WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam 2022: Which is the Better Webinar Platform?

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Today, we’re going to discuss which is the best among the two: WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam

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WebinarJam software is used by many businesses and industries for online marketing. It is actually software for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting.

Webinar Ninja is one of the easiest software for the webinar creation process. It hardly takes only a few seconds for you to create a webinar.

  • Video Injection Tool
  • Multiple Webinar Sessions
  • Linguistic Support
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Optimized Marketing Webinars
  • Targeted Lead Forms
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • PANIC Button in case of disconnection
  • High Quality of Recording
  • 14-days Free Trial
  • Facebook and YouTube Live Streaming
  • Webinars can rank on webinar finder.
  • No Automated Webinars
  • Outdated Dashboard
  • Less efficient Automation.
  • Software crashes often.
Ease of Use

Set-Up takes less than a minute. Every feature is easy to handle and can be navigated easily.

One of the easiest to use software for beginners. Ease setup and amazing features and tools here.

Value For Money

Reasonable pricing considering the bells and whistles with a 100% refund guarantee.

Flexible pricing option with ready to use features. Free Trial is a plus.

Customer Support

Fast and Easy Support. Panic Button is an amazing feature here.

Stellar Customer Support with 24/7 assistance.

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The webinar industry is a wild west of sorts with many different vendors all making their own claims.

Who do you trust?

What is the best webinar software for your purposes?

And which one should you choose?  The answer to these questions can be difficult for someone who is a complete newbie to the webinar software.

Many people are using webinar software to host live events online. WebinarJam, WebinarNinja, Zoom, and GoToMeeting are popular providers of webinar software.

But, how do you choose the right one?

That’s why we have put together this guide! We’ve done all the hard work for you so now all you have to do is read our comparison guide and make an informed decision about which webinar software solution is best for your organization.

Our detailed comparison chart below shows side-by-side feature comparisons between WebinarNinja vs Webinarjam along with their respective prices, integrations, free trial periods, etc.

Which is better WebinarNinja or WebinarJam?

Bottom Line Upfront:

WebinarJam is my personal favorite webinar platform. It comes with a lot of features that are very helpful for online marketers and small businesses owners. The best part about WebinarJam is that it offers a lot of integrations with other tools that you might be using like Salesforce, AWeber, GoToWebinar, and more.

WebinarNinja is also a great webinar platform and it has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. I have tried it out myself and I really liked it. It comes with some great features like screen sharing, recording, and more.

Overall, both platforms are great and offer a lot of features. However, I would personally recommend WebinarJam because I have had a better experience with it.

Try WebinarNinja For 14-days free now.

Content Outline

WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam 2022: Best Webinar Software Comparison? 

What is WebinarNinja?

webinarninja software- webinarjam vs webinarninja

If you are looking for a platform with the easiest steps to host a webinar, then let me tell you, WebinarNinja is the best choice for your business.

Founded in 2014, Webinar Ninja is one of the easiest software for the webinar creation process. It hardly takes only a few seconds for you to create a webinar. 

It is undoubtedly the most flexible webinar software in the market. It not only saves your time but offers you lucrative and productive features on its platform.

It has good navigation in general on the phone as well as on the desktop. You can host all your live webinars and demos by using unique marketing features offered by WebinarNinja. You can easily prepare a webinar through qualitative HD images and Powerpoint Presentations.

Well, a piece of good news for you! It offers a customized landing page library to its users for choosing the best landing page design. It is an easy platform to create a webinar and attendees do not have to download the software on their devices.

They can attend the webinars via desktop or mobile devices. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward.

Do you know your attendees automatically get notified of your polls?

Yes, you heard it right. I like this amazing feature of Webinar Ninja. Whenever I start a poll survey during my webinars, My attendees start answering them immediately.

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Who is the man behind WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja founder- WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja

Omar Zenhom and Nicole Balduni founded the WebinarNinja in the year 2014. WebinarNinja has a team of experts from around the world. Their constant efforts have made them one of the best SaaS companies in 2018. 

What makes WebinarNinja a great webinar software? 

