FeedbackExpress Review 2024– Is Repricer Express Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

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FeedbackExpress Review


FeedbackExpress is the best amazon feedback software. Remove negative feedback. Increase your Amazon feedback rating. Get more product

Out of 10


  • Deal with any issues customer may have
  • It allows you to respond in real time
  • Gives you a huge boost in the right direction
  • Private label seller this would benefit you hugely
  • Ease of use and setting up
  • User friendly
  • Saves me time and I get more feedback and reviews than before


  • Inflexible tariff plans


Price: $ 47.37

Are you looking for an efficient platform to review requests or automate your Amazon feedback? If the answer to this question, then FeedbackExpress is your one-stop destination.

I’ve always believed that feedback is the lifeblood of any business, especially in the competitive world of e-commerce. As an Amazon seller, I quickly realized the importance of gathering customer reviews and feedback to build trust and credibility.

That’s when I came across FeedbackExpress, a game-changing platform designed to help sellers like me get more Amazon reviews and feedback.

In this review, I’ll share my experiences and insights into how FeedbackExpress has revolutionized the way I engage with my customers and enhance my Amazon business.

So, if you’re looking to boost your Amazon reviews and feedback, stick around, because this is a tool you won’t want to miss!

FeedbackExpress Review

Bottom Line Up Front | Your seller rating and feedback score are key metrics used by Amazon to determine who wins the Buy Box. Sellers with consistently stellar … FeedbackExpress has some notable features that other tools don’t have and this is what makes it an Amazon merchant’s first love. I highly recommended, FeedbackExpress check out now

FeedbackExpress Reviews

FeedbackExpress Amazon Feedback Software  

🚀FeedbackExpress Review: Quick Expert Summary

I am happy to share that FeedbackExpress has revolutionized how I manage my e-commerce business. Before using this tool, I was overwhelmed with the daily tasks of maintaining my online feedback.

But now, FeedbackExpress has freed up my time to focus on other aspects of my business. Let me explain why I am such a big fan of FeedbackExpress and believe you will be, too!

Firstly, I love how easy FeedbackExpress is to use. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, even for those who are not tech-savvy. Plus, if you encounter any issues, the customer support team is always prompt in assisting you.

Secondly, FeedbackExpress features a range of time-saving functions. For instance, there’s an automated follow-up messaging feature that sends messages to customers who haven’t left feedback yet. This feature has saved me a considerable amount of time compared to manually sending messages to each customer.

Lastly, FeedbackExpress offers comprehensive reporting features. I can track my progress over time and identify areas that need improvement. This information is invaluable in helping me fine-tune my e-commerce operations.

Key Features of FeedbackExpress:

1. Email Templates –

You will get a basic email and all the necessary points covered through the email, namely, Seller Feedback, Customer Service, or Product Review.

feedbackexpress review Email Template
Email Template

There will be spaces that are left to be filled. You will also be getting links to the respective pages that need to be filled in by a customer in response.

2. Phone Alerts –

Phone Alert

When a customer leaves a response, the user will receive a response.

This way, he or she would get a phone alert regarding whether the response is positive or negative.

This gives the perfect opportunity for the seller to react in the right manner and also improve the customer’s experience.

3. Seller Feedback –

FeedbackExpress Amazon Feedback review

The feedback you will be getting with the help of this Feedback platform can be checked without any hassles.


FeedbackExpress - Review - Feedback

You will be getting all the responses and also the ones that are a result of the emails sent by you.

4. Email Filters –

This is an amazing feature for helping the seller filter who gets the email.

A lot will depend on the seller’s requirements i.e., customer service, seller feedback, and product review.

Software Review

5. Blacklisting

This is an amazing feature, as all those customers who choose to leave a negative review will not be receiving a follow-up email and will be blacklisted.

6. Payment Plan –

The best part is the flexibility in the plans that can be chosen per the users’ specific needs. 

7. Analytics And A/B testing

Analytics And A:B testing

FeedbackExpress has a feature called A/B testing that enables users to create several variants of a single letter, eventually distribute them across orders, and measure the open rate of each letter.

This allows users to determine the best time and weekdays to send letters to achieve the highest conversion rate. You will only need a few minutes to determine which alternative is the best; after that, the system will perform all the necessary calculations independently.

8. Inbox & manual emails

With this feature, you can monitor all your Amazon buyer messages across all marketplaces on a single page and respond to them as they come in.

There is no longer a requirement to manually monitor the Seller Central of each marketplace for fresh communications. You can also speed up responding to common inquiries using templates you have previously produced.

9. Advanced Analytics:

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your email campaigns with Sagemailer’s advanced analytics. Track open, click-through, and conversion rates, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns further.


FeedbackExpress has some notable features that other tools don't have and this is what makes it an Amazon merchant's first love.

