Mondly Review 2023– Should You Buy This Language Learning App?

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Easy to Use
Online learning
Practice Test
Live Practice


  • Mondly shows you easy and helpful slang and expressions
  • Everyday Lessons and session to practice language
  • They utilize genuine voice entertainers to record the sound
  • Gives you the live experience to practice the language
  • Interface is very user friendly
  • Anyone can easily use the app
  • Pricing also very much affordable


  • The free form of Mondly is restricted
  • There are many fewer communications than there are with the Premium exercises
  • Mondly likewise doesn't educate sentence structure.

In case you’re simply beginning with a language, or in any event, beginning once again, Mondly offers a ton to help. It has a ton of incredible and helpful slang and expressions for a starting language student and even lower middle.

Price:$ 4

In this post, you will get to know about Mondly Review. Read and get the best out of it!

Learning another dialect isn’t just learning various words for very similar things, but learning another approach to consider things. As of late, I’ve spent increasingly more of my language learning time on my cell phone. It’s advantageous.

I quite often have it with me and there are heaps of applications that are accessible. Indeed, even with only five minutes to save, I can press language learning in a day.

What’s more, since I’m accomplishing such a great deal of Best language learning on my cell phone, I’m continually trying distinctive applications to see which are the best.

So here I am doing one of the language learning apps that are Mondly Review along with the redeem code to give you guys an insight into what features this app holds.

Mondly Review 2023– Should You Buy This Language Learning App?

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Mondly Review 2023– Is It Worth Your Money?

What is Mondly?

Mondly is a Language learning application that professes to enable you “to play your way to another dialect” and make you talk “quicker than any other application to use.” It’s been structured to consolidate your standards on the basis of neuroscience with the help of developing technology advances.

The Mondly app utilizes a blend of obvious materials, augmented reality (AR), and features like chatbots to assist students with acing another dialect.

Mondly Overview

They are right now providing 33 different dialects that can be utilized in learning languages. This implies you don’t really need to gain from English.

Rather, you can learn Russian through French, Thai through Spanish, or whatever another blend best suits your necessities.

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Let’s get Deeper with Mondly Review-

The multiple ways to learn a language with Mondly-

Mondly offers a sorted mixture of alternatives for learning a language:

  • Mondly:- is the essential language learning application made by the organization to help users for learning various languages according to their interest.
  • MondlyWORKS:- is a form of Mondly accessible to organizations with mass memberships and dashboards to assist bosses/professors with following the learning progress of their workers/students.


  • Mondly VR:- It is a Mondly’s Virtual Device that is fundamentally the same as the Chatbot in the Mondly application, utilizing VR innovation.  Where you’re placed into a recreated circumstance, no doubt of users on  “Eatery” visits, VR places you in a café with a server. In case there is any doubt about it “Lodging” visit, you’re at a front counter.
  • Mondly AR:- It takes a sweep of your room and afterward utilizes expanded form of reality AR innovation to show an educator and liveliness for the words that you’re learning. It’s fundamentally the same as a study hall, where you don’t need to sit in a work area. Rather, you can connect with the movements, tapping them on your gadget or in any event, getting up to stroll around and get a 360 ̊ view.
  • MondlyKIDS:- It is fundamentally the same as the principal application which uses the outlines for helping a child in an organized and fun way. For this Mondly audit, I chose to attempt the application with a moderately new dialect (German), a halfway language (Japanese), just as with one of my more grounded dialects (Croatian). I needed to perceive what levels the application is generally fitting for and test the material with dialects from three diverse language families.

Mondly Review MondlyKids

Getting Started with Mondly

To begin learning from Mondly, you don’t have to pursue a record. You can simply make a timeline for their site or download the application and begin learning. 

In the event that you’d prefer to utilize the application over different gadgets for learning information, in spite of this fact, I would suggest setting up a record for easy learning.

To join, you select the language you’d prefer to gain from (for example French), the language you’re learning, and your level.

There’s a simple procedure to encourage with Mondly application to learn and explore a language:

  • You are then taken through a grouping that requests your name.
  • Your email.
  • And to create a password.

