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Following is an article on LingQ coupon codes 2020, where you will not only get to know about the coupons going live on the services and courses offered by the organization but also know about their services, through a quick review which would help you decide whether to go or not for them.

This article would surely be helpful for you to weigh the pros and cons of their courses.

Best LingQ Coupon Codes 2020

  • 40% Off LingQ Annual Membership


  • Get 50% Off and $10 for 1000 points


  • Free Plan at LingQ


  • Save 40% on LingQ Premium

How to use LingQ coupon codes?

lingQ coupon codes and deals

Using LingQ coupon codes is really an easy job. You do not have to do anything big to avail these coupon codes, just follow these simple steps to make use of them:

  1. Tap the coupon code, and you will be automatically directed to the official site of LingQ.
  2. Scroll through the available language courses, and decide which one you want for yourself.
  3. Add them to your cart, and check out.
  4. Apply the coupon/discount codes that are valid on your order.
  5. Provide with all the necessary details needed to place the order, like name, contact number, email address, and whatever else needed, and finally place the order.
  6. Once the order is placed, enjoy the course, and the learning of your new language.

LingQ Coupon Codes 2020

About the company

LingQ is a language learning platform where you can learn as many languages as you want and that too within the ease of your reach. The company is a team of passionate and enthusiastic language learners and native speakers who work as tutors here.

And this effective team, when combined with awesome and efficient methodology forms LingQ, the best place to learn any language.

LingQ Coupon Codes- LingQ

LingQ was first launched in late 2007 by a language enthusiast, Steve Kauffman, who himself is a polyglot, and speaks 16 languages and loves to travel.

He founded the company with his son, Mark Kauffman, to bring his passion to help others who want to learn different languages and that too conveniently.

The system of LingQ is based on Steve’s own experiences in learning languages. Until the age of 17, he could only speak English, and even after 10 years of learning French, he was not able to speak it fluently, and this is what made him think of a system that could help people learn languages that could actually help them. And that is when LingQ came to his

LingQ has helped more than 1000000 People all over the world to learn languages that they want to learn and that too super conveniently. Steve Kauffman, not to mention, is himself fluent in 16 languages.

Features of LingQ:

LingQ offers a lot of features that you can avail while learning any language of your choice to make your learning more efficient and successful. The features are:

LingQ Coupon Codes- LingQ Features

  • Look up and save – Under this feature, you can have new words and phrases for review.
  • Read and listen –there are a lot of podcasts, audiobooks, interviews and a lot more than you can listen to and make your learning quick.
  • Learn your saved vocabulary – you get a feature where you can save the words that you have to review, using the SRS review feature.
  • Measure your improvements–With this feature in your hand, you can track your vocabulary growth and activity that you perform.
  • Import and learn – You can import data from any content on the web and enhance your learning.
  • Join the live conversation – You can also join the live conversation online, with the native speakers of the language that you are currently learning with the help of this great feature.
  • Make friends – At the global community and language exchange that you get at LingQ, you also get the opportunity to make a lot of friends, which could also help in enhancing your learning of the language.

Pricing of courses at LingQ: LingQ Coupon Codes 2020

You can choose different levels of membership of courses available and get started with your learning process of the languages of your interest.

There is also the feature of upgrading, downgrading as well as cancel them anytime. Have a look at them:

LingQ Coupon Codes- Pricing Plan

  • Free sign up – $0/mo

You can try LingQ free membership plan if you are a novice. Under this membership, you will get 5 imported lessons, 200 LingQs, as well as some cloze tests.

What you will miss out on is import/export vocabulary feature, premium features on iPhone/Android apps, some MCQs, dictation, etc.

This membership is good for those who are just beginning to learn any language and are not that sure if they would be able to continue it or not, so it offers a better chance to just check the flick.

  • Premium sign up – $12.99/mo

This level of membership offers unlimited imported lessons, unlimited LingQs, Unlimited import/export vocabulary, premium features on your iPhone/Android phone applications, and along with all this, you also get cloze tests, Multiple Choice Questions, dictation, Import Bookmarklet, and is also ad-free.

  • Plus sign up – $39.99/mo

This level of membership will offer you a lot of pro features that includes unlimited imported lessons, unlimited LingQs, 3000 points per month, unlimited import/export vocabulary, and premium features on your iPhone/Android applications.

And not just this, this membership also offers you cloze tests, multiple choice questions, dictation, import Bookmarklet, and is also ad-free. So, enjoy!


Languages which you can learn at LingQ:

There is a whole range of different languages which you can learn on LingQ, with features that rarely any other platform offers. It helps you learn languages in the way you learned your native language.

It has an online community of people learning different languages so that you do not feel alone on this journey, share your doubts and get help from the community. The languages that you can learn are:

  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Romanian
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • German
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Esperanto
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish

How To Start with LingQ?

It is fairly easy to start and make use of LIngQ effectively. You can either use the website or even the LingQ mobile app for this purpose.

To begin with, click on get started or sign up and you need to fill in the details such as Language, Level of proficiency, name, email, and password.

LingQ Coupon Codes- All platforms

On the sign-up page, fill in your native language and the level of proficiency. You will be taken to the dashboard where you can take up various challenges for your language course.

