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In this article, we are going to share the 17 best luxury affiliate programs in 2024 which provides high-end commissions.

If you are searching for the best luxury affiliate programs, then you should stop here and read our guide.

To make money as an affiliate marketer, you have two options:

  • Sell a large number of products with cheap commissions.
  • Sell a small number of things but get a large commission

The majority of new affiliates are scared off by the prospect of promoting high-end goods because they believe there is too much competitiveness.

Something they don’t realize is that selling a $50,000 item requires pretty much the same level of effort as selling a $500 thing.

Luxury Affiliate Programs

It all boils down to attracting the right kind of traffic and framing your offer correctly. From a long-term strategic standpoint, it simply makes far more sense to earn 10x the amount of revenue from the same amount of traffic.

This is a concept we considered when we recently constructed and sold a website in 18 months for a profit of $6,000.

So let’s have a look at the 17 best luxury affiliate programs that might be able to help you achieve something similar to what we did. And besides, who wouldn’t like to see additional $100 commissions in their wallet every day?

17 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs in 2024

So, here is the list of our top picks of the 17 best luxury affiliate programs:

1. JR Dunn Jewellers Affiliate Program

After leaving his job as an IBM salesman in 1969, James Robert Dunn launched his first jewelry store.

Customers can purchase high-quality jewelry, gemstones, Rolex watches, diamonds, engagement rings, as well as other fine items from this family-owned business’s store or online store.

JRDunn Jewelry: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Jr Dunn Jewellers Affiliate Program Stats

And it’s at the JR Dunn online shop that you step in – the average order value is $1,078, so as an affiliate, you earn 3% of that.

That may not appear to be so much, but the average selling value is $38, but it would also be $380 if your recommended visitor purchased a $10,000 Rolex.

There are plenty of different jewelry affiliate programs to choose from, but JR Dunn is our favorite.

  • Commission rate: 3%
  • EPC: $139.50
  • Cookie duration: 15 days

2. Oberoi Hotels And Resorts Affiliate Programs

M.S. Oberoi established the first Oberoi Hotel in Shimla in 1934, contributing to the creation of luxury hotels in the Indian sub-continent. Their statement of purpose is straightforward-  the customer is everything.

And thanks to this mindset, they have built a luxury hotel empire having locations throughout India, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Mauritius, and Saudi Arabia.

However, as an affiliate, what does all this mean to you? Their average order value is $499.47, resulting in a $25 referral reward.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Oberoi Hotels And Resorts Affiliate Program Stats

All of this adds up to a program that consistently pays affiliates who put up the effort to market it. Furthermore, once the notion of a 10-day vacation at a luxury resort is planted, people’s dreams and aspirations handle the rest.

  • Commission rate: 6%
  • EPC: $88.90
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

3. Puffy Mattress Affiliate Program

“America’s most comfy mattress,” as claimed according to Puffy Mattress. However, they have a lifetime guarantee on their items and almost 5,000 5 – star customer ratings to back up their claim.

Their popularity stems from the fact that they created a self-cooling memory foam mattress that also delivers exceptional comfort. It’s like sleeping on the cooler side of the pillow, but for your whole body.

We decided that we wanted to provide a premium mattress affiliate program in this review, and we realized we had discovered a winner when we first saw Puffy Mattress’s average commissions: $300 per sale!

Puffy Mattresses: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Statistics for the Puffy Mattress Affiliate Program

They also offer a cookie period of 180 days, giving you 6 months for converting your visitors to sales. When you are in a field that’s in any way linked to it, such as home decor, relocation, interior design, sleep difficulties, etc., this program is highly worth promoting.

There is no other mattress affiliate program that gets close to paying $300 per transaction.

  • Commission rate: $300 per sale
  • EPC: $367.68
  • Cookie duration: 180 days

4. Money Metals Affiliate Program

This is one of our 17 best luxury affiliate programs. Yes, affiliate schemes exist for websites that offer silver and gold coins or bullion. There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be. Usually, a luxury item like this would only interest businessmen and those with a deal of disposable wealth.

