Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap) 2022: Which Is The Best CRM For You? (Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons Compared)

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Looking for a Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap) comparison? In this article, we have shared the detailed Keap vs Kartra post with features, pros and cons along with pricing. Read further.


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Kartra is a sales funnel, simply put it’s a sales funnel builder similar to something like clickfunnels but it has a lot more features and integrations than clickfunnels has.

Infusionsoft is simple to use and easy to understand and CRM is important to lots of companies and there are many solutions out there to evaluate.

  • Complete affiliate management
  • Helpdesk with live chat
  • Beautiful, high-converting marketing pages and landing pages
  • Personalized follow-ups
  • Automated lead capture
  • All data in one place.
  • Seamless integration with various tools.
  • Automated email marketing
  • One of the best landing page builders
  • 14-day trial
  • Direct & API Integration with 300+ Apps
  • Great support & training
  • Built-in shopping cart / eCommerce
  • Offers universal tracking
  • Limited features of web builder
  • Lacks evergreen webinar feature.
  • Setup is time-consuming and costly.
  • Integrations might be tricky for the users.
Ease of Use

The interface of Kartra is pretty straightforward and includes everything laid out in the left panel. A user can easily reach their desired page just through one click, once you select the desired item you are directed towards it.

Infusionsoft is one of the easiest to use tool with navigable interfaces. It is ranked #1 for ease of use.

Value For Money

Kartra gives incredible value when it comes to pricing and the features offered by this platform are one of a kind.

Infusionsoft provides you with the best value for your money with the kind of features it gives.

Customer Support

Kartra has one of the most helpful customer support with various documentation and FAQs sections.

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The moment a stranger comes across your business whether it’s through an ad or a trade show or simply a good search their sales journey starts. 

There’s copy to write, pages to design, emails to send, and automation to figure. People began to notice how challenging it was so online companies like Kartra and Infusionsoft started popping up claiming to help you build your funnel with a click. 

Kartra and Infusionsoft are a solid well-rounded sales campaign that will ensure this journey is smooth and ends with the best with the buy button yet campaigns are not easy to create from scratch.

But, let’s say which one takes the edge when compared head-to-head.

In Kartra vs Infusionsoft comparison, we have shared various questions that is asked by users on Google :

What is Kartra?

What is InfusionSoft?

What are te unique features of Kartra and Infusionsoft (Keap).

What are the benefits of Kartra over Keap?

What are the benefits of Keap over Kartra?

How much Kartra costs monthly?

How much is InfusionSoft?

Pros and Cons of Kartra and InfusionSoft

Should you buy Infusionsoft or Kartra?

Bottom Line Upfront: Infusionsoft (Keap) makes it easy to point and click and create websites on demand and if you’re looking to deliver products and services or build a list then you could choose other platforms like WordPress. Kartra is all-in-one tool which has exceptional tools offered to the users.

Kartra has all the data in one place regarding the landing pad builder, email, marketing, affiliate program etc. When compared head-to-head, Kartra wins the battle of Kartra vs Keap (Infusionsoft) in terms of value of money and the number of tools it gives. Infusionsoft has tons of integration but the integration process is a tedious whereas Kartra integrates through Zapier.

In my opinion, Kartra’s modern-tools take the edge over Keap’s old-school set of features and functionalities. Furhermore, using Kartra is fairly easy a compared to Infusionsoft that has a technical interface.

Try Out Kartra for 14-days free now.

Why Kartra is better than infusionsoft

Overview of Kartra vs Infusionsoft: Should You Buy Kartra or InfusionSoft? 

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a sales funnel, simply put it’s a sales funnel builder similar to something like Clickfunnels but it has a lot more features and integrations than Clickfunnels has. It goes much deeper into it than any other online platform.

Kartra discunts-Katra get started page

The integration is crazy and it’s a one-click all-in-one sales funnel builder that encompasses everything that is set up for you.

They also have plenty of templates landing, sales funnels templates that take you through the process, and within these templates, you have the integrations of your email marketing campaign.

If you want to add a membership site, webinars, everything is integrated into the sales funnels.

So, all you have to do is plug-in in the product. You can upload videos natively to their site and have them hosted on their site. 

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft (Keap) is way more than just your email service provider and if it’s not your kind then you’re in the wrong place. You should not be using.

