WebinarJam Review 2024: Is It The Best Webinar Software?

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WebinarJam Review


WebinarJam offers a seamless platform for hosting live webinars, featuring a user-friendly interface, interactive tools like polls and live chat, and extensive integrations, ideal for businesses and educators aiming to engage their audience effectively.

Out of 10


  • Live Webinars
  • 14-day trial
  • Panic button
  • Always-On Room
  • One-click registration options
  • API Integration capabiity
  • Live chat customer support
  • Recordable webinars


  • Lacks evergreen webinar feature
  • Slightly expensive


Price: $ 499

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through countless options to find the perfect tool for hosting webinars?

I’ve been there, and let me tell you, it’s no small task. That’s why I decided to dive deep into WebinarJam to see if it really lives up to the hype.

In this review, I’ll share my honest thoughts and experiences. From setup to features and everything in between,

I’ve explored what makes WebinarJam stand out (or not) in the crowded world of online webinar platforms. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to switch things up or you’re just starting out and feeling a bit lost in the sea of choices, this review is for you.

Let’s find out together if WebinarJam is the key to taking your webinars to the next level.

Webinarjam Review 2024

Webinar Jam Review

Bottom Line Upfront (Tl;dr)

WebinarJam is a great platform because it has more features and makes the attendee feel more professional. It is an excellent choice for businesses that want to use webinars for marketing purposes, and the presentation tools make it easier to present your content clearly and concisely.

Furthermore, audience interaction tools are handy for gathering feedback from your attendees. 

With more than 50,000 users all around the world in 40 different industries, there must be something really special about it, don’t you think?

Check out WebinarJam

What is WebinarJam?

webinarjam review

WebinarJam is a powerful webinar platform designed to help businesses and individuals host and manage high-quality online events.

Whether you’re looking to conduct live webinars, automate your presentations, or interact with your audience in real time, WebinarJam offers comprehensive features to make your webinars successful.

You can also use it to make webinars with videos, animations, and slides to show to your audience.

One great thing about WebinarJam is that it works with all devices and web browsers. It also offers tools like polls and surveys to interact with your audience and gives you basic event data.

With WebinarJam, you can use ready-made templates or create your own. You can also manage how your webinars are set up and design landing pages. The landing page templates let you show live streams to many people, no matter where they are.

Integration plays a pivotal role in enhancing business efficiency and data consistency. WebinarJam has been purposefully engineered to support seamless integration with popular third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Active Campaign and Mailchimp, streamlining automated email processes.

Who is WebinarJam best for?

Through my use of WebinarJam, I found out that this tool wears several hats and turns out to be helpful for you if:

  • You are an online course creator, coach, public speaker, or consultant aiming to generate income through webinars.
  • You’re searching for an all-in-one webinar tool with many features, including flexible scheduling, replay webinars, user-friendly communication tools, detailed analytics, email automation, and more.
  • Your webinars must accommodate a large audience, with up to 5,000 webinar attendees, making it suitable for substantial online events, training seminars, or online courses.
  • You want to host live-streaming video events to engage your audience.
  • You want to diversify your content creation beyond blog posts, infographics, and videos to enhance your brand’s credibility and authority.
  • You plan to promote and sell a product through your webinars.
  • High-quality video content is essential for your strategy.
  • You need a platform that functions smoothly on all devices, particularly mobile devices.

WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam helps you ensure your audience doesn’t forget about your event by allowing you to schedule reminders through email and text messages.

You can also track who attends your webinars, who leaves early, and who stays till the end. This information can be used to send tailored emails later on.

Now, let’s break down the features of WebinarJam and what it does:

1. Attendee Management 

webinarjam attendee management feature

With WebinarJam, you can automate how you handle your webinar attendees, making it easier and more efficient. This is especially important if you’re dealing with a large audience of up to 5,000 people in one presentation.

WebinarJam can assist you with various tasks like sending out invitations and registration forms, handling secure payments, sending confirmations, and follow-up emails. This ensures that everything happens at the right time, keeping your audience happy.

