Thomann
  11. Pianoforall
  12. Fiddlershop
  13. Thalia Capos
  14. Audimute
  15. Guitar Tricks
  16. Flowkey
  17. JamPlay
  18. Sam Ash
  19. Orangewood
  20. Piano In 21 Days

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

As you may be aware, Amazon sells virtually anything in every business imaginable. Its music inventory includes everything from $5 sheet music upto the $1,500 grand pianos.

Affiliates can never go wrong with Amazon Amazon Associates.

You can trust that The Almighty Bezos will guarantee that things are delivered on time and also in good shape, that their return policy is unrivalled, and that their customer support is next to none.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

But the news isn’t all great. The 3 percent transaction fee for musical instruments is the overall smallest of any of the affiliate programs we have researched at, and the cookie life of 24 hours is short to say the very least.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 3% per sale for musical instruments category
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the biggest music shop business in the United States, with 294 locations from coast – to – coast.

It promises to have the world’s biggest range of music equipment, with over 40,000 items ranging from high-end headphones to orchestral instruments.

Guitar Center- Best Music Affiliate Programs

Guitar Center provides anything you can pluck, blow, or beat. Each week, it adds new items to its list, some of which may be only available throughout its online store.

The Commission Junction-run Guitar Center affiliate programs allows affiliates to take advantage of the unique discounts and promotions while also benefiting from Guitar Center’s higher average order value.

There’s also plenty of profit to be gained here, with incentives of 6% every transaction and also an EPC of $16.90 after 7 days.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 6% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend also might put Amazon’s catalogue to disgrace with their inventory of over 85,000 incredible music products.

Lots of new and refurbished guitars, as well as pianos, percussion, and other instruments, are all available in its inventory.

Musician’s Friend

Members of the retailer’s renowned rewards programs receive 8% return in rewards, free standard shipping within the entire United States, and access to a VIP phone line.

You can understand why it’s named Musician’s Friend because all guitars come with a complimentary two years guarantee.

Is it, nevertheless, Music Affiliate’s Friend?

The conditions of its music affiliate programs, on the other hand, aren’t too awful. Sure, a 4% fee each sale isn’t much, but with so many of those things having high prices, your income can rapidly add up.

And, while the 2 weeks cookie window is also not the longest, it is greater than other of the affiliate programs on this listing.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 4% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 14 days


Sweetwater began as a mobile home studio, operating out of the back of owner Chuck Surack’s VW Microbus, in 1979. Since those early stages, the company has progressed significantly.

It’s now the biggest online musical instrument plus pro audio equipment company in the United States, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Sweetwater - Best Music Affiliate Programs

While the website offers all of the usual guitars, pianos and keyboards, and percussion instruments, the studio equipment and recordings section is particularly amazing.

With its different mics, screens, and mixers, you can almost build an entire studio from zero. It pays a per – click fee of up to $0.07 instead of paying out on purchases of musical equipment and supplies.

This implies that music affiliates are compensated for leading customers to specific landing pages via product links. In other terms, there is plenty of profit to be gained if your musical website attracts a lot of visitors.

On the other hand, if you are looking to target a tiny but professionally competent audience, this music affiliate programs won’t provide you the best value for the money.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: Up to $0.07 per click


Gear4music carries over 50,000 goods from 820 different manufacturers.

It has some of the best deals on Fender, Yamaha, Gibson, Roland, Korg gear, and its own collection of musical instruments and other required products, giving it a genuine gold mine for music fans.

All of this sounds great, but what does this mean for affiliates?

Commissions on major products vary from about 3.5 percent to 5 percent for Gear4Music – branded instruments and accessories.

It’s adequate, but there’s nothing to get crazy about. The 30 – day cookie window, on the other hand, is quite fair. And, with just an average order value of more than $250, there will be plenty of room for profit.

TradeDoubler, Awin, and Affiliate Future are just a few of the affiliate networks where you can join up.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 3.5% to 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

MasterClass [ Best Music Affiliate Programs ]

While recommending clients to musical instruments as well as equipment stores might earn you a great deal of money, earnings in the music education segment are substantially larger.