Infusionsoft or kartra which is better

Infusionsoft only sends an email if you have an Infusionsoft account and you’re using something else for processing your orders and for some of the other functions Infusionsoft is made for you.

You can either use Infusionsoft for everything or using something else for processing your orders. Infusionsoft is not listed-centric so let me Quality that for a second.

If you’re using a Weber or an eye contact or get a response or any traditional email service, provider. Everything is their logic and is going to be based on lists. So, what is this person if they go to this list, what should I do about this list?

Infusionsoft (Keap) does not have lists it’s contact-centric. So, the way that we migrate and move people through the machine and Infusionsoftis by the application and removal of tags. 

Common Features of Kartra & Infusionsoft: 

Marketing and Sales Automation 

It allows you to automatically remove people from a list if they purchase a product and you do simply set-up automation and you don’t have to worry about it.

You can even have an idea about all of the different automation that you can run at the same time. Inside of Analytics, you can see automated sequences and you can see everything broken down into a dashboard that allows you to see everything in one place.

With Infusionsoft, you also get the function of a campaign builder.

These campaigns are built in a sequence of your choosing which will be according to your goals. Once a goal is achieved such as a person filling in their contact information, a chain of events will start automatically.

Tags can be used which will be a naming system to help in tracking leads. 


Kartra would be the winner in this case as each step of their automation has been simplified even for a beginner. Infusionsoft’s interface is a little complicated to handle. But if you’re an expert in marketing software then this works well for you. 

Email Marketing 

Kartra vs Infusionsoft - Kartra Email

Kartra lets you turn on a host of automation based on your recipients’ behaviors.

It also has intelligent split testing where your email contents and subject lines, track conversions and finally switch to whichever version converts the best automatically.

It’s great to use and super simple to understand as well. It also has glorious templates.

You can automate any promotions to send, or even Thank You messages to consumers with Infusionsoft (Keap). Segmentation is available when you do not want to spam your whole contact list. Emails with separate headlines and offers can be sent according to interests. 


While both have automation and template customization features, Infusionsoft (Keap) takes the lead over Kartra with their socks media integration. It can be a way to generate a lot of traffic. 

Landing Pages 

A landing page is basically a short page there, very simple and keeps people from clicking away and oftentimes gets people to buy something. It’s kind of like a one-page mini-website.

Kartra landing page builders - kartra vs Infusionsoft

With landing pages, you can quickly drag and drop. It is very simple and straight to the point. It is a program that is encompassing that you don’t have to use other things. 

You can custom make your landing pages with Infusionsoft. It is noteworthy that while you can change the background of any given template, you cannot customize the elements inside such as button text colors. These templates are also only for landing pages, not others. 


Infusionsoft has some type of customization, but Kartra is ahead with the range of templates it provides as well as those templates being available for any kind of page. 


With every feature, Kartra provides it also has an analysis running behind it. You can see which emails are leading to people visiting their sites. You can see which profits are most profitable.  You can see which funnels lead to more sales. 

Kartra vs clickfunnels- Kartra analytics for sales
Kartra analytics

Infusionsoft also provides reports to track your progress. You can see where most contact is occurring. You can see your revenue sources and forecasted sales generated. 

Kartra vs Infusionsoft-Infusionsoft email deliverability
Infusionsoft email tracking


Karta is the clear winner as it has analytics that has the advantage of being built-in, and does not require add-on as Infusionsoft does. Kartra’S split testing can also be used for any page, unlike Infusionsoft (Keap) which is only for email marketing. 

Customer Relationship Management 

Kartra does have a customer relationship management center that provides details on every action a consumer has taken. Whether they bought a product, opened an email, watched a video, sales that did not go through, and even contact history.

Infusionsoft has what is considered the number one ranked CRM system in technology. It has four aspects: your contacts can be added, merged, organized, and segmented according to their records. 


Kartra does allow for connections with third-party apps so that consumers do not have to start or learn anything from the scratch. Infusionsoft allows for a significant number of categories for integrations. 

