Best WhatsApp Proxies In 2024: Which One Should You Buy?

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Here are some Best WhatsApp Proxies in 2024. With over 2 million users worldwide, Whatsapp is the most famous social messaging platform. All you need to do is register your phone number and you will get connected to people who have your contact number.

However, at times Whatsapp imposes bans on certain marketers, travelers or even regular users who go against the company’s terms and policies. In such a scenario, you can buy proxies to access your Whatsapp account. 

In case you are blocked from accessing Whatsapp or you wish to scrape data from it, you can make use of proxies. This article will talk about the best Whatsapp proxies and their characteristics. 

In case you’re in search of a Whatsapp proxy, you have landed on the right page. With so many options available, choosing the best proxy can prove to be a daunting task.

However, to help you with your search and narrow down your choices, here is a list of the best WhatsApp proxies.

Without any further discussion, let us look into each proxy in brief.


ExpressVPN is undoubtedly a leading proxy provider in the entire VPN market. Allowing you to access apps like WhatsApp, ExpressVPN offers unrestricted and unlimited access to the web.

Best Value

In case you are looking for a proxy provider that can do web scraping, including scraping the WhatsApp conversations, you can never go wrong with ScraperAPI .

1. Bright Data (formerly

Being one of the most popular residential proxies in the entire market, Bright Data offers some of the best proxies that have high compatibility and offer great speed.

As of now, Bright Data owns more than 72 million proxy pool IP addresses, obtained from almost every country and chief cities around the globe. 

With the help of these IP addresses, you can scrape your chat on WhatsApp without the fear of getting blocked. The reason behind that is simple. As the proxies keep rotating, it changes the IP after a certain period or after every request. 

  • IP Pool: more than 72 million
  • Location: each country worldwide
  • Bandwidth allowed: starts at 40GB.
  • Concurrency allowed: unlimited.



  • Offers a free trial period of 7 days with money back facility
  • Sufficient protocol support
  • A huge network of proxies
  • Large and considerable features
  • Diverse layers of authentication
  • Available 24/7 for support with a designated account manager


  • Very costly
  • Owns a learning curve for unschooled users


2. My PrivateProxy 

My PrivateProxy is a great datacenter related proxy provider. Moreover, each of their proxies is hugely compatible with several platforms on the web, including WhatsApp.

You can bypass zonal/geographical restrictions and unblock WhatsApp with the help of proxies from My PrivateProxy. 

Similar to HighProxies, MyPrivateProxy’s data centers are located in countries of Europe and North America. Being highly reliable and with a brilliant uptime, MyPrivateProxy offers private proxies that are the market’s most speedy private proxies.

One interesting thing that you must know about them is that their wind power is used to operate their data centers. This is why you can refer to Myprivateproxy as an eco-friendly proxy provider.

  • Locations: US, EU, Canada only
  • Bandwidth allowed: unlimited.
  • Concurrency allowed: up to 100 threads.

Datacenter related - MyPrivateProxy


  • Instant activation after buying the proxy service
  • Zero waiting time
  • IP authentication and username/password support
  • Guaranteed work, as it owns dedicated proxies. 
  • Offers a great discount for customers who go for bulk purchases
  • On request, you get a free IP refresh after each billing cycle. 
  • Speedy server configurations
  • Low latency 
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Offers a period three days refund policy


  • Poor live support option
  • No trial option
  • Lack of Socks5 protocol in all the proxies


3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly a leading proxy provider in the entire VPN market. Allowing you to access apps like WhatsApp, ExpressVPN offers unrestricted and unlimited access to the web.

All thanks to its diverse servers that are distributed at different locations in the entire world.

The best part of using it is that ExpressVPN offers excellent security and hides your identity and location. Keeping you anonymous, ExpressVPN focuses on Whatsapp usage mainly for the browser (WhatsApp web) and mobile WhatsApp.

However, you can put Express VPN to use on almost all the famous platforms, namely Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, router, android, and many others.

expressvpn-leading proxy provider

  • Location: supported in 94 countries
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Router, etc


  • Offers high speed around each of the server locations
  • Up-to-date security on both server and app
  • Zero logs policy
  • Offers 24/7 live chat support
  • Unblocks all the streaming sites 


  • A bit pricey as compared to its competitors
  • Drops its connections occasionally
  • Unlabelled streaming servers


4. ScraperAPI 

In case you are looking for a proxy provider that can do web scraping, including scraping the WhatsApp conversations, you can never go wrong with ScraperAPI .

Helping you bypass all the anti-bot systems, this WhatsApp proxy gets you on the request page by merely sending an API request. ScraperAPI handles the proxies’ rotation, headless browser, and captcha. 

ScraperAPI has a pool of proxies with more than 40 million IPs. Therefore, you can never get blocked by the platforms as these are entirely customizable.

Additionally, this service manages more than 5 billion API requests per month and meets all the demands of more than 1500 developers and businesses globally. 

  • Proxy pool size: more than 40 million
  • Geotargeting support: completely depends on the plan selected.
  • Free trials: 1000 API calls
  • Special features: handles the browsers and solves all captcha.

Scraper API - Best WhatsApp Proxies


  • Pinpoints potential affiliates
  • Competitive price
  • High converting product


  • ScraperAPI has an established competitor in the market already. This often creates a real challenge for ScraperAPI to drive the affiliate’s attention.


5. SmartProxy 

While the other proxies may be a bit pricey, SmartProxy plays smart here. In case you are searching for premium quality proxy providers that beat Bright Data or are as great as Bright Data, you can never go wrong with SmartProxy.

You can avail the proxies from SmartProxy at just $75.

However, you must know that different types of proxies have different prices because of the bandwidth they offer. SmartProxy allows you to purchase residential proxies of high-quality to scrape chats from WhatsApp.