However, you would be losing out since preppers are currently buying as much silver and gold as they can afford as FIAT currency will have no worth in a dismal future. That implies you may tap into a variety of markets.

Money Metals pays a fixed fee of $16 for every sale, which in itself is higher than the industry norm. The gold or silver business is very competitive, which is why they are doing this.

Money Metals: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

With that stated, there have been private affiliate programs that pay approximately $30 per sale, but operating from outside affiliate programs carries some risk.

You can even consider negotiating a unique commission rate for your work if you move sufficient gold or silver for them.

  • Commission rate: $16 per sale
  • EPC: $31.15
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

5. Saks Fifth Avenue Affiliate Program

Saks Fifth Avenue has always been and will undoubtedly be always associated with high-end apparel and accessories. They have made it through two world wars, the Cold War, as well as at least 3 economic downturns, and they are hardly going away anytime soon.

Also, it’s useful to remember how Saks customers can go on a $50k to $100k shopping spree all without fretting about their bank account.

This is why Saks offers purses from Chloé that cost more than $2,000 as well as Fendi shoes that cost more than $1,000 each pair.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Affiliates in the United States can earn at least 3% of the amount of money being spent, whereas affiliates in the United Kingdom can receive up to 5%. That implies you will earn somewhere around $300 and $500 in commission on something like a $10,000 deal.

And, given that a single piece of apparel from Saks could cost hundreds of dollars, large payments are a distinct possibility.

  • Commission rate: 3% – 6%
  • EPC: N/A
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

6. Urbilis Affiliate Program

While we will never fully comprehend the motivation, we recognize that so many people like buying furniture as well as other household products. They are also willing to spend lots of money on furnishings, both indoors and outdoors.

Planters (items in which you put the plants in) which cost over $1,000 may be found on the Urbilis website.

People are more likely to purchase goods in groups or various combinations. For instance, their retro-styled chairs, which cost upwards of $800 each.

These aren’t the kinds of items you will find at your local IKEA – although don’t get me wrong, IKEA furniture isn’t bad.

Urbilis: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

The average transaction on their website is $707.99, which translates to a $56 reward for you according to their 8% commission rate.

Take into account that a single purchase might earn you thousands of dollars in commission, particularly if someone is redecorating their entire house.

Urbilis Affiliate Program Statistics

Anyone having an interior design or home decoration blog/YouTube channel has a huge amount of potential here to earn a lot of profit.

  • Commission rate: 8%
  • EPC: $674.31
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

7. MSC Cruises Affiliate Program

If you are acquainted with the luxurious cruise industry, you are surely aware that MSC is the world’s biggest privately-owned cruise line. And if you haven’t already, you should.

Although the Aponte family seems to have a lengthy history of shipping dating back to 1675, MSC Cruises was founded in 1988.

Since tourists are inclined to cruises, they aren’t all that tough to promote. They have either been on such a cruise already or are tired of hearing about their colleagues’ most recent cruise. In any case, it’s the number one priority for them.

MSC offers anything from short cruises for a few thousand dollars to globe cruises starting at $15,000 per person.

MSC Cruises: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Affiliates earn a flat $100 commission every sale, which may seem unjust given the overall “order” value, but $100 commissions aren’t bad.

The great thing about this product is that you can market it to everyone who has ever been interested in going on a cruise.

  • Commission rate: $100
  • EPC: N/A
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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8. L’Occitane En Provence Affiliate Program

L’Occitane en Provence is a French firm that has been offering sustainable cosmetics, skincare, and perfume products for almost three decades.

130 French farmers provide “sustainable sources” for their components, with an emphasis on becoming as environmentally friendly as possible.

Their solutions are devoid of palm oil and have not yet been experimented on animals. So you have got a line of high-end items aimed squarely at folks who care for the environment while also attempting to look and smell beautiful.

And also that marketing pitch has paid off: they are towards the top of Commission Junction’s networking performers, with a three-month EPC of $33.

L Occitane: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

L’occitane En Provence Affiliate Program Stats

Since healthcare and cosmetic products are frequently purchased, affiliates marketing this program earn a lot of money (even at a 2.5 percent of commission rate).

