Lingopie Review 2024: Is Lingopie any good?

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Lingopie Review


Lingopie is a new and special way to learn languages. It mixes learning with fun activities. They take good care to keep your private information safe. When you pay, they use Stripe, which is safe for your money details. You can try Lingopie for free for seven days. Plus, it's easy to choose how to pay for it over time.

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  • Easy subscription updates and cancellations.
  • Enjoy a 7-day free trial for full content access.
  • Flexible learning with dialects from different regions.
  • Vast collection, thousands of hours of subtitled content.
  • Varied payment options, including major credit and debit cards.


  • No refunds for the current month's subscription.
  • Yearly subscription non-refundable post 7-day free trial.


Price: $ 5.99

Have you ever thought movies and shows could teach you a new language? That’s what Lingopie is all about! This platform mixes fun watching with serious learning.

In this detailed review of Lingopie, we’ll look closely at what it offers, how it works, and how good it is.

Let’s get started.

Lingopie Review 2024: What Is Lingopie?

Lingopie is a special website that helps people excitingly learn new languages. Instead of only using books or traditional lessons, it makes learning easier by letting you watch movies and TV shows.

Imagine learning a language with Netflix or by watching your favorite show – that’s how Lingopie works.

Lingopie Review

The main idea behind Lingopie is to use the popular trend of watching many episodes of a show in a row (binge-watching) to help you learn.

You can pick up words and phrases from the language you’re trying to learn by watching and listening to these shows.

When you use Lingopie, it’s not just about watching, but also interacting. It’s like diving deep into the world of that language. You get to enjoy movies, TV stories, and other programs, making learning feel like a fun adventure, not boring homework.

What’s cool about Lingopie is how it uses famous shows to help you learn. For example, there are popular Spanish shows on places like Netflix, such as “La Casa de Papel,” “Chicas del Cable,” and “Narcos”.

Many people around the world love these shows. Lingopie knows this and allows people to learn Spanish by watching and understanding these shows.

They provide many tools for free to help viewers learn and practice the language while enjoying the show’s story.

Lingopie – Best Features

1. Lingopie for Netflix:

In 2023, Lingopie and Netflix shook hands. This means that you can use Lingopie’s language tools while watching shows on Netflix. This new feature helps viewers learn languages while watching their favorite series.

Some cool things this combo brings include quick translations, having two sets of subtitles (maybe one in English and one in another language), choosing how fast the show plays, remembering words, and tools to practice those words.

If you’re watching a show on Netflix and save new words you learn, these words go straight into your Lingopie account. This makes it easy to practice and remember them later.

This feature is great for popular shows like “Squid Games,” “Money Heist,” “Alice in Borderland,” and “Lupin.”

However, you must have both Lingopie and Netflix accounts to use all these features.

2. Lingopie Flashcards:

Lingopie has a cool way to help people learn languages using Flashcards. You can click on the subtitles when you’re watching a show on Lingopie and hear a word you don’t know.

When you do this, two things happen: you see what the word means in English (or another language) and hear how it’s pronounced.

But here’s the super cool part: every time you click on a word, Lingopie makes a special note or “flashcard” just for you with that word.

After watching the show or movie, you can switch to studying these flashcards. This helps you remember and learn the new words you just found out.

3. Lingopie’s Subtitles and Scripts:

On Lingopie, you’ll see words at the bottom of the screen called subtitles when you’re watching shows. These words match what’s being said, but sometimes there are small differences.

This happens in other places where you watch shows, too. Still, these words are super helpful to understand what’s going on in the story.

But Lingopie has another cool thing. While watching, you can also see the show’s whole written story or script. This is great for practicing reading and remembering what the characters said.

If you click on a part of the written story, the show will play from that moment. This mix of reading, listening, and watching makes learning fun and effective.

4. Built-In Playback Features:

Lingopie has special tools that let you watch shows your way. This means you have lots of choices and control when watching. For example, you can pick the words you see at the bottom (subtitles) in English or the language you’re learning.

You can also move back and forth in the show easily. You can do that if you want to watch a part again or skip ahead.

Lingopie also has tools to help you practice understanding what’s being said and saying words correctly. But one of the coolest tools is the “Level Setting” button. This lets you change how fast or slow the show plays.

It’s great because people just starting to learn can watch slower, while those who know a bit more can watch faster. Everyone gets to learn at their own pace!

Lingopie has a big collection of shows and movies. While some of these you might find on big places like Netflix, Lingopie also has special shows and movies you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus, for people who like to learn by listening, Lingopie has podcasts, especially in Spanish. What’s nice about using Lingopie is how easy it is.

If you stop watching something, you can start right where you left off next time. Or, you can choose something new to watch. They have different sections like “What People Like Most,” “New Stuff,” and “What’s Hot Now.”

Another cool thing is that each show tells you which country it’s from. This is great because it helps people hear and learn different ways of speaking the same language.

Lingopie Pricing

Lingopie Pricing

1. Keeping Your Money Details Safe:

They care a lot about keeping your personal information private. They work with Stripe, a well-known company that handles payments, to keep your credit card details safe.

So, when you give your payment info, it goes straight to Stripe, not through Lingopie, to make sure it’s very safe.

2. Trying It Out for Free:

Want to see what Lingopie is like? You can use everything on Lingopie for seven days for free. You don’t have to pay anything during this trial time.

3. Choosing How You Pay:

You’re in control. You can change or stop your payment plan anytime you want. But remember, the payment will keep going automatically until you stop it.

Once you stop, you won’t pay anymore, but you can still use Lingopie until the time you paid for is over.

