ThriveCart Review 2023: Is It Worth It? Know It’s Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons And More

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  • ThriveCart is really simple to set up and use..
  • Provides dependable and top-notch client service.
  • It has an excellent affiliate management system.
  • On your shopping cart pages, it offers A/B split testing.
  • Many membership websites can be integrated with ThriveCart.
  • There are no monthly fees with ThriveCart.


  • For rejected payments, there is no advanced support.
  • Only a few contentious design aspects + limited customizability

ThriveCart is a piece of software that assists you in marketing and collecting payments for your physical and digital goods. It doesn't matter if you're selling a real item or a digital one, such as software, a subscription, or an eBook. ThriveCart is a cart platform that is both easy and powerful.

Price:$ 495

This article is about ThriveCart Review, and here I have shared all my insights about ThriveCart for the people who are considering ThriveCart for the business. 

Affiliate marketing programs are out of your control. Moreover, they are erratic. Your blog can’t rely on affiliate marketing programs to generate revenue.

In addition to having complete control, you can multiply your revenue stream when you consider selling your own services. Your knowledge, insight, and experience can be of help to your customers. 

That sounds great, doesn’t it? However, this comes with a problem that you cannot ignore. What about sales?

Initially, I built my own eCommerce software and it cost me thousands of dollars and took me many hours to develop. 

Shopify, WooCommerce, SamCart, and ThriveCart are some examples of shopping cart software available today.

ThriveCart differs from WooCommerce or Shopify, both of which specialize in selling physical products. You can even create a sales funnel using this software, as it offers one of the simplest checkout processes.

ThriveCart Review 2023: What Is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart service for selling physical and digital products. With this shopping cart software, no software has to be installed or maintained, unlike other shopping carts.

Thrivecart - ThriveCart Review

In 2016, Josh Bartlett created ThriveCart (not to be confused with Thrive Themes), which is a part of WebActix, Ltd.

7 Best Features Of ThriveCart 

ThriveCart contains many “must-have” features. My review will only touch on the most important features of the available options.

Thrivecart Features - ThriveCart Review

1. Payment Options and Coupons

ThriveCart really shines in this area. ThriveCart lets you sell a one-time payment or a subscription with a monthly fee, regardless of whether you’re selling a digital product.

  • A one-time charge
  • Split-payment plans (multiple payment options)
  • Subscriptions
  • Name your price
  • Trial period is free
  • Limited product quantity
  • Automatic sales tax
  • A total of 22 currencies are supported

No matter what payment option you have in mind, ThriveCart can handle it.

ThriveCart excels at offering coupons as well. Coupon codes with expiration dates can be offered in a limited number. The coupon field can be displayed as well as made available only via URL. Your audience can receive a discount with this method, but the coupon code can’t be shared. 

ThriveCart offers the following coupon options:

  • Fixed discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Dates when coupons will be available
  • A coupon can only be used a certain number of times
  • Whenever a coupon is used, the email notification is sent (i.e., when a coupon is used).

2. Courses (Learn and Learn+)

You can now learn for free with ThriveCart. It is in direct competition with other products like ClickFunnels and SamCart. As a result, ThriveCart provides a complete end-to-end solution.

Your courses and your content are hosted in the Learn/Learn+ section of the ThriveCart website.

We do not require you to purchase additional products like Teachable or build your own WordPress membership site.

The following features are available with ThriveCart Learn:

  • Project and course management: Your offerings, which may include a variety of courses, can be organized internally using projects
  • Course content access: After receiving an order, there are several different ways to release course content:
    • All At Once: Accesses all of your course information simultaneously
    • Scheduled: On a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
    • Specific Day: The date of a particular month
    • Specific Date: Dates that you specify
    • Trail Period: This allows you to give the course a try before you pay.
    • Rebilling: Modules/lessons are released after a specific rebilling cycle
  • Student Management: give you control over your private content

These features are included with ThriveCart Learn+ for a one-time fee of $195:

  • Bundles -With one purchase, you can purchase multiple courses. That way, you can increase the lifetime value of your members.
  • Team Members – Hire assistants and staff to help with courses and members management.
  • Import – Incorporates students for membership systems of third parties.
  • Featured Content – Courses and content that stand out

The membership and login functionality of ThriveCart Learn is handled by the platform. Exceptions are your videos. Using services like Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, or Amazon’s S3 will allow videos to be hosted.

The content of the course can be accessed by subscribers via:

It is also possible to have a subdomain name with ThriveCart Pro:

ThriveCart’s Learn module integrates seamlessly into the order process. They have eliminated the need for monthly service fees and the hassle of integrating a membership system. Learning and Learning+ are a fantastic addition to ThriveCart.

My personal needs are much greater when it comes to flexibility. ThriveCart Learn does not provide me with analytical tracking and other features I need.

As long as WordPress hosts my membership area, I will keep doing so. ThriveCart Learn will not have all the features of my members area, just like Teachable.

