MGID Review 2024: Is It The Best Native Advertising Marketplace? (Features, Pros & Cons)

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MGID Review


MGID is a global advertising platform that specialises in native advertising and push notification traffic. Its business model consists of cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns with a number of targeting options aimed at increasing conversion rates. Advertisers can buy MGID's traffic (a process known as "media buying"), and website owners can work with MGID to monetise their traffic.

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  • Account manager on an individual basis.
  • Integration simplicity.
  • The minimum payment is low.
  • The administration panel is quite excellent.
  • Excellent client service.


  • Possible increase in bounce rate.


Price: $

I’ve highlighted the MGID Review 2024 in this piece, which offers an in-depth analysis of this platform. Let us begin.

With so many native advertising networks to choose from, determining which one is the greatest match for your brand may be challenging. Not all networks are equal, and some may be more costly or ineffective than others.

Mgid is a respectable and well-established native advertising network with more than a decade of experience. Their network has a track record of success and provides companies with a choice of ways to connect with their target audience.

MGID Review 2024: What Exactly is Mgid?

Mgid provides solutions for native advertising. This network offers options for advertising and publishers, although this study will concentrate on the publisher platform.

Publishers have two choices with Mgid: they can monetize traffic (by showing adverts) or they may “recirculate” visitors.

While the majority of webmasters are aware of the first option, recirculating traffic refers to providing traffic to other websites, which in turn sends traffic back to yours. Mgid does this by including a “promoted content” widget at the bottom of your postings.

This is described by the network as “relevant information that is seamlessly incorporated into the user’s natural activity stream,” which is marketing language for “the user’s experience on your site will not entail being bombarded with adverts.”

You’ll have the option of which types of material to “promote” using this widget, which means that the content shown does not have to be related to your site’s niche—for example, a website focused on men’s leisure will not be obliged to promote stuff about knitting.

The widget may be adjusted to fit your website’s current appearance, and a full-disclosure policy guarantees that readers are aware they are not reading information that you produced or sponsored.

The widget is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices and, yes, it integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

According to Mgid, visitor recirculation may boost user engagement and offer you, new visitors, from publishers with websites that cover similar themes to yours. The recirculation/return ratio has no maximum limit, and the network says that it may reach 150 percent or higher.

Mgid estimates an average RPM of $ 1 to $ 3 with no limit for publishers interested in showing adverts rather than recirculating traffic. Advertisements have a 100 % fill rate globally and may be shown on all devices and locales.

MGID Overview - MGID Review

Publishers acquainted with Google AdSense or other display advertising networks will likely recognize themselves in MGID’s products, which provide comparable functionality and alternatives.

Advertisements may be shown in a variety of ways, which are entirely up to the discretion of the publisher. A header and an under-content widget are available for mobile display.

Advertisements will be openly disclosed to website visitors as such and will be limited to the category or specialty in which your website falls.

Mgid simplifies the process for publishers who have never dabbled in recirculating traffic—or in running display advertising for that matter.

This network has been around for over a decade, which provides them an edge over some of the newer networks on the market in terms of time and experience to iron out some of the kinks that affect younger competitors in this industry.

Major Features & Benefits of MGID:

Here briefly mentioned the features and benefits of MGID:

MGID Features - MGID Review

1. Better Payment Options:

Initially, Mgid supported PayPal and wire transfer installments, which were tough for most distributors to obtain and had a gigantic payment advantage. Due to Mgid, they may now accept payments by bank transfers, Payoneer prepaid cards, wire transfer, and a variety of other methods.

2. Simple to Tweak Ad Placements:

Mgid doesn’t stop at offering you a natural interface design; it furthermore permits you to change the coloring scheme and location of adverts.

3. Instinctive Interface Plan:

Mgid’s whole strategy is satisfactory. Exploring and discovering the instruments/data you’re looking for is a breeze. The control panel is very intuitive, allowing you to create fantastic commercials in the blink of an eye.

4. Individual Account Manager:

Mgid assigns an individual Account Manager to assist you in resolving any issues that may arise. Unlike other advertising organizations that provide individual account executives to large distributors, Mgid guarantees you will have one regardless of your status level.

