ThriveCart Review 2020: Is This Cart Builder Worth The Hype?

In this ThriveCart review, I’m going to look at the pros and cons of this much-hyped system & who should and shouldn’t be using it.


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Detailed Comparison: SamCart Pro vs ThriveCart vs PayKickStart

Let’s start with the most important features:

Feature     SamCart Pro             ThriveCart                     PayKickStart
Customizable Checkout Page Templates/Custom Fields                   18 Templates
Custom Fields
4 Templates                 Several + API
Checkout Pop-ups
Embeddable Carts
Different Payment Plans*
1-Click Bump Offer
1-Click Upsells
Funnel Builder
A/B Testing
Webhooks ?
Multiple Currencies No 16 Currencies 32 Currencies
Language Support 6 Languages 10 Languages 12 Languages
Real-Time Currency
Exchange Calculations
Transaction Emails and Invoices
Customer Hub
Prospects Collection
(aka Cart Abandonment)
Payment Processor Integrations PayPal
Apple Pay
ESP/Autoresponder Integration
Webinar Software Integration
Membership Software Integration
Zapier Integration
VAT/Sales Tax Calculation Via Taxamo Built-in Via Taxamo
Client version
User Management
(additional team users)

Client version
Live Stats
Affiliate Platform
Price $99.00
Sales Page

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Buy now

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ThriveCart Review 2020: Is This The #1 Cart Platform?

What Is ThriveCart?

There are so many options when it comes to checkout cart these days. And with the industry-leading system SamCart infuriating many customers with its actions over the past few weeks, everyone I know is looking for alternatives.

Step in ThriveCart, a system that professes to have many of the same features of SamCart at a fraction of the cost.

Moving Beyond PayPal and Stripe…

Then I discovered shopping carts and checkout platforms, and have been using them to manage my business ever since.

If you’re not sure what these are, here’s a quick overview.

Most shopping cart and checkout platforms provide you with most of the following:

• A way to get paid by your clients & customers

• A secure & trustworthy way of getting paid

• A way to easily integrates with your website

• A way to track your customers’ purchases over time

• A way to build your affiliate program

• A way to communicate with customers through the auto-responder

Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list of features, but it gives you an idea of what possibilities exist beyond the simplicity of processing a payment.

My History With Shopping Carts

To date, I’ve used several different tools, including 1Shopping Cart, Amember, JVZoo, Zaxaa, and WarriorPlus.

Each one has been too heavily focused in one area… like membership sites or affiliates, and none has offered broad enough integrations into many of the tools or software that I tend to use in other parts of my business.

But, perhaps the most important features I was looking for were related to systematically selling more products.

By which I mean that I wanted ways to increase the average ticket price of each order – by using order bumps, upsells, or other devices to get people to spend more.

There are just a few software platforms on the market that have these kinds of features, and I’ve had the opportunity to take three of them for a test drive.

All are really solid contenders, but after trying SamCart, PayKickstart, and ThriveCart, I selected the latter for my business.

So in this ThriveCart review, I’ll look at how the system stacks up against SamCnart, and also other the solutions that are out there on the market.

Why Is ThriveCart Better Than Others?

In short, the platform is built to support a broader user-base than the other two. For example, SamCart and PayKickstart are primarily designed to handle digital products.

Thrivecart affiliate prograns

In addition, they appear more limited with their integrations, whereas ThriveCart has proactively designed their platform to integrate with just about any other tool online.

Finally, after watching dozens of leaders in my industry (digital marketing) transition their businesses to ThriveCart,

I decided to take the plunge and move mine there as well. Now that I’m inside, I can’t imagine any other tool.

Benefits Of ThriveCart

  • High Converting Checkout Pages
  • Embeddable & 1 Click Popup Checkouts
  • Built-In Affiliate Tracking
  • Secure URL’s & Checkout Process
  • Retargeting
  • Trial & Offer Options
  • Price: $97 a month when released to the public.

ThriveCart Autoresponder Integrations

Image of the email marketing and autoresponder integrations options available inside ThriveCart

ThriveCart – Natrive Autoresponder Integrations

  • Infuionsoft
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber Email Marketing
  • GetResponce
  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • ConverKit
  • + Any other autoresponder, just by dropping an HTML form into ThriveCart and it does the rest for you.

ThriveCart Features

  • Simple Checkout Pages
  • Embeddable Carts
  • Coupons
  • Single & Subscription Payments
  • 1-Click Popup Carts
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Funnel Builder
  • Split-Testing
  • Affiliate Center
  • Webhooks
  • & So Much More!!

Who Is ThriveCart Best Suited For?


  • People Who Use One Of The Autoresponders Mentioned Above & More.

At present, ThriveCart nativity integrates with all of the email autoresponders mentioned above. So, if you have one of them you can get set up in just a few clicks.

