Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama: Best Affiliate Training Course 2024?

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Today, I’m going to cover an in-depth comparison between two of the best affiliate training courses online, i.e Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama.

Both of these platforms are top-level affiliate training programs that train digital marketers to progressively grow in the field of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate

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Pricing $19 $37
Best for

Wealthy Affiliate boasts of being one of the largest online communities of experts and amateur entrepreneurs, who want to establish and grow their websites. The various forums offer lots of in-depth knowledge on affiliate marketing.

Affilorama is a great platform for those who are looking forward to making money online. This gateway is for those who require advanced learning tools and effortless guidance to establish their affiliate marketing business.

  • Private Coaching
  • Live chat
  • Free Trial
  • Keyword research tool
  • Web Hosting & Domain
  • Private Coaching
  • Live chat option
  • Free Trial
  • Keyword research tool
  • Web Hosting & Domain
  • Complete training tools and courses
  • Ideal for beginners as well as experts
  • SiteRubix website platform to create a great websites
  • Provides fully secure WordPress Hosting
  • 24/7 active online community
  • Robust outline for constructing money-making affiliate site
  • Handle your income, website analytics, SEO, PPC, and social
  • Get a helping hand, when it comes to finding gainful niche.
  • 90 Plus training videos
  • Progress Tracker
  • Step-by-step Videos
  • No refunds
  • Some courses are a bit old
  • Overwhelming Information
  • Few practical examples
  • Extra cost for additional support
  • Some videos are outdated
Value For Money

Wealthy Affiliate streamlines its process efficiently for those who want to build great content for their website in one go. It also offers great incentives to those who promote its platform through various channels.

Affilorama is not suited for those who do not know the basics behind internet marketing. It is tailor-made for customers who have prior experience in handling complex tech methodologies.

Customer Support

Customer support available 24/7

Customer support available from Monday to Friday

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After working in this domain for past few years, I have found these two awesome online training platforms and with personal experience, I’m going to compare both without any bias and provide you with every information and show you the best platform by the end of the article.

These programs provide you a valuable opportunity to learn everything that affiliate marketing has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an expert, on these platforms, you will find the perfect tools, training content, and a great community where you can proudly share your success story.

With Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, all affiliate marketing aspirants, receive in-depth, comprehensive training, that is guaranteed to make them top-level professionals. 

The comparison below will include:

  • Overall aspects of both the platforms
  • Main features of Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama
  • Pricing across both platforms, and a lot more! 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into this comparative article to help you begin your efficacious online journey.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama: Which One Is Better In 2024?

Affilorama Overview: 

Affilorama is a great platform for those who are looking forward to making money online. This gateway is for those who require advanced learning tools and effortless guidance to establish their affiliate marketing business.


It offers advanced training through tools such as 120 plus video lessons, downloadable road maps, a quick-start guide, and other powerful tools to make affiliate marketing a seamless experience for you.

The support system offered by the platform is also robust and responsive, and you can approach them for help via phone calls, email, and social media.

The basic program offered by Affilorama is free of cost, but if you need advanced tools, then you can avail them, by choosing one of their paid versions. 

Who is Affilorama ideal for?

Here is where the first difference between the platforms comes in. Affilorama is not suited for those who do not know the basics behind internet marketing.

Afilarama Learn how to make money online as an affiliate

It is tailor-made for customers who have prior experience in handling complex tech methodologies such as backlinking, unlike Wealthy Affiliate that uses the technique of on-site user engagement and SEOs. 

Bloggers or website owners who are new to digital marketing will benefit from using Wealthy Affiliates straight and simple approach, while those who need advanced tools, may find Affilorama more beneficial. 

Wealthy Affiliate Overview:

Wealthy Affiliate boasts of being one of the largest online communities of expert and amateur entrepreneurs, who want to establish and grow their website. The various forums offer lots of in-depth knowledge on affiliate marketing.

The overall program consists of thousands of pre-recorded training videos as well as in-person video sessions on a variety of useful topics.