You can likewise associate your record from  Facebook or Google with the goal that you can sign in that manner. When you’ve joined, you can finish an instructional exercise. The main portion of the instructional exercise is a progression of screens that show you the fundamental highlights of the application before provoking you to enact a paid membership on the last screen.

Mondly Sign Up

In case you’re not prepared to take paid membership, you can click “Skip” up in the upper right corner.

In the event that you decide to experience the instructional exercise, you’re at that point demonstrated an example discussion before you make a plunge and begin learning some essential slang and expressions.

Welcome Tester to Judge the Knowledge of the Language

This first stage of learning is short, intended to give you a fast “tester” of realizing what exactly Mondly resembles. You’ll focus and demonstrate in detail for meeting your first learning. You would then be able to click “proceed” to continue learning. 

With a free record, your alternatives are not constrained. You approach the “Welcome” theme which incorporates a form of seven exercises by performing it for a week.

The day by day exercises open like clockwork, and in the event that you complete a whole seven day stretch of that day by day exercises, you open a progressively extensive week after week test.

Mondly Review


On the off chance that you miss a day, in any case, you don’t gain admittance to the weekly test. Gaining admittance to additional learning material is the extraordinary inspiration for returning every day and keeping up your examinations!

Mondly Exercise Categories

Pursuing a paid record opens the rest of the exercises. The categories or topics include:

  • Hello (this is unlocked with a free account)
  • Core Vocabulary
  • Family
  • Countries & Languages
  • Romance
  • Seasons & Weather
  • Preparing a Trip
  • Travel
  • Vacation Activities
  • Public Transportation
  • Food & Drinks
  • School
  • Sports
  • Introductions
  • Pets
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Around the House
  • Grammar 1
  • Grammar 2
  • Grammar 3
  • Airport 1
  • Airport 2
  • Hotel: Reservation
  • Hotel: In the Room
  • Restaurant 1
  • Restaurant 2
  • Restaurant 3
  • Restaurant 4
  • City Tour
  • Bank
  • Business
  • Fun
  • Help!
  • Doctor
  • Emergencies
  • Animals
  • Fruits & Food
  • Colors & Numbers
  • Parts of the Body
  • Access to the entirety of the past day by day exercises, as of now going back to 2015
  • Chatbot
  • AR (just for specific dialects — it was accessible in German, however not in Japanese or Croatian)

Despite the fact that the point showed up in a particular request, you’re allowed to finish them in the way you feel is ideal. For instance, in the wake of finishing “Hi”, I hopped over to “Presentations” and afterward to “Numbers and Colors”.

You can likewise evaluate the Chatbot or AR — if it’s accessible for the language you’re learning. 

Mondly Knowledge Base

At the point when you start an exercise, you’re given three stars. On the off chance that you commit any mistake, the principal star is removed. Same with the second. With the third star, you have a few possibilities before you lose the third star and need to redo the exercise.

Scores are Given for Motivation 

You’re granted focuses dependent on what number of stars you have left towards finishing the exercise. In the event that you might want to improve your score and gain more focus, you can perform the same exercise again. For what reason may you need more focus? As you procure more focuses, you arrive at new levels in the application and rank higher on the Leaderboard.

Mondly Scores

You can think about the amount of your language you know with different students by observing where you rank on the Leaderboard. You can see your score against your companions, the nation you’re in, or the world. 

Your rank can be arranged by all-out focuses earned or longest learning streak, the month or record-breaking.

Mondly has Collection of Various Lessons and Topics

Mondly has a massive collection of various complete lessons and topics with respect to every language in the most sorted form so that the user will not face any difficulty while learning. And that user is also able to use a lot of vocabulary regarding the particular language that the user has chosen.

Distinct Features of Mondly

There are a lot of many features that Mondly has but DuoLingo & Babbel don’t. The most considerable feature is the conversations where the voice of the user is recorded and the user can playback and compare to the actors. Mondly has great functions for its fine pronunciation points, whereas DuoLingo is too lax.