MasterClass- Best Music Affiliate Programs

This is where MasterClass can help!

MasterClass, as its title suggests, offers online instruction in a variety of hobbies and pastimes, including music.

Its music faculty is a bit more spectacular than your ordinary local music college — imagine Timbaland’s music production advice, Alicia Keys’ songwriting courses, and Christina Aguilera’s vocals training.

Have you ever wished to play guitar from Carlos Santana or violin with Itzhak Perlman, a classical musical legend? MasterClass is here to help you out.

For an annual subscription of $180, you can watch all of that programming on – demand, that seems like a very decent offer to me. As an affiliate, you could earn a hefty 25% commission on all sales.

Acceleration Partners will provide you with a separate account team as well as a twice – monthly email with a variety of marketing resources to make the job easier.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 25% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Playground Sessions

Have you ever wished Quincy Jones could be your music tutor? You could make that happen using Playground Sessions!

The Playground Sessions online piano lesson programs which contains lessons from great artists like David Sides and Harry Connick, Jr., was co-created by the 28th time Grammy winner.

Playground Sessions

However, Playground Sessions is more than just a music school. It also offers keyboard packages as well as virtual sheet music.

As a consequence, this high – quality asset provides a plethora of earning prospects.

Commissions range from 5% for every sale on product packages as well as subscription renewals to 15% for memberships and gift cards, based on the purchase type.

Lesson payouts begin at 15% for affiliates who recommend below $500 in monthly purchases, but can rise as high as 22% for all those who bring more than $3,000 monthly.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 5% to 22% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


We can all think of someone who would benefit from vocal training.

Singorama is a perfect  flight of fancy that turns out to be true for all such individuals.

Regardless of you having no previous experience, it intends to improve your singing abilities to a professional standard.

Singorama- Best Music Affiliate Programs

Melanie Alexander, an accomplished vocal coach, provides online instruction, with all classes accessible as quick downloads or mailed media programs.

Now coming on to the fun part for affiliates now. First and foremost, take a look at those commissions. With a huge cookie window of 60 days, you may earn a whooping 70% per transaction on rapid download courses.

You can also generate income on future sales, making this one of the better music affiliate programs we have encountered.

Clickbank is used to sell and track all of the courses.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 40% to 70% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Singing Machine

Karaoke is a lot of fun. Just doing this in front of a pub filled with strangers is a damn horrible idea!! Nerves, you know.

The possibility of shame. Hoping for someone to perform Black Velvet for the fifth round that night.

This is where the Singing Machine enters the picture.

Singing Machine

 Singing Machine, which bills itself as one of the worldwide pioneers in consumer karaoke devices, was the first brand in the United States to market at – home karaoke equipment, landing it on Businessweek’s Hot Growth Companies list in the year 2002.

It does have its own music store with singalong masterpieces. It also sells physical karaoke commodities such as speaker systems and microphones.

The affiliate programs for Singing Machine pays a fixed commission of 5% on each and every sale.

The Refersion affiliate program handles all monitoring and payments, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be properly documented and your commissions will be paid properly.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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It sells a variety of compact recording studio programs from manufacturers like Steinberg and Sonarworks, and also more unusual items like graphic equalisers and psychoacoustic sounds, in addition to instruments as well as mics.

All items are covered by a three-year warranty and then a 30-day money – back assurance.

Thomann affiliate programs conditions are a little restrictive in comparison to a few of the smaller firms on this list, they hold their own against Amazon.

Thomann- Best Music Affiliate Programs

Varying sorts of affiliates obtain various commissions. Forums & meta networks are paid a set fee of 2% every sale, with authoritative sites and publications paying 3.5 percent and influencers 4.5 percent.

Thomann’s affiliates have driven over six million purchases thanks to the site’s high average conversion rate of roughly 5%.

