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This article contains NitroPack Coupon Codes to grab discounts on their pricing plans.

Visual layout is necessary now to grab visitors’ attention. A visitor’s perception of the website would be defined within certain seconds.

So, layout turns out to be the most important aspect for converting a visitor to a subscriber/customer. However, experienced owners and bloggers agree to the fact that visitors look for more in a website than just design and layout.

Getting a website loaded without any hassle and in a quick manner is what visitors expect.

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About Nitropack

nitropack coupon

Nitropack is an optimization tool specially designed to optimize performance. It is a powerful tool specifically designed for sites that are to be loaded on Google.

It provides a list of features, such as CloudFront Integration, JavaScript Configuration, CSS minification, Amazon, etc.

These are the features that would work in synchronization to improve your website’s score in the criteria of PageSpeed and would lead to an increase in speed.

There are a few factors that make Nitropack stand out from the crowd. These factors are its cache-hit ratio, success rate, and reliability.


Background of Nitropack Plugin

woocommerce integration

Let me talk about the background that led me to review this amazing plugin.

It was just a few months back that we came into contact with a client. The client wished to optimize his site and provide a better design for his customers.

At once, we thought it would be an easily manageable site, but later on, to our surprise, the site was at an enterprise level with huge traffic to be managed.

It hosted a 96GB server plan on Digital Ocean. The cost of this would have been 480 dollars per month.

The client had technical knowledge so he was trying to manage his site. However, it has now become difficult to manage such a huge customer base.

Even his employees were not able to handle frequent downtimes and increased use of resources on his site. Also, he did not wish to step out of the budget and so hardly wished to spend on servers scaling.

We analyzed the situation and advised him to move to the Cloudways 320GB DO server plan. After this, we asked for access to the site and we optimized the database by setting up a cache plugin i.e. server cache, breeze, and varnish.

The client was extremely happy as now his site was working perfectly fine on the Cloudways server.

Where Nitropack Comes into the Picture?

After a few weeks, the client again returned with a note that the site was working perfectly fine and he was able to focus on content.

However, he was tense with the low Google Page score. He observed that more than one-third of his visitors are using mobile and he wanted to score more than 90 in desktop and mobile.

After examining these needs, there came Nitropack. Nitropack basically solved every problem of the client. Nitropack optimized traffic and ended up giving a better experience to visitors.

It reduces the size of the site and makes it easier to load. As the visitors have to wait for a shorter period of time, their possibility of being available on the website increases.

This proved out to be a complete solution to our client’s problem.

Features | Nitropack Coupon Codes

nirropack coupon codes- features of nitropack

Now, after having said the above, let me discuss the highlighting features of the Nitropack:

  • A Complete Solution to the Framework:

Nitropack has turned out to be a complete framework. Most of the cache tools are now scoring well in performance tests.

But Nitropack is the one that alleviates the need for installation, purchasing, and sets up multiple extensions as it brings everything that you will ever need under one roof with the fast OpenCart website.

It comes with six unique features and more than 30 premium features. Hence, it can be said that Nitropack is best for shared, virtual, or dedicated private servers.

  • Integrated Google page speed:

Using Nitropack it is easy to check your Google page speed V4 directly from your dashboard. You can easily take a look at your high and low performing areas and have an effort to improve them by following automatic recommendation steps.

  • A long list of powerful features:

Nitropack also features customized page cache, JavaScript, adjustable Gzip, and CSF comprehension, Cloudflare CDN, powerful Browser, cache with plenty of features, and multiple settings all under one roof.

  • Provides a complete change to OpenCart:

When your OpenCart would use Nitropack, it would minimize the page serve time up to 500 times. Also the HTTP traffic up to 80% lower, So your overall website performance would be 30 times faster.

So your OpenCart would definitely have a complete makeover and so you would love Nitropack.

  • Premium Services Which are Hand Coded:

Want to check your best selling services or most requested customization services? Nitropack would help you with that. It would also increase your store speed in OpenCart.

  • Have a Boon in Business Efficiency:

Nitropack will help you to increase your page loading speed. This will result in increasing SEM and SEO. As your page speed will increase this would result in having a better experience for your visitors.

