List of 50+ Art Affiliate Programs for Crafty Art Bloggers

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 Do you have any blog about arts and crafts along with promoting your crafty work?

Yes! If you have then you must get some good paying Art Affiliate Programs that will help you to earn a commission when you make a sale. It’s a time-consuming process of finding Art Affiliate Programs.

Are you ready to be a part of crafty Best Art Affiliate Programs 2024?

Just promote products of some companies you feel good about promoting their products and build trust with your readers. All products will never resonate with all readers, no matter how good the product is.

So here in this article, you will have the best Art Affiliate Programs for your Crafty Blog.

Best Art Affiliate Programs for Crafty Bloggers

Art Affiliate Programs for Crafty Art Bloggers


Here in this list, you will get 50+ Art Affiliate Programs for the crafty and creative bloggers. So here we go with the list:


Best Art Supplies Affiliate Program 2024

1. Creativebug


Here with this affiliate program, you will get Creativebug deals and savings. You can promote it with Ad banners and text links promoting classes, artists, and many more.

Commission: 20-75% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

2. CreativeLive


CreativeLive is founded in 2010. Here you will get a large selection of text links and banners. It has a dedicated affiliate management team from Acceleration Partners. You will also get a $1 lead payout for every new member registration.

Commission: 10-20% per sale/ $1 per lead

Cookie Length: 30 Days

3. Craftsy

Craftsy-Art-Affiliate-Programs 2020

Craftsy is the digital destination that is entirely devoted to the makers. Crafty is one of the best affiliate programs for craft bloggers.  It has more than 13 million enthusiasts. It gives access to world top experts and curate supplies.

Commission: 4-75% per sale

Cookie Length: 5-30 days

4. DigiDesignResort


Here, this one is the first digital scrapbooking site that offers an affiliate program. It is super easy to set up the affiliates for bloggers, webmasters, and the site owners along with the store owners and can come up with its affiliate program.

Commission: 10% per sale / 5% two-tier

Cookie Length: unknown

5. Pencil Kings


This one is the Art Educating Industry, along with aspiring artists all over the world. All in one community of like-minded people around the world. Here it will provide in the affiliate program:

Commission: 50% recurring monthly

Cookie Length: 365 days

6. Simply Crochet Mag


Here in this affiliate program when someone buys a subscription via a link or banner on your website you will earn £5 British pound, wherever you are in the world. This offers blog owners and website owners to earn money.

Commission: £5 per subscription / $12% per sale

7. Leisure Arts


If you are willing to monetize your crafty blog and website then this one is the best opportunity you have. Just enroll in the Leisure Art Affiliate Program and start earning the commission today.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 60 days

8. Creative Live


Creative Live is also a crafty fashion affiliate program which offers:

Commission: 30% per sale

Cookie Length: 60 days

9. Learn Cake Decorating Online


Every member you bring to Learn Cake Decorating Online you will get 40% commission. It also pays you more which depends on your performance 40-50% or even more.

Commissions: 40% recurring monthly

Cookie length: 365+ days

10. Yeners Way


Every time when you brings a new customer who makes a transaction on this site you will get the commission;

Commission: 10-30% per sale / $0.20 per lead

Cookie Length: 365+ days

11. Art Biz Coach


This one is basically online coach services which will help you in improving your art skills. They say that its program will help you in getting the Credibility and Connections. Just promote this to earn good commissions.

Commission: 25-40% per sale

12. Craft Cruises


Craft Cruise says do you want to earn extra cash or you willing to take on of its cruise for free the just join its art affiliates program and just promote their products.

Commission: 20% per sale / $27 two-tier

Best Art Software / Tools Affiliate Program 2024


13. Craft Edge


It’s really free to join this affiliate program. Craft Edge affiliate program is a simple way to earn money. You can start running their ads in just a few minutes Earn up to 50% commissions with this program.

Commission: 15% per sale

14. Scrapbook Max


This one is the easy digital scrapbook software. Here you can earn a good commission just by promoting their products on your sites and blogs.