Unique Features of Kartra vs Infusionsoft

Features of Kartra 

Kartra coupon codes- Kartra home page cloud

  • The type of integrations you have with the videos is you can have it set up so that if a person only watches like half the video they’re automatically out into an email tag and these can have sent a certain series of emails. 
  • If people have watched and forget to send the video then they can be tagged in a different group and send another series of emails. 
  • The integration is deep and when it goes through as far as the product you can upsell and downsell set up. 
  • They have templates for everything that just integrated everything and again you have membership sites and live webinars. 
  • If you want it, have an affiliate program where people promote your product that they have all set-up within this integrated system. 
  • The integration with Kartra is excellent and they have a lot of education with this like they have training for everything that takes you step-by-step and assists you to get your product out there. 
  • You can sign-yo with two accounts where you can sign-yo with one and take the education and get to know Kartra. 
  • They even offer you a 30vday free trial and you can take this time to learn Kartra, the product and the software, and the features you can get to know. 
  • Once you do this, you can sign-up with another email address and use this one to use your free trial to take advantage of that free time to start using it to promote your products. 

Features of Infusionsoft (Keap)

Kartra vs Infusionsoft -Infusionsoft Features

  • There are a few tags that can be beneficial for the users which are recommended that you have in your Infusionsoft (Keap) account to make the machine function.
  • There are categories of tags: The WP integration is our category of tag for member access. This means that they had a payment failed. This means that they should have access to payment failed access.
  • It is a prospect tag which is lead management centric so someone came in and opted in and started into the machine for blog purpose or blog post ideas. 
  • It’s a tag that you’d like to not remove because it’s going to tell you that this person has already opted-in for them but they may not have bought but they’ve already opted-in to receive this lead management. 
  • So, you’ll know what they came in in, what they came in on from an interest level but I also know that more than likely they opted-in but they didn’t buy. 
  • For example, if I decided to send an engagement series out to my list or my segmentation bucket shout either the first 1000 execution plan on how to launch your blog and get your first 1000 subscribers or the 212 blog post idea lead management. 
  • If my contact had either of these then I’d suppress them from that series because they either have already opted-in or they already bought so they wouldn’t be relevant.
  • If they do buy and they’ve already purchased they’re gonna ask for s refund and it may make you look a little silly so you’d use this to negatively suppress but that’s on a very specific funnel. 
  • That’s a very specific campaign within the machine. What about your overarching campaigns? What if you have multiple campaigns?  You can do it through these tags. 
  • So these tags are in an email category which I believe you’re going to have to create as a tag category that takes about two seconds nothing to freak out about.
  • You can simply add a tag and then if the category does not exist which you can create readily and just type in the category and the tag name in a description.



Kartra vs Keap

💰  Price


😍  Pros

14-day free trial

😩  Cons

No evergreen webinar feature.


When compared head-to-head, Kartra wins the battle of Kartra vs Keap (Infusionsoft) in terms of value of money and the number of tools it gives. Infusionsoft has tons of integration but the integration process is a tedious whereas Kartra integrates through Zapier.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pricing Plans of  Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Which Is Cheaper?)

Pricing Plans of Kartra 

Kartra Pricing

Katra is an insane value. It starts at $99 a month but it has limitations but the limitations never lock away functionality and the only functionality locked away in a higher tier is the agency functionality but otherwise, the only difference is the scale.

You can host 50 videos, 100 pages and sell to 20 products. So, depending on the scope and scale of your business that is when you upgrade which is what I think everything is fair rather than being difficult.

Katra offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. 

The pricing plans are divided into further plans:

  • The starter plan costs $99 per month. 
  • The silver plan costs $199 per month. 
  • Gold plan costs $299 per month. 
  • The platinum plan costs $499 per month. 
  • It has many features such as unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pages, unlimited products. 

Pricing Plans  of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft Pricing

In my opinion, Infusionsoft has changed quite a bit over time on their pricing and their offering. I think they are trying to go off a little bit different markets and they previously did. The pricing plans are further divided into plans: 

  • Essential Plan costs $199 per month.
  • Deluxe Sales Plan costs $299 per month.
  • Deluxe E-commerce Plan costs $299 per month.
  • Complete Plan costs $379 per month.
  • Some of the features include contact management, marketing automation, sales automation, and e-commerce. It can be used by up to 4 users. 


The pricing plans for both are quite pricey if you ask me but I would say they are worth it as they have advanced features and Integrations which can be beneficial to the users.