4. Different Plans for You:

You can pick a 3-month plan for just $36, and it’s easy to stop. Or, you can choose a one-year plan for a cheaper price of $71.99.

This lets you use Lingopie in 8 different languages for a whole year. If you want, you can also pay $199 once and use Lingopie forever.

5. Ways to Pay:

You can pay using most credit or debit cards.

6. Getting Your Money Back:

If you pay every month, you can’t get your money back for the month you’re in. But you can stop future payments. For the one-year plan, after the 7-day free trial, you can’t get your money back. However, you can always change how you want to pay.

A Peek Into Lingopie

Now, what I love the most about Lingopie is its dashboard. Their UI, in general, is incredible, and it is better than most OTT platforms I have ever seen.

Lingopie Dashboard

This is what their kid’s section looks like.

Lingopie kid's section looks like

There are exciting options for you to review and practice as well.

Lingopie Exciting Options

I am fond of songs, so this is how I learned the most I could: songs. Even if you are not looking forward to learning a new language, I recommend taking their free trial and at least trying this one. It’s a different kind of experience one must take.

Lingopie Experience

They also have something for Netflix lovers. Remember to check it out.

something for Netflix lovers

Do you know how I found out about Lingopie? I searched for ‘how to learn Portuguese,’ and Lingopie showed up. It was way better than what I was looking for.

Why Do I Recommend Using Lingopie?

1. Unlocking Dialects and Varieties:

Want to learn the many ways a language can sound? Lingopie helps you do just that. You can dive deep into how different areas speak the same language. The cool part is you can choose to learn from specific places.

For example, if you’re excited about Spanish, Lingopie has videos from many countries like Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and more. It’s like traveling the world with your ears!

If you’re curious about French, you can watch shows from places like France and Canada to hear the different ways they talk.

2. Elegantly Crafted Design:

Lingopie stands out because of how well it’s designed. When you open it, you see a clear main page (or dashboard) that takes you to all the different ways to learn. The setup is smart and easy to use.

You can watch videos smoothly, pick out new words from what you’re watching, choose what you want to learn next and see how you’re doing.

Moving from one step to the next is simple, and it always tells you where you are, what’s coming up, and how long until your next big learning moment.

3. Uncluttered Learning Environment:

Lingopie is all about keeping things simple and clear. There’s no extra stuff that might distract you, just focused tools like their well-made flashcards. Their design makes it easy to practice without having to type a lot.

The way it looks and feels (UI and UX) is modern, clean, and inviting. This makes learning with Lingopie a really enjoyable experience.

4. Bounty of Innovative Attributes:

Lingopie has many clever tools. You can see two sets of subtitles at once, quickly understand words with clear sound, change how fast voices talk, read along with scripts, and repeat lines and videos one after the other.

There are also smart voice tools and podcast listening, and you can record your voice to practice. Plus, there’s a Lingopie video dictionary to help you learn phrases.

Starting is easy: make an account, try it for seven days, and start your fun language learning. There are no required tests or set levels; just pick where you want to start and go from there.

5. A Multiverse of Entertainment and Learning:

Imagine a place full of videos with words written below them. That’s what you get with Lingopie – a huge collection to help you learn languages. You don’t just get a few videos; you get many hours in the language you want to learn.

Every month, they add new ones to keep things exciting. Want to learn German or another language? You can pick from new videos or types like science fiction, action, old-time stories, etc.

If you’re new, there are short videos and cartoons. Plus, there are shows about travel, food, and culture to help you learn more, and they’re fun to watch!

6. The Singular Learning Odyssey:

The best way to learn Spanish, French, Italian, or basically any language is to dive deep into it. With Lingopie, you can watch movies and TV shows and learn a language simultaneously.

Think about turning your fun TV time into a cool learning moment. Lingopie has a special way of teaching that makes learning more than just boring study. It’s like going on an exciting trip through your favorite shows.

6. Escape Complexity, Embrace Enjoyment:

Some people think learning a language is hard. But with Lingopie, it becomes easy and enjoyable. This platform makes learning fun, so you’re driven by excitement, not just duty.

Lingopie stands out because it mixes learning with having a good time. It offers a way to learn that’s not just about studying but also about having fun.

Pros & Cons Of Lingopie


  • Secure payments with Stripe, no data on Lingopie servers.
  • Enjoy a 7-day free trial for full content access.
  • Easy subscription updates and cancellations.
  • Diverse plans: 3 months, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions.
  • Varied payment options, including major credit and debit cards.
  • Privacy is prioritized with no Lingopie server storage of data.
  • Flexible learning with dialects from different regions.
  • Intuitive UI, UX, and organized dashboard for effortless navigation.
  • Vast collection, thousands of hours of subtitled content.
  • Learning meets entertainment through innovative features.


  • No refunds for the current month’s subscription.
  • Yearly subscription non-refundable post 7-day free trial.

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Conclusion: Lingopie Review 2024

As I finish my Lingopie review, it’s clear that Lingopie isn’t just another way to learn languages. It’s a whole new, fun experience.

Lingopie combines learning and fun, showing that picking up a new language can be both helpful and fun. With safe ways to pay, many subscription options, and cool features, Lingopie gives learners everything they need.

Lingopie cares about offering different languages, is easy to use, and has loads of content. It stands out for anyone wanting to learn a language, no matter their skill level.

Lingopie shines in language tools, making it easy and fun to improve in a language. So, if you’re just starting or have been learning for a while, Lingopie helps make learning a language more than just work – it becomes a happy adventure.

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