After all, your webinar is only valuable when your viewers are satisfied.

2. Automated Recordings 

When you host a webinar, it’s natural that some people might not make it to the live event.

Based on past data, around 25% of registered people are expected to miss the live show and prefer to watch the recording later for various reasons.

Automated webinar recordings

WebinarJam is designed to record your webinars automatically. When you see a positive response from your audience and high conversion rates, you can turn those recordings into automatic webinars using WebinarJam.

Now, here’s where EverWebinar comes into play as part of WebinarJam.

With EverWebinar, you don’t need to log in and start things manually because it’s entirely automated.

Plus, EverWebinar’s automation helps you deal with trolls and haters. The system can detect and remove chat messages with inappropriate words and fix any mistakes you made during live or recorded webinars.

It’s like having your back covered automatically.

3. Webinar Scheduling

When you create a new webinar, you have two choices:

  • Quick setup – This is the easiest and fastest way. It only shows the most important options and takes less than a minute to set up.
  • Detailed setup – This shows all the options for customization. It might take about 10 minutes to do.

With the detailed setup, you can change everything in your webinar. You can pick the date, time, and timezone for your webinar. But, the people watching will always see a countdown timer that matches their timezone.

Webinar Scheduling feature- WebinarJam

If you’re a pro at marketing, there’s a way to plan webinars every week:

You can create a schedule for recurring webinars. The people who join can choose to keep getting all the webinars in the series.

These sessions can be scheduled as follows:

Option 1: One-Time Sessions

One-Time Sessions let you conduct webinar sessions with the same content. This means people register for just one session, not all of them.

If you want your audience to choose a webinar that suits their schedule, you can have one session at 9:00 AM and another at 1:00 PM on the same day.

Option 2: Multiple-Day Webinars

Multiple-day webinars allow you to run many webinars over a few days. People can sign up just once to attend all the separate events.

You can choose different dates and times for each one. But they’ll be grouped as one big event, not separate ones.

Option 3: Series of Presentations

With a Series of Presentations, you can make a set of webinars. Maybe one builds on the last. These webinars happen on a regular, repeating schedule.

For example, you can schedule your sessions from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day or every Saturday at 5:00 p.m. for a whole year. It’s that easy!

4. Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls make your webinar more engaging. You can ask attendees questions, and their answers can be used for discussions in the webinar or to understand what your audience wants for future webinars.

Surveys and polls feature- WebinarJam

Sharing poll results can also strengthen your message in the webinar and get more people to participate in the polls.

WebinarJam makes it simple to use surveys and polls. If you picked Full Configuration, you can make a poll before the webinar and show it when you need to.

If you choose Express setup, you can make a new poll whenever you like.

You can plan polls like the one mentioned above and show them at the right time during the webinar.

5. Live Chat

WebinarJam fulfills its role as an engagement tool as it offers real-time chats and question-taking from attendees.

These aspects are crucial for successful webinars. Attendees feel satisfied during the session and will likely join your future sessions with WebinarJam’s help.

WebinarJam Automated recording

WebinarJam’s live chat option lets you communicate with your audience instantly and manage their messages. You can control chat functions like private comments, highlighted comments, and sticky announcements to tailor your communication with attendees.

Using WebinarJam’s Live Chat, you can interact with the entire attendee group, work with individuals directly, or address specific questions. You can also chat privately with webinar administrators without attendees knowing it.

6. Q&A Sessions 

You understand that just talking to your customers isn’t sufficient. You want them to interact with you, which means having people communicate with you. That’s why you’re interested in doing a webinar rather than settling for a video call.

You can create a box where attendees can ask questions during the webinar.

If you’re considering hosting a live Q&A session, WebinarJam is an excellent platform. It increases customer engagement and lets you address attendees’ questions during the session.

Any attendee can click the “Request to Speak” button at the top of their chat bar to raise their hand. When you see their request, hover over their name and allow them to speak.

After you’ve answered the question, you can remove them from the live room, and they will go back to being a regular attendee in the webinar.

7. Broadcast to YouTube

By default, your webinars will be hosted on WebinarJam.