I also appreciate the application to speak and as well as with the features to look at the words recognized in the concerned foreign language. Mondly also has a long way to go ahead, just like Duolingo, with the different special sounds like flame and trumpet where you completely experience level up.

Mondly has a massive collection of over 20 million downloads up-to-date. The app was developed by ATi Studios — a company that has been honing their craft of creating excellent language-learning apps for over five years.

Mondly Company

That’s right! 20 million downloads.

The new augmented reality experience from Mondly introduces us to a new character named Mondly with whom you can talk in various contexts (she can even change her outfit and become a waitress at the restaurant) and learn a new language in the meantime.

After all, we all know it is easier to learn a new language when you are being social.


Pros & Cons | Mondly Review


  • Mondly shows you easy and helpful slang and expressions. The material you learn comprises words and expressions you’re in reality prone to use, in true circumstances. You learn things like “I need to reschedule my course of action” and “Do you have any distractions?” There are various helpful sentences you’ll find that can be used in a grouping of settings. 
  • There are additionally a lot of highlights that assist you with remaining inspiration and return to learn. These incorporate everyday exercise.

You get a ton of variety in the material you learn with the everyday exercise and if you miss one, you miss out on the weekly test (and afterward monthly test!).

You additionally have definite details introduced to you as a piece of a wonderful and intelligent representation.

You’re demonstrating the absolute time you spend in the application, how long straight you’ve considered, your general advancement, and the number of words and expressions you’ve learned.

  • The nature of the sound is additionally incredible. They utilize genuine voice entertainers to record the sound, so you practice your listening perception with genuine speakers and not a PC created voice. 
  • Furthermore, Mondly underpins 33 dialects including some that can’t be found on using other applications, for example, Afrikaans, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Finnish, and Hungarian.

Mondly Sale


  • Premium Points: The free form of Mondly is restricted and you are every now and again incited to move up to Premium.

You get one theme with seven exercises called “Hi” and one free day by day exercise, however, you’re not getting a similar involvement in the everyday exercise as you would with the Premium points.

  • Alternatives: There are many fewer communications than there are with the Premium exercises, so your absolute time contemplating per exercise is significantly less. On the off chance that you’d prefer to adapt rapidly, Premium is positively a superior alternative. 
  • With German and Croatian — I can’t represent different dialects — it doesn’t show articles (“the”/”a”) reliably. It’s appeared for certain words but not for others. So for “mother” in German, I would simply get “Mutter” or else “das Muttertier”.

Be that as it may, in the family area, “the uncle” had the article included, however “nephew” as instructed without the article.

As a novice, this can be truly confusing and words should be instructed with the articles for dialects that have gendered language like German.

  • Mondly likewise doesn’t educate sentence structure. This implies when you see new expressions in the activities, they can be difficult to answer accurately in light of the fact that you’re not given any specific situation or models. For example, in case you have the sound off. 
  • In the event that you have the sound on, in any case, huge numbers of the activities are too simple. It is because you hear the right answer before you are required to do the activity.

This implies you don’t have to realize the response to finish the activities effectively. Along these lines, I wound up killing the volume with the goal that I could answer dependent on what I knew.

  • But since I did that, I lost important listening practice since I was unable to hear the sound to realize how everything ought to be accurately presented.

I additionally needed to turn the volume reinforcement for listening to appreciation activities. And afterward, turn it down which didn’t do much for the experience of utilizing the application.

  • I likewise found that the exercise request didn’t perform well. Huge numbers of the features like presentations, shades, and numbers are towards the finish of the learning way they planned while points like sentiment are nearer to the start.

In Spite of something, you can complete the themes in your own ways, so that is actually what I did. 

  • At long last, for certain dialects, there are reports that the sound doesn’t coordinate what is composed. I didn’t encounter any since I regularly had the sound quieted. But I’ve perused surveys from different clients where this was the situation.

At the point when you’re utilizing an asset to become familiar with a language, you’re believing that what you’re being instructed is right.

  • In case you’re getting two adaptations of something you probably won’t know which option is the right form (or if maybe both are right). This is unquestionably something that should be tended to if it hasn’t just been fixed.