The dashboard for LingQ is too user-friendly and fun to use as the interface looks somewhat similar to school themed dashboards. You can submit writing, take up challenges, complete daily goals, and also check your progress through daily statistics.

It even looks more fun when you earn coins and design your own Avatar.

Why Choose LingQ Coupons?

People think it is a hectic job to learn any new language and LingQ is dedicated to proving that there are no barriers when it comes to learning new languages. LingQ is one of the best foreign language libraries available on the web today.

LingQ Coupon Codes- Why Choose LingQ

LingQ offers courses in 14 different languages, and not just this, as 10 more languages are under beta development.

LingQ gathers and puts together every tool possible to learn the language, i.e., you can be helped by LingQ in reading, writing, speaking, listening as well as vocabulary building and all of these together.

You have the option to choose from thousands of audiobooks along with matching transcripts that you can bring into use while learning. There is sufficient and powerful vocabulary available, and that too with powerful tools, so that you can look up and save words and phrases to your own private database while learning for later review, which is a great feature.

With the track and learn feature, you can also track words that you know and that is new to you. With this feature, you can track and measure everything you learn at LingQ, as it also tells which words are new to you.

The platform also has an online global community, where you can join the live conversations, get your writings corrected, can also get help from tutors, and not just this, you can also make friends online at this platform.

The subscription cost for LingQ is not too high and it goes as much as $40 per month. You can choose any language and learn them within a few months.

Above all, the interface and dashboard suit the school learning theme and your child will definitely enjoy it by taking up various challenges and designing their avatars.

LingQ Pros and Cons


LingQ has a positive response from whosoever has ever tried it. It is one of the best platforms for the purpose in the industry now. And the best part is the lessons that they offer.

  • They deploy the Assimil approach where you are thrown into the deep, and you learn the vocabulary and grammar as you go, also, they combine the listening and reading process, which is again very similar to Assimil approach. This helps in quick learning of the language.
  • Learning process at LingQ is very interactive. The way of learning and tracking your vocabulary helps you keep a check upon your actual learning.
  • With LingQ, you get to decide when you want to learn and your schedule is made accordingly, and the wide range of lessons available is something that could not be ignored.
  • The fresh learning materials that they provide really groom the learning ability and give a boost to the whole process.
  • You also earn points that you can use to upgrade your avatar at LingQ, and this is an amazing feature.


Talking about the cons, there are not too many of them. When it comes to using your points for different purposes, it creates some confusion, like which coins are used for upgrading avatars and which are used to pay for speaking lessons and writing critiques and they both are different for that matter,

Apart from this, there is nothing that you would not like about LingQ, as these are very small niggles when a system such big works. So, they can be ignored, as everything else about this is great.

Contact LingQ

If you have any queries or need any help regarding anything about your course, feel free to contact LingQ and they are more than happy to help you out with your issue.

You can visit the Help page that is visible on the official site of LingQ where you would get some frequently asked questions’ sections, which you can scroll through and if, even after that you do not find the solution, you can mail the help and support team at LingQ, and be sure that they reach out as soon as they can.

The help and support email address of LingQ is: [email protected]

Quick Links:

LingQ Coupon Codes- Ask Question


👉What are LingQs?

When you learn any new language and look up and save new vocabulary or new phrases while learning, the process is termed as LingQs. And there is a thing called the LingQ limit, which tells you how many words and phrases or LingQs you can add to your account.

⚡️How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

First, log in to your account, then go to the Account page and select the new membership level that you wish to change to. The change that you want would occur right away, and you will be charged for your new membership in the next billing date.

✌️What do I need LingQ points for?

LingQ points are used for various purposes as tutored services which include writing correction and live conversation, and not just this; you can also use them to buy premium lessons. You can either buy LingQ points or you can earn them for free by tutoring, referring to your friends, or by sharing lessons in the library.

🚫How to cancel my current account on LingQ?

To cancel your account, you need to follow some simple steps; Log in to your current account, go to the Account page, and click the “Cancel your account” link. Doing this will immediately delete your account and your data too will be automatically cleared from the system.

$$How can I pay without any credit card (MC/Visa)?

LingQ also accepts payment through PayPal, which allows you to directly pay from your bank account, and it offers other modes too as debit card, cheque, or even credit card (MC, Visa, Amex, or Diners). All you need to do is, sign up for a confirmed account at PayPal, and that is it, after this, you will be able to sign up for a recurring membership or you can even buy points by visiting the Account page.

Conclusion: LingQ Coupon Codes 2020

LingQ undoubtedly is one of the best language learning platforms that are available today. It has some really great tools related to lessons and vocabulary building which are among the best and they offer a great learning experience.

The features that are available at different levels of membership at LingQ are also undoubtedly one of the best. LingQ creates fun and creative ways to learn any language, and it feels as if you are a child who is trying to learn a native language.

Apart from all the features that LingQ provides for its learners, the contact, help and support team at LingQ is also very helpful as they revert back and sort every possible issue of their customers and do not disappoint them. Their features, combined with overall experience, is great and worth trying.

So, do not hesitate anymore and do not worry anymore, there is nothing difficult about learning any new language and grab the LingQ coupons quickly.


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