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In this post, I am going to share the Latest Hawk Host Hosting Coupon Code 2024.

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FAQ:- Latest Hawk Host Hosting

👉 What is Hawk host?

Hawk Host was founded in 2004 and provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual hosting in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington. ... We believe that the best hosting solution is one where the services themselves know how to recover from common problems with other hosts that require fixes from people.

👀How can I get a discount on Hawk Host Reseller Hosting Plans?

You can avail discounts on Hawk Host Reseller Hosting Plans by using HawkHost reseller coupons during the purchase.

❓How can I contact Hawk Host customer support?

You can typically contact Hawk Host customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, or a support ticket system. Details can be found on the Hawk Host website.

🤑How much discount can I expect with HawkHost reseller coupons?

The discount amount may vary depending on the specific coupon. It's advisable to check the terms of each coupon to understand the discount percentage or fixed amount applicable.

✅Can Hawk Host help with technical issues and troubleshooting?

Yes, Hawk Host's expert support team is equipped to handle technical issues and assist with troubleshooting to ensure a seamless hosting experience.

Hawk Host Hosting

How To Use Hawk Host Coupon Codes?

Step 1. Click on the coupon code:-

Now, you will be redirected to a Hawk host Official page where you get the coupon, copy it, and head on to the website.

Step 2. Select your plan:-

hawk host pricings

There are many plans available; kindly check the plan that you require and then proceed.

Step 3. After selecting the plan, add it to the shopping cart.

Step 4. Choose Domain. hawk host domain

After choosing a domain, proceed to further details.

Step 5: Now, at checkout, enter your coupon code and get awesome discounts; enjoy!

What is Hawk Host?

Hawk Host is a web hosting company that provides a range of hosting services to individuals and businesses.

Established in 2004, Hawk Host offers various hosting options, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, as well as cloud-based solutions.

Known for its reliable performance, Hawk Host features services like unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, free SSL certificates, and daily backups.

Why Choose Hawk Host?

1. Safe & Secure:

They have a team of trained professionals who will be monitoring you not only in your physical location but also in the software as well. And with this web hosting, your site will be safe and secured.

2. Support 24/7/365:

Here, all the plans will get round support, and it really doesn’t matter what time you are willing to contact their customer service. You can easily contact them. And here, all their expertly trained staff will always be there to help you.

3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee:

All your sites will be fully backed up by their SLA, and they will provide at least 99.9% uptime, and that is really the best part of this web hosting provider.

4. Experienced Web Hosting:

As it has been in the market since 2004, it has been providing the best web hosting possible. Here, they are experienced and totally devoted.

5. Free Migration Certificate:

They have a 24/7 migration team that will be ready to move from the old host to the new host. They will always be there to transfer and restore your just for free.

6. CloudFlare Optimized:

This web hosting is an official CloudFlare partner, and their data center is basically CloudFlare optimized. Here, CloudFlare is totally free and really easy to enable. It will also provide countless performance improvements.

Different Plans Offered By Hawk Hosting:-

Shared web Hosting 

hawk host shared web hosting plans

Hawk Host’s shared web hosting is an affordable and user-friendly hosting solution, offering plans with features like unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, and databases, as well as free SSL certificates and migrations.

Semi-Dedicated Cloud Hosting

semi dedicated cloud hosting

Hawk Host’s Semi-Dedicated Cloud Hosting provides a higher-performance hosting solution with more resources than standard shared hosting, ideal for websites requiring greater processing power and memory.

This service offers enhanced speed, reliability, and scalability, leveraging cloud technology to handle higher traffic volumes and more resource-intensive applications.

Reseller Cloud Web Hosting

Reseller cloud web hosting

Hawk Host’s Reseller Cloud Web Hosting is a service tailored for individuals or businesses looking to offer web hosting services to their own clients.

This hosting type allows resellers to purchase hosting services in bulk from Hawk Host and then sell them under their own brand.

Hawk Host SSL Certificates

Hawk host SSl certificates

1. AlphaSSL:

An entry-level SSL certificate is great for e-commerce or personal sites.

Pricing: Starts at $14.99/mo.

2. DomainSSL:

Domain Validated SSL certificate, best suited for e-commerce, shopping carts, and personal websites.

Pricing: Starts at $84.00/mo.

3. OrganizationSSL:

Organization-validated SSL certificates are ideal for businesses or services requiring high trust and verification.

Features include SGC support, 99+ browser recognition, and a $100,000 warranty.

Pricing: Starts at $89.99/mo.

4. ExtendedSSL:

Extended Validation SSL certificate is meant for businesses, organizations, or services requiring the highest level of validation.

Pricing: Starts at $399.99/mo.

Pros & Cons of HawkHost


1. Diverse Hosting Options: Hawk Host offers a variety of hosting services, including shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting, catering to a wide range of needs and website sizes.

