WebinarJam Review 2022: Is It The Best Webinar Software? Is WebinarJam Free?

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Ease of Use


  • Live Webinars
  • 14-day trial
  • Panic button
  • Always-On Room
  • Affordable Marketing tools
  • One-click registration options
  • API Integration capabiity
  • Live chat customer support
  • Recordable webinars


  • Lacks evergreen webinar feature
  • Slightly expensive

If you need a webinar software that can help you with quick set up, faster turn-around and accessbility along with plethora of tools, WebinarJam is the right solution for you. 

Price:$ 499

Welcome to my WebinarJam Review? If you are looking an honest review of WebinarJam, here it is!

 Are you an online entrepreneur or looking to expand your business through interactive webinars?

Or do you have something to present to the world, something to influence them? 

Webinars are becoming extremely popular among online influencers these days, because hey!

Who doesn’t love videos? People nowadays are in search of all kinds of content, that they can access through their screens- be it for motivation, fitness, skill development, and whatnot! 

Putting forth the services your business has to offer, and reaching the masses in the comfort of their homes, will surely ring your cash register, non-stop!

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you, but for online start-ups, getting customers is a crucial point, in the cycle of their online business. In fact, it remains a crucial aspect of your business! Needless to say, fewer customers, equals less growth, and at the end of the day, less money in your pocket.

Nobody loves reading long product lists, or extensive blogs, they love to keep their eyes moving and engaged.

And of course, you wouldn’t love wasting your invaluable time setting up those cameras, booking a studio, learning a video-editing software, and uploading content into the vast world of YouTube, and then reuploading it somewhere else!

Ugh! What a long process that would be! Thankfully, there’s a software gift, wrapped and topped up with a bow – in the form of  Webinars. 

Fact: 44% of marketers have hosted a webinar. But 87% of those who have tried it found it to be an effective strategy. Plus, some companies are using webinars as a way to talk with their clients and as a way for members of their workforce to work from home.

This WebinarJam Review is surely going to give you a reason to try the webinar software and why not? It is a 14-day free!

Bottom Line Upfront: WebinarJam by Genesis Digital is one of the best webinar solutions for all your business needs. It has a strong customer base of over 50,000 businesses, entreprenuers, and educators around the world.

What makes it worth it is the affordable and innovative tools that a webinar platform must have. Moreover, the Panic button for rebooting the webinar is a great add-on.

WebinarJam testimonials

You don’t need to download this software. And, the last but not the least; WebinarJam has an easy to share links with the attendees and audiences and it integrates with almost any tool with API integration.

Click Here to Try WebinarJam for 14-days 

Content Outline

What Is Webinarjam? All About WebinarJam Review 

webinarjam review

Let me answer the first big question on your mind, what is WebinarJam? Well, I can answer that in just a single sentence!

WebinarJam is an efficient and powerful tool that simplifies the entire process of setting up webinars, leaving you with enough mental space to focus on the personalized bits, such as content and delivery.

Still, sounds a little other-worldly?

Let me elaborate. WebinarJam is powerful, feature-packed software, that lets you share high-quality videos at an affordable price.

It doesn’t matter if you and your customers are situated on opposite ends of the globe, you can broadcast your content live to hundreds and even thousands of attendees!

Want to take things up a notch and collaborate? You can do so easily with WebinarJam’s versatile layout control features!

One of the features that I personally love is that with just the click of a button, you can share your live stream across popular platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, or even playback pre-recorded videos and engaging slideshows, right from your screen!

This amazing software that can be downloaded as a simple plug-in and installed on your browser, does all the work for you and makes it easy to paint your marketing visions on its canvas!

You don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a dedicated graphics team to create webinars. You yourself can do it, and you don’t need any fancy software or technical skills.

Create an interactive atmosphere, with the flexible and dynamic tools at your disposal, such as live-chat, automated emails, and feedback, creating event schedules, the attendee spotlight, and a lot more! Trust me, it is easy to use and it is a great lot of fun to explore all the features that WebinarJam has to offer.

The Team Behind WebinarJam

WebinarJam Genesis Digital

WebinarJam is owned by the Genesis Digital, the same team which is responsible for Kartra and EverWebinar.

The sites EverWebinar, WebinarJam, and Kartra are managed by Genesis Digital. The company is in the San Diego area in California. All of the sites are on the web so people everywhere can access them.

You may have questions for WebinarJam like: I will answer everything for you today

-Can I pay Webinar Jam monthly?

-Can I use WebinarJam on my phone?

-Can you fast forward a WebinarJam?

-Can you pause WebinarJam?

-Does WebinarJam integrate with Mailchimp?

-Does WebinarJam show your face?

-Does WebinarJam use camera?

-How do I cancel WebinarJam?

-How do I connect to a WebinarJam?

Who Is WebinarJam Best For?

Whether you belong to small or medium-sized enterprises or are just a start-up that wants its customer base expanded, WebinarJam takes all your requirements into considerations, and provides you with a great cache of handy, dynamic tools!

WebinarJam also gives you access to their content across a variety of languages, so that you and your customers can relate to your webinar content.

WebinarJam is an ideal choice for almost everyone who needs a robust webinar solution:

  • Educators: If you want to educate your audience, webinars are one of the most effective ways to do it. To give a good webinar, use prepared slides or a whiteboard video. This can be shown on the screen for everyone to see.
  • SaaS software owners: If you are a SaaS product owner, you can use WebinarJam to display product demos and working to your potential customers.
  • Enterprises: Enterprises can use the Webinar Jam to display the product roadmap, processes and other details to the investors as well as the large team with different departments.
  • Employee training and team meetings:  You can also use them for training or meeting your employees if you have a remote team, or a team too big to meet in one room.

Why Should You Use WebinarJam?

What gives WebinarJam the edge over its competitors in the market? For starters, the platform is jam-packed with tons of features, configuration options, and predefined templates, that let you add a personalized look to your webinar.

While it may take up a little more of your time to set up compared to its alternatives, it’s worth it!

why should use webinarJam

Not to point any fingers, but there is some webinar software out there that lets you invite more people than those that are actually allowed to attend! It’s true!

I too fell into this lecherous trap! That’s not the case with WebinarJam, with which you can reach up to 5000 people, without breaking into beads of sweat, and at an affordable price!

Another reason to nudge you towards using WebinarJam is that you can link WebinarJam to your business webpage to allow customers to register from here.

You can even display ongoing offers, discounts, and schedule events, which made my life much easier!

What my customers and I found particularly useful, was that they didn’t have to install the software themselves, but could just attend the webinar by clicking on the URL. Efficient, because no one wants thousands of apps cluttering their phones!

With better features aimed at personalized marketing, which engages customers incessantly, I would say WebinarJam has a definite edge in the market. 

WebinarJam Features Review: (Top Features of WebinarJam)

Automated Webinars

WebinarJam automated webinar review

WebinarJam helps you with hosting webinars on automation. You can automate registration, confirmations, and follow-ups.

This is a good thing for people to do when they have a lot of work to do. You can record a webinar and save it for later purpose. The webinar can also be replayed for the attendees.

Full Control Over Campaigns 

You have full control over your campaign when you use WebinarJam. You can set the schedule to show up whenever you need it to so it is easy for people to find and watch.

WebinarJam automatically schedules the event according to the attendee’s local time, which makes the experience better.


Is your audience from various questions?

WebinarJam has the solution to it as well.

WebinarJam will make sure that you don’t miss out on business just because your target audience is on the other side of the border. With WebinarJam’s multi-language capability, you can break barriers very efficiently.

It allows you to select your preferred language and translate all the customer-facing pages into it — all with one single click.

Run in any device 

WebinarJam all device support

Webinarjam runs your webinar on any device. That means, yoir partiocipants and attendees can watch the webinar from any device; be it the smartphone, desktop or tablets.

The best part; it runs in HD definition. So, the video quality is crystal clear and the audio is an impeccable too.

Data Analytics 

WebinarJam analytics review and dashboard

A marketing tool is not complete without a good data analytics tool.

WebinarJam’s data analytics tools are top-of-the-line. And it also provides other features to help you market your business well, too!

The WebinarJam data analytics toolkit lets you know how many people visited your webinar, if they registered for it, and how many watched the replay.

It also tells you the number of people who clicked on your ads or links during the webinar.

You can use this to find out what types of customers are more likely to buy from you and which ones are not. This will help you spend time on leads that are most likely to buy instead of wasting time on leads that won’t.

One-Click Registration

One click registration for WebinarJam

You need to make it easy for people to register for your webinar.

WebinarJam has a one-click registration process so that people can register quickly without any problems.

All you have to do is send an email with the “Click to Register” link in it and anyone who clicks on the link will be automatically registered for your webinar!

Real-time chat

live webinar- webinarjam vs weverwebinar

We all know that on a single presentation, not every individual can speak altogether. But what if one of your students has a genuine doubt? What’s the best way other than dropping the query in the chatbox? So without interruption in your lecture, he communicates with you seamlessly.

WebinarJam provides you with multiple options such as live chats, Q&A sessions, comments highlighting, private room chats, and pinning up important announcements. 

All these texting features connect to you more with your attendees and keep their attention to the content of your sessions.

Real-time charts and Q&A sessions help you to resolve their doubts at that very particular moment. Saves you the extra time spent in doubt clearing sessions separately. The attendees are more engaged and feel an active virtual conferencing vibe.


Are you one of those who frequently miss online events due to some reasons? Missing online sessions for particular not understanding a simple concept in a single chance is something we all have faced.

But what if I tell you to record your sessions and watch them anytime just exactly as they happened! The ‘Replica Replay’ feature helps you to precisely second by second. If you are replaying the session again you will see all the comments rolling and posts appearing the same second they did in the live session.

There is no limit on the number of times you can replay the session. You can always go back to a portion where you are doubtful or confused and replay it to understand it multiple Times.

The best part is the replay sessions are a copy of your life sessions so they are vivid and captivating.

Is this all? No, we have a bonus point to add! 

You can schedule the replay rooms according to your wishes and time preferences.

Just thought, I would share a little bit about how this and how I am able to replay important meetings