SmartProxy has a pool of more than forty million IP addresses from 195 disparate locations globally. It also provides high rotating proxies. With a SmartProxy proxy, you can conduct a session that will last for around 10 minutes. 

  • IP Pool: more than 40 million
  • Concurrency allowed: unlimited.
  • Locations: 195 locations worldwide
  • Bandwidth: starts at 5GB.

Smartproxy - Best WhatsApp Proxies


  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Has API and dashboard to handle your proxies
  • Has geo-targeting
  • You can control and select between sticky sessions and rotating.
  • Create sub-users
  • Offers authentication in diverse ways


  • Lacks the support of SOCKS protocol
  • Bounded city targeting. (it targets only eight chief cities)


6. HighProxies

HighProxies is a great quality data center proxy provider. The proxies that it offers contribute to a few of the premium proxies in the entire market. For unblocking WhatsApp, you can use its private proxies that are extremely secure and dedicated.

At a comparatively cheap price, you can now enjoy excellent proxies that perform really well. 

Highproxies owns servers at many locations, including Spain, UK, Canada, United States, Japan, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, and Italy. Individually in the United States itself, HighProxies own a good number of proxies.

After testing, it is proven that the proxies that Highproxies provide are highly compatible with WhatsApp. If you want maximum performance, you can opt for their social media proxies. 

  • Locations: EU, US, Canada, Australia. 
  • Bandwidth allowed: unlimited.
  • Concurrency allowed: up to 100 threads.

Highproxies - Data Centre Proxies



  • Extremely fast and dedicated HTTP/HTTPS datacenter proxies
  • Immediate delivery of proxies once the payment is clear
  • Three days refund guarantee
  • Great, fast, and responsive customer support 
  • You can request a whole new IP each month.
  • Offers multiple packages to suit your different needs for different websites
  • High speed and low ping


  • No Credit Card payment is accepted.
  • Lacks SOCKS proxies
  • Lacks sneaker proxies

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FAQs | Best WhatsApp Proxies

🙌Why do we make use of private proxies to access WhatsApp?

There are no arguments that a residential proxy is comparatively more reliable with the web's biggest platforms. However, among all, a majority of them include rotating-type proxies that keep changing their IPs more often. For only managing and unblocking accounts, you can put your Whatsapp account at high risk by using residential proxies. This is why private proxies are used as they stay at one particular IP address and are perfect for managing accounts and unblocking purposes. One interesting point is that they are available at a lower price as compared to residential proxies.

👍Is it illegal to use proxies to unblock WhatsApp?

No. It is never illegal to use proxies. Even though Whatsapp does not allow it, you can still use proxies to trick the AI system of WhatsApp. However, to stay on the safer side, you must know that a few countries consider the usage of proxy as illegal. Therefore if you belong to any of these countries, be careful while using these proxies. To get a clear picture, check whether the cyber law permits you to access these proxies and VPNs or not.

👉What is a proxy?

A proxy can be defined as an intermediary between your web client and the destination to where you send your internet request. A proxy provides a huge number of advantages and reasons for using them. Straight from scraping the internet for gaining valuable information to staying online and clearing all the geolocation blocks, proxies offer a vast number of benefits.

🤷‍♀️What do you mean by a Proxy used for Whatsapp?

A WhatsApp proxy is defined as a regular proxy server. Usually, standard proxy servers do the job of an intermediary server between the website on the internet and the client's software. If you have specific proxies set up for your browser, know that the requests you make to websites do not directly reach the website. Instead, they are routed first by the proxy server, and then the server will request the website for you. Before your request reaches your target website, your IP address is substituted by the proxy server's IP address. This is when the websites will not be able to see your IP address. In one way, you can even say proxies fake your IP address and replace it with another. This is known as masking or spoofing. By using proxies for WhatsApp, your original IP address gets hidden by WhatsApp. Consequently, WhatsApp will be able to see the IP address of the proxy only. You can even avoid the blocks and restrictions by using these proxies and have access to the banned sites from different locations.

🙋‍♂️Why do I require a WhatsApp proxy server?

The answer to this question is straightforward. As mentioned above, WhatsApp is restricted(partially or fully) in some countries and areas that include parts of Asia, the Middle East, and South America. While the citizens of those countries might have been used to these restrictions, visitors find it highly inconvenient. This is when proxies come into play. To attain complete access to WhatsApp in regions like these, visitors or users use proxy servers. You might want to connect to the internet network and access WhatsApp over a proxy network in a similar manner. For doing this, you will require the service of a proxy server. Most of the proxy networks are available in public places, namely malls, school premises, libraries, or clinics. Therefore, when you find or come across such a network, you might want to save your cellular data and connect your internet with the proxy internet network available there. Finally, many users find fun in masking off their real IPs for maybe security purposes or uselessly. This is when you will need the “IP masking services” of a standard proxy server. All and all, in simple terms, if you wish to access WhatsApp in restricted locations, try the Whatsapp proxy server!

Conclusion: Best WhatsApp Proxies 2024

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that proxies are aliens to the Whatsapp user community as the majority of the users do not require them to access Whatsapp.

However, there can be times when you might require proxies for accessing through WhatsApp. In case you are blocked or wish to handle several accounts or scrape WhatsApp, you can never go wrong with proxies. 

This was the list of best WhatsApp proxies that can provide you with unrestricted access over WhatsApp to get your job done.


Best WhatsApp Proxies


With over 2 million users worldwide, Whatsapp is the most famous social messaging platform. All you need to do is register your phone number and you will get connected to people who have your contact number.With over 2 million users worldwide, Whatsapp is the most famous social messaging platform. All you need to do is register your phone number and you will get connected to people who have your contact number.

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