Top 10 Home Security Affiliate Programs In 2024: Highest Paying $$$

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In this post, you will get knowledge about the best and high paying Home Security Affiliate Programs.

Digital Marketing is taking a rise these days, one of the program which comes in digital marketing is affiliate programs. Affiliated programs are becoming the talk of the town, they are doing exceptionally good. The number of people joining affiliate programs is rising day by day. Affiliate marketing is a very easy way of earning.

You can earn from your blog or website, through various affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate Marketing is basically advertising or promoting other goods and services through your website by putting an ad or link. If the customer clicks on that link and makes an order, you’ll be given the revenue of it. One such program which is very famous in affiliate marketing is home security affiliate programs. Here are some companies enlisted below which are leading in home security business and provides a great amount of deal.

Top High Paying Home Security Affiliate Programs In 2024


1. iSmartSafe

iSmartSafe best security system

iSmartSafe is a Texas Based company build on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. ISmartSafe have designed and developed a very safe and protective home security method maintaining the beauty of the product.

It is a worthy smartphone-linked home security and home control system. iSmartSafe gives all the control of customers safety in his hand via a smartphone. It allows a smartphone to control home security through a mobile phone or a tablet.

iSmartSafe products are smart just like its name, they are very simple to use and the best thing about them is, they are affordable to everyone. The sole purpose of iSmartSafe is to keep your home safe, which it does in a smart way. iSmartSafe is basically a Wireless & Wi-Fi & Cellular Connection.

Wireless technology avoids the complication of wire installation and utilizes wireless communication between the alarm panel and sensors. iSmartSafe favors Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Camera.

All the cameras are rich with the technology of alarm push function, which sends a snapshot and alarm notification to the owner or customer if the alarm is triggered or any kind of motion is detected. At iSmartSafe, they also offer Free APP to do self-monitor. iSmartSafe offers the best home security dealer programs which is very easy to join and gives great benefits. The affiliate commission is 7%.



2. Frontpoint:

Frontpoint security camera affiliate program

Front point was founded in 2007 and has three founding members Chris Villar, Aaron Shumaker, and Peter Rogers, who are the experts of home security. Since then the Front point is rapidly growing and providing its services. The purpose of Front point is to create a world where people can trust each other.

All its founders has diverse background and wide expertise. Basic principle in which Front point is running is they envision a better way, a better product, and a better solution.

Their agenda is home security of their customer, home awareness, and offers home control on its customer’s hand. Frontpoint secure system is protecting families and businesses at homes all across North America since 11 years now, it is on watch 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is one of the home security companies with 5 stars rated service and the simplest, safest, and smartest home security available. Frontpoint security cameras are quite effective at night with night vision mode.

Frontpoint security also offers home security affiliated program, with the affiliate commissions of at least $300 per qualified activation.


3. ADT Security:

ADT Security has been serving in the home security market for 400 years now and holds a very renowned position. ADT security is well trusted by its customers and stands upon the expectations of its customers. There are professionals who ensure that throughout the U.S. and Canada there are 8 million customers who stay as safe and secure as possible because of ADT security trusted service.

As a well-established company in the market, ADT security also offers home affiliate programs. The sign up is very easy and the Affiliate Commission is $125-$165 per sale. Several optional programs are available.


4. BrickHouse Security:

Brick House Security has been serving in the market for 12 years now and is trusted by professionals in security purpose. Brick House Security provides its customers with exceptional care.

The Brick House Security is a licensed security company which helps secure your home with a wide range of expertise. Brick House Security is solely dedicated in providing security solutions to businesses, schools, government agencies and individuals around the globe.

They also publish articles, videos, and tips which helps customers in learning and understanding the products they purchase and also the security solutions. Brick House Security’s product includes GPS tracking, Hidden Cameras, Cellular Video, Security Cameras, Counter Surveillance, Alarm Systems, Emergency Alert and Employee Monitoring. Brick House Security also offers home security affiliate program with the Affiliate Commission up to 12%.



5. ProtectAmerica:

Protect America was founded in 1992 as small Austin, Texas provider and now has become one of the most successful security providers, trusted by all its customers. Currently, an average of 15% of the population in the U.S. has a working alarm system installed by Protect America. Protect America home security  has its customers all over almost all over North America including all 50 states and Canada. This company faced a dramatic growth which continues growing exponentially.

With home security, they also offers convenience and safety through their home automation, GPS, and surveillance products which enables the customers to have proper control over their home, from anywhere. It’s been 25 years that they have their customer’s faith and trust. They’ve been ranked no.1 home security company by and Protect America also offers affiliate program with Affiliate Commissions up to $300 per new customer.


6. Vivint:

Vivint is a North America based modern technology company which provides homeowners or its customers with integrated smart home solutions. The Vivint affiliate program home services provides its customers with smart and safe control options like doorbell video, temperature control, garage door controller, outdoor video of home exterior areas, remote door access, or HD video recording.

The company also offers a variety of motion sensors, detectors, smoke detectors, and also small appliance controls.

The smart thing about Vivint is these wireless smart system can be accessed via mobile phone and with this feature homeowners or customers can check their home security when they’re away from home. Vivint provides your smart home solutions with a modern day control and security system. Vivint has a successful affiliate program. The Affiliate Commission is tentative and depends on the quality of work and sale.


7. Alliance Security:

Alliance Security is a house security company which cares about your protection.

Their house security system is one of the most trusted one and has affordable prices. Alliance Security provides you with special features such as indoor camera, outdoor camera, smart doorlock, doorbell camera, keychain remote, smart bulb, smart plug, smart thermostat, panic button, smoke detector, CO detector firefighter, door sensor, glassbreak sensor, image sensor, motion detector. So many features makes your home safe again.


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Final Thought:  List of Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

Home security affiliate programs are blooming in the market. It is the right pick if you’re looking for investing your time in affiliated marketing. Before choosing the company, make sure to do the thorough research of it, and then landing upon any conclusion.

Although Home Security affiliate programs generate great revenue and can fill up your pockets very easily.

So if you are looking for the starting point, Best Home Security systems with high paying Affiliate programs July 2024 are a way to go!

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