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In this post, we have shared Best T-shirt Design Software.

Hey people, are you looking for a t-shirt that goes well in parties as well as informal meets?

Do you wish that the thoughts that are running in your mind should be imprinted over your t-shirt?

Wish you could have the dialogue of a famous celebrity over your t-shirt?

Ever wondered what happens when you wear a unique t-shirt custom made and become the center of attraction of the whole meeting for the party?

Sometimes customer t-shirts also act as messages between friends.

Developing business for all these questions as the solution can initially be very tough but as you set your feet in the custom made T-Shirt printing industry it gains you wonders and also so on you are hell lot of money.

In this article, I will be discussing the Best T-shirt Design Software using which you can design your own logo or any phrase, write anything, and design your custom made t-shirts.

I will be discussing the designing software based on their features, their pricing, their pros and cons, and finally the advantages, and disadvantages of working with the software.4

Best T-shirt design Software

3 Best T-shirt Design Software for 2024– The Complete Guide

List of Best T-shirt Design Software

There are various best T-Shirt designing software that is available over the internet for designing a logo or a phrase or an idiom or anything you wish to type over a t-shirt to make it look more classy and fashionable.

Listed below are a few t-shirts designing software 70 available over the net at negligible or affordable prices and will help you in designing your dream T-shirts.

  • Designhill T-shirt maker.
  • Adobe Illustrator-For Professional.
  • GraffixPro Studio.
  • InkSpace-Best and free to Use.
  • GIMP- An affordable alternative.
  • Place It- Perfect for Mock-Ups
  • Rush Order Tee- Speedy Design Creation.
  • CorelDraw Graphic Suite.
  • FatPaint-Free to use.
  • Design “N” Buy.

Which are the Best Software for T-shirt Design?

1. Designhill T-shirt Maker: Best T-shirt Design Software

Features and Characteristics

The first T-Shirt designing software that I will be discussing ahead of you is the Designhill t-shirt maker. Designhill t-shirt maker is an excellent software that will help you to create a custom made t-shirt with complete ease.

This is because of its inbuilt applications and features, the commands, and inbuilt tools which help you in the simplification of the complete process.

Adding desired text logos, changing the color replacement of font, and much more are the options that are available under the Designhill t-shirt maker.

Designhill t-shirt maker is a software of custom designing t-shirts for people who aren’t Pro in t-shirt designing but wish to start doing so. 

Graphic design at Designhill- best T-shirt design software

Pricing Plans at Designhill

There are four premium plans that Designhill has to offer its users for making custom made T-shirts. These premium plans are listed below with their pricing and the features that they offer. 

  • Fast Track.
  • Standard.
  • Executive.
  • Premium.
  • Fast Track

The features that Fastrack premium plan under Designhill offers are 20 plus designs expected, good designers, 100% money-back guarantee, maximum designs for a designer, and unlimited designers.

To enjoy all the services and features offered under the fast track premium feature the user needs to pay an amount of 249 dollars per year. 

  • Standard Plan

The features that standard plan and design hill t-shirt maker offers r40 + design great designers 100% money-back guarantee unlimited designs and designers newsletter promotion and social media promotion.

20 are the services under the standard plan the user needs to pay an amount of 399 dollars per year.

  • Executive Plan

The features that the execution plan has to offer are 60 plus designs expected expert designers 100% money-back guarantee unlimited designs and designers newsletter promotion social media promotion and blog promotion.

Enjoy the services under the executive plan the user needs to pay an amount of 699 dollars per year. 

  • Premium Plan

The features that premium plan has to offer under the design hill t-shirt maker uh aah are 80 plus designs expected exceptional designers money-back guarantee unlimited designs and designers newsletter promotion social media promotion block promotion highlighted contest and one free paid invites.

To enjoy the services the user needs to pay an amount of 1000 dollars per year.

Designhill T-shirt design

2. Adobe Illustration- For Professional

Features and Characteristics

Adobe premiere is a professional video editing as well as designing tools or software. I would not suggest you use the expensive versions and high graphic versions of Adobe but there are lower versions of a dog that can be used for t-shirt designing as well.

