ClickMagick Review 2024: Is This the Best Marketing Tracking Software?

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ClickMagick Review


Clickmagick promotes its adaptability by highlighting its capacity to monitor and enhance ad performance, cross-device monitoring, and the capability to monitor sales funnels. Apart from highlighting its essential features, the tracking tool emphasizes them as well. Split testing and real-time analytics and report monitoring are two such examples.

Out of 10


  • Automated split testing
  • Offline sales tracking
  • 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  • Real-time stats and reports
  • Advanced geotargeting & mobile optimization
  • Unlimited custom tracking domains


  • Support can be improved


Price: $

As an online marketer, you know that tracking your clicks and conversions is essential to understanding how well your campaigns are performing.

But it can be difficult and time-consuming to set up the necessary tracking code on your website.

Not only is it difficult to set up a tracking code, but it’s also impossible to track all of your conversions without it.

And if you’re not accurately tracking your conversions, you’re losing money every day. ClickMagick is the solution to all of your conversion tracking woes.

This powerful yet easy-to-use software makes it easy for you to track all of your clicks and conversions, so you can understand exactly how well your campaigns are performing.

Let us check out ClickMagick Review in a little more detail.

ClickMagick Review 2024: What Is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is “link tracking software” that allows you to monitor your online and offline conversions with ease and precision.

It enables you to test and optimize the links in your marketing activities, such as sales funnels, social media, blogs, emails, and more.

ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick provides robust tracking capabilities, including cross-device monitoring, offline sales tracking, and split testing, among others.

Simply said, ClickMagick is a click-monitoring application that allows you to monitor every external click that goes to your website.

Who Should Use ClickMagick?

Who Should Use ClickMagick

1. Digital Marketers:

Digital marketers, including affiliate marketers, media buyers, and eCommerce store owners, can use ClickMagick to track their marketing campaigns and optimize their ad spend.

ClickMagick provides detailed analytics and reporting that can help them understand their audience better and make data-driven decisions.

2. Business Owners:

ClickMagick can be an invaluable tool for small business owners who want to track their marketing efforts and see the results of their campaigns in real time.

With ClickMagick, business owners can quickly identify the most effective marketing channels and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

3. Agencies:

Marketing agencies can use ClickMagick to manage their clients’ campaigns more effectively.

ClickMagick’s agency features allow agencies to create sub-accounts for their clients and provide them with access to the data they need to make informed decisions.

4. Social Media Managers:

Social media managers can use ClickMagick to track the performance of their social media campaigns.

ClickMagick can track clicks and conversions from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing social media managers to understand which campaigns are driving the most traffic and conversions.

6. SEO Professionals:

ClickMagick can be used by SEO professionals to track the effectiveness of their search engine optimization efforts.

ClickMagick can track the source of the traffic to a website, which can help SEO professionals understand which keywords are driving traffic and which are not.

ClickMagick – Best Features

ClickMagick – Best Features

1. Import Export Data:

The import option enables me to post my links rapidly. This was a godsend since I had a spreadsheet with THOUSANDS of links I needed to import into Clickmagick.

The export function enables you to share any data with your team or customers.

Other solutions require you to transmit screenshots or share your username and password with others. This is considerably simpler.

2. “Link Down” Monitoring:

Regardless of where you send visitors, your pages will sometimes go unavailable. If you have a link made in Clickmagick, you will get an alert as soon as this occurs.

For the majority of individuals, this may go undetected or register as a minor annoyance, but for someone spending significant funds on bought traffic, it may be devastating.

As was the case with Ralph Jordan, if you operate a significant amount of bought traffic, this function may quickly pay for your subscription.

3. Track Pages That You Don’t Own:

I distinctly recall researching “how to measure affiliate conversions” when I first began affiliate marketing some years ago. The response was essential that you cannot.

How was I expected to determine whether or not my efforts were profitable?

If I paid $100 on advertisements and made affiliate sales, I did not know whether the affiliate sales were a result of the advertisements or a natural source of traffic.

4. Create Split Tests:

Clickmagick enables you to utilize a single link to transport people to several pages.

These pages seek to monitor a single charge and are often just marginally distinct (headline, button, etc.). You may decide how to distribute the traffic.

You may send 50% of your clicks to one page and 50% to another or any other combination, and Clickmagick will notify you when a winner has been determined.

Discovering which page converts the best will increase your confidence in investing money to drive visitors to that page.

5. Track Conversion, etc:

You may give values for conversions and charges to any link using Clickmagick. This enables you to get real-time stats indicating whether or not your business is profitable!

6. Track Authenticity and Quality of Traffic:

When purchasing bought traffic to blog articles, goods, etc., you must ensure that it is authentic.

Bot traffic is known in the single ad sector, and ClickMagick can assist you in determining whether or not your traffic is genuine.

7. Track Sources of Traffic:

Clickmagick enables you to generate unique tracking IDs that will inform you of the precise origin of your clicks.

8. Link Cloaking:

Prior to sharing links, they should be “beautified” wherever feasible (which is always the case with Clickmagick).

This function is wonderful and will make your links seem more professional and less spammy.

But, you don’t need to immediately purchase Clickmagick if this is all you’ll need it for since there are cheaper options if you just need to build basic redirection.