It is as simple as either adding your API keys as shown in the helpful on-screen guide, or by simply clicking the connect button to integrate ThriveCart with your email autoresponder.

However, if you use a different service, for instance, I use the brand-new email marketing platform, Market Hero, they provide a webhook URL so you can send data to any service you want.

OR you can just add an HTML form generated by your autoresponder and ThriveCart sorts the rest out for us.

Webbooks are also useful for sending data to many other services. You can also use the webhook to send data to any other service with an API. This includes Zapier, membership platforms, Center by LeadPages, your SaaS or software product and so much more.

  • Physical product sellers

If you sell a physical product, ThriveCart has everything that you need built-in to take payment and get all the shipping information from customers.

For my testing, I have found that ThriveCart can take customer shipping addresses from any country in the world if needed.

Just a few examples of physical products I have seen on ThriveCart include custom T-shirts, subscription box services, dog toys.

  • Digital Products, Such As Courses Or E-books

As you would expect, ThriveCart deals with digital products perfectly. You can ask for as much or as little information as you require for each product, plus ThriveCart allows you to give customers the option to pay via PayPal or Stripe.

I have already seen people using ThriveCart to sell everything from digital courses, e-books, SaaS products. Plus of course, when you sign up for ThriveCart you are doing it via the checkout forms.

  • Subscription Products

ThriveCart can take both one-off payments, all subscription payments for you. When you choose to sell a subscription product ThriveCart gives you the ability to kickoff automation and tag contacts based on payment events the same as when people buy a one-off product.

ThriveCart also has a customer management section built-in, so customers can manage during card details and billing addresses if needed.

From my experience, this is one aspect of running a subscription service that I think many people forget.

Certainly, I did when I started. It used to take me hours to be continually updating payment details and addresses of clients on the first system I used.

So just having the customer management options available is a great benefit for people looking to sell subscription products on ThriveCart.

  • Consultants

As a consultant, I, who works with clients to optimize their website and sales funnel for conversions billing clients can be a bit of a headache.

I only have three clients at a time, so I don’t quite need some of the big invoicing systems, yet I would much rather send client something that looks good versus just a PayPal invoice.

Although I wouldn’t buy ThriveCart just to invoice a couple of clients a month as I have the system, I would much rather send my clients to great-looking checkout page then a PayPal link.

I would suggest that invoicing up to 10 monthly clients would be a great use of the system. However, I would suggest if you have a more complicated client setup, then ThriveCart isn’t the solution for this.

Who Is ThriveCart NOT For?

Multi-Product Stores

Like pretty much all other cart solutions including, SamCart, ActiveRelay and others, ThriveCart isn’t the tool we want to use in these situations.

So my advice if you’re looking for online store solutions, is to look at WooCommerce if you want to self-hosted WordPress solution.

I highly recommend Shopify if you want a shop solution that you can get up running five minutes.

Where To Get ThriveCart?

You can get ThriveCart right now, at the lowest price possible here.

  • Guarantee’s

No Questions Asked – 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee.

  • Service Access

You receive instant system access on purchase & just by clicking a few buttons you can integrate your services and be up and running within about two minutes.

What Customers Say About ThriveCart? Thrive Cart Reviews


ThriveCart Reviews from customers

ThriveCart Reviews from two customers

Pros of ThriveCart

There are so many features of the system so in the interests of making this, I have narrowed it down to just 11 pro’s that I find useful in ThriveCart:

  1. Able To Use Cart Forms In Lots Of Ways
  2. Mobile-Friendly & 2 Step Checkout Forms
  3. Fast Loading Times
  4. Upsells & Funnel Builder
  5. Split Testing
  6. Affiliate Setup
  7. Integrations with Lots of Autoresponders
  8. Coupons & Trials
  9. Detailed Customer Stats & Management
  10. Digital Sales Tax
  11. It Blows It’s Direct Competitors Out Of the Water
  12. & There Are Much More Great Pro’s To the ThriveCart System

ThriveCart Cons

  • Limited Tag Level Integrations with Autoresponders

ThriveCart is very well integrated with all of the main email autoresponders.

However, if I look at ActiveCampaign as an example, we can only trigger automation based on payment events. This is great in many ways. However, many autoresponder systems are built around tagging contacts.

While it’s not hard to tag contacts that are in automation, it certainly would be nice in ActiveCampaign’s case to be able to tag contacts directly on payment events. If you’re looking for this deep level of integration with ActiveCampaign, I would advise considering ActiveRelay.

All of the other autoresponders I’ve looks at insight ThriveCart seem to be well integrated.

  • So Many Options

It’s great to have so many options and so many abilities inside a system. However, for some people who just want to sell a basic couple of products all of the extra options and features could be a bit overkill.

