Review 2024: Legit Passive Income Source? (Full Details)

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Quickly and easily start generating money online using All you have to do is download the app to your computer or mobile device, and then sign up for an account. By letting us use your internet connection, you may earn money with no active effort on your part. In addition, you may utilize our Surveys section to earn rewards for providing feedback on a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to: technology, style, makeup, automobiles, and politics.

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  • There are no advertisements included
  • Each week, more nations are added
  • There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases
  • Allows a large number of users to use a single Internet connection
  • Every two weeks new countries are added


  • You cannot withdraw until $5 has been earned on the app
  • Requires a fast internet connection


Price: $

Smartphones enable multiple revenue streams and mobile apps are now one of the most reliable sources of passive income. by IPRoyal is one of such platforms for earning money.

Therefore, I decided to write an in-depth IPRoyal Pawns review to understand this program better and how it helps you earn money online.

Stay with me until the conclusion of this IPRoyal Pawns review if you are eager to learn more about this top-tier money-making survey software.

What Are Survey Apps & Why Use Them?

Survey apps are known as apps that allow consumers to complete surveys on their tablets or their phones even when the device is not connected to the internet.

They are used for feedback collection, survey design, distribution, and analysis. Internet surveys are undoubtedly the most effective solution if you’re looking for a fast way to earn money.

This is because they pay you handsomely and need you to labor for a short period. This implies you may earn a respectable income by spending two to three hours daily on reputable online survey sites.

The following are some perks of doing paid internet surveys:

1. No Specific Qualifications:

The online survey position does not need specific credentials, such as a bachelor’s or professional degree. These positions are open to anybody interested, passionate, and knowledgeable in specific fields. Therefore, both supply and demand are ample for these occupations.

2. No Investment:

In India, internet surveys often do not need registration fees to begin earning. This makes online survey work quite appealing, particularly for those seeking additional cash.

As these professions demand no upfront investment, they are excellent possibilities for students. Only an internet connection and a computer or smartphone are required.

3. More Flexibility:

Online product sales allow for more freedom in the workplace. Therefore, it allows for flexibility regarding working hours, decision-making, customer interaction, etc. It also facilitates adaptation to various occupations throughout life.

The only individuals required to report here are consumers. This allows for versatility in techniques, procedures, and other activities.

Therefore, all schedules are created with the businessperson and client in mind. No one will dictate any decisions. This adds not only responsibility but also flexibility.

4. Self-regulated Earnings:

You get paid according to the task you do. This allows you to determine your earnings for the time being. In general, wages are proportionate to labor performed.

Therefore, online survey tasks are an excellent approach to generating targeted income. It is one of the finest methods of making money.

Therefore, online survey tasks are the most excellent alternative if you want to make additional cash or pocket money.

While doing online surveys to get money, you are compensated for your efforts. Thus, you have control over your income.

This indicates that the more labor you do, your final compensation will be greater. Online survey tasks are one of the most acceptable methods to make targeted income.

5. Independence:

The most significant benefit of internet survey employment is freedom. It eliminates reliance on employers for employment and money.

You become your boss. Starting a company provides independence in the workplace. No time limits exist. It enhances the adaptability of the workplace.

Additionally, it keeps you responsible entirely to consumers. There is no other entity to whom you are answerable. Therefore, it allows complete autonomy in decision-making.

Therefore, an individual has complete autonomy while earning money via internet surveys. Review 2024: All You Need To Know is a survey platform that allows you to get compensated for your comments on several issues, ranging from politics and fashion to the automobile industry and consumer goods! also allows users to make money by sharing their internet connection and completing surveys. Establish a free account and install their app; you’re ready!

Using WiFi or your data plan, you can ensure that no megabyte is wasted! IPRoyal uses this information to assist businesses and people worldwide gain unrestricted internet access.

In other words, it is comparable to sharing your WiFi connection with a visitor. On February 15, 2021, Karolis Toleikis launched the Pawns app, one of the top passive income applications.

This most excellent software to earn money was created to empower its users by providing a means to generate passive income online.

Since its start, this one of the best money-earning applications has shown significant success in assisting its users in generating income. Review

Using surveys and internet sharing, individuals from a variety of nations can utilize this best software to make money to earn some additional cash using straightforward techniques.

The IPRoyal Pawns app was designed with security, privacy, and safety in mind. Your private information (device storage, gallery, contacts, and anything else) is always private.

The application only utilizes the information required for the service to function. In addition, every communication is encrypted. Thus, no hazards exist.

