Comparing The Profitability Of 5 Popular Push Affiliate Programs – The Difference In Profits Over 60%

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Webmasters very often monetize their websites using push notification traffic. Website visitors are annoyed by push notifications, with the owner receiving stable passive income. 

But is there really a difference between push notification affiliate programs?

To find this out, one webmaster conducted a test. Let’s take a look at the findings.

The webmaster claims to be the owner of multiple websites that have existed for over 8 years with traffic from a mix of GEOs. Their monetization options included Adsense and ProPush. In late 2020, they found out about push notification networks and decided to try them out. They were overall satisfied with the results. 

Reasons For Conducting The Experiment

Over the course of a year, the webmaster was bombarded with a mountain of spam emails like “test us, we have only the best.”

There were so many offers and their promises were so compelling, that the user decided to do a global split test to see which network would be able to monetize their traffic most efficiently.

This is what inspired the webmaster to conduct a large-scale experiment testing multiple push notifications to see which one offered the best conditions. Note that the test can be considered entirely unbiased since none of the networks knew it was part of an experiment.

The finding turned out to be quite curious.

The webmaster was looking for the best option among nine networks:

  • Adsterra
  • BroPush
  • RollerAds

The main selection criteria: how simple the registration procedure is and the ability to monetize through the 1-click subscription code.

To make sure all the participants were in equal conditions, the webmaster used the same amount of daily notifications on each one. And in terms of other parameters, the networks were already similar.

Sometimes the webmaster didn’t transfer traffic on time, but only the first ten days of the test were taken into account for the final statistics. And note that the volume of traffic on the owner’s websites remained the same throughout the test. There were no technical issues and traffic volume drops.

The webmaster tested the Social Bar format for Adsterra since the tech support said they had stopped working with 1click and the Social Bar was more profitable for webmasters.

Experiment results

To back up their findings, the webmaster attached screenshots that confirm their claims.

Adsterra – Social bar (04.01.22 – 13.01.22) – $247

Adsterra Results

BroPush (12.12.21 – 21.12.21) – $391

BroPush Results

RollerAds ( 24.12.21 – 02.01.22) – $302

RollerAds Results

ProPush (01.12.21 – 10.12.21) – $308

ProPush Results

Zpush (21.11.21 – 29.11.21) – 342$

Zpush Results

Experiment Results

Affiliate program Unique visitors Clicks CPC CTR CPM Profit
Adsterra 1 976 292 94 912 0.003 4.53 0.012 $246
Propush 2 001 610 6 444 0.050 0.32  0.16 $302
RollerAds 1 786 790 6 793 0.030 0.42 0.19 $309
Zpush 1 860 070  7 076 0.048 0.27 0.13 $342
BroPush 2 003 048 6 885 0.057 0.29 0.16 $391

The webmaster was able to prove that there can be a huge difference between seemingly identical networks. Take a look at the result of the leader and the underdog – a $150 difference. That’s a significant amount!

Considering the traffic was the same, we can draw a logical conclusion – there are technical differences in the networks’ algorithms. As well as the different amounts the network charges for its services.

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Adsterra’s social bar proved to be worse than all 1-click affiliate programs. Always test out different affiliate programs, since their work also depends on the GEO your traffic comes from.

Pay attention to the RevShare level, but it is not available everywhere. Of the five affiliate programs that took part in the test, only Bropush displayed the RevShare percentage in the webmaster’s account. And if you compare this network to others, you get a feeling that this percentage is lower in other affiliate programs.


In conclusion, I want to say that monetizing your site with push notifications – is quite a profitable thing.  The most important thing, in this case, is to choose the right affiliate program – personally, I plan to transfer all my traffic to the winner of this split – BroPush. 

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