In addition to comprehensive and detailed content, the subscription comes with a unique set of tools and training sessions which are beneficial for both beginners and professionals. One can also amass a wealth of knowledge on making money online through the tips given by top-notch industry experts.

Turn your passion into a Thriving Online Business

The customer support available is responsive and offers 24/7 help through different methods, including ticket systems, discussion boards, and live chats.

Wealthy Affiliate streamlines its process efficiently for those who want to build great content for their website in one go. It also offers great incentives to those who promote its platform through various channels.

One receives great assistance from all the tools and programs offered by Wealthy Affiliate. As compared to Affilorama, WA trains you from the beginning, whereas the former expects you to have basic marketing knowledge before starting their program.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama Features: 

Here are the best features offered by Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama:

Best Features offered by Affilorama

If you are ready to splurge on a program with great benefits, then Affilorama can be a great option for you as the tools offered are quite astounding to experiment with.

Innovative affiliate training and tools

  • AffiloBlueprint

The flagship course offered by Affiliorama, AffiloBlueprint provides a full proof outline for constructing money-making affiliate websites.

The program contains simple step-by-step videos through which anybody can get started with online money making. This program offers a variety of bonus features, such as the AffiloTheme builder, 90 plus training videos, and a progress tracker.

  • AffiloTools

With AffiloTools, handle your income, website analytics, SEO, PPC, and social promotions, all at one place with their up-to-date online application.

  • AffiloJetpack

With AffiloJetpack, you get a helping hand, when it comes to finding gainful niches, authoritative keywords, informative content, and striking visuals. Now you have to just put it all together, turn it on, and start earning with AffiliJetpack’s powerful system.

Become a member to affiliate


Best Features Offered By Wealthy Affiliates:

Well, if you look at the WA components, then you will be shocked to know that it not only offers guidance but also provides you with tools to complete your dream of having your own website. So, let’s have a look at what it offers:

  • Education– Complete training tools and courses, for beginners as well as experts to carry forward their online business with profitable margins. 
  • Websites- Offers the SiteRubix website platform to create a great website with integrated tools like website analysis, management, ranking, and security. It also includes free SSL.
  • Hosting- Provides fully secure WordPress Hosting for your established business, that is already up and running.
  • Domains- The SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate will permit you to discover any domain in minutes. All your domain needs will be taken care of in one place with full safety.
  • Community- 24/7 active online community of WA for helping those in need. The community is an education hub for all the members offering knowledge from all over the world to its new aspirants.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Afilorama Overview

Other tools include:

  • Certification Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool
  • SiteContent Writing Platform

Training topics in a nutshell:

  • Keyword, Niche, and Market Research;
  • WordPress,
  • Content Creation,
  • SEO,
  • Social Engagement & Marketing,
  • Web Development & Programming,
  • Local, Video, E-mail, and
  • PPC marketing

Verdict: Both the platforms have their treasure trove of useful features to attract aspirants of affiliate marketing, but Affilorama has the clear edge, because of its refined and regularly updated features, across varying price points.

Pricing Plans: Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama

Here is the pricing comparison between Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama:

Affilorama Pricing: How Much Does Affilorama Cost? 

So, how big a hole does Affilorama burn in your wallet?

The answer will be music to your ears! It’s free! With its free package, you get access to a huge repository of training content and tutorials.

But, let me not lead you on! Affilorama also offers some premium packages, across different price points. Let’s have a look at what these packages entail:

1. Pathway to Passive – Normal Price: $97, Discounted Price for new users: $19

Pathway to Passive is a short guide offered by the platform that covers a four-step program on various topics such as targeting the right customer niche to get profitable margins for your business and creating high-ranking, interesting, and captivating content to attract more customers and boost sales. 

2. AffiloTools 

AffiloTools lets you manage the health of your webpage, optimize keywords and SEOs, tackle website revenue, and social media tracking. All of these are offered for free.

The pricing variation comes in when different numbers of sites are monitored, keywords offered, search engines, and rankings are required. 