Webinarjam- broadcast to Youtube

However, you also have the option to broadcast your webinars on your YouTube channel.

While you can’t directly install the WebinarJam live stream on your website, you can embed the YouTube video on your own webpage, making it viewable there.

With YouTube Live, you can stream using YouTube’s servers. This enables you to broadcast in your webinar room and simultaneously share your webinar on your YouTube account.

8. Webinar Analytics

You can use WebinarJam’s advanced analytic tools to get detailed information about your audience.

WebinarJam Analytics and Insights

What kind of information can you easily find?

  • Basic data about your webinar’s performance, like how many people visited, clicked, and more.
  • Results from tests on different landing pages.
  • How many people opened your emails and registered for your webinar?
  • Stats on your audience’s engagement during the live event, such as how many attended, how long they stayed, and more.
  • Information about attendees when they watch the webinar replay.
  • Ratings from users and the number of ratings.
  • Data about how much money you’re making.
  • The quality of your audience’s internet connection.

In WebinarJam 4.0, you can also see how well your attendees are connected in real time.

All these stats can help you make better decisions for future webinars, target potential customers more effectively, and improve your marketing efforts.

9. Attendee Presentation

With WebinarJam, you can invite your audience members to join the conversation during your live webinar. They can become speakers or presenters.

So, if you want to give someone in the audience the spotlight, you can let them speak, share their screen, run a PowerPoint, and more.

You can easily switch them back to being attendee-only when they’re finished.

If someone in the audience wants to participate in your live webinar, you can accept or decline their request in the ‘Speak’ section below.

Presenters can use their microphones and webcams and even share their screens.

You can invite additional presenters by clicking the plus icon and entering their name and email address. They’ll receive a link to join the webinar as presenters.

10. Third-Party Integrations

WebinarJam connects with tools like email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and shopping carts. This helps the platform do things automatically and make tasks easier.
WebinarJam integrations

You can also link WebinarJam with tracking tools from other companies like Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Ads. Plus, you can put a unique tracking code on different parts of your webinar process, like the webinar registration pages, thank you page, live room, and replay room.

WebinarJam integrates with the following software seamlessly:

  • Kartra
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • iContact
  • Ontraport
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • ConstantContact
  • Maropost

11. Panic Button

The Panic Button is like your backup plan. It’s there to rescue you when unexpected technical problems pop up, like a stuck screen or a microphone not working.

Panic Button WebinarJam

Click the panic button to use it, and the system will restart.

A fresh live room will be ready immediately; you don’t have to set everything up again. All the presenters and attendees will be moved to the new room in 10 to 15 seconds so you can keep your broadcast going smoothly.

12. Always-On-Room

This feature is important if you want to conduct live webinar sessions regularly. It’s called the “Always-On” room, and it’s open every day. You can log in whenever you want without any delay.

Always on Room WebinarJam Review

In simple terms, you have a room that’s always ready for webinars whenever you need it. Anyone can join this room anytime they want.

The room is always prepared because the settings are set up, and the web link never changes. It’s super easy to use.

The best part is the web link has your company’s name on it.

13. Thank You Page

Once your attendees sign up for the webinar, they’ll be directed to a thank you page.

This page will automatically show:

  • A success message to confirm their registration.
  • Details about the webinar, including the topic and the host’s name.
  • The date and time of the webinar, along with a link to add it to their calendar.
  • A special link for joining the webinar (they can bookmark it for easy access).
  • Custom text to get them excited about the upcoming webinar.
  • If you like, you can even include a teaser video.

You have the flexibility to personalize the Thank You page template, similar to how you can customize the Landing Page.

You will also get some pre-made Thank You page templates you can choose from.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to survey everyone who registers. This is handy if you tailor the webinar to your audience’s expectations.

You can even run a quick survey right on the Thank You page. This gives you personalized insights about your attendees, which you can discuss during the webinar.

After registering for the webinar, your attendees will have the option to fill out the survey.

14. Product Offers

This is a feature that I found quite appealing while using WerbinarJasm.

