Chatwing Review 2023– Is It Best Mobile Chat App Builder?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Chatwing Review 2023– Why it is the Best Mobile Chat App, Builder.

Chatwing is known as the “World’s Leading Customizable Messaging Platform” and after cruising through their dashboard and testing out all features it is clear why.

The Chatwing dashboard to set up and create a chatroom is seamless and offers literally hundreds of features.

The features available include password protection, upload custom emojis, file sharing, image sharing, designing all aspects, and upload background images.

Chatwing app builder

What is Chatwing?

Chatwing also supports unlimited users which makes it the only website chat room software to offer this.

All other chat room software providers charge based on how many users are in the chat room, the more users you need, the more you must pay, but not Chatwing,

Chatwing charges a small monthly fee of $14 per month($11.20/per month Annual) and provides no limits.

Actually, Chatwing takes the chat room limit model a step further and lets you decide how many users to allow in the chat and set the limits yourself!

Note: after searching many chat software providers based on a chatroom with 1000 user capacity, the lowest price option we could find was $275 per month. Once again, Chatwing charges only $14 per month! WOW.

Creating your own branded iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android App

Having your own Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android is very unique and Chatwing is the only chat software provider on the web that provides your own branded app that includes all Chat and Messaging functionality.

This includes push notifications, real-time alerts, and several other real-time communication features in your own app.

It is like having your own Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

To take things a step further the Chatwing powered mobile apps can support radio streams,

And audio shows which are popular with radio stations and podcasters, even stream live with Youtube Live integration.

The entire mobile app can integrate your website chat room to have a true cloud experience so your users can chat from website to app, and app to the website, both from computers and mobile devices.


Chatwing Messages

Booking and Schedule Features of Chatwing 

The Chatwing platform offers other unique features and services that can both complement and sync to both your website and a mobile app.

A popular service is the Chatwing powered Booking and Schedule system which allows you to integrate your own calendar and have users Book appointments with you in real-time.

This is a popular feature for both online and offline businesses that want to allow customers to simply view and schedule appointments anytime.

After a customer schedules, a booking both the customer and admin receive SMS text messages as well as email alerts confirming appointments.

Customize the message and interface similar to customization designs available in the chatting chat room interface.

Chatwing Features and Pricing

Create a Forum with Threaded Discussions

The greatest compliment to live chat is threaded discussions in a forum which allows users to have ongoing and endless discussions in a much different interface than live chat.

Chatwing has done an excellent job of combining chat and forums to offer both of these services individually and also sync together into a custom mobile app.

The Chatwing powered forums can also use DNS redirects to appear on your own domain name and appear as your dedicated website, as a fully hosted solution.

This means unlike forum software of the past where you must purchase the forum software and also purchase a dedicated server which is not only expensive but requires deep technical and coding knowledge,

Chatwing allows you to set up a forum, install on your website under your own domain and launch literally within minutes and absolutely no technical knowledge is needed.

It has never been so easy to launch your own forum on your website and also gets a custom branded iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android forum app for your community.

Integrations and Platform Support

Chatwing integrates with countless platforms and social medial networks, including having dedicated plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Facebook.

The Chat room and chatbox interfaces support 10 different social media logins including, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

From your chewing dashboard, you can pick and choose which platform you would like to allow users to log in from.

For example, if you are hosting a business network chat then LinkedIn and Google are a good fit or if you hosting a social online event then Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fit well.

There are no limits to which platforms you want to allow users to login with and many online chats offering all 10 login methods work well.

For websites that have a dedicated account system, such as WordPress powered websites, Chatwing offers custom login also known as Single-Sign-On (SSO) Integration.

Single-Sign-On Chat  Login allows users who are already logged into your website or have an account with your website to login to the chatroom using their website existing account rather than creating a new account as many chatrooms require.

This not only enables a seamless user experience but provides greater interactive elements allowing users to log in and start communication even faster.

Managing your Chat and Mobile Apps

Chatwing provides many controls to make it easy to manage your chat and community and avoid many problems that unruly end-users may bring to your community.

Chatwing allows you to add unlimited moderators to the chat and assign various levels of controls to these moderators.

For example, you may want to allow 1 moderator to delete messages and ban users while another moderator may only be able to delete messages and view IP addresses.

It is possible to Ban users via the accounting system they logged in with or via IP address, also Kick users from the chat. T

The kick user functionality is helpful when users visit a chat room and never chat or participate.

Delete messages in real-time plus view message history of chat logs to ban users and delete messages retroactively,

this is another very powerful feature that enables the ability to manage your community and deal with problematic users 24 hours per day.

Chatwing Login

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Conclusion | Chatwing Review 2023

In conclusion, Chatwing provides the most features, most services, the most customization options, and the best value for your money.

In many cases, Chatwing is the only software provider online to offer these services and they do it by charging a very small price in comparison to the features and service sets.

We recommend visiting and taking some of their services and features for a spin.



  • Integrations
  • Platform Support
  • Threaded Discussions


Chatwing provides the most features, most services, the most customization options, and the best value for your money.

Price:$ 3
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