Basic Version- Free

  • One site monitored
  • 10 keyword suggestions
  • 2 search engines
  • Monthly ranking retrieval. 

Bronze Version – $17/ month

  • 3 sites monitored
  • 30 keyword suggestions
  • 3 search engines
  • Weekly ranking retrieval. 

Silver Version – $47/ month

  • 5 sites monitored
  • 50 keyword suggestions
  • 4 search engines
  • Weekly ranking retrieval. 

Gold Version- $97/ month

  • 10 sites monitored
  • 100 keyword suggestions
  • 10 search engines
  • Monthly ranking retrieval. 

3. AffiloJetpack – One-time payment of $997

A system to make money online, AffiloJetpack is composed of four components to help you structure out an income stream for a website, with great profits.

The components included are, pre-written professional email templates, email marketing reports, WordPress set-up and cheat sheets for content creation. 

You get a money-back guarantee valid for two months, to fall back on if you are not satisfied. 

4. AffiloBlueprint – One-time payment of $197

AffiloBlueprint offers a step-by-step guide for topics such as niche research, driving traffic through marketing campaigns, and monetization of websites. 

You are offered a money-back guarantee valid for two months following your subscription if you are not satisfied with the course content. 

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing: How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost? 

Unlike Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate only has two pricing packages, which are listed below along with the features that are offered:

1. Starter Package – Free

The starter package is available across two sites and remains free for a lifetime period. The other features offered are:

  • Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • Walk-through video training
  • Beginner Training course
  • Rapid Writer
  • Affiliate Program

2. Premium Package – First Month: $19, Subsequent Months: $47

If you prefer an annual subscription, the premium package costs $359 per year. This package is available for use across an unlimited number of sites, and offers these features:

  • All phases of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Private Messaging
  • Premium courses with video training
  • Keyword Lists
  • Beta Program Access
  • Exclusive Discounts and much more!  

Join Wealthy Affiliate and start your journey

Pricing Verdict: Affilorama has the edge when it comes to pricing, simply because it has an affordable option for everyone.

There are not too many drastic differences between the paid tools and free tools and the bonus programs come with refund guarantees, for two whole months, which is a great time margin to decide whether you are satisfied or not.




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Is There a Better Alternative? [Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama Alternatives]

While both the options for online affiliate training courses given here are jam-packed with features and offer great benefits, it may not be the right choice for you. As everyone has different needs, and different concoctions of services are apt for unique users, here are three alternative sites that you may want to consider. 

1. Clickbank University

This online training platform, focus more on conventional marketing methods, to guarantee your success. You are taught to market under two roles, that of a vendor, and that of an affiliate marketer.

The program doesn’t have a free version, and you have to pay $47 per month to access the platform. It is suitable for those who are head-set on selling their products through traditional ways.

2. Super Affiliate System

Focusing on aspects such as social media platforms and search engines, the Super Affiliate System takes a different marketing approach.

It is an exhaustive, 6-week long training program, that extensively covers comprehensive guides on current trends in the world of affiliate marketing. SAS is ideal for aspirants looking to take an efficient short-cut towards learning the know-how of marketing. 

3. Commission Hero

If you are an aspirant who doesn’t have access to your own products or services to sell, Commission Hero is a platform that teaches you tips and tricks towards finding the right products to advertise. It is worth the expensive price of $997, and it has glowing reviews and testimonials from its community of users. 

Which Platform is Better? Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama

Both the reviewed platforms serve unique purposes. Wealthy Affiliate caters to both amateurs and professionals and hence has a very wide, non-specific purpose.

Affilorama, on the other hand, only accepts aspirants who have some basic background knowledge and offers advanced tools to help scale their website to its full potential.

I would personally recommend Affilorama as the best option, as it offers top-level guides, across a variety of different price points.

It also offers a lot more useful features in its paid versions, as compared to Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a beginner, you can always use the free version of Wealthy Affiliate and then switch to Affilorama for a more advanced approach to affiliate marketing.

