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GST Calculator
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The Goods and Services Tax, known as GST, is a type of tax levied at the national level by the Indian government. There are various GST Calculators available on the internet that can be used to determine how much GST will cost.

The Products and Services Tax (GST) is a countrywide tax levied by the Indian government on dealers, manufacturers, and consumers of goods and services.

GST emerged from the concept of Value Added Tax (VAT), which means it is applied at every stage of the supply chain, with the consumer liable for paying the GST amount charged by the last dealer or supplier.

More details about the GST

GST was implemented primarily to guarantee uniformity in tax collection. The GST scheme collects tax in a single lump sum at the conclusion of the manufacturing process for goods or services.

GST is levied in five tax brackets: 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%, with different commodities and services falling under different tax brackets. However, certain commodities are excluded from the GST. You may find out more about them here.

There are four main types of GST in India. These are their names:

The Central Products and Services Tax, or CGST, is a federal government tax placed on intra-state goods and services that is governed under the CGST Act. CGST and SGST are often levied at the same rate.

The State Products and Services Tax, or SGST, is a state government tax levied on goods and services supplied inside the state and is governed by the SGST Act. SGST and CGST are often levied at the same rate.

The Integrated Products and Services Tax, or IGST, is levied by the central government on interstate supplies of goods and services as well as imports. The federal government collects the IGST and then distributes it to the states.

The Union Territory Products and Services Tax, or UTGST, is levied on goods and services supplied in any of India’s seven union territories. The UTGST is collected concurrently with the CGST.

What exactly is the GST Calculator and how does it work?

GST calculating tool India is a simple tool for determining the proper GST amount on purchases of goods and services. It also shows how much GST is included in the price of a goods. To use a GST calculator, provide the following data:

Determine the cost: You must decide whether to compute GST using the GST exclusive or GST included pricing.
Amount total: The cost of the product (included or exclusive) Rate of taxation: The GST tax bracket where the goods are taxed.
Based on the inputs entered, the GST calculator will display the following results:

Total GST Amount: The amount of GST that applies to the original price of the product.
GST Amount: The product’s price including or excluding GST.
There is no need for a formula. The calculator applies the proper formula automatically and produces the most accurate results.


If a merchant who has not applied for GST delivers goods to someone who has, a GST reverse charge will be levied.

Instead of paying the fees to the non-registered supplier, the recipient will pay them directly to the government.

The dealer who is GST registered and must pay reverse charge should prepare his or her own invoice for the goods and services purchased.