One such type of Adobe is Adobe professional which can be used for designing t-shirts. Professional is a high graphic t-shirt software with the capability of producing high-quality t-shirts and designs.

With adobe illustration, you can change the font images text and the most important thing you can rotate as well as resize the design that you’ve made.

With Adobe you not only design for T-shirts but also for business cards or any other material. 

The working process with Adobe illustration is very simple. Just like other professional software all you need to do is screenprint design that simplifies the complete process of creating a layer.

Again there are spot color files that will help you to create your design or print your t-shirt.

Adobe Illustrator

Pricing at Adobe Illustration- For Professional

There are two premium plans that adopt illustration has to offer its users for the design of T-shirts. The premium plans are listed below.

  • Illustrator Single app.
  • Creative Cloud App Ilustrator+All Adobe Creative Apps.
Adobe Illustrator Single App

The first premium plan that Adobe illustrator has to offer its users for smooth designing of T-shirts is the Adobe illustrator single app. There are more than 10 features that are offered under this plan.

To name a few we have to create, edit, and combination of simple shapes, design logos, and drawings of vector graphics, adding effects to make the art pop adding impact with professional typography design packaging with 3D rewards tool adding images in artistic effects and many more.

Enjoy the complete services offered by Adobe illustrator the user needs to pay an amount of 16236 rupees per year.

Creative Cloud App IIlustrator+All Adobe Creative Apps

The next premium plan that comes under the Adobe Illustrator for the design of T-shirts is the creative cloud + all Adobe creative apps.

The features that come under this plan are nearly the same as that of Adobe illustrator single app but the additional features that come under this app are all the software that belongs to the family of Adobe.

Enjoy the services offered under this application the user needs to pay an amount of 40584 rupees per year.

3. GraffixPro Studio: Premium and Best T-shirt Design Software

Features and Parameters

The next premium software that I would like to discuss in the list of T-shirts designing software is the graphics Pro studios.

The specialty of this studio is that there are more than 45 pounds and 3000 images that come up with numerous t-shirt templates that are already made making it easy for the user to design t-shirts.

Another specialty of this graphics Pro studio is that it is very easy to use and the software can be used by even people who don’t have any knowledge about designing software.

The software permits you to design your oven 8 or even there are libraries for readymade designs. having a distressed look adding shadows and playing with the artwork are the features that graphics Pro has in them.

There are video tutorials to teach the new candidates how to design anything using Graffix Pro studio making sure that even the person with zero knowledge about designing can work with complete efficiency using graphics Pro.

It has a free version as well as a paid version the free version has limited specifications and features whereas the paid version has more than awesome features.

GraffixPro Studio

Pricing at GraffixPro Studio

GraffixPro is available free of cost over the internet. All you need to do is go on the website of GraffixPro and enter your product serial number to see the content.

There are several requirements for installing graphic process videos which are processor should be greater than Intel Pentium 5 operating system should be more than windows 8.1 there should be 4GB RAM and 400 MB free disk space.

Graffix requires a 1GB recommendation for space. 

Best T-shirt Design Software and Business Platform

In this article I will be discussing the designing of T-shirts in a two-way format wherein first I will be discussing the best software for designing the custom made T-shirts.

And also they will help you with various platforms that allow the view to selling your design or self-made custom made T-shirts to upload over them fore people to have a look at it and purchase it if they like your custom made t-shirts

Best T-shirt Printing Business Platforms

There are various social media marketing platforms that help you to upload your product over there platform and make sure that people watch your designs and t-shirts that you manufactured or produced and if in case these people surfing over the website like your product can purchase it.

Here is the list of a few platforms that help the manufacturer and the seller to start their business and products.

Here are some details regarding certain the above manufacturing and supporting platforms:

Printify- T-shirt Printing Business Platform

Detailed about Printify

Printify is an online platform that makes the exchange of products from the manufacturer to a seller and vice versa and tries to make the complete process of exchange of goods as simple as possible.

Printify believes in a model to manufacture a replica of a machine generator to lower the weight of artistic work and designs.

It becomes super easy for people who already have contacts with the manufacturers in case of sellers and for the manufacturers who have friends that readily generate sales for the product they produce.