  • Commission rate: 2.5%
  • EPC: $33.42
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

9. Overnight Stay On The ISS Affiliate Program

The International Space Station will be dismantled in 2024, according to NASA. NASA is exploring strategies to commercialize the space station since it has gotten too expensive to maintain on its own.

Decommissioning typically involves launching a space station into a distant part of the sea at a high speed of hundreds of miles per hour.

However, the ISS would be used for both commercials as well as tourist space flights in this scenario. That’s true, for the low, affordable pricing of $35,000, you can spend a night aboard the International Space Station.

You must also consider the price of the rocket ride to bring you there and back, which together with SpaceX is a whopping $52 million.

ISS: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

This is theoretical advertising, but if commercial and personal space flights became a standard, then maybe affiliate marketing possibilities emerge very soon.

  • Commission rate: 6 – figures per lead
  • EPC: Astronomical
  • Cookie duration: 12 parsecs

10. Villiers Jets Affiliate Program

Is there anything that symbolizes luxury quite like a personal jet? We don’t mean it literally, but you will get the idea. Villiers have accessibility to approximately 9,000 private planes in 40,000 different places.

You only need to search, reserve and go. You don’t have to stress about the lineups, delays, or a free-range toddler playing around the cabin like it’s a high-altitude playground yet again.

Villiers provides dedicated charter flights, as well as empty leg trips, in which the client booking the aircraft only needs to travel one way.

Affiliates receive a substantial 30% commission, with the possibility of earning recurring commissions for every client you refer.

Villiers Jet: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

A brief charter flight could cost just over $10,000, resulting in a $3,000 profit for you. Much better, you will get a 365 – day cookie, designed to record potential sales for up to one year.

  • Commission rate: 30%, recurring
  • EPC: N/A
  • Cookie duration: 365 days

11. Gucci Luxury Fashion Affiliate Program

Who hasn’t heard of this company before? When someone talks about luxury living, this is one of the very first brands people hear. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand, it is a luxury fashion house established in 1921 which sells incredibly expensive products.

But what sort of products are you talking about?

Although Gucci is best known for its purses and belts, the brand also sells a wide range of trendy things such as footwear, shirts, jeans, watches, and eyewear.

The Gucci affiliate program is run by VigLink, but before I disclose the specifics with you, I should warn you that promoting Gucci will result in insane conversion rates.

Gucci: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

Returning to the Gucci partner program, affiliates from the leading countries are accepted. Affiliates can usually earn up to 8% commission as a reward for their efforts.

Text links, advertising, and a management team for the affiliates are all accessible very easily. The cookie length isn’t specified, however, you may discover more about it by clicking on the navigation link below.

  • Official Website: https://www.gucci.com
  • Commission Rates: 7 to 8% per sale

12. Etihad Airways Affiliate Program

Etihad Airways is a premium airline based in the United Arab Emirates that allows passengers to fly throughout the world without sacrificing opulence. 

People may buy first-class and business-class tickets on the highly responsive Etihad Airways website to travel in luxury.

The Etihad Airways affiliate program is operational in the leading countries, although the affiliates will need to enroll various affiliate networks or platforms to promote the airline.

Affiliates from the United States, for instance, may join the CJ Affiliate, whereas affiliates living in the United Kingdom must join Awin, while affiliates from India must join Optimize Media.

Etihad Airways: Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

The commission cost is 2% per ticket, and no other details are available. However, there is support staff available to assist you.

  • Official Website: https://www.etihad.com
  • Commission Rates: 2% per booking
  • Cookie Duration: Not disclosed by the company

13. Stylemyle Luxury Fashion Affiliate Program

Stylemyle is a high-end fashion retailer that sells beautiful clothing and accessories for those who like to stay on top of the latest trends.

The luxury fashion affiliate network is run entirely within the company. Affiliates interested in partnering with the brand should provide their information (together with the URL of their webpage) to Stylemyle’s affiliate management staff, who would also review it.


After 10 days of applying, you will receive a response from the staff. A fifteen percent commission rate is offered, along with all the tracking tools, banners, detailed and precise data, with exclusive promotion possibilities.