💰  Price

$ 47.37

😍  Pros

feedback express sending the youtube tutorials and asking for feedback.

😩  Cons

The review tracking, since the review is more important than the feedback.


FeedbackExpress is the best amazon feedback software. Remove negative feedback. Increase your Amazon feedback rating. Get more product

Overall Rating 4.5/5

FeedbackExpress Pricing:

feedbackpress pricing plans

1. Basic Plan: Starting at $39/month


  • 2,000 Orders per month
  • Buy Box Alerts
  • Hijacker and Listing Change Notifications
  • Search Suppression Alerts
  • 24/7 ASIN Monitoring
  • Recommended Actions
  • Free Trial available

2. Scale Plan- Starting at $79/month


  • 2,000 Orders per month
  • Request a Review Automation
  • Custom Email Requests
  • Email Analytics
  • Review Monitoring & Analytics
  • Feedback & Review Alerts
  • Free Trial available

3. Professional Plan- Starting at $139/month


  • 2,000 Orders per month
  • Combines FeedbackFive’s top-rated review automation features and SellerPulse’s 24/7 listing monitoring.

FeedbackExpress Vs SageMailer 

FeedbackExpress SageMailer
Email Limit 7000 5000
Supported Marketplaces 15 13
A/B Testing YES NO
Inbox & manual messages YES NO
The “Request a Review” button YES NO
VAT Invoicing YES NO
Chat support YES NO
Price $50/month ($50/month)

How Can FeedbackExpress Improve Your Amazon Business?

To successfully sell on Amazon, you must ensure that Amazon’s customers are satisfied. That is what Amazon is concerned about. Over the years, they have earned the trust of their customers to the point where they are now the world’s largest retailer.

What this means for us sellers is that we must do whatever it takes to ensure that our seller accounts are in good health and that all of our metrics meet Amazon’s requirements.

This month, I’ve been testing FeedbackExpress in my second seller account to see if I could use it in my business to improve customer relations.

To summarise, I have been very impressed, and it ultimately achieves what it is intended to do: improve customer relationships, which leads to an improved relationship with Amazon.

FeedbackExpress Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • For sellers looking to improve feedback, this platform is perfect.
  • The main drawback is that it limits your flexibility.
  • With the help of this software, the sellers will be getting on-time alerts.
  • Some of the users have faced some minor issues related to the platform.
  • This is an exciting advantage for sellers to learn about email success or failure.
  • Customers are thanked for their positive feedback and asked for a product review.

Feedback Testimonials: FeedbackExpress Review

FeedbackExpress pricing


FeedbackExpress Real Customer Review & Testimonials

customer Reviews

Faqs Related To FeedbackExpress

⚡How to Get More Amazon Reviews Legally?

There are some following ways to get more Amazon reviews legally. A review can easily increase overall sales and encourage more people to give feedback. You can create a mailing list and ask buyers to leave their reviews. In this way, you can collect feedback from various people. You can also use research tools for keywords. You can use social media platforms to boost the number of customer reviews.

🎉 How to Write Winning Product Titles?

You must write what your target audience likes. The title should connect you with your people. It must be in the right format, including proper name, description, etc. It would be best if you chose the right length with descriptions. A title should carry key features of the product and its benefits. You can also compare your products with other shoppers before buying them.

💥 Will I recover my previous FeedbackExpress invoices?

Do not worry; after your account is transferred to eDesk, the Support Team will send you a copy of all your previous FeedbackExpress invoices for comparison.

🌴 How can I alter my course of action?

Click on your initials in the blacktop bar's far right-hand corner to access Settings and Company Settings > Billing. This screen allows you to add or change your schedule at any stage.

🔥 Where may I get a copy of my invoices?

Click on your name in the blacktop bar on the far right and then on Settings and Company Settings > Receipts. On this tab, you'll be able to download all of your previous month's invoices.

🌟 What is the procedure for canceling my eDesk account?

Only the eDesk account owner will have access to this screen; any other users will be denied access. You can cancel your eDesk account by navigating to Settings and Company Settings > Billing and selecting Order Termination. The eDesk Team will then expeditiously process your submission.

🪵 How can I keep track of product reviews?

Due to a significant update in Amazon's Terms of Service, eDesk does not support tracking Product Reviews.

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Conclusion: FeedbackExpress Review 2024

In conclusion, FeedbackExpress offers a valuable set of tools and features designed to enhance an e-commerce seller’s reputation and success on platforms like Amazon.

With its comprehensive suite of services, including listing health and brand protection through SellerPulse and feedback and reviews management via FeedbackFive, sellers can effectively monitor their listings, protect their brands, and solicit and manage customer feedback and reviews.

The flexibility of pricing plans, starting at affordable rates, allows sellers to choose a package that aligns with their specific needs and budget.

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