The creation of a 3D impression to be imprinted on the various products is very easy with the help of Printify as it has all sorts of color options readily available.

There are also several supporting factors that will help a designer to create a more than awesome and eye-catching design which later gets printed on the accessories for sale.


Features of Printify
  • Create Custom Products

The first feature that Printify has to offer its users and by users I mean benefactors and sellers is custom created products.

  • Sell your Product

This feature enables the users, the manufacturers, and the sellers to do business with Printify where the platform will allow the manufacturer and the user to communicate with each other because they are in need of each other.

  • Amazing products already made for designs

If there is a manufacturing company and wishes to produce a certain product he did not think about designing it as Printify has options available for him to select a product from the list of products that Printify caters to. 

  • Amazing online partners

It has an amazing online partner that they work with. Printify partners include great names like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay. Prestashop, Bigcommerce, Wix stores, Printify API, and over 500k store owners.

Printify- design your t-shirts

Pricing of Printify

There are three premium plans that Printify has to offer its users for enjoying all the services offered by Printify.

The premium plans are named as a free premium plan, the second one being the premium, and the final being the enterprise plan. Below listed are the premium plans and detailed explanations of what is offered.

  • Free Plan. (Free)
  • Premium Plan. (30$/month)
  • Enterprise Plan. (Customizable)

Printful- Tshirt Printing Business Platform

Detailed about Printful

Covering major parts of the world, Printful has developed the same business as that of Printify. Initially holding grip over various parts of the USA, Mexico, and Europe, the company hasn’t stopped since.

The customer just needs to sign in and get into the family of Printful to integrate the business he possesses or wants to initiate.

The main difference between Printify and Printful is that Printify serves you everything in the plate cooked whereas in case of Printful you will be provided with the ingredients and have to cook for yourself.

Meaning, that Printful helps you with the areas and information about various manufacturers and you yourself have to visit the location or produce your own product.

Printful- best t-shirt printing software

Features of Printful
  • Create a Custom Product

The manufacturers have the liberty to produce the products that Printify creators do and the seller has the Liberty to create his own designs and with a mix of both of them, the manufacturer or the seller can start their own business.

  • Great working experience

Working with Printful is a three-way process the first step is that you need to create your own store by connecting your online store to print full and fill it with products the customer will then order one of the products that you produced and sell it.

The second working process comes as the factory.

  • Amazing online partners

To name a few they have partnerships with Shopify, WooCommerce wix.com Squarespace Equalled. BigCommerce Prestashop Weebly big bottle Magneto Gumraad Shipstation 3D card launch card Webflow and Etsy. 

  • Responsible Fulfillment

This feature has enabled the users to save resources and avoid leftovers which make sure that the products are manufactured only when there is an order placed by the seller.

  • Free to use

As the name suggests the meaning for this feature is totally different it means that there will be no monthly or upfront charges that the seller will be charged and the seller needs to make complete payment to the manufacturer only when the complete sale of the products is done.

The nominal charges that are to be paid it will start only after the fulfillment and shipping are confirmed.

Pricing of Printful

There is a profit calculator that helps the user and the manufacturer to calculate the profit that he is making after selling a product.

Again there is a certain amount decided over every product that the user will earn as profits definitely.

Examples of such dedicated profits are for a long sleeve print its $6, for short sleeve print its 2.5 dollars per sleeve, embroidered logo can cost around $3, again and outside label costs around 2.5 dollars each. 

What is the Printing of a T-shirt and Why is it a Good Business?

The process of taking the measurement of a person to stitch the t-shirt, designing a proper logo or a phrase or an idiom, I’m getting it over the t-shirt is known as the printing of a t-shirt.

Printing of a T-shirt can be a good business as people never like to wear outdated clothes but wish that they follow the trend in fashion that is currently in action.

There are several dialogues and punch lines from favorite means or a fashion personality or a YouTube creator and many people.

Also, there are merchandisers of various companies that are sold and people earn huge profits out of it.

Making the most of printing the t-shirt as a business can earn you use profits as the manufacturing cost and the designing cost is where is lesser as compared to the selling cost of the product.

With designing the t-shirt if you provide the quality of cloth that people wish and according to the seasons, there is a possibility that in future days to come you might compete with famous and well-known t-shirt brands.