Google Pagerank, bing, and Yahoo rankings would increase because of this. Nitropack would increase OpenCart efficiency.

  • Creates optimized versions:

It creates optimization for CSS, images, javascript, etc. This reduces the server load and makes it easier for the site to load.

  • Boost sales:

After using Nitropack, visitors would be able to see 30% more pages and this would increase chances to let him add more things into the cart.

  • Ongoing campaigns with Nitropack:

There are two issues that come up while having a campaign- each user visits with a different URL and the other issue is you lose cache after every time you update your site.

  • Higher page speed:

Nitropack servers can do several optimizations at the same time and would choose the best for delivering making the website more stable.

Nitropack comes up with two powerful features to solve this problem. It would identify parametric campaigns in URL and what is no rest when it will be looking up a cache file to fulfill campaign requests.

Cache invalidation happens when you update your content on site. At this time, plugins have to purge cache and work on to rebuild it.

This makes your survival to work extra hard and form new cache files. This has an impact on user experience. Nitropack would solve this problem.

It would invalidate the cache and not purge it. Thus, it would refresh cache files in the background. Thus, you will have no worries during your campaign.

This feature is of great help when you are running a big company or your site becomes a sudden hut. It is very important to keep your visitors happy.

My Personal Experience with Nitropack Coupon Codes

Nitropack was my recent installation. I have documented the entire process and results for your consideration. I have also checked my page’s side before and after installing the nitro pack so as to have a better comparison.

The following points are to be kept in mind:

1. All the testing was done in Google Chrome. This was into the “guest” mode. So few of our extensions were inactive.
2. We also cleared cache speed for the page of which we were testing speed.
3. Only caching and CDN mechanisms were used.
4. No other changes were made.

Installing and Setup:

Once you install a nitro pack you can expect the highest success rate in all areas within a short period of time.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Use to create an account.
2. You need to install a free plugin for your website.
3. Click on Dashboard and connect your website by copying the site ID and then paste it to your website.
4. Now click on the dashboard and then go to settings to set ludicrous mode.
5. Now dashboard would lead you to cache warm-up and paste your URL there.
6. Done.
Now, you can enjoy the speedier version of your website.

Pricing of Nitropack

nitropack pricing plan

It has four different categories and the price would change as per the change in your category.

1. Free

The first option would let you enjoy it for free but it would give you a handful of features only. This would be much lesser than what paid options would offer you.

2. Lite

This would charge you $29 per month or $228 per year. This would provide you all the benefits of the free version with some of the additional features that would be of further help for improving your website.

3. Regular

It would cover all the benefits of the free and lite option and would also give you some additional benefits. Its charges are $49 per month. Its yearly charges are $468.

4. Plus

This option offers every feature and benefit which are included about previous versions and it also includes more benefits. It would cost you $199 per month or $1908 per year.

Pros & Cons of Nitropack


  • Nitropack is truly an all-rounder plugin for your website. It would replace caching plugin, image optimization plugin, CDN, and also plugins for code optimization.
  • After experimentation, it has been concluded that Nitropack offers a speed hike by an average of 57%. Without the use of CDN, more can be expected.
  • More speed leads to increased conversions.
  • You would save you a penny if you are on a metered hosting.
  • It provides you with support with plugins for OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.
  • It focuses on improving page speed and higher search engine rankings.


  • It has a long code in the header of your site. However, it is important to have it.
  • It makes your website look a bit ugly when visitors are loading it.
  • Your website’s audit tool might report issues if you have Nitropack installed. You will have to do certain changes to solve this problem.

Conclusion | Nitropack Coupon Codes 2024

Site speed is a very important factor that influences a website’s performance. Many web developers and bloggers ignore this aspect. Also, manual optimization is a tedious task to do.

One must purchase this plugin if one is looking to build and maintain a site. It helps to increase conversion and leads to having more viewership. Also, it has many other features that would help your website to grow and have a better success rate.


10% Off

Get 10% Off All Plans On Nitropack

Nitropack Coupon Code


Nitropack is an optimization tool specially designed to optimize performance. It is a powerful tool specifically designed for sites that are to be loaded on google.

Out of 10


Price: $ 17.50

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