You may earn money based on your location and the quantity of traffic you can share. The longer the app is active, the more money you will make.

They pay $0.20 for every shared gigabyte, so you may expect to earn between $5 and $140 monthly.

If you like to earn more, you may install the app on as many devices as you like, provided they are not on the same network. In other words, only one Android smartphone may be connected to a single WiFi network.

In addition, you may participate in their affiliate program. Invite your friends to use your affiliate link and begin sharing, and you’ll get 10% of their profits.

How To Earn Money Using

In addition, I will describe every feature of this top-tier money-making program to familiarize you with it. These characteristics will also contribute to the precision of their IPRoyal Pawns app review.

So, let’s immediately get into its characteristics!

1. Participate in surveys to earn money:

You may do regular surveys and get compensated for each one. Now, Pawns functions identically to the highest-paying survey applications you are familiar with.

After making an account, you must choose a survey that you are comfortable with, and that is available. Depending on the survey’s requirements, you may be eligible for a reward after completing and submitting the survey.

2. Make $5 to $140 monthly:

$5 is the smallest amount you can withdraw from this one of the highest-paying survey applications. Therefore, you must earn and wait until your IPRoyal Pawns minimum payment hits $5 to withdraw.

This best-earning software allows you to earn a maximum of $140 monthly. If you are wondering how to withdraw cash from IPRoyal Pawns, the allowed payment options are PayPal, Bitcoin, and virtual gift cards. IPRoyal Pawns is one of the best survey applications that pay.

3. Earn more money with referrals:

In addition to being one of the tops paid survey apps for free, Pawns offers an appealing referral scheme.

Once you’ve referred the app to other users and brought them on board, the referral program enables you to earn 10% of their earnings. Thus, you will secure an additional source of passive income.

4. Profit from Internet connection sharing:

This legitimate money-making tool enables you to earn cash easily. You may earn money online by simply renting out your Internet connection. To begin using this one of the best money-making applications, you must first register an account.

Sharing your WiFi or internet connection with other users is a legitimate way to generate passive revenue online. One of the most lucrative applications, Pawns, pays $0.20 for every gigabyte shared with other users.

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Can I Use On Mobile?

Initially, Pawns was only compatible with laptops and desktops.

However, now that they’ve built an app for Android, you may also make money using your Android phone. And it is available for download through the Google Play Store.

However, it is not accessible for iPhones/iOS devices. Thus, Android is required if you want to use it on a mobile phone.

And you may use it simultaneously on mobile and PC. You may use it on as many devices as you want, but you must ensure each has a unique network/IP address.

How To Use On Mobile (Android)?

Step – 1: Download and Install from the Google Play Store by clicking on ‘Install’.

Install from the Google Play Store

Step – 2: As the download completes, click on ‘Open’.

Open Now

Step – 3: Scroll left twice and click on ‘Start earning’.

Scroll left twice and click on ‘Start earning’

Step – 4: Click on ‘Sign up or sign up using Google and Facebook.

Click on ‘Sign up or sign up using Google and Facebook

Step  – 5:  Read out the best features and different easy of earning money using here and click on ‘X’.

click on ‘X’

Step – 6: Here is how the dashboard looks like this. Look I have already earned something by sharing my bandwidth. dashboard

However, the best part about is not sharing bandwidth, you can earn from surveys too. Click on ‘Surveys’.

Step – 7: Click here.

Step – 8: Check the box and click on ‘Continue’.

Check the box and click on ‘Continue’

Then you will be asked for some basic information. Fill in this information correctly. The information you give here will decide what surveys you are eligible for. That’s it. Start earning. Customer Support

You may consult their website’s FAQ page for solutions to most of the issues you will face.

In my view, their website does a decent job of describing how to earn. In addition, they go above and above to emphasize that the data you will provide will not be compromised in any manner, nor how they ensure its safety.

Now, if you have any problems regarding the site or your account, you may submit your query using the contact form on their website or send them an email at [email protected].

Overall, I would say that they have a solid help system in place since they provide several methods to contact their support team. Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons: Pros

  • There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases.
  • There are no advertisements included.
  • Allows a large number of users to use a single Internet connection
  • Each week, more nations are added.
  • Easy-to-use Cons:

  • You cannot withdraw until $5 has been earned on the app.

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Conclusion: Review 2024

With more frequent survey availability and a lower withdrawal limit, is one of the finest money-earning applications.

I definitely recommend because, unlike other survey apps, it has multiple ways of earning money.

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