Benefits of Printing T-shirts as a Business

The following are the benefits of having a T-shirt designing and printing as a Business:

  • Quality, as well as Quantity Products

Quality, as well as quantity products, can be manufactured at affordable prices and it depends on the manufacturer to decide the price of a single product.

For example, if the manufacturing cost and designing cost is 12$ and the user wishes to sell it for supposing 30$, he has a profit of 18$. In such a manner the manufacturer can earn huge profits.

  • Following the Latest Trends

If you are the designer and manufacturer of a t-shirt company you have the liberty to print and maintain the quality of the t-shirt according to the latest trends in fashion that is currently in action.

What is disease attracts youngsters towards the brand making it the most used brand in clothing?

  • Creativity

People who have a creative mindset can work as designers for multinational companies that produce T-shirts.

Designers on youth salaries as company page them will for designing since the art that they will be printing over the t-shirt spread worldwide and people all across the world will be aware that design given the quality of the product remains the same. 

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FAQs | Best T-Shirt Design Software

👍 What are some tools for T-shirt Design?

There are many tools available on the market for the T-Shirt design. To list a few: inkyROBO, Design’N’Buy, ShirtTools, InkSoft, LiveArt, These tools each have their specialty and will help accomplish various designs to fulfill your creative pallet. Each of these tools should be explored until you find one that suits your design needs.

🤔 How to design a graphical T-Shirt?

There are a few online software’s out there that can help you accomplish this feat. But one would often find it tough to narrow it down. The software itself is often straight forward. So the best thing to do is to develop a creative mindset. Preferably sketch out the drawing you are thinking of on paper and then go on to try to design it on this software. This way you know exactly what you are trying to do.

🤨 Is it possible to design and distribute my T-shirts?

Yes, it is possible. If you can make a good creative T-shirt design using certain tools, even ones as basic as photoshop you will be able to make a good profit by distributing T-Shirts that you have designed. Especially with professional tools, and the use of existing online marketplaces, it is quite possible to make a good sum of money through T-Shirt design.

🤟 How to get inspiration for the design?

One can explore all the common platforms out there to get basic inspiration. That can be anything from Reddit to Pinterest. But one could also benefit from Instagram and other social platforms. Inspiration can also be found by fiddling with these tools but it is not as effective. Inspiration is very important, as these tools can only help you out if you know what you are trying to accomplish.

🤟 Where can I get the T-Shirts I designed manufactured?

There are many local garment producers. But there are also some mainstream things like Zazzle, Custom, and Rhinestone. But sometimes you will find that on some websites you can design as well as sell on the same websites. There are very effective ways to get T-Shirts manufactured for you to sell, and they will be sure to do well as long as you have good designs.

❓ Can I build my own T-Shirt business without much money?

Yes, you definitely can, but you should be warned that it is a competitive business. You should be able to turnaround a profit pretty quickly if you use the right strategies, and design good shirts. But you will definitely need money for brand building and marketing which can be done pretty well on a low budget through Facebook Ads.

🙋‍♀️ How can I find out if my T-Shirts would sell well?

You must pinpoint the current areas of interest for your target audience. You can also use google trends to help pinpoint certain locations and the popular trends in that area. The best way to test the potential sales of your T-Shirt is through the feedback you can get from Social Media. Like Instagram Comments, or Twitter Retweets. Through Social Media, you can get some improvements and tweak your design accordingly if needed.

Conclusion | Best T-shirt Design Software 2024

This is a section where I will conclude about every designing software, best t-shirt design software as well as manufacturing and selling support platform for or people who wish to start their businesses in designing as well as manufacturing of T-shirts.

Starting with the manufacturing and selling there are various platforms that are available over the net which will help people right from designing their own product to uploading it over the website and getting reach for people to have a look at the product and purchase it.

Now talking about the software that helps in designing particularly, there are various software that helps people in designing.

Many software are mentioned above along with their features and pricing. Building a career or developing a business in t-shirt making can prove profitable as the marketing cost is more as compared to the manufacturing cost of a t-shirt.

I hope you found this blog about Best T-shirt Design Software useful.

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