WebinarNinja features and benefits- webinarjam vs webinarninja

  • Lead Generation: Webinars Turn leads into students and students into customers. Teach somehow to sell your products via webinars, you will earn revenue daily.
  • Interactive Poll Session: You can run multiple polls at a time to interact with your audience and get their answers. A poll survey notifies them automatically to give answers.
  • Images, Video, Presentation: Can easily insert HD quality customized images and videos. Run PowerPoint presentations in between webinars.
  • Analytical Reports: Give clear insights and statistical reports on the quality of webinars. It shows how well your webinars are going on, how many attendees attend poll surveys, and measure your conversion rates.
  • Optimized Marketing Webinar: Your customers can search your webinars by the name of your brand or keywords of your webinar. Webinar Ninja helps you to increase your attendees and conversion rates by ranking your webinar in the Webinar Finder.
  • No transaction Fees: Webinar Ninja accepts all the payments and pays all the money taken from attendees to the host, they don’t charge any extra transaction fees.
  • Mobile and Desktop Operated: Webinars are the best method considered during this pandemic to increase sales for the business. It gives value to your audience. Webinar Ninja is highly optimized on desktop and mobile phones and attendees quickly have access to the webinars. They can attend the sessions from the comfort of their homes.

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam review

WebinarJam is a super amazing webinar software. I like its configuration and navigation process. 

It has some extraordinary features that other webinar software does not provide. It is the most secure and safe platform for hosting webinars. WebinarJam can also live to stream your events on Facebook and Youtube.

While hosting or attending webinars, you might observe that some software consumes a lot of your data, but WebinarJam consumes less data and you will never face any glitches while conducting webinars.

You can share screens and PowerPoint presentations during webinars and as well as record them for future reference. It is considered the best webinar software in the market. 

What makes WebinarJam popular webinar software?

WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam- webinarjam features

  • Scheduling: Hosts can easily schedule their webinars through WebinarJam whenever they want to host. They can choose on time webinars, mixed scheduling webinars, and recurring series of webinars.
  • Webinar Software: WebinarJam is a complete Marketing Software for businesses and it promotes your social media accounts as well because marketing includes social media marketing.
  • Active Selling:  WebinarJam actively sells your webinars and other marketing services with highly-priced products online. It also gives an instant payment option to the attendees, to buy the services, or to attend the webinar sessions. It will boost your sales by using some tips and tricks of marketing
  • Updated features: WebinarJam constantly updates its features for the better use of technology with 24/7 active and efficient customer support. Easily share the recordings and stream live on Facebook and Youtube, with the simple configuration steps.
  • Linguistic Support: You can attract foreign clients or attendees to attend your webinar sessions because WebinarJam supports 23 languages all over the world and translate your language into their specific language with the help of coding.

Features Comparison: WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja 

WebinarNinja Features:

Here are the top features of WebinarNinja:

Create a webinar in 10 seconds:


WebinarNinja makes it easy to do a webinar. You don’t have to go through 10 steps like you do with other webinars.

WebinarNinja lets you make your webinar in seconds, and then register for the webinar right away.

Quick Webinar visibility:

WebinarNinja integrated marketing- webinarjam vs qwebinarninja

With one click, you can add your webinar to the Webinars Finder. This makes it easy for people to find your webinar. They can search by keywords or categories.

And even if someone does a Google search, they may find you!

Download Powerpoint slides directly to WebinarNinja: 

WebinarNinja makes webinars easy. Download your PowerPoint slides and do a check on everything from one place easily with the help of this platform.

WebinarNinja automatically saves your webinar: 

It’s easy to save webinars so you can watch them again.

You do not need to remember anything, it will be stored in your account. You can use them whenever you want and if you want the same designs, slides, videos and screens, just save the recording and it will be like a live webinar.

Built-in Sharing: 

WebinarNinja built-in marketing feature webinarjam vs webinarninja

Webinars are a good way to share information. Sharing your webinar makes it more popular. You can do this by including the social buttons when you make your webinar. People who want to learn more about the webinar must share it during registration.

WebinarJam Features & Benefits:

  • Jam Sessions

WebinarJam fully flexible designs- webinarninja vs webinarjam

On this platform, you can invite up to 6 other people. You can stream in HD quality.

The design is flexible and lets you control what you want to do. You can also organize a group of experts to share their knowledge in your own webinar with the help of this platform.

  • Active chat

Webinar Jam Chat can be used to have a live conversation with all of your participants.

You can easily control the conversation, and it’s easy for you and your participants.

  • Participants Summary

participants summary in webinar- webinarjam vs webinarninja

When you use this platform, your audience has a voice. You can always ask people to go to your webinar, and they can answer questions and be involved in the presentation.

