GetProspect Review 2024: Is It The Best Email Finder With Linkedin Profile URL?

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GetProspect Review


GetProspect helps the sales teams, marketers, and recruiters to find their specifically targeted prospects in a few clicks. By mass uploading names and domains to GetProspect, you can quickly get email addresses and other information for your existing contacts. Simply import a file, and GetProspect will supplement your contacts with information from our lead database, such as email, position, location, and company.

Out of 10


  • You have the option to export contacts and email addresses
  • Fully customizable features.
  • Not only locates emails but also arranges them into distinct categories.
  • GetProspect provide excellent target identification


  • There are no flaws as such.


Price: $ 49

We made this article on GetProspect Review so that you can know everything about it.

How do you generate interest in your products and services? You make an attempt to contact them and provide them with something of value.

Marketing teams use a variety of tools and tactics to do this. One of these is the use of lead creation tools such as GetProspect.

It assists in organizing your lead creation process, locating leads through the database, and extracting emails from prospects with a domain or LinkedIn profile. That sounds beneficial, correct?

You’ll learn why the GetProspect tool is an outstanding alternative for b2b lead creation, outreach, and even recruitment in our lead finder review.

GetProspect Review: What is GetProspect?

GetProspect lead email finder is a convenient piece of software that salesmen can use to get information about their leads or to aid in their marketing efforts. How does it function?

The online application enables you to do a search for your target audience’s business emails. To do so, you’ll need to know their names, firm, or domain, and then input the info into the lead email finder, which will choose the correct email with a 95 % accuracy rate.

GetProspect - GetProspect Review

Additionally, it includes an email finder Chrome plugin that allows you to get people’s email addresses from LinkedIn. This increases the value of this social lead finder for B2B lead creation, prospecting, and even recruitment.

Additionally, its verification and database management capabilities might considerably benefit your business.

GetProspect Review: Major Features & Benefits

Typically, the functioning of a company lead finder determines if it would be beneficial to the organization. GetProspect provides a plethora of solutions that complement one another in this respect.

Despite its designation as a B2B email search and lead extractor, the application has handy extensions and a robust database supported by CRM.

1. Data Enrichment Capabilities:

Finally, the B2B email finder and lead extractor provide robust enrichment possibilities. What does this imply? This part allows you to not only identify and verify emails but also to analyze LinkedIn sites and corporations.

It is advisable to contact each firm with a tailored strategy when cold emailing or prospecting.

GetProspect Data Enrichment - GetProspect Review

For example, if you submit a file including domains or LinkedIn URLs, you will get more information on businesses and LinkedIn members, respectively. The same logic applies when you wish to enhance data on a certain lead.

Notably, it includes a Google Sheets add-on that enables you to access lead information directly from your Google Sheets document.

As a result, Getprospect’s data enrichment provides flexibility, making it ideal for doing research and gathering data on buyers’ personas.

2. Database and CRM: 

Additionally, GetProspect has two additional capabilities, transforming it into a full solution for many B2B marketers. To begin, it boasts a sizable database of over 50 million email addresses and information on over 7 million companies. It enables you to do a search using your choices.

The important benefit in this respect is the filters that assist in displaying the proper information. You may do a search by firm name, geography, or organization size, to mention a few.

GetProspect Database - GetProspect Review

Additionally, GetProspect has a powerful CRM that enables you to manage your contacts in a precise and organized way. How? It has dynamic nesting and segmentation, which makes it ideal for A/B testing and audience segmentation.

Notably, you can combine it with other software through API or Zapier, allowing it to work with marketing tools such as MailChimp or Hubspot.

3. GetProspect Email Verifier:

Without the verification function, the GetProsepct would be less useful. What is the point? Salesmen need a verified address in order to reach their prospects.

It applies not just to outreach, but also to conventional email marketing, in which marketers analyze emails after each campaign to ensure their spam score and domain reputation do not deteriorate.

GetProspect Email Verifier - GetProspect Review

GetProsepct provides its customers with numerous ways for email verification. The first one is for uploading a CSV file. When you have a list of emails, this approach seeks to validate them in bulk.

The second approach entails just one email verification. It allows you to manually insert up to 20 emails into the web app’s email box.

As a consequence, although the email verifier is a necessary component of lead generation software of this kind, the specific one fascinates with its accuracy and convenience of use.

4. GetProspect Chrome extension: Finding Emails on LinkedIn

Another strong feature of GetProspect is the LinkedIn lead generator, which is available as a Chrome plugin. Due to its simplicity and ability to get data from LinkedIn, the latter greatly contributes to the marketer’s operation.