Quick Links

FAQ About Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama 

What is wealthy affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training site for affiliate marketing courses. Established in 2005, the network has expanded to include over 1.4 million internet entrepreneurs and marketers. When someone joins Wealthy Affiliate through your link, you can earn a decent amount if they purchase Premium. The affiliate is a very lucrative scheme - even if you don't purchase Premium, if you fill up their profile, you will still earn $1.

What is Affilorama?

It was founded in 2005/2006 by a famous affiliate marketer, Mark Ling. It is actually a one-stop shop for all your marketing requirements for your company. Initially, it is free to join and its data should be valuable for neophytes and seasoned marketers alike. The course takes the form of blog entries, long and thorough articles and videos. Theoretically, if you use all of the resources at your disposal Ling can gain six-digit revenue from scratch. Affilorama’s community exceeds 300,000 people globally at the time of writing and with affiliate marketing also set to grow, it seems certain that Affilorama will follow suit.

Is Wealthy Affiliate good?

They are a great method to communicate with the community and find expert solutions for your questions. But only paying members can use this feature. Wealthy Affiliate's training is a wonderful place to start if you want to establish an online marketing business. The UI is basic and easy to use.

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

The free membership gives you restricted access to the training materials, the Wealthy Affiliate community (for seven days only), and website creation tools. By paying in advance for 6 months or a year in advance, you can save money on the Premium Membership. Premium Yearly is around $30 per month.

Is Affilorama legit or a scam?

Affilorama isn't a scam because you get access to their tools and training when you pay for them, and everything they sell comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, it's difficult to call their tools and training legit, as none of them are really effective

Is Affilorama free?

Affilorama is a website that claims to provide novice and intermediate affiliate marketers with authentic affiliate marketing training. Joining is absolutely free (affiliate link), and you'll have access to a huge library of materials, including videos and tutorials.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama which is better?

Wealthy Affiliate is superior to Affilorama in the Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama debate. Although Affilorama's free training is more detailed, Wealthy Affiliate's premium membership provides significantly more value without Affilorama's excessive upselling.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a website dedicated to providing affiliate marketers with tools and training. By selling and promoting all of the world's greatest businesses on your website, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to profit from the traffic you've earned.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama: Which Is Better? 

It’s no doubt, that with the Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama Platforms, you can amass a great treasure of wealth, in the form of knowledge in affiliate marketing.

To make an informed decision it is essential to compare these two leading platforms, in terms of their features, pricing, and course packages. Every business is unique and these platforms cater to different specific aspects of it.

Though Affilorama was the winner of the battle, at the end of the day, the choice lies completely in your hands, to decide the best-suited approach for your website and entrepreneurial venture.  


I hope you enjoyed the review and got all the relevant information about Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama


Affilorama has the edge when it comes to pricing, simply because it has an affordable option for everyone. There are not too many drastic differences between the paid tools and free tools and the bonus programs come with refund guarantees, for two whole months, which is a great time margin to decide whether you are satisfied or not

Out of 10


Price: $ 37

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35 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama: Best Affiliate Training Course 2024?”

  1. Affilorama is literally my favorite program when it comes to internet marketing. If you’re an experienced internet marketer who’s tired of the same old thing, and want to step up your game and make more money in 2017 – this is the place for you. I’ve already made over ¼ of a million in 2016 with Affilorama!

  2. Affilorama is not your average software. It is targeted for individuals with experience in tech-oriented activities like internet marketing, coding, and planning. Those who don’t know the basics of these tasks will find this program difficult to use. It is suited for professionals looking to polish their skills or improve upon them.

  3. The reviews I read on Affilorama before purchasing were overwhelmingly positive, with most users expressing that they gained insight into an entirely new digital marketing world. Their reviews persuaded me to buy this product in hopes of starting my own blog, and it looks like I was right! Today is my first day using the course materials, and already I feel excited about all the possibilities offered by blogging.