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How Can Affiliate Marketers Use ClickMagick?

1. Campaign Tracking:

ClickMagick allows affiliate marketers to track their marketing campaigns and monitor their performance in real-time.

They can track clicks, conversions, and other important metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

2. Conversion Tracking:

ClickMagick’s conversion tracking feature helps affiliate marketers identify the sources of their conversions.

Clickmagick Track Conversion Features

This can help them optimize their campaigns to focus on the most profitable sources of traffic.

3. Link Cloaking:

Affiliate marketers can use ClickMagick’s link cloaking feature to mask their affiliate links and make them look more attractive to potential customers.

This can help increase click-through rates and ultimately lead to more conversions.

4. A/B Testing:

ClickMagick allows affiliate marketers to run A/B tests to compare the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

They can test different landing pages, offers, and ad copy to see which ones perform the best.

5. Rotators:

ClickMagick’s rotator feature allows affiliate marketers to distribute traffic among different offers and landing pages.

They can set up different rotators to test different strategies and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

6. Analytics and Reports:

ClickMagick provides detailed analytics and reports that affiliate marketers can use to evaluate their campaigns.

They can view traffic data, conversion rates, and other important metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Why Do I Recommend Using ClickMagick?

1. Free Marketing Training Access on Certain Plans:

The Standard and Pro subscriptions of ClickMagick allow customers to elevate their marketing efforts by learning from six- and seven-figure marketing professionals.

Their Experts School is full of courses that will significantly improve profits!

2. Affordable Pricing Considering the Number of Features:

Beginning at $49/mo, it provides marketers on a budget with everything they need to increase business.

ClickMagick Pricing

The comprehensive monitoring capabilities, funnel design and administration features, traffic distribution capability, and robust split-testing are simply some of the tools you gain access to for only a few bucks a month.

Standard and Pro subscriptions allow access to enhanced support, more domains, longer data retention, and improved funnel tracking features.

The cost of their most costly plan, $99 per month, is astounding, given the amount of value you get.

3. Track External Pages as Well:

The powerful suite allows you to monitor landing and sales sites that are not your own! Creating a tracking link and including a pixel is all that is required!

4. One Tool Does the Job of Others:

ClickMagick is a comprehensive marketing suite that allows you to target and retarget people, route traffic to customers, create and utilize marketing funnels, manage domains, and much more!

5. A lot of Features to Optimize Your Campaigns:

A unique rotator function is an excellent approach to evaluating the efficacy of various advertisements.

It is also the ideal traffic distributor, enabling you to guarantee that each of your customers receives the amount of traffic for which they paid.

Mixing and mixing the four distinct Rotator Modes: Fulfillment, Spillover, Random, and Sequential provides you complete control over the traffic you’re distributing and also the end user’s experience with your site.

ClickMagick also offers outstanding A/B testing capabilities that allow you to evaluate the performance of each of your landing pages.

ClickMagick is the only accessible marketing suite that enables you to test more than two landing pages in a single funnel.

ClickMagick Alternatives

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a popular web analytics tool that allows you to track website traffic and user behavior.

It offers many features for free, but it does not have the same tracking capabilities as ClickMagick for affiliate marketers.

2. Voluum:

Voluum is a popular alternative to ClickMagick that offers advanced tracking features for affiliate marketers.

Voluum Overview

It includes features like real-time reporting, fraud detection, and optimization tools. However, it can be more expensive than ClickMagick.

3. ThriveTracker:

ThriveTracker is another alternative to ClickMagick that offers similar tracking features for affiliate marketers.

It includes features like real-time reporting, split testing, and fraud detection. However, it can be more expensive than ClickMagick.


CPVLab is another popular tracking tool for affiliate marketers.

CPVLab Overview

It offers features like split testing, conversion tracking, and reporting. However, it can be more difficult to set up and use compared to ClickMagick.

5. Improvely:

Improvely is a tracking tool that includes features like conversion tracking, click fraud detection, and A/B testing.

It can be a good alternative for affiliate marketers who are just starting out, but it may not offer as many advanced features as ClickMagick or other alternatives.

ClickMagick Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Clickmagic.

ClickMagick Pros

  • Advanced tracking capabilities such as click rotators and A/B testing
  • Customizable tracking pixels for more accurate conversion tracking
  • Integration with over 100 third-party platforms, including popular ad networks and email marketing services
  • Ability to track and optimize entire sales funnels, not just individual clicks
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand data visualizations
  • Reliable and accurate data tracking and reporting for informed decision-making
  • Excellent customer support with helpful resources and responsive team members

ClickMagick Cons

  • The steep learning curve for beginners

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Conclusion: ClickMagick Review 2024

Overall, ClickMagick has been an excellent solution for tracking and attribution in our company.

Not only is the software easy to learn and use, but it’s also packed with features that provide valuable insights into our traffic campaigns.

We have also received exemplary customer service from their support team which has enabled us to get the most out of this software.

Ultimately, I would go as far as to say that ClickMagick is a must-have for anyone who wants to make the most out of their online marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for an intuitive, feature-rich tracking and attribution solution then I would highly recommend ClickMagick.

I’m sure that if you give it a try your efforts will be rewarded with better ROI and even greater reach on social media platforms.

It’s truly been a game-changer in our organization!

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