Affiliate marketers who meet certain criteria could even use test devices to conduct customer feedback.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 3.5% – 4.5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

Pianoforall [ Best Music Affiliate Programs ]

Pianoforall is among the world’s largest and most regarded online piano schools, with over 300,000 pupils.

Pianoforall provides video instructions, audio lessons, plus interactive publications to help you improve your skills whether you like blues, jazz, ragtime, or classical music.


The course contents are simple to understand but thorough, with enough tips and tricks, and formulae to help all the aspiring freelance musicians sound fantastic straight away.

Because of the high quality of its testimonies, the website has a high conversion rate.

They are completely verifiable – prospective users could even demand the email accounts of other students to see if the voice lectures and videos they’re promised are actually delivered.

Pianoforall, like Singorama, promises a hefty 60 – percent commission every sale. With a 90 – day window, you will have plenty of time to monetise your visitors.

Affiliates are paid weekly sometimes twice – monthly, through check or direct deposit into their accounts.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 60% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


Fiddlershop is among the most specialized websites we have seen, specializing entirely on traditional stringed instruments. I

t also sells bridges, bows, and shoulder rests, among other accessories and musical equipment. This might be the music affiliate programs for you if you have a strong passion for violin or violas.

Fiddlershop- Best Music Affiliate Programs

The conditions were not the most generous — 5% commission for every sale as well as a 7 day cookie window — but for most instruments pricing over $200, there was still a chance to make money.

New affiliate members can get started in as little as a week by applying through Refersion, with most applications reviewed within three business days.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

Thalia Capos

Thalia makes and distributes high – quality guitar capos as well as picks, and also pickups, straps, and slides. And it has a tiny apparel and jewelry section.

Unlike most other affiliate programs, Thalia’s top compensation tiers don’t appear to be unreasonably difficult to obtain – the highest proportion of 20% per transaction is available to those affiliates who generate more than 20 purchases each month.

Thalia Capos

Aside from the rather high commissions, Thalia provides a 90 – day cookie window, which increases to a whopping 120 – day cookie window once a verified link is placed.

Affiliates can also use a variety of marketing materials and tools, such as banners and text links, in order to help them sell.

Join the programs by using ShareASale.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 15% to 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 to 120 days


Not everybody wants to hear you spend hours upon hours rehearsing the theme from Stairway to Heaven.

Audimute, thankfully, has a remedy for this: sound absorption as well as soundproofing devices made in the United States from 100% recyclable materials.

Audimute- Best Music Affiliate Programs

Its audience is diverse, spanning from the casual music listener to touring businesses, theatres, and places of worship. That’s a large number of potential customers for affiliate marketers to reach out to.

Whereas a commission rate of approximately 5% for every sale may not sound appealing to you, an aggregate order value of more than $200 and incentives for top performers more than compensate for this.

Affiliate marketers also can benefit from specialized internal programs administration, which includes excellent customer service and precise commission reporting.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: Up to 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Guitar Tricks

All you ambitious axe – masters will enjoy Guitar Tricks. It does have over 2.8 million registered members including over 11,000 virtual guitar lessons offered in 4K multi – camera films.

There ‘s something here for individuals at every step of their string instruments experience. Beginners will benefit from the simple core learning approach, while skilled guitarists will benefit from advanced techniques such as sweep picking.

Guitar Tricks

It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, that gives purchasers peace of mind. Affiliates are paid $25 for trial sign – ups and $30 for complete access registrations, instead of a percentage of sales.

A reward scheme dependent on monthly memberships is also available.

Guitar Tricks allows access to lots of professional – quality advertisements as well as regular offers and promotions to assist you drive relevant traffic.

The best part is that its cookie window is a whopping five years long, which is roughly 1,825 times greater than Amazon’s.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: $25 to $30 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 5 years

Flowkey [ Best Music Affiliate Programs ]

Flowkey specializes in high – quality piano classes for newbies, returners, and experienced pianists, adhering to music related training.

The website claims to be able to train anyone how to master songs in minutes instead of weeks (though I suspect they have ever attempted to teach music to a learner with my absence of skill and focus).