  4. The best thing about Affilorama is that it doesn’t just teach you how to do it; they don’t leave you on your own with any complicated or unexplained steps. It guides its users through every step of the process by offering video tutorials on all available features on their site.

  5. Some people call it “shake-and-bake marketing.” If you’re not one of them, then Affilorama might be for you. It’s suitable for both the novice and the experienced marketer.

  6. Affilorama is a powerhouse of marketing development. It’s not for the amateur business who wants the easy way out, it’s for those with an upscale clientele and an expertise in versatility.

  7. Affilorama is my favorite site for all things in the online marketing realm. It has practically everything you need to know about self promotion and then some!

    Equipped with courses that take into account everyone’s different learning styles, unending video tutorials and tips from successful affiliate marketers too humble to tell their secrets, Affilorama really spells opportunity for those who want to succeed.

    From PPC and analytics programs to link building tactics, Affilorama helps its members find their niche at a ridiculously slick pace so they can start making money as quick as possible.

  8. With Affilorama, it is possible to make money online without even having an internet connection. I personally think that this company has set the bar very high for affiliate marketing training programs. My business has more than doubled in just a few months of being on their website!

  9. Affilorama does not disappoint. The platform are user-friendly, tutorials are neat and comprehensive, and the language is just right for beginners. I have seen my own reflection in these courses which gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am on the right track!

  10. Your marketing life is transformed with Affilorama. You get easy training & guidance for your affiliate business needs. It’s the ultimate tool to boost your online success, at a convenient price.

  11. There are so many scams out there, it’s hard to find reputable affiliate marketing training. Affilorama is like a light in the dark for me! They offer actionable tips and strategies you can put to use right away–without needing prior experience.

  12. For anyone who isn’t already a professional internet marketer, Affilorama is way overpriced. You can get an education for about $5000 that will offer you far more than what Affilorama offers and provide real-life working examples of how to actually do marketing on the internet and use all of its powerful tools.

  13. Affilorama is a one-stop shop for any affiliate marketer. I’ve been earning an extra income from home, and Affilorama has been invaluable in the process.

    It starts with building your own digital business on the ground floor, generating leads from Facebook ads without paying for advertising credits up front. Next you can get more of these leads by setting up capture pages that mask unique affiliate links which lead to lucrative bonuses when a customer completes a purchase of a service or product.

    The last crucial step is converting sharers into customers through follow-up emails and marketing automation until they start seeing some SERIOUS commissions! This all takes place either automatically or manually depending on your preference.

  14. Affilorama, the world’s premier affiliate marketing school, used to be a resource for affiliate marketers who were ready to make serious money online. However, Affilorama doesn’t represent the same caliber of easy-to-understand tutorials anymore – it’s now full of outdated information that you could find on Google with five minutes of browsing.

  15. Affilorama is a great platform that enables you to drive very easy income online. The navigation tools are simple and the guidance is effortless, which helps make it a gateway for beginners. From figuring out what an affiliate offer really means to setting up tracking software, this site has all of the instructions covered!

  16. Affilorama is perfect marketing software for those who are looking to start their affiliate business. The program offers training videos, live chat support, and many other features that will help you boost your profits.

  17. It’ll cost you big! But, if you can spare the cash and want to make more money on your blog or website, then Affilorama is where I’ll send you.

  18. I’ve struggled for years with creating great content to take my business to the next level. The problem was that I needed information in many different niches, which made it difficult to master in one area without also losing time and money on classes that didn’t line up with my personal goals or expertise. Wealthy Affiliate is providing me what I need when I need it, like site hosting plans and online forums about various topics relevant to my niche. They even allow creators to sell their own products through affiliate marketing; something few other sites do! With only a few minutes of work every day, I’m able to provide customers looking for what they want using international currencies.

  19. If you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and tools will get you there. No other product on the market offers such deep and specialized training courses and programmability with their built-in affiliate system.

  20. With Wealthy Affiliate, the sky’s the limit! Why create one article when you can create fifty? You’ll have limitless content to keep people engaged with your website for longer periods of time.