  • Official Website: https://www.stylemyle.com
  • Commission Rates: 15% commission
  • Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. Bloomingdale’s Affiliate Program

Bloomingdale’s is a well-known department store in the United States. You may be familiar with this upscale clothing retailer, don’t you?

Trendy clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, kid’s clothes, luxury gifts, beauty products, and other high-end fashion items are among the items which they offer. The corporation has been in business since 1861 and is currently headquartered in New York, United States.

Bloomingdale’s administers their affiliate program through the Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network, which anyone from anywhere in the globe may enroll for free.


The company is offering its affiliate partners up-to-date creative assets, newsletters, guides, loyalty benefits, and fair compensation, as well as a helpful support team.

  • Official Website: https://www.bloomingdales.com
  • Commission Rates: 2% commission
  • Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

15. Harrods Affiliate Program

Harrods is the world’s biggest luxury department business, with its locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and other significant nations.

People can purchase luxury designs including fine jewelry for both men and women, as well as fashion, accessories,  wine, beauty products, watches, household & furniture items, and so forth.

And now the interesting part about Harrods: they already have 1.7 million Instagram followers! LinkShare manages the Harrods affiliate program for luxury products.


If you haven’t already, you may join the network by visiting the links we have provided below.

Affiliates that promote Harrods might earn lucrative commissions. Promotional materials are also made accessible, and also a specialized affiliate management staff. The duration of the monitoring cookie is thirty days.

  • Official Website: https://www.harrods.com
  • Commission Rates: Not disclosed
  • Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

16. AMARA Affiliate Program

AMARA is a well-known and well-recognized luxury homeware as well as a gifting company with over 20,000 items from more than 300 luxury home furnishings companies.

They deliver their goods to practically every country on the planet. Almost all the things linked to home furnishings may be acquired from AMARA, including luxury home furnishings, dining products, kitchenware, sheets, lights, and bathroom amenities, as well as many other outdoor and household accessories.

Rakuten LinkShare has listed AMARA’s luxury house affiliate programs.


The commission percentage is 6%. A 6% profit on a $100,000 sale is $600. That’s quite nice, don’t you think so? Affiliates can use resources like banners, text links, monitoring tools, as well as creative assets to help them succeed.

If you have any issues, you may also approach the affiliate support staff. This program’s cookie lasts for thirty days.

  • Official Website: https://www.amara.com
  • Commission Rates: 5% baseline commission
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Open For Vintage Affiliate Program

Open For Antique is among the leading firms selling exquisite vintage clothing and accessories. We discovered a specialized information panel after I googled the brand, indicating that this is not only well-established but also a well-trusted brand.

Open For Vintage sells whatever your consumers need in a single spot, whether they are seeking expensive watches, luxury pieces of jewelry, attractive vintage purses, belts, scarves, or any other similar accessories.

When it comes to the affiliate programs, Open For Vintage employs Awin (formerly Affiliate Window) to manage and control them.

Awin is a great affiliate program for those who don’t want to study and learn how to utilize the interface because it’s so simple to use.

Open For Vintage

This high-end affiliate network provides a 5% commission on the new clients as well as a 3% commission on the existing sales. If people buy watches using your link, you will be getting a flat 3 percent commission.

Affiliates may expect good commissions if they advertise Open For Vintage from top-tier firms. The typical order value is worth more than 700 pounds (which is around $970).

  • Official Website: https://openforvintage.com
  • Commission Rates: 5% on new customers, 3% on existing customers, and 3% on watches

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Conclusion: Top Luxury Affiliate Programs 2024

So, that’s it for our 17 best luxury affiliate programs in 2024.

These aren’t your typical luxury affiliate programs that you have seen on other sites, are they? Good! This is because we have spent a lot of time looking for programs that are truly worth advertising in terms of earning potential.

As you may see, premium products cover a wide range of topics, including the hospitality industry, skincare, and private plane charters.

The most important thing to know is that most affiliates fear marketing these offerings because they believe they are too “large.” As a result, individuals ready to take that chance will have more opportunities.

If you found this article helpful do let us know in the comments section below.

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