It is one of the primary benefits, according to GetProspect evaluations on numerous sources.

To begin, by using the extension, you may easily get emails from the website with a few clicks. Simply click on the button to bring up a window where you may enter a name and get a potential email.

GetProspect Chrome Extension - GetProspect Review

Second, when used on LinkedIn, it may retrieve the contact’s address from the target’s profile, your network, or even the LinkedIn search. To accomplish it properly, you’ll need to install an add-on and sign in to LinkedIn.

Each time you log onto LinkedIn, a series of little symbols and buttons emerge, and when you locate a prospect, you may click on them to get their emails. It works for both single and batch email extractions, as you may choose specific contacts or “select all” before hitting the “start” button.

It works with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ connections and is compatible with Sales Navigator when it comes to emails from the search.

They will be added to the list you specify, which may subsequently be viewed through the online version. Thus, you have a very adaptable LinkedIn lead finder that enables you to obtain emails from LinkedIn, a key source of B2B leads.

5. GetProspect Email Finder: 

Lead generation professionals collect leads’ emails and contact them with offers on services, products, partnerships, or promotions. GetProspect seems to have a high degree of operating capacity and flexibility. Why? You may extract emails in bulk or individually.

The bulk option is mostly used to obtain a file that you will later enhance. You’ll need a file with the corporate domains and names of your prospects for this.

GetProspect Email Finder - GetProspect Review

After downloading it into the system, you’ll be presented with a list of potential versions and information on whether or not they’re legitimate.

If you want to extract emails one by one, there are numerous methods. The first advantage is that you may use extensions to get emails directly from the company’s website. It’s really basic and handy for searching through a single email.

The second one is entering the domain name and name into the web interface and pressing “search.” The fact that Getprospect provides several methods simplifies the process of doing various sorts of campaigns or research.

GetProspect Review: Pricing

GetProspect offers a variety of bundles, but the significant benefit is that there are some excellent solutions for individuals interested in running small or medium-sized focused campaigns.

For instance, they provide a complimentary service. You may find up to 100 emails every month using it, although only legitimate or acceptable communications are counted.

Thus, GetProspect may be an excellent free lead generation software if your requirements are not very high.

GetProspect Pricing - GetProspect Review

On the other hand, the specific business lead generator offers more comprehensive products. The Starter subscription costs $ 49 per month and enables the discovery of 1000 emails.

The Basic service, which costs 99 dollars per month, includes the ability to find 5 000 emails. Simultaneously, you may purchase Plus and Pro subscriptions that allow for the detection of up to 20,000 and 50,000 emails per month, respectively, for 199 $ and 399 $ per month.

Thus, when compared to other lead generation platforms, GetProspect’s lead generation pricing is comparable to the industry norm. Nonetheless, the free lead finding feature uncovers more emails than other programs.

Additionally, when you consider the simplicity and structure that GetProspect provides, the price is more than reasonable.

GetProspect Review: Pros & Cons

Now we will have a look on the pros and cons of GetProspect Review for knowing it more briefly.

GetProspect Pros

  • Although many beginners are unaware of this capability, you have been granted the option to export extracted email addresses to XLS Files.
  • Going through the list of the finest Email Finder Tools, you’ll see that some of the best allow for integrations or come pre-integrated with them.
  • Not only does GetProspect provide excellent target identification and the option to further customize it, but it also makes every effort to provide you with a full collection of facts.
  • Not only do you receive a single email address finder, but numerous ones as well.
  • The most convenient and advantageous feature is that GetProspect not only locates emails for you but also arranges them into distinct categories.

GetProspect Cons

  • None

FAQs on GetProspect Review:

Is GetProspect com legit?

GetProspect is one of the most precise email generation programs I've used, providing me with over 95% accuracy in terms of email IDs. This has aided me in streamlining my outreach procedure and doubling the length of my sales cycle.

What is GetProspect com?

GetProspect is a lead-generating tool that also includes an email finder. The simple-to-use program generates a complete list of leads for users that contains names, company email addresses, website information, LinkedIn profiles, and industry classifications.

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Conclusion: GetProspect Review 2024

It’s simpler than ever to find emails for your prospecting campaign. With GetProspect Review, you can easily locate Emails as well as corporate information like their location, phone number, and workers.

Not only that, you may do a mass search and even use integrations to accomplish tasks on a shoestring budget.

You can use Automation to create triggers for a variety of different things, and what’s more, all of this is available at a very affordable price.

All in all, if you’re searching for an email finder tool that can help you improve your leads and save time locating email addresses, GetProspect is the solution for you.

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