Commission: 10% per sale

15. Circuit


Basically, this program helps in polishing the DIY projects. Just invite your website-owning and the blogging friends to join this platform and in return, you will earn $10 referral for each friend.

Commission: up to 12%

Cookie Length: 45 days

16. Auto FX


It is super easy to join the affiliate program without having any technical knowledge. Here you will be supplied with a wide range of banners along with the textual links to earn commission by placing them on your site when someone makes a purchase.

Commission: 10% per sale along with $10 referral bonus

Best Art and Craft Supplies Affiliate Programs

Let’s check out the Best affiliate programs for crafters in 2024 that pay high commissions.



If you do have a blog or website that features scrapbook, stamping, and card making then this affiliate program will suit you best. It carries over 50,000 products so just choose wisely and get started with one of them.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

18. Fire Mountain Gems


Here to get started with this Affiliate Program you need to simply complete 5 step process with selecting the Username and Password. Certainly, one of the best affiliate program for the artists.

You will:

Commission: 6% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

19. Dick Blick Art Materials


Here this affiliate program will offer a commission up to 10% of the actual sales that come from your website. It will pay you when you spread it and bring new customers

Commission: Up to 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 24 hours

20. CreateForLess


This affiliate program is looking for an innovative website advertisement, if you want to add extra revenue to your site then just go with this affiliate program.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 45 hours

21. Artists Network


This one basically is an artistic network where you can learn how to paint along with many other crafty skills. They have plenty of products on their site for which they are providing the affiliate program. Join them if you want to add revenue.

Commission: 12% per sale

22. Hobbycraft


Here Hobbycraft is the largest arts and crafts retailer in the UK. Affiliate Program the best opportunity to earn a commission by promoting the Hobbycraft products.

Commission: 5-10% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

23. SewandSo


In this Art Affiliate Program, you can earn money by sending visitors to SewandSo websites and if they make the purchase they will pay you the commission.

Commission: 7% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

24. MisterArt


MisterArt provides the eye-catching ads, high-resolution product photos along with the detailed product description so that you may not find any difficulty in displaying their product ads on your site.

Commission:  Up to 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days


MisterArt-Art-Affiliate-Programs is looking for lifestyle websites to join their affiliates program. When you will be a member of the program, here you will earn good commission after the referred visitor makes any purchase from the site.

Commission: 8% per sale

26. Blisty


Blisty offers the customers to buy the latest and best arts and crafts supplies at an unbeatable price. Here you will earn dollars on every referred person makes the purchase.

Commission: 2-10% per sale

Cookie Length: 14 days

27. Annie’s


Here this one is the most appealing affiliates program as it provides an exceptional income opportunity. Just get visitors to your website or blog and refer them to the products of this Annie’s products. It’s really free and fun to join the program.

Commission: 5-30% per sale

28. Keepsake Quilting


This one is the quilting service. Here you can earn the best money just promoting their products on your crafty blog when someone will make a purchase through your link.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

29. C&T Publishing


This campaign was started on 18-March-2015. Here you will have to apply for the affiliate program. The sale commission you will be getting there is 15.0%

Commission: 15% per sale

Cookie Length: 120 days

30. Imagekind


This one is the art and photography type of an affiliate program. Just join the Imagekind affiliate program and earn a 15% commission.

Commission: 15% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

31. Knit Picks


Knit Picks is basically all about yarn and wool and they have lots of products. So they are providing the affiliate program just to promote their products on your blog.

Commission: 10% per sale

32. Therm O Web

Here you can just share their product with your friends and you will get rewards when your friends make any purchase. It has an exclusive monthly newsletter along with special promotions.

Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Length: 90 days


33. The Prepared Pantry


This one really only promotes the kitchen. Here you will have to promote the cooking gadgets, grilling tools along with cake decorating. You will be paid when someone makes a purchase using your link.

Commission: 5-20% per sale, it depends on the sales volume.