Just make sure that you balance the mouse and the purpose.

  • Great transmit technology

WebinarJam Transmit rule- webinarninja vs webinarjam

WebinarJam’s technology is unique because the signal is universal and can easily be shared with thousands of people. Sharing it across multiple platforms is easy, too.

WebinarJam does not have any restrictions on technology, because it uses everyone to provide the best service. It has technologies like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, or Flash. No one is left behind with this technology. And you will not find this type of technology anywhere else.

  • Live presentation

You can stream your webinar from YouTube Live or from your own private and secure network. Your audience will be anywhere.

If you want people to come to your webinar, go where they are. With WebinarJam’s live webcast engine, you can stream to thousands right from YouTube Live and your own private network.

Ease Of Use: WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja 


WebinarNinja is a user-friendly software for beginners and they don’t face any issues while hosting or attending webinars giving a seamless experience. 

They don’t have any complicated features at all. Registration, set-up of the seminar, accepting the payment all the steps are clear and defined. It provides free training for you to get more assimilated to their software through articles, eBooks, and webinars.

It is designed and built to deliver high-speed performance irrespective of the no. of participants during webinar sessions. From anywhere in the world, can access Webinar Ninja as it contains a translator that can translate any language of choice.


WebinarJam’s ease of creating landing pages and sign-up forms is unparalleled. People also feel it is very intuitive and the team comes up with new features catering to the needs of the customers.

The webinar will help you out in promoting your webinars as well. Promoting a service is very important but do you know what is more important? Promoting your services to the right audience.

With WebinarJam you can promote your services to the right audience and boost your sales revenue via email, Webinar Finder.

Final Verdict-

Webinar Ninja is the winner. Both the software are easy to use, but Webinar Ninja takes less time to set up a webinar which can save you much of the time. 

Customer Support: WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam


WebinarNinja has an extremely easy-going and solid customer base. They are available for their customers 24/7 and have a solid community of developers as well.

This webinar software is extremely popular among the crowd for its services and customer retention policies. The good service factor has led them to have the word of mouth popularity as well gaining more and more consumers. It pays a lot of attention to its customer’s needs. 


WebinarJam customer support team is available most of the time, they give 24/7 customer support and their customers are really happy with their team.

They have an option of live chat, and the customer supports a dedicated team to answer all the queries and resolve all issues faced by users. 

Their live chat support is quickly responsive. You can just log in to your WebinarJam account and get in touch with them through the navigation menu. Also, they have articles and blogs on frequently asked queries that the customers can refer to.

Final Verdict-

Both the tools are equally customer friendly and give the best to their existing and new clients. In this matter, Webinar Ninja has higher and better customer ratings

displaying its high potency to satisfy the users. It seems to be a step ahead as they get the best customer reviews from their users. Customer feedback is and should be taken very seriously because, at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what major service providers aim at.

Integrations of WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam


WebinarNinja integrates well with many services and solutions.

Popular integrations are listed below:

  • Stripe (payment integration)
  • InfusionSoft
  • Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp (email autoresponders)
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • ClickFunnels
  • WordPress


WebinarJam popular integrates with:

  • ConvertKit
  • Maropost
  • Ontraport
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Twilio
  • GetResponse
  • Katra
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • Aweber

 WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Pricing (Should You Buy WebinarJam or WebinarNinja?)

By posing various similarities in services, let’s see how expensive (or cheap) the two are and compare the prices between two competitors.

WebinarNinja Pricing: How much does it cost?

Pricing of Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja offers both monthly and annual plans.

Starter Plan of Webinar Ninja includes:

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Maximum 100 participants can attend a webinar session at a time.
  • It costs only $49 per month, which is a very economical plan for beginners and advanced users as well. 
  • You can access 14 days free trial
  • All the unlimited webinars will be live and automated webinars.
  • A poll survey feature is available.

WebinarJam Pricing Plans & Packages

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam- webinarjam pricing

WebinarJam offers 3 different pricing plans, but all plans are yearly plans, not monthly plans.