You can set up live webinar offers right when preparing your webinar. Complete the required fields to create your offer and preview it before it becomes visible during your webinar.

It’s important to ensure that your Call to Action (CTA) carries a clear and compelling message for your audience.

How to Get Started With WebinarJam?

Let me show you how in a simple step-by-step procedure! WebinarJam offers a 14-day free trial with a $1 deposit.

Step One: Register on the WebinarJam website and download the plug-in that is compatible with any browser.

Step two: Investigate the various features available and create an interactive webinar.

Step Three: Have you completed your webinar strategy? Choose ‘Your Links. You will be displayed a list of all links to choose from. Select ‘Presenter Login’ while hosting the webinar.

WebinarJam dashboard- how to run webinar

Step Four: Copy the link under the tab ‘Live Room.’ Paste this link into your preferred browser window. 

Webinarjam presenter login

Step Five: After entering the Webinar Room, select ‘Start Event.’ You’re now live! 

Here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth sailing webinar process:

  • Avoid running heavy programs or streaming platforms during the webinar
  • Ensure excellent video quality by not downloading anything in the background and minimizing background processes
  • Wear earphones for better sound quality
  • Entirely focused on the task at hand and mute pop-up notifications and devices

Isn’t it effortless to use?

Follow these steps, play with the fantastic features, and you’re ready to go! Grow your business to levels you never thought possible without the help of a professional video editing team!

WebinarJam last minute checklist

Step Four: Copy the link under the’ Live Room tab.’ Paste this link into your preferred browser window. 

Step Five: After entering the Webinar Room, select ‘Start Event.’ You’re now live! 

Here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth sailing webinar process:

  • Don’t run any heavy programs and streaming platforms during the webinar.
  • To ensure great video quality, do not put anything for download in the background, and minimize background processes.
  • Wear your earphones! This will ensure a remarkable sound quality!
  • Not to sound like a parent, but focus fully on the task and put those pop-up notifications and devices on mute!

It’s quite simple to use. Follow these steps, explore the amazing features, and you are ready! 



💰  Price


😍  Pros

Live webinar

😩  Cons

No evergreen webinar option


WebinarJam offers a seamless platform for hosting live webinars, featuring a user-friendly interface, interactive tools like polls and live chat, and extensive integrations, ideal for businesses and educators aiming to engage their audience effectively.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

webinarjam pricing

WebinarJam has four pricing options. 

Feature Starter Basic Professional Enterprise
Attendees 100 500 2000 5000
Price/mo (billed annually) $39 $79 $229 $379
Savings/year Save $120 Save $240 Save $840 Save $1440
Hosts Included 1 2 4 6
Max Duration 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Additional Team Members 1 5 10 25
Unlimited Webinars Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key Features – Live Chat, Replica Replay, Flexible Scheduling, Fully-customizable pages – All Starter features, 5 Additional Team Members – All Basic features, 10 Additional Team Members – All Professional features, 25 Additional Team Members

WebinarJam also provides a 14-day trial period for $1 and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Webinarjam Integrations 

Category Integration Description
Email Marketing Services MailChimp Automate email campaigns by adding webinar registrants to MailChimp lists.
ActiveCampaign Sync leads directly into ActiveCampaign for targeted follow-ups.
AWeber Add webinar attendees to AWeber email lists for marketing.
CRM Platforms Salesforce Send webinar sign-up and attendance data to Salesforce.
Infusionsoft by Keap Integrate webinar data for lead tracking and campaigns in Infusionsoft.
HubSpot Update contacts and leads in HubSpot with registration and participation details.
Payment Processors PayPal Sell access to webinars and manage registrations through PayPal.
Stripe Accept payments for webinar registrations directly with Stripe integration.
Landing Page & Lead Capture Tools LeadPages Create landing pages for webinars and link them with WebinarJam registration.
ClickFunnels Integrate landing pages and sales funnels with WebinarJam.
Social Media Platforms Facebook Broadcast webinars on Facebook pages or groups directly.
YouTube Stream webinars live on YouTube through WebinarJam for broader reach.
Automation & Workflow Zapier Connect WebinarJam with over 2,000 web services for custom workflows and automation.
Online Course & Membership Platforms Kajabi Manage online courses and webinar access for members with Kajabi integration.
Content Management Systems WordPress Embed webinar registration forms and buttons on WordPress sites with WebinarJam’s plugin.