If you’re an ActiveCampaign user, I would consider looking at ActiveRelay for a slightly simpler solution.

And for anyone else looking for a dead-simple solution, Gumroad is certainly an option worth considering.

  • Some Geeking Out (Coding) May Be Required

Like every system, ThriveCart is amazing what it does. However certainly in the case of a physical product, you may want to limit the places the product can be shipped to. At present, there is an option to control this, but this is quite an easy fix with just a few lines of code.

If you would like to remove not just a few shipping countries you can simply modify the code I use below only to allow shipping to Australia and address.

// Remove All Shipping Countries Then Add A Few Back
$(function() {
// Remove all
// Add Just these back
$(“#field-customer-address-country”).append(‘<option value=”AU”>Australia</option>’);
// Set Value as Oz

view rawthrivecart-limit-shipping-country hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Thrivecart Review lifetime

A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up A New Product Inside ThriveCart

When you first log into your ThriveCart account, you’ll see your general dashboard for your account.

This is a great place to get a general summary of how your sales are going. There are plenty of ways to customize this view as well, including viewing custom dates and looking at one product at a time.

When you scroll down the page, you’ll see a list of all your products.

Notice the tabs at the top of this section?

They list products (which would be your front-end in an offer funnel) as well as upsells, down sells, and A/B tests (which would compare two products to see which is most successful at achieving a specific goal you define).

For the purposes of this ThriveCart tutorial, we’ll focus on creating the details for a front-end product. But know that the same general process applies to all types of products no matter where they appear in the funnel.

To get started, you simply click the big blue “create new product” button.

On the next screen, you’ll be given the opportunity to fill in all the product details, starting with the product name.

You’ll also have the ability to define how many are available to be sold. Some products, like spaces in a virtual coaching group for example, will be limited, while others, like online courses, can be set sell as many as possible.

You’ll notice in this screenshot that I’ve set the product status to “live.” By default, all products are set to “test mode” so you’ll have the opportunity to fully test your checkout process before you start active selling.

This is one feature that ThriveCart makes very simple to manage.

The next screen is where you’ll define the pricing for your product. As of the time of my posting this, there are 17 different currencies inside ThriveCart. New ones are added based on user demand.

Pricing can be set up as a one-time fee, subscription, split-pay, or pay-your-own price.

In the following screenshot, you can see that I’ve set up a subscription pricing model with a 14 day trial for $1 followed by a recurring monthly amount of $37 with no end-date defined.

One of the features I really love inside ThriveCart is the order bump. Unlike an upsell, an order bump is a chance to offer something special inside the checkout page that will enhance their purchase.

All the customers need to do is check the box and they’ve added another product to their purchase.

Oh, and you can fully customize the text on the order bump.

Further down the page, you can define which payment processing options your account will support on a product-by-product basis.

This allows you to accept credit cards via Stripe or as well as PayPal and ApplePay.

Setting up your payment integrations with these services is very straightforward. ThriveCart includes a video walkthrough for each platform.

Once your payment details have been defined, you’ll need to tell ThriveCart where to send your new customer.

On this screen, they ask for an email or URL where you provide customer support.

In addition, you’ll need to enter a page where customers can access what they’ve just purchased (or at least display a message telling them an email will be sent with access details).

If for any reason, you don’t have your own “success” page built, ThriveCart provides the ability to create one inside the checkout page design (which we’ll look at in a moment).

ThriveCart offers a few standard checkout page designs. At first, I thought this was a limitation, but there’s been a lot of discussion in the ThriveCart Facebook Group about how well these pages have been streamlined to provide the highest conversions possible.

Checkout page options include one- and two-step checkout pages, as well as pages you can embed onto your own website and pop-up checkout forms that can be placed on sales pages, blog posts, or anywhere else where you can embed the code.

After you’ve selected the type of checkout page you want for your product, you can customize the various sections of the page.

ThriveCart gives you the ability to include a countdown timer, guarantee seal, box shot, product bullet points, testimonials, and more – all of which help move your prospective customer toward making a purchase.

In each of these sections, you have the ability to customize fields and define what to include and what not to include.

On most of my forms, I collect as little information from my customers as possible (making the checkout process more friction-free for them). In this case, I’ve chosen to only ask for their name and email address.

Once they’ve completed a purchase, ThriveCart allows me to define behavioral rules like what email list to add them to.

I can also add tracking codes at this point to track conversions from ads or allow me to compile a custom audience for retargeting ads (to people who haven’t bought).

And, since much of my business runs on the support of affiliates, who drive traffic to my offers, I use ThriveCart to manage and automatically pay my affiliates.

Affiliate management happens at the product level as well as the account level, meaning I can manage and run reports on my affiliates in more details than what you can see here.