Even though this is a great new service for most course creators. Many are sure to take advantage of the offer. ThriveCart can do all that for just one time, instead of charging a monthly fee. Thus, you will save thousands of dollars by using ThriveCart.

3. Upsell, Downsell, and Bump Offers

By increasing the number of items available at the time of sale, you can increase the lifetime value of customers. This is similar to purchasing gum at the grocery store checkout line. Upselling, downselling, and bump offers are all possible with ThriveCart.

Thrivecart Upsell

As well as trial offers and multiple payments, ThriveCart supports subscriptions. Your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) can be increased by testing your product.

4. Multiple Shopping Cart Options

Your shopping cart can be presented in multiple ways depending on the price point and type of product:

  • Standard — This is a standard order form, ideal for large purchases.
  • Sales Cart — An online shopping cart and landing page combined.
  • Embeddable — Add to a page that can be integrated with ThriveCart.
  • Popup — Pop-up order form that appears when you click a button. Perfect for impulse purchases.

5. Design Editor

Create your shopping cart quickly and easily with ThriveCart’s new visual drag-and-drop editor. ThriveCart templates can also now be shared with others. Thus, you can apply the lessons learned and tested by others to your own cart.

6. Built-in Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs should be used by most merchants to promote their products, according to me. This marketing strategy is effective because you only pay affiliates when a visitor converts.

Affiliates and merchants will be pleased with the affiliate program at ThriveCart. This software does not require the purchase of an affiliate program from a third party. Simply avoiding the hassle of having to integrate other software can save you hundreds of dollars.

A unique aspect of the affiliate program is the ability to offer an exclusive bonus, which is not available even with the best affiliate systems. Affiliate marketing techniques such as these are underused, but they can dramatically improve conversion rates.

The affiliate program features of ThriveCart are as follows:

  • Affiliates must be manually approved
  • Payouts based on tiers
  • Payouts via PayPal automatically scheduled
  • An affiliate is subscribed to your email list once they have been approved and entered into email automation (i.e., when that affiliate is approved and entered into email automation).

Affiliates can only participate in ThriveCart’s affiliate program when they have the “Pro” edition.

7. Other Features

  • A/B Testing — You can test any part of the sales funnel for your shopping cart
  • Countdown Timer — This timer can be set to be fixed or evergreen.This timer can be set to be fixed or evergreen.
  • Detailed Reporting — Displays orders and subscriptions using a variety of options.
  • External Analytics — The Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics can be added to your order page.
  • Subdomain Option — Your own subdomain is available when you have a “Pro” account. Analytics and trust are improved.

ThriveCart Pricing Plans: How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

When it comes to pricing, ThriveCart is somewhat unique. It’s not the norm to pay a monthly fee for shopping cart services.

 SamCart, for instance, costs $49 per month. The more sales you make, the more you pay! Some companies even charge per transaction. ThriveCart does not support this.

In the current version of ThriveCart, two price tiers are available, both of which are lifetime pricing. You only have to pay once. However, I am not so sure that ThriveCart’s current pricing will end soon. The company has been offering this pricing for several years now.

Thrivecart Pricing - ThriveCart Review

ThriveCart can only be obtained through affiliates (such as myself). The general public does not have access to ThriveCart. The “Pro” edition offers these additional features:

  • Affiliate program
  • The process of rebilling credit card transactions that are about to expire or have failed
  • Calculate sales taxes automatically
  • JV contracts
  • Custom domain name

Custom domain names are a must-have feature of the “Pro” version. Due to the fact that third-party cookies are no longer allowed, you need a way to track traffic and conversions. 

It is not only possible to track analytics with a subdomain of your primary domain name, but it also looks like part of your website. You should consider getting the “Pro” edition.

Both Standard and Pro editions offer courses. Learn+ is available for $195 if you want more features. The one-time fee is also applicable to either edition. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to test ThriveCart’s service.

ThriveCart Integrations:

In order to make your shopping cart effective, it needs to be properly integrated with your marketing and sales stack. Integration (or the lack of it) can determine a company’s success or failure.

The integrations offered by ThriveCart are as extensive as those offered by some of the big names in the industry. Considering the age of the ThriveCart product, it is quite impressive. Few integration features consist:

Thrivecart Integrations - ThriveCart Review

1. Payment Gateways

It’s best to link up with both Stripe and PayPal for most merchants. Despite its popularity, doesn’t allow you to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay from your smartphone visitors.

Keeping commerce frictionless is what you strive for. Enabling mobile payments will encourage more conversions. I wish there were more gateway options in online commerce even though these are pretty much the standard.

Although ThriveCart does not support cryptocurrency payments, Stripe does allow you to accept them.

As a result, ThriveCart supports most of the payment methods available today. There will be upcoming integrations like Braintree, as well as direct banking options.

2. Email Marketing Providers

Integration with a shopping cart requires connecting an email service. You have a variety of options.