  • Basic Plan – It costs $499 per year. You can conduct unlimited webinars, but they all are live webinars, not automated webinars. It only limits 500 participants to attend the webinar. Maximum 2 presenters can be in a session. It offers a free trial for 14 days and charges $1.
  • Professional Plan – By subscribing to the Professional plan, which is worth $699 per year. All the benefits of the Basic Plan include and additional benefits are – 2000 attendees can participate in the webinar session., the duration limit of a webinar can be up to 3 hours. It offers live chat support and email support.
  • Enterprise Plan – Costs $999 per year, 5000 attendees, global business meetings, control over the participants, live chat, and email support.

All the plans offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Webinar Ninja is the clear winner as it offers a free plan to its users and premium plans are economical as compared to WebinarJam. Webinar Ninja is a better option to start with.

Analytical Reports: WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam

Analytics is very important to know the performance of every business in professional life.

Analytics provide you with whether your business is going on the right track or not. Let’s discuss whether these tools provide exact analytics or not.

WebinarNinja Reports

webinarninja analytics- webinarjam vs webinarninja

WebinarNinja also allows its users to know whether their webinars sessions are going well or not via analytical reports in the free plans and also take note of how many attendees participate in the session, how many give answers to poll survey questions in that specific time period.

WebinarJam Reports

WebinarJam analytics anbd reports

WebinarJam offers clear analytical reports in its premium plans to users. A clear understanding of all insights with graphs and numbers flying all over the screen.

Provides detailed reports of the performance of the audience in poll surveys and Q/A.  This feature can help you in analyzing where your performance needs improvement.

Final Verdict

I like the analytical reports of both tools as I used both of them. Both of the webinar software provide clear statistical reports to analyze the performance.

Both the webinar software performed well. It is a Tie between the two competitors.

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Pros and Cons: WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam

Pros of WebinarNinja

  • Economical webinar software for beginners.
  • More advanced features and user-friendly navigation and setup.
  • Automated and live webinars are available in the free plan.
  • Charge nothing for 14 days of a free trial.
  • Live Chat Feature of solving customer issues.
  • Facebook and Youtube Live Stream option available.
  • Mobile and desktop optimized.
  • Give clear and accurate analytics of performance.
  • It offers unique features in the competitive market.
  • A poll survey and recording option is available.
  • New features are added regularly.
  • Rank webinars on webinar finder apps.

Cons of WebinarNinja

  • Sometimes the software crashes in between webinars.
  • Be ready for lots of Emails.
  • The automated process is not that efficient
  • Consumes a lot of internet data during hosting and attending webinars

Pros of WebinarJam

  • Really good designs and templates
  • Flexibility in pricing plans.
  • Users can claim a refund within 30 days and get a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support team.
  • Actually gives results, and notify your registrants regularly before the webinar gets started via email so they don’t miss the webinars.
  • Send your exact analytical reports automatically.
  • Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • It can be integrated with many software.
  • No tax troubles.
  • Easily add videos, HD quality images, and PowerPoint presentations.

Cons of WebinarJam 

  • Expensive pricing plans for beginners.
  • Only the live webinars option is available, not automated webinars.
  • Transaction fees are charged even for free and basic plans.
  • Low-quality images and videos present.

WebinarJam Customer Reviews & Testimonials

WebinarJam reviews- Webinarninja vs WebinarJam

“I am loving WebinarJam. First, they make it super easy to set up your webinar. It feels like they have thought of everything you need before you realize you need it. And it’s super cool to be able to toggle back and forth from slides to your screen to yourself! It’s a super product at a great price.”

Betsey Kent

“WebinarJam is incredibly easy to do! I created and listed my first two webinars in under a half hour. I just facilitated my first webinar, and got rave reviews from attendees. Your service, videos, handouts, and support is tremendous.”

Mickey Fitch

“One of the best decisions I made was to buy the software when it first came out! I have saved literally thousands that I would have paid to the then-dominant program, for a service with no limits on the number of attendees, as well as for a much more powerful program overall.

I also love how the software continues to improve!”

Jacqueline Green

“WebinarJam is just mind blowing – how easy it is to set up a webinar, how nicely it is combined with other tools which are already provided (registration pages, notifications etc). Greatly done!

I feel like it is a win strategy for my philosophical-coaching business :)”

Maja Niestroj

“WebinarJam provides incredible value, is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It’s the best webinar software on the market.”

Angela Hauck

WebinarNinja Customer Testimonials: 

WebinarNinja customer reviews- WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja

“We tried so many other webinar platforms before we found WebinarNinja. By far…it’s the easiest to use!”
The best webinar software for coaches.