Who Can Use WebinarJam?

WebinarJam can be used by anyone needing to conduct online meetings, webinars, and other events. The platform is perfect for businesses, educators, entrepreneurs, and marketers who want to reach a wide audience.

With WebinarJam’s intuitive interface and powerful features, creating custom events that engage and attract audiences is easy. You can create custom webinar registration pages, set access restrictions, create polls, and more.

WebinarJam also has a built-in chat room where you can communicate with your participants in real time.

Plus, the platform has an integrated analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into how your webinar performs so you can adjust mid-event to ensure it goes smoothly.

With WebinarJam, you can promote your events on social media, connect with participants via live streaming or recorded video, and even monetize your webinars.

You can track registration data and measure how successful your event is after it ends. And if you need help setting up or managing a webinar, the platform’s customer service team is always available to help.

WebinarJam Pros & Cons



  • Effective social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, and more)
  • It does not include a built-in evergreen webinar feature but can be used with Everwebinar.
  • Affordable pricing with access to various features
  • Had complications with meetings held on Google Hangouts. 
  • Includes training videos at every level and live representatives available for support
  • The premium package is expensive and geared toward experts and professionals.
  • Includes pop-up buttons, offers, and countdowns to encourage attendees to take action
  • Customizable landing page templates are provided
  • Automatically records and sends each webinar to attendees.
  • You can use it to create automated webinars using Ever Webinar.
  • Easy to integrate with ESP
  • Easy to use and set up

WebinarJam Alternatives & Competitors:

If you are looking for some good alternatives to Webinarjam, here are some other webinar platforms:

1. Demio

Demio is one of the most effective webinar platforms available. Demio is my favorite WebinarJam alternative because it is so simple to use, and it does everything that WebinarJam does.

demio- webinarjam alternative


They provide a plethora of marketing tools to assist you in determining what type of presenter or audience member best suits your needs to create an event that everyone will enjoy attending. It’s ideal for any campaign, especially when working with large brands in corporate markets.

2. EverWebinar

If you have the money and need a complete webinar tool, consider Everwebinar.

Everwebinar homepage

EasyWebinar provides everything WebinarJam does and even more, especially if you want unlimited automated webinar setups.

What sets this platform apart is its ability to support live conferences or summits with over 6 million attendees (you’ll need a custom quote for that).

3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting provides complete webinar software that is perfect for all kinds of meetings.

clickmeeting overview

You can gather your meeting plans in the waiting room, connect through video using their user-friendly interface, or arrange audio conferences effortlessly.

With ClickMeeting’s virtual web conference platform, you can host various business meetings, workshops, and training sessions!

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❓Can I try WebinarJam before purchasing?

Yes, WebinarJam typically offers a trial period (e.g., 14 days) for a nominal fee, allowing potential users to explore its features and capabilities before committing to a full subscription.

🧐Is WebinarJam suitable for large-scale events?

Yes, WebinarJam's Enterprise plan is designed to support large-scale events, accommodating up to 5,000 attendees and including features that enhance engagement and manageability for large audiences.

📲Can WebinarJam webinars be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, WebinarJam webinars can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices, allowing participants to join webinars from anywhere.

✅How secure is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam places a high priority on security and privacy, employing industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect user data and ensure confidentiality of webinar content.

Make sure to read:

WebinarJam Review Conclusion

In conclusion, after reviewing WebinarJam, I think it might be the top choice for hosting webinars regularly. It stands out for these exceptional features:

  • You can customize your webinars and use various templates.
  • It offers a strong email editor and tools to organize your audience.
  • There are tools to engage with your audience and keep them interested.
  • You can test different webinar landing pages and get detailed data.

I recommend giving this webinar platform a try.

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