Best Brain Sensei Alternatives 2024: Should You Give Them A Shot?

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To pass the PMP certification, you must have a thorough knowledge of nearly all elements of project management. This is a difficult task for most individuals, who struggle with it.

We have already done an in-depth review of the Brain Sensei PMP Course, but if you are looking for some alternatives for Brain Sensei, then I have got you covered.

Before I talk about the best alternatives for Brain Sensei, here why I recommend Brain Sensei over other courses:

Why Do I Recommend Brain Sensei?

Here are the benefits of getting started with Brain Sensei:

1. Better Opportunities:

Nowadays many companies look forward to hiring Project Leads who understand the latest process improvement systems and technology. As an authenticated Project Manager you elevate yourself above the contest in the job market.

2. Higher Salaries:

Approved Project Managers in the US make an average of $111K per year and PMPs make 22% more than non-PMPs. The annual pay ranges from $85K to $135K depending on the years of experience.

3. Career Advancement:

Numerous employees already engage in project management without even realizing it. Becoming certified is a way of demonstrating to your boss the value of what you do and accomplishing the career recognition and salary that you deserve.

4. More Steadiness:

Having a certification is about protecting you and your family from economic vagueness. Approved project management professionals make an attractive hire and are more likely to keep their jobs when there’s a recession.

5. Total Benefits:

With Brain Sensei’s creative learning program you can get prepared for your PMP exam anywhere with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a good internet connection.

6. Work at Your Own Pace:

The great point about the Brain Sensei PMP courses is that you can review modules as often as you need to. We make it simple to study concepts on your break.

Top 2 Best Brain Sensei Alternatives 2024

Here are the best alternatives to Brain Sensei:

1. Brain Sensei vs PM Prepcast

How does Brain Sensei fare when compared to alternatives like PM Prepcast? Here are some key features you should know about.

Brain Sensei vs PM Precast

1. Animated Videos

Brain Sensei offers you animated and interactive videos which make your learning experience very engaging. It offers easy ways to learn and grasp concepts and theories.

Whereas, when it comes to PM Prepcast, instead of animated videos, you will get to learn from a real instructor with a slide presentation.

You can go with whichever you think will offer you the best experience.

2. Interactive Elements

The interactive elements in the Brain Sensei user interface are pretty helpful for someone like me who wants to be engaged while learning. It comes to be pretty handy for students.

You won’t be able to have a similar experience with PM Prepcast.

3. Community

The one edge that PM Prepcast has over Brain Sensei is that it has a big community forum where you can interact with other students and clear your doubts.

2. Brain Sensei vs Velociteach

Here’s how Brain Sensei fares when compared to alternatives like Velociteach? Here’s a quick summary of both platforms.

Velociteach PMP prep training solutions are based on the reputation of its Chairman Andy Crowne, and they primarily target corporate customers that use their curriculum as part of their workers’ professional growth.

Brain Sensie vs VelociTeach

Velociteach offers a diverse set of materials to help you prepare for the PMP test, including instructor-led training and a “Professional Development Units (PDUs) Passport” that grants you access to over 140 PDUs in as little as six to twelve months.

A live 4-day PMP test prep course will set you back $2,447, while an online PMP exam prep bundle, such as BrainSensei’s, will set you back $660 for six months of access.

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Common Questions About Brain Sensei PMP 

1. What to do when you are stuck on a PMP question?

No problem. It happens to the best of us.

Contact them using the large red help button placed at the bottom right of their website (any page) and allow them to recognize where you’re stuck so that they will help.

Let them recognize the module number, section, and question you’re scuffling with.

They nearly always respond within 24hrs and often much faster!

2. When do you find an error in your course material?

Please reach out to them using the massive red help button on their website and tell them what you think that you’ve found.  

The PMP exam prep course material is typically very complicated.

They can typically justify why something might not be an error in the course material. And who is aware of, perhaps they missed something little and you’ve been the one to search it out (they swear this nearly never happens)!

They additionally endeavor to check the usability and behavior of the course across many operational systems (OS), devices, and browser versions, but it’s not possible to check all possible combinations.

They have a team of developers and testers who would love the possibility to appear at something strange which may be happening along with your specific configuration. Simply tell them as specific details as you’ll in those cases (OS, device type, browser, and version).

3. What changed in the course between the 5th and 6th editions of the PMBOK® Guide?

As an online course mastermind in helping their purchasers indurate the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP)® certificate, Brain Sensei is the initial and only PMI Registered Education supplier (REP) to use the story of a samurai in ancient Japan to show project management ideas.

Aligned with their tradition of leading-edge innovation, they are also the primary training providers to incorporate 2 necessary topics as a part of their updated Complete PMP Exam Prep Course (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition): Project management for sponsors and interested parties, as well as an agile manual.

Here is the list of updates from the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition to the Sixth Edition. The general ideas of method teams and data areas stayed the same.

  • Added New Modules:

      • Project Management for Sponsors and Stakeholders
      • Agile Practice Guide
  • Added New Processes:

      • Control Resources as part of Project Resource Management
      • Implement risk reactions as part of project risk management.
  • Renamed Knowledge Areas:

      • Project Time Management to Project Schedule Management
      • Project Human Resource Management to Project Resource Management
  • Renamed Processes:

      • Perform Quality Assurance process to Manage Quality
      • Plan Human Resource Management to Plan Resource Management
      • Acquire Project Team to Acquire Resources
      • Develop Project Team to Develop Team
      • Manage Project Team to Manage Team
      • Control Communications to Monitor Communications
      • Control Risks to Monitor Risks
      • Control Stakeholder Engagement to Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  • Moved a Process:

      • Estimate Activity Resource from Project Time Management to Project Resource Management knowledge area
  • Removed a Process:

            Close Procurements.

4. Why do you see extra modules or courses when you log in?

When they make an update to the course (e.g. updating to align to the PMBOK®Guide Sixth Edition), they automatically offer anyone with an active subscription with the updated version.

They don’t take away the old version of the course just in case you started those and don’t wish to lose your completion history, therefore you will generally see multiple versions of a course or module in your eLearning Portal.

If you’re feeling like it’s an excessive amount of clutter, no problem, contact them through the big red help button on their website and they’ll remove the old course or module for you.

5. Why is your course duration not correct?

Please Note: There is a known bug where “duration” or time spent on every module in the eLearning Portal isn’t being reported properly. This may not affect the tracking of your course completion.

Completion of the Brain Sensei course relies on achieving a minimum of 80th on every module’s practice examination, also as on each of the four practice tests.

Your score for every module is often viewed in the Brain Sensei eLearning Portal. Every module can show as “completed” once the desired score has been achieved.

6. How is course progress or completion measured?

Completion of the Brain Sensei course relies on achieving a minimum of 80th on every module’s practice PMP exam as well as on each of the four final practice tests.

Your score for every module can be viewed in the Brain Sensei eLearning Portal. Every module can be shown as “completed” once the desired score has been achieved.

Please note: There’s a known bug where “duration” or time spent on every module in the eLearning Portal isn’t being reported properly. This may not affect the tracking of your course completion.

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