ThriveCart does offer the option of triggering an abandoned cart sequence, if a visitor does not complete the purchase. However, this feature seems to be somewhat flaky from my testing. I prefer an alternative.

ThriveCart currently offers a wide range of integrations under the heading of email marketing, including most of the most popular services such as:

In order to increase sales with your autoresponder, you can integrate it with your shopping cart. It is easy to integrate autoresponders with shopping carts. 

3. Membership Platforms

With a membership service, you can sell digital products or subscriptions that allow users access to private areas. Luckily, ThriveCart integrates with a number of membership plugins and services.

These membership systems work directly with ThriveCart. With Zapier, it is also possible to integrate membership systems from other companies.

MembersPress is a well-integrated membership platform that works well with WordPress, but there are limitations with ThriveCart.

A new subscriber must enter two emails with ThriveCart and Memberpress – one for a welcome email and one for a password reset email. Onboarding becomes confusing as a result, in my opinion.

4. Webinar Platforms

Demio is the only webinar service listed under ThriveCart’s webinar integrations. This is undoubtedly one aspect of ThriveCart that could be improved considering it isn’t the most popular platform

ThriveCart doesn’t offer a lot of webinar integrations, but consider using Zapier to integrate many other webinar platforms. Their quality of integrations and the speed at which they implement them is amazing.

As Zapier supports ThriveCart, you have hundreds of integration possibilities with all the apps in Zapier’s continuously expanding library. 

In ThriveCart, deep integration is a higher priority so that users have more control over how the apps work together. 

When it comes to stack integration, ThriveCart knows exactly what customers need, and based on customer feedback, we can expect the list of apps supported by the platform to continue to grow at a very rapid pace

5. Notifications and Sync

Get Slack notifications every time a new order is placed or automatically export your ThriveCart order information into Google Sheets. You can also connect ThriveCart via Zapier for endless possibilities.

ThriveCart Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s have a clear view of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, we are going to choose. So, for the same, I have prepared a list of ThriveCart’s pros and cons.

Pros :

  • A variety of online payment methods can be handled by ThriveCart.
  • Affiliate marketing is an integral feature of ThriveCart’s service and has many options.
  • I was able to resolve all issues fairly quickly.
  • Within a few hours, you can start selling.
  • Your customer’s lifetime value can be increased by using ThriveCart.
  • The fees for many other services are based on a percentage of each transaction. You can save thousands of dollars in annual fees by using ThriveCart.

Cons :

  • The fee for ThriveCart is a one-time charge, rather than a monthly fee. That may save you money over time. The longer you use it the more you save since it’s a one-time fee.
  • If you are selling physical products, you should look elsewhere.

Is Thrivecart Legit?

Over four years have been spent developing the software, which has a long feature list that will satisfy even the most skeptic marketers.

The checkout experience with Thrivecart remains one of the best and most flexible I have seen in shopping cart software, despite a few things that could be improved, such as the lack of cryptocurrency support and limited customization.

Thrivecart Testimonials

In addition to helping you make more sales, it can also help you increase the value of each one – and it’s all included at a dramatic discount.

FAQs on ThriveCart Review:

What is ThriveCart?

As a popular shopping cart platform, ThriveCart offers high-converting landing pages and shopping carts as well as the ability to embed shopping carts into websites. Your website can easily and quickly sell both physical and digital products with Thrivecart.

Can You Integrate ThriveCart with Zapier?

Zapier integrates with ThriveCart. Over 2,000 apps can be seamlessly integrated so you can automate your work and increase your productivity. You must choose which ThriveCart account you want to integrate with your Zapier account if you have access to more than one.

Can ThriveCart be used with WooCommerce?

It takes only a few minutes to integrate ThriveCart with WooCommerce, and you don't have to know any code. For beginners with no technical knowledge, Zapier makes this easy in a few minutes, with just a few clicks.

Can ThriveCart Handle VAT?

It is possible to collect sales tax with ThriveCart. Using a valid VAT number for their country, EU customers can simply remove sales tax from their orders. ThriveCart's system verifies that each VAT ID matches the customer's country. The VAT field will be hidden for customers outside the EU since it is not relevant.

Does ThriveCart have a Money Back Guarantee?

ThriveCart doesn't offer a money-back guarantee, but they do offer a 30-day pays for itself refund guarantee. The software will work with you until it pays for itself within 30 days if it doesn't.

How Does Thrivecart Pay You?

No affiliate commissions are held, processed, or managed by ThriveCart. Vendors pay affiliate commissions directly to affiliates. Your affiliate dashboard will automatically pay you once your PayPal account is integrated. However, if the payment is not tracked, the affiliate will still be paid manually by the vendor.

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Conclusion: ThriveCart Review 2023

Based on my experience with ThriveCart, it is one of the best shopping cart solutions in the market.

It has all the features and functions you will need. I have shared all the information you need to help to make a decision if ThriveCart is the right solution for your business.

What is your opinion of ThriveCart? Would you recommend it? Share your thoughts below.

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