In this case, I have set up the product to pay the last affiliate who sent traffic to the page to be cookies (you can also cookie the first affiliate to do so), and I’ve set the cookie to never expire.

On the next tab, I’ve defined how much the affiliate gets paid, and when. Payments can be set to automatically be made or the can be paid manually if you’d like to review things first.

Finally, here’s what one of my checkout pages looks like.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of what the folks at ThriveCart are doing.

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Their checkout templates are fine-tuned and optimized to help you instantly improve your conversions and increase revenue as soon as you switch them on.

They are designed to work perfectly on any device and entice visitors to buy. Any changes can be made in an instant and with a few clicks, you are live.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your sales and promotions in real-time.

Perform A/B tests and locate weak spots in your marketing or funnels, so you can fix them in minutes. Watch sales come in, manage affiliate promotions and much more.

ThriveCart Pricing

Thrivecart review discount coupon thrivecart offer

Get ready to join thousands of happy Thrivecart
charter member users


“ThriveCart brings a solution that’s the opposite of confusion. For my business, it allowed me to focus on promotions instead of tech problems. Elegant simplicity. I love it.”

Nic Lucas
Massive Impact International

“Over the span of 7 years, I’ve seen a lot of cart builders, but never one as integrative, plug ‘n play, and feature-rich as ThriveCart. And their staff & support is top grade too. You won’t be disappointed.”

Barry Goss

“I wanted a beautiful checkout page that didn’t cost a fortune. ThriveCart gave me that and so much more. Definitely an investment that will pay for itself many many times over.”

Latasha Kinnard
Start Young Financial Group

Have a question? ThriveCart Review And Lifetime Access To #1 Cart Platform To Boost Sales :

Thrivecart review discount coupon thrivecart offer


  • Easy Set-Up
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Amazing Affiliate Systems
  • Integration Options with many membership sites
  • No monthly charges
  • Create Upsells and Bump Offers
  • Quickly Create New products
  • You can also set up 2-step checkout forms.
  • Cart-Pages are mobile Friendly
  • You can manage digital sales tax easily.
  • Integrates with email autoresponders.
  • Get access to all templates, checkouts and layouts.
  • With the help of ThriveCart you can create coupons, discounts, and trail to your customers at the checkout steps.


  • There is no advanced support for failed payments.
  • Selling ThriveCart services is bit complicated.


ThriveCart FAQs:

✅ What payment processors does ThriveCart currently work with?

We integrate quickly and easily with Stripe, PayPal and and allow you to integrate multiple accounts of each. We are quickly planning to add in support for additional payment processors over the coming months. (So secure your license now, while you still can, to lock in your access)

🔥 Do I have to pay any other fees in ThrivaCart?

You will never be charged monthly, yearly or percentage based fees from us if you purchase this limited lifetime license. You may be charged fees by your payment processor as standard.

💥 Does ThriveCart integrate with other platforms?

ThriveCart is constantly adding more support every week for other platforms but integrate with all the top autoresponders, membership platforms, Kunaki and more. You can see some of the logos of the companies they integrate with at the top of the page and contact us if you have any questions.

👍 Does ThriveCart handle sales tax calculation?

ThriveCart has a feature built in that will automatically calculate and charge the correct percentage of sales tax on top of your customers order based on their location and rules that apply. It provides you with a report and records appropriate information about the order. (Meaning you don’t have to pay for a service like Taxamo separately)

🏆 Is Thrivecart lifetime offer really limited?

ThriveCart will be a monthly fee for usage, with a slight discount if you pay yearly. Only right now can you purchase a lifetime license which means you pay once and NEVER have to pay us again. Other carts charge percentages of everything you make, or hundreds of dollars every month!

⚡⚡ Does ThriveCart keeps updating?

Thrivaecart has a strong roadmap of new features in place and a dedicated team that works tirelessly to make ThriveCart better and better. They have many new features planned, including support for physical products and your lifetime license gives you access to those new features, at no extra cost.

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The Final Verdict: Is ThriveCart Worth Buying? ThriveCart Review

If you are in the market for a top-level cart solution, yes. When compared to it’s a direct competitor of SamCart it beats it on both features & price.

Any business looking to either a digital or physical product is onto a winner with ThriveCart.

However, if you don’t need every feature under the sun, and may businesses don’t, there are cheaper solutions out there.

If you are using ActiveCampaign, you have the great ActiveRelay for just $49 a month + they offer a 15-day free trial.

Or If you are using Infusionsoft you have many of these capabilities built into the system.

However, I know many Infusionsoft users who are using ThriveCart simply as it’s so much quicker and easier to set up checkout forms & more.

Is there anything I have left out in this review of Thrivecart, or any alternatives I should have mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.