Even though you might feel whether or not to purchase this but overall they both offer some great plans which could help you boost your business. 

Pros & Cons of Kartra & InfusionSoft:

Kartra Pros

  • Kartra has deep integration and all other things that you can do with this. 
  • Kartra offers email marketing, you can upload videos and you got webinars, membership sites of the affiliates, and landing pages.
  • You also have templates for landing pages if you just want to capture emails.
  • If you want to promote products as you have a membership area if you want to host your e-courses or e-programs on their platform you can do that. 
  • It works if you’re looking for basic features just to get your product up and in the market and have all the systems in place then Kartra is perfect for you.
  • Kartra is great if you have your products in order where you have your lead capture or you have a product that you want to sell an affiliate product that you want to sell it works best and all you have to do is plug that stuff in the emails, set up the membership site if you want to host your membership site on Kartra.
  • You can even set-up affiliate programs where you can promote your products. Everything is encompassing in the true program.

Kartra Cons  

  • Some beginners might feel expensive.
  • No evergreen webinar feature (unless via integrations).

Infusionsoft Pros

  • Infusionsoft comes with fully-fledged customizable lead capture pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, product delivery, log-in and password protection, affiliate management, and email management.
  • If you were to buy all these components separately then it’s going to cost you a lot more than it would do if you’ve just bought Infusionsoft.
  • Infusionsoft is an all-in-one solution.
  • Many people have claimed that the conversions have been increased simply by the fact that it’s an easy-to-use and cutting-edge system.
  • If you do decide Infusionsoft is the right system for you then I do recommend that you purchase Infusionsoft.
  • Infusionsoft is not only used as a sales and marketing tool but it also has transformed into an operational management tool for the delivery of weddings too.
  • So, to have a system which will not only market weddings but also delivers them it’s just amazing.
  • Infusionsoft is an implemented system that actively collects the data of the customers and then uses that to do proactive marketing.
  • Infusionsoft takes into consideration flip charts and translates them into a system that has such phenomenal results in any business is brilliant

Infusionsoft Cons

  • The set-up and customization in Infusionsoft are painful. It is time-consuming and costly neither of which small businesses cannot afford. 
  • Infusionsoft offers a demo of its system but not a free trial which means you really can’t test it out to see if it’s going to work for you before buying it. That’s a big red flag.
  • It can get difficult at times to use Infusionsoft as the integrations might be tricky for both the users.

Benefits of Kartra Over InfusionSoft:

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool where you can create page builders through sales funnels where you can build your business.

You can manage your membership help desk for your customers.

Kartra vs infusionsoft- nbenefits of kartra over infusionsoft

You can have a funnel builder and page builder that takes payments. You can even have your email marketing tool replaced and you can send all your emails and automation inside that.

You even have a membership area for delivering your membership areas and you’re delivering your digital products and courses. 

You even have a deadline funnel which is an automated timer system where you can essentially run black Friday deals or deals are normally just on a set day but you can create these offers in an evergreen way.

That locks it down so it’s unique to each person that either signs-up or joins something.

But there’s no way around it for them. It’s locked down one time offers they see so this is incredibly useful for improving your conversion rates. 

You can even host videos inside for your membership area and your membership system.

Kartra is exceptionally good because the analytics that you have inside means you can create automation based on whether people watch your video.

They get to a certain point and you can add tags to email so you can do much different automation just and what they do inside that video. 

You can take bookings a lot like a calendar so you have the option to have calendars where people can either pay for a booking or schedule a call or anything like that which is great for local businesses and coaching businesses.

You even have link tracking inside so it can manage the link tracking so you can see where your traffic is coming from and what is working.

Benefits of Infusionsoft (Keap) over Kartra:

Is Infusionsoft easy to use

If you’re looking to sell products and services online then it is highly recommended that you build an email list because 90% of the leads that land on your website will not be interested in buying straight away so it’s a good idea to collect their details and then follow up with them 

This can be done by giving away free content, even an ebook, audio services, or perhaps get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Now once you’ve collected the email and telephone number it is a good idea to set-up 10-20 emails to go it for the next 30-60 days and you can send out a broadcast email whenever you have a new blog post.