2. Global Data Center Locations: With data centers in multiple locations around the world, Hawk Host provides localized hosting solutions that can reduce latency and improve site speed for your target audience.

3. Free SSL Certificates: They offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, enhancing website security and trustworthiness without additional cost.

4. 24/7/365 Support: Hawk Host provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring help is available whenever needed.

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: This offers peace of mind and reduces the risk for new users trying out their services.

6. cPanel Interface: The use of cPanel for website management makes it user-friendly, especially for those who are accustomed to this popular control panel.

7. Free Website Migration: For users switching from another host, Hawk Host offers free migration support, easing the transition process.


1. Limited Resources in Lower Plans: Some of their lower-tier plans, especially in shared hosting, may have limited resources, which might not be sufficient for larger, more resource-intensive websites.

2. Complexity for Beginners: While Hawk Host offers a lot of features, the sheer number of options and settings can be overwhelming for beginners or those new to web hosting.

3. Pricing Structure: The pricing can be a bit confusing, with various discounts and promotions that change over time, making it hard to understand the long-term costs.

4. Uptime Guarantee: While they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, this is fairly standard in the industry and not necessarily a standout feature.

5. No Free Domain: Unlike some competitors, Hawk Host does not offer a free domain name with their hosting plans.

Hawk Host Enterprise E-mail

It is always frustrating to deal with spammy emails and junk files sneaking into your inbox. Hawk Host works with spam experts to provide your inbox with a filtered and junk-free email box.

This would also reduce the chance of any virus or malware in your email.

It promises to filter and scale 99% of the mail. If legitimate mail is unintentionally stored in the spam box, it simply filters it and moves it from the spam folder to the inbox.

All you need to do is just set some specific rules for your account to help determine the spam and non-spam emails.

You also get to choose the rule for your inbox and outbox separately. When your inbox is filtered, you will get the status of the blocked, filtered, or quarantined mail.

A quarantine mail is the one that is filtered and marked as spam. Spam experts do not delete these emails until 14 days.

Moreover, you also get some features in outbox services. For example, if your mail is marked as spam by your customers, spam experts improve the IP reputation and send emails directly to the inbox.

Hawk Host Affiliate Program

Earn 40% Commission On Every Order

  • Free to Join
  • Earn Cash or Account Credit
  • Great for Webmasters and Bloggers
  • No Earnings Limit
  • $15 Bonus for Signing Up
  • Thousands Paid Each Month

How Does It Work?


They Buy

Your referred customer signs up through your custom affiliate URL.

We Get Paid

They pay for their order and become a Hawk Host customer.

You Get Paid

After 60 days, you earn a 40% commission from their signup payment.

What extra will you be getting with HawkHost?

Basically, here, HawkHost offers one-click installers, and it also includes the 7-day backups right in the price. Here, it generally supports PHP, Pear, and Zend, along with Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, and more.


The downside is that you will not be getting some freebies and extras here that are included right with the HawkHost plans.

If you are looking to open an online store, then here you will be getting offers like Zen Cart, Cube Cart and OS-Commerce, all of which are offered to their clients.

HawkHost Money Back Guarantee

For the plans of the Shared Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, and the resellers, all accounts are eligible for the 30-day money refund policy unless and until you don’t interfere with the terms and conditions of HawkHost.

Make sure you carefully read all the terms and conditions on their official website.

HawkHost Support:

Customer support is one of the important access that you should consider before choosing any web hosting provider.

With HawkHost, you will get world-class expert support. The best part is that here, HawkHost automatically repairs itself when any problems arise.


However, if you face any error or issue, you will get a solution for every problem simply by means of the ticketing system that is mainly available all the time, and you can also contact them by phone here.

For support, HawkHost also has a blog that will give you the latest updates and knowledge base that will help you even without contacting them.

You will also get Twitter and Facebook active pages, But here, the support system is given only by the ticket system.

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Conclusion: Hawk Host Hosting Coupon Code 2024

Hawk Host is a comprehensive web hosting provider offering a variety of services, including shared, reseller, VPS, semi-dedicated, and cloud hosting.

With its global data center locations, it caters to a worldwide audience, providing enhanced site speed and performance.

To make a deal even sweeter, use the Hawk host coupon codes2024 that I have provided. Using these codes can significantly reduce your initial hosting costs, making Hawk Host an even more cost-effective option for your web hosting needs.

Do bookmark this page, as I will keep updating the Hawk Host coupon. Follow Hawk Host on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.


35% Off

35% Off For Life On VPS Plans

35% Off For Life On Vps Plans With Coupon Code

40% Off

40% Off First Payment

40% Off On Your First Payment

Hawk Host Hosting Coupon Code


Hawk Host was started in the year 2004 and till now it has successfully completed 9 years in this field. It is one of the best reliable web hostings on which you can easily trust.

Out of 10


Price: $ 2.99

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