Pricing at Mondly

Now let’s understand the pricing in this Mondly Review-

  • Pick 5 of 33 dialects to learn in your own local tongue.
  • Retain center words, structure sentences, and partake in discussions.
  • Upgrade your training w/a word reference, action word conjugator, and discourse acknowledgment innovation.
  • Take in elocution from discussions between local speakers.
  • Separate the learning procedure into short exercises.
  • Submerge yourself by Interacting w/creatures, objects, and more by means of MondlyAR on iOS and Android.


  • Application Store: Best of 2016.
  • Google Play: Editor’s Choice.

Framework Requirements 

  • Requires iOS 10.0 and later.
  • Android.

Significant Details 

  • You should recover on a personal computer before you may start utilizing the portable application.
  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Number of dialects: 5
  • Number of clients: 1
  • Recovery cutoff time: Reclaim your code inside 30 days of procurement.
  • Note: Customers must utilize a PC to recover their code.
  • Updates included.


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit inside 15 days of procurement. At the point when your grant is recouped, all arrangements are convincing.
  • Lifetime membership (3 Languages) $59.99 $719.85
  • Lifetime Membership (All Languages) $99.99 $2,199.99
  • Lifetime membership (1 Language) $39.99 $239.95
  • Lifetime membership (5 Languages) $69.99 $1,199.75

Pricing Plans

My Honest Mondly Review- Should you Buy It? 

In this audit, I took a gander at Mondly, extraordinary compared to other realized language learning applications. Prior to composing this survey, I utilized it to help one of my current dialects (German), improve one of my alright dialects (Japanese) and to help one of my better dialects (Croatian). 

As I referenced before, I utilized Mondly to examine German, Japanese, and Croatian. I began with German and invested the majority of my energy with this language since it is my present core interest.

I finished the entirety of the themes applicable to me, skipping things like games since they’re not so many subjects I talk about. 

Generally, I took in a great deal of learning new slangs and expressions. On occasion, I battled with a portion of the expressions and interpretations.

You’re not shown how the syntax of the language you’re learning works so with dialects like Croatian you see pass for the hound.

But when it’s placed into a sentence you’re working with PSA. You’re never demonstrated why this is, so in case you come across a new word in the language. this might be confusing.

Quick Links

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

FAQs | Mondly Review

🤟 How to connect mobile Mondly languages to an online account?

  1. Open the Mondly app
  2. Tap on your profile (the circle in the top-left corner)
  3. Tap 'Sign up'
  4. Choose your way of signing up for Mondly

👉 What is Mondly Premium?

This includes 250 lessons, 33 conversations, and 36 vocab builders. In the 200+ days, I've been using Mondly Premium, they have updated it with new content, so they’re not sleeping at the wheel. you have real quick lessons where you learn some basic grammar and vocabulary and keep up a streak for as long as you can. You can even collect a whole bunch of languages that you can say you’re studying.

💁‍♀️ How many languages are contained in the course?

There are some values and principles regarding Mondly languages, so there is an absolute chance that the language you want to learn is waiting for you. Mondly languages include English (British), English (American), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Romanian, Afrikaans, Croatian, Polish, Indonesian, Bengali, Catalan, Latin, Latvian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Lithuanian, Slovak, Tagalog, Urdu. On top of that, Mondly also prides itself on the option to learn FROM more than just English. This is really great for expanding the privilege of language learning to those who don’t have the privilege of learning English, which I’m a huge fan of.

Conclusion | Mondly Review

In case you’re simply beginning with a language, or in any event, beginning once again, Mondly offers a ton to help. It has a ton of incredible and helpful slang and expressions for a starting language student and even lower middle.

It’s drawing in, pleasant to utilize, and has a few highlights worked in to keep you propelled to learn. What’s more, on the off chance that an asset keeps you learning and investing energy with your language, at that point it’s a decent asset to utilize.

All things considered, this Mondly Review is very honest that says Mondly has a couple of things that should be tended to complete the end goal for it to be a surprisingly better application. 

OK, prefer to attempt Mondly Review and check out whether it’s a solid match for you? Attempt Mondly here!

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