Perhaps you’ve got some discounts or coupons or if you’ve got a promotional webinar that you’re trying to get people to go to.

It’s said that they need to see your products seven times before they will buy it. So, by following up by email you get a chance to increase conversions.

If you deliver your products and services with cutting-edge graphical design web-pages then people tend to judge a book by its cover so they are likely going to deliver it with cutting-edge marketing funnels then likely your products and services are going to be good.

Infusionsoft (Keap) makes it easy to point and click and create websites on demand and if you’re looking to deliver products and services or build a list then you could choose other platforms like WordPress.

The problem is then you’re going to have to install third-party plug-ins and other systems to deliver the type of product that Infusionsoft can do. 


Both Kartra and Infusionsoft are great to use and they have advanced features that are exceptionally good at what they do and offer to the users.

But Kartra wins this as it provides great benefits with lots of features that are very easy to use and simple to understand and makes the user’s business grow as well.

Kartra Reviews & Testimonial (What Customers Say About Kartra?)

Kartra ease of use reviews- kartra or kajabi

Kartra comparison vs kajabi

InfusionSoft Reviews By Customers:

is keap better than kartraKartra vs Infusionsoft-Keap customer reviews and testimonials

FAQs About Kartra vs Infusionsoft (KEAP)

🙆Kartra can be used for?

Kartra is very simple to use and easy to understand. As it has deep integrations and it also offers email marketing, you can upload videos and you even have webinars, membership sites if the affiliates, and landing pages. It can be used as a background to your pages. You also have templates for landing pages if you just want it to capture emails.

🤷‍♂️ Which one is worth it?

I would say both Kartra and Infusionsoft are great to use and they have advanced features each of their own which makes it all the more interesting and exciting to use it. But when compared to I feel Karta is better as it helps you with page builders, sales funnels, templates, and email marketing.

🙋 Infusionsoft is best for?

Infusionsoft comes with fully-fledged customisable lead capture pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, shopping cart integration, memberships delivery, product delivery, and affiliate management. It’s an all-in-one solution and it is also transformed into an operational management tool as well.

👉🏻 What are the system requirements?

Katra is a Saas (Software as a Service) application And you don’t have to download a thing. All you need is an internet-connected computing device

🙌🏻Do I need coding skills?

No with Katra you don't need coding skill

👍When to Choose Infusionsoft ?

You want a greater number of integrations. You want more straightforward SMS messaging connections. You want personalized sales checkout pages. You want your email marketing to target social media users. You want payments to be through an in-site application.

I have answered a number of questions related to Infusionsoft vs Kartra in this article: 

Does Kartra integrate with Infusionsoft?

How much is Kartra monthly?

Is KEAP an Infusionsoft?

What is the difference between KEAP and Infusionsoft?

How much does infusionsoft cost per month?

Is KEAP a good CRM?

Is Infusionsoft free?

Is KEAP an Infusionsoft?

Is KEAP Hipaa compliant?

What is infusionsoft used for?

What is Kartra used for?

Who founded Kartra?

Who Uses Infusionsoft?

Can I cancel my Infusionsoft subscription anytime?

Does Kartra require any coding skills?

Conclusion | Is Kartra Better Than InfusionSoft? Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap) 2022

Kartra is a simple platform that visually lets you see piece together campaigns that touch on every aspect of your business and it is not stressful to use.

As Kartra is the tested proven campaigns compete with copy designs and automation to be available to you at a press of a button.

You can even sell your campaigns and earn extra money on the side all that and more is possible in Kartra.

You see because Kartra contains all the tools you need to run your business your campaigns will be so much more than simple web-page funnels as they include opt-in forms, emails, automation, tagging, triggers, and more all simply connected via drag-and-drop sequence builder. 

Infusionsoft is simple to use and easy to understand and CRM is important to lots of companies and there are many solutions out there to evaluate.

Infusionsoft is geared towards small and mid-sized companies and includes tools that help with generating leads, managing marketing initiatives, streamlining the sales process, and closing deals efficiently.

I have made the declaration and the winner will be Kartra. The reason for choosing Kartra is its number of tools and all that in one dashboard, InfusionSoft tries to match up with Kartra but has a lot of improvisations and yet too far to go.

Kartra might be more pricey than Keap but it is better in terms of features and provides incredible value for money.

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