Emma and Carla, Health & Lifestyle Coaches

Wow! Top notch response & service. Your support team is always very fast and clearly communicate the answers I need.

– Amy 

I appreciate the amazing service you all provide. I know I ask a lot of questions, so thank you for your patience. You guys are the best!

– Lamont O.

Quick Links:

FAQs | WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam

💁‍♀️ Is WebinarNinja secured and safe to Use?

Yes, Webinarninja offers the same level of password protected security that Webinajam gives.

✅ Is there a free trial available for WebinarJam?

Yes, a free trial for 14 days is available. But it charges $1 for 14 days free trial.

🤔 Which is easier to use - Webinar Ninja or WebinarJam?

Webinar Ninja is easier to use compared to WebinarJam. In Webinar Ninja, it hardly takes a few minutes to create a webinar.

🙆‍♀️ How is WebinarJam compare with other webinar software?

When it comes to the features and pricing, there is no other competitor who does any better in webinar hosting than Webinarjam. It has been affiliated to be one of the best marketing software in current times.

🤷‍♂️ How do I get started on WebinarJam?

You can follow the link mentioned in our blog to get started with WebinarJam. Sign-up on WebinarJam. You can also download the plugin and install it for quick use of WebinarJam.

🙋 What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is one of the easiest software for the webinar creation process. It hardly takes only a few seconds for you to create a webinar.

🙇‍♂️ What are alternatives of WebinarJam and WebinarNinja?

Some of the potential alternatives of WebinarJam and WebinarNinja are Demio, GoToWebinar, EasyWebinar, EverWebinar, ClickMeeting, LiveStorm, etc.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy? WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam 2022

Both of these tools are WebinarNinja and WebinarJam are helpful. But it has been established that although there are a whole lot of these growth tools.

They can always be trusted and are safe webinar platforms. Both tools have efficient and dedicated customer support teams, which are available 24/7 for their customers. Both Webinar Ninja and WebinarJam offer a wide range of services and features to users.

If asked to choose one, WebinarNinja is the best webinar hosting software. Webinar Ninja is definitely up to the mark but is not really much different from all the other growth tools out there. It has superior and the latest features of live chat and poll surveys.

 In short, due to this decisive factor, the better option of these two is definitely Webinar Ninja, and I have decided to dictate Webinar Ninja as the winner of this battle.

Aishwar Babber

Aishwar Babber is a passionate blogger and a digital marketer. He loves to talk and blog about latest tech and gadgets, which motivates him to run GizmoBase. He is currently practicing his digital marketing, SEO, and SMO expertise as a full-time marketer on various projects. He is an active investor in Newsmartwave and Imagestation.

7 thoughts on “WebinarNinja Vs WebinarJam 2022: Which is the Better Webinar Platform?”

  1. My business has utilized WebinarNinja for barely two years now. I’ve attempted pretty much all choices for doing online classes and WebinarNinja is the one in particular that upholds all or our requirements. Perhaps the greatest thing we required was the capacity to play video over an online course and WebinarNinja handles that like a champ

  2. Overall, we have a love love relationship with Webinarjam. We expected a perfect webinar software and gave us its best.
    It comes with all better enhancement as the pricing and quality is perfectly balanced.

  3. You can also easily your marketing go with the help of WebinarJam. It provides you with these functionalities in doing so:
    a)Custom registration page for your Webinar
    b)Ability to send invitations to the attendees within the platform
    c)Schedule your event
    d)Get better insights from customer data

  4. When it comes to the best Webinar platforms the market has to offer, WebinarJam is one of the names that pop up.
    It is mostly known for its interactive functionality, which enables the host to conduct Q&A sessions within the Webinar.
    Some other way in which they promote customer engagement includes live chats and doubt clearing sessions directly with the host.
    This is a great software!

  5. Increment your deals and participation with the just online course framework that creates a total live stream occasion from enrollment to replay. WebinarJam has more highlights, no downloads, and is the most emotional improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting at any point delivered to general society.

  6. The webinar has some issues to it concerns me that is:
    •When it comes to the enterprise plan, it is slightly overpriced
    •Sometimes one might find a fraction of delay when it comes to live streaming.
    These are the things that should be seen and taken into consideration.

  7. WebinarJam has helped me in several ways, I surely would recommend using it!
    It is a fantastic product in consideration and has helped me develop an engaging extension to my online community and indeed growth.

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