Cookie Length: 90 days

34. Utrecht


This one really provides the banners and text links, just choose the right content for your readers and all set to earn commission by promoting their products. Low return rates and $125 average sales are there.

Commission: up to 10% per sale

35. Love Knitting


Here you can earn commission up to 15% on all the orders made through LoveKnitting by your site, blog and email, and many more.

Commission: up to 15 % per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

36. Artistic Painting Studio


This one is the most innovative way to earn extra revenue just by promoting the products on your blogs and website.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

37. Jo-Ann


Just start earning commission with JOANN. This one is the leading fabric and cotton crafts retailer. It has 790 stores in 49 states. So the affiliate program is also effective, just join it when you want.

Commission: 4% per sale

38. Chameleon Pens


It offers a generous affiliate program that is simple and just sign up and gets paid. Here you will get unique links along with the graphics you can add to your blog. You will get paid every month if you make sales.

Commission: 10% per sale

39. BurdaStyle


Just join the BurdaStyle Affiliate program and start making money online from the readers who visit your website or blogs page every day. Here will also get 5% in the referral affiliate program.

Commission: 12% per sale

40. ShopWoodworking


This one is basically WoodWorking sites and they are looking for woodworkers. It is also called the Popular Woodworking Machine.

Just join its affiliate program and refer it on your blog when someone buys the product or join the program you will earn money.

Commission: 12% per sale

41. Cake Stackers


 You can be easily being an affiliate with this affiliate platform. you can just sign up and advertise then just get paid.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 90 days

42. Sugarbliss


Here this affiliate program is completely free and will enable members to earn revenue. Just by placing links in their blogs and website. When someone makes a purchase through your link then you will get the commission.

Commission: 5% per sale

43. James James Beads


This one is all about beads. Here you can join the affiliate program and promote their products on your blogs and website and just earn the commission after people make any purchase through your referral link.

Commission: 6% per sale

Best Affiliate Programs For Art & Craft Marketplaces

44. Blurb


Here you will get $10 for each referral, just get the amount when each friend joins and approve the Blurb affiliate program.

Commission 15-17% per sale

Cookie Length: 45 days

45. Zazzle


Here the Zazzle associates program is the best choice you have got. You will get the ability to link directly to any number of products to your blog and website.

Commission: 15-17% per sale

Cookie length: 45 days

46. Redbubble


Here when will you join the Redbubble affiliate program you will get access to many offers along with a team that will help you out in the complex problem at the time of promoting the product.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 45 days

47. Etsy


Just join Etsy affiliate program and earn the commission for sharing their items on your website and blog.

Commission: 4% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

48. Society6


This one basically an art affiliate program where you can just invite users to join its program and in return, you will get the commission.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

49. Paper Source


Here in this affiliate program, you have to promote stationery, gift wraps, greeting cards and many more. You will get the commission when someone will make any purchase through your link.

Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

50. Tiny Prints


This art affiliate programs can be joined by invitation only. You will have to give a marketing strategy along with telling them how you will promote their brand on your sites and blogs.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 45 days

51. Zatista


Here this one is an online art gallery. In this affiliate program, you will get 5500+ detailed products to promote along with 120 days cookie length.

Commission: 8% per sale

Cookie Length: 120 days



Arts Heaven is the best Art Affiliate Programs you will get ever. They are giving 20% commission for promoting their products and all sales must be generated from the affiliate’s website.

Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Length: 90 days

Final Thoughts: Best Art and Craft Affiliate Programs For High Commissions 2024

Now that’s it, I have completed the list of 50+ Art Affiliate Programs for crafty art bloggers. Just join them according to your niche and start earning extra revenue with these amazing Art Affiliates program.

So, buckle up with these high paying Art supplies Affiliate Programs that will let you earn a good amount of money,

I hope this post- List of 50+ Art Affiliate Programs for Crafty Art Bloggers 2024 suits your purpose well.

Do let me know if you are using an affiliates program on your blogs and websites in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post on the entire social media platforms.

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