  21. Wealthy Affiliate has a streamlined process that’s perfect for beginners. It offers great incentives to those who promote its platform. If you’re looking for a way to build your site from scratch, Wealthy Affiliate will keep you on the right track!

  22. Wealthy Affiliate is a really great program for people who are eager to learn how to build their own customized website. I love that this platform teaches you everything you need to know to design your site, pick an affiliate/online business model, and promote it all.

    It’s super easy – there’s no coding or difficult steps involved! The affiliate side of the platform helps teach me about various ways of earning money on my new website, which has been immensely helpful in designing what I want for myself. Plus, Wealthy Affociate offers some enticing incentives if you join through one of their affiliates!

  23. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to streamline your website creation when you want to create blogs, infographics, or other content in one go. It’s also a great place for sharing information with others who are interested in online marketing. They offer tons of incentives for bloggers and marketers that promote our platform–their affiliate security stands out among them!

  24. You don’t need to hone your SEO skills and write in-depth product descriptions when you can just use Wealthy Affiliate. It’s perfect for those who want to share their experience with others and promote the platform through various channels. Plus, it saves you time by not having to create an in-depth product description yourself. I loved how well this platform was laid out and found that it saved me so much time than other programs on the market!

  25. Wealthy Affiliate is a cost-effective and time-efficient all-inclusive product. It comes at quite a great deal for those looking to learn how to build an ecommerce site, offers great incentives for affiliates and assisted me in building my own successful webstore that I’m proud of. There are no other platform on the market that compare!

  26. Wealthy Affiliate is a solution to those looking for an uncomplicated way to start up their online business. It offers easy-to-use templates and niche groups where you can live chat with your potential customers so you’ll never have to deal with the pressure of marketing or advertising on your own.

  27. Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for those that want to become passive income entrepreneurs. You have the ability to network with others from within the site, as well as being able to learn from them through their forums. The information shared on these forums can’t be found anywhere else!

  28. Wealthy Affiliate is not for the faint of heart, but if your website needs ardent nurturing, this site will provide it. With ample knowledge bank to inculcate you with all there is to know about affiliate marketing, this site will surely help on becoming a successful website owner.

  29. Wealthy Affiliate is an exciting online community that offers a wide variety of tools for marking your own business, sharing knowledge with others, and achieving success. Whether you are looking to start out fresh or want to expand what you already have going on, this site is worth your time.

  30. If you’re looking for a fun way to earn money, Wealthy Affiliate may be the perfect place! You can find all kinds of resources on how to get started with affiliate marketing. The website is great for beginners who are just getting their feet wet in the online world because user-friendly features make it easy to create your own web page and blog. Whether you have no experience or you’re adding another skill set to your repertoire, Wealthy Affiliate has everything that an aspiring entrepreneur needs.

  31. Wealthy Affiliate boasts of being one of the largest online communities for experts and amateur entrepreneurs, all who want to establish and grow their websites. Equipped with forums offering loads of in-depth knowledge on affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is an invaluable resource for every business owner looking to succeed.

  32. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about four months now and I really think people should join. It’s a great place to get your feet wet in the muddy world of internet marketing without having to deal with any negativity or animosity from potential competitors.

    Their support team is always available for questions, and they have a rich history of education on various topics related to online business which you can leverage right away .

    And even though it might take time before you start running at break-even revenue streams, by joining them today you will be able to learn from others’s mistakes so that YOU don’t make the same ones over again.

  33. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can find support and guidance to enable your website to grow. The atmosphere of the site is welcoming and offers encouragement when times get tough. I love that there are lots of tutorials in each forum—and all for free! If this was not enough, the SEO training course here has changed my life and business because it also covers social following strategies.

  34. This is the dream come true for every internet searcher. Wealthy Affiliate is a nirvana of information that will help you build a profitable website from scratch without any prior experience or technical knowledge!

  35. I’ve tried taking this course before, but it seemed like an overwhelming amount of information. I decided to give it another shot and am glad that I did! It made a lot more sense this time.

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