Flowkey- Best Music Affiliate Programs

It has over 1,500 songs in its library, as well as a smart “wait mode” which listens to you play and stops while you hit the proper notes. What a clever idea!

The possibility of earning recurring monthly cash is really what makes this music affiliate programs so appealing.

Whenever you suggest a new member to Flowkey Premium, you will continue to earn commission as long as it keeps paying for the service.

When you couple it with large commissions for every referral, you have the makings of a fantastic affiliate programs.


JamPlay’s 127 music trainers have a combined total of 5,481 years of teaching and playing experience. That’s approximately three trillion Back in Black plays, according to the calculation.

JamPlay has devoted almost as much care to its on-site conversion rate as it has to creating an accomplished line – up of music educators, which is good news for all music affiliates.

Jam Play

It has a crew devoted to A/B testing different areas of the site to guarantee the purchasing process is as seamless as an Eric Clapton guitar solo.

So far, everything has gone well. So how much money can you make as a JamPlay music affiliate?

Commissions are satisfyingly straightforward. You will be rewarded $40 if a fresh customer purchases a subscription after 120 days of visiting your affiliate link – even though they register for a $20 one – month subscription with a half – off discount!

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: $40 for every sale
  • Cookie duration: 120 days

Sam Ash

Sam Ash is the largest family – owned musical instrument retailer in the entire United States.

It was founded in the year 1924 and now stocks over 50,000 items, including DJ tools, studio sets, including recording software for ardent music producers, as well as all the instrumentation and equipment.

As you may be aware, the more product options you have, the more money you can make from your affiliate site.

When it comes to money, Sam Ash’s commission rates range from about 3% on gift vouchers to 5% plus on music equipment, with an increase to 8% for any music affiliate who generates $10,000 or more in monthly sales.

This affiliate scheme, when coupled with a 30-day cookie period, is amongst the most appealing of all the major instrument and equipment manufacturers.

Potential clients can also engage in ongoing support chat on the site, which thus helps to improve conversion rates.

For taxation purposes, Sam Ash does not allow affiliates from Arkansas, North Carolina, Connecticut, or Rhode Island.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 3% – 8% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Orangewood is a Los Angeles – based online – only guitar company. It maintains its prices low by selling products directly to the customer, without sacrificing the quality. However, the D2C model benefits more than simply customers.

Orangewood can pay its affiliates majorly by cutting off retailers, ensuring you can earn up to 15% each sale.

Orangewood- Best Music Affiliate Programs

That’s a really attractive proposal, especially with an average expenditure of $250.

Orangewood publishes a monthly email with information on specials, competitions, and sales opportunities to assist you.

It’s one of the finest music affiliate programs we have encountered, so don’t lose out – sign up with ShareASale today.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 8% – 15% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Piano In 21 Days [ Best Music Affiliate Programs ]

We haven’t seen a music affiliate programs with a more precise name than Piano in 21 Days.

Jacques Hopkins, the company’s founder, has pledged to assist normal folks learn to play their favorite songs using the world’s quickest online piano school.

Piano In 21 Days- Best Music Affiliate Programs

Jacques claims that you can learn how to play the keyboard online in just about 21 days by concentrating only on the chords and current tunes instead of learning classical masterpieces.

His classes include a waiting list, apparently since Jacques can only manage a certain number of students at once.

With 30% earnings on an average online order of $400, affiliate partners may make a lot of money online.

This is not Math’s, but mathematically, it comes to a nice $120 earning for every sale.

Salient Features:

  • Commission rate: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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Conclusion : Best Music Affiliate Programs in 2024

You will notice that there will be numerous chances for music affiliates. You can sell a limitless number of instruments, musical gear, and internet services to your customers.

The above mentioned curricula cover nearly every facet of the music industry. These initiatives, although, are not restricted to influencers in this field.

Anyone can benefit from these music affiliate programs using the right approach and content creation techniques.

We believe that you have now been able to track down 2 or 3 new music affiliate programs to get enthusiastic about today, regardless of the topic of your music website.

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