5. Simplicity Of Joining:

Mgid promotion devices are simple to put up, edit and integrate into a website.

6. A Good Client Service:

I was impressed with how quickly the MGID client administration responded to my email inquiries. MGID’s customer benefit is without a doubt the finest in the field. MGID is an extraordinary example of how client administration should work in all other movement recycling configurations.

7. Low Minimum Payout Threshold:

MGID offers a $ 100 low-risk payoff edge when using the Payoneer prepaid card, PayPal, or a wire transfer.

8. Best Google Adsense Elective:

MGID has developed into the primary system providing Google Adsense that is self-sustaining.

MGID Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of MGID:

Mgid Pros:

  • The administration panel is quite excellent. “Surprisingly,” since Mgid offers a plethora of alternatives, with publishers able to recycle traffic or show advertisements. Nevertheless, the network has included all of these capabilities under a single, simple-to-use management panel.
  • The minimum payment is low. This network has a relatively modest USD 50 minimum payment through PayPal or wire transfer.
  • Integration simplicity. The widgets provided by Mgid are easy to develop, adapt, and integrate into your existing website design.
  • Account manager on an individual basis. While Mgid’s standard customer service is adequate, the availability of a personal account manager—which many major networks do not provide unless you are a large spender or publisher—is a godsend for individuals who require additional assistance or have detailed, website-specific questions answered.
  • Excellent client service. Mgid answers query through phone or email quite quickly, and most likely quicker than some of the other advertising networks with whom you may have dealt. While traffic exchange networks are many, Mgid is a shining example of what customer service should look like—something that is sometimes lacking in other traffic recirculating configurations.

Mgid Cons:

  • Possible increase in bounce rate. Is it more important to maintain existing consumers, or is your material compelling enough to attract new ones as well?

FAQs On MGID Review:

Is the website Mgid legit?

Mgid is a programmatic advertising technology that is regularly utilized by websites that spread disinformation. The reason for its success is most likely due to the way Mgid promotes its material. Mgid prides itself on being a global pioneer in native advertising for marketers and publishers alike.

How much does Mgid pay per click?

For Tier 2 countries, the minimum bid is $ 0.01 per click. To target Tier 1 nations, however, you need a budget between $ 0.015 and $ 0.1 per click.

How much can you earn from Mgid?

Mgid's profitability potential is based on an average RPM of $ 1 to $ 3 with no higher limit, and the firm aspires for a global fill rate of 100 percent.

Can I use Mgid with AdSense?

Yes. Google AdSense is completely compatible with Mgid, and you may utilize both systems concurrently for a variety of benefits: Increased revenue. Mgid may supplement your present admix, hence increasing your overall performance.

What is Mgid used for?

Mgid is a native advertising platform that enables businesses to attract new users, monetize existing websites, develop their audiences, and increase traffic.

What is Mgid advertising?

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Conclusion: MGID Review 2024

Mgid is a reputable native advertising platform that enables you to communicate with your audience in the most engaging way possible. Mgid has a lot going for it, as is evident from the fact that they have been in business for an extended period.

Within a month, some users saw a 194 percent increase in page visits and a more than 87 percent drop in bounce rate.

MGID is well-known for providing high-quality US traffic that interacts with your website. Additionally, they will collaborate with you and assist you in optimizing campaigns for maximum outcomes.

The gadget that serves as the focal point of the work for the advertisement’s layout is easily accessible, downloadable, and useable. The customer does not need any prior preparation in this way.

In conclusion, the Mgid survey, rates, and general frameworks that promotion organizes are a reasonable way for adapting your website or websites.

When it comes to local advertising, advertisements reign supreme! Additionally, MGID can handle all facets of your native advertising. Its rates in the European and US markets are targeted.

Although it has drawbacks, it provides a plethora of benefits to the end customer, whether they are promoters or distributors. The framework enables distributors to bear responsibility for advertisements shown on their sites.

Additionally, it provides a mechanism for changing the situation if one of the positions does not work out. It is its client assistance and client perks that enable distributors and publicists alike to maximize the promotional opportunity presented by the promotion arrangement.

That concludes my MGID Review. Do you have any opinions or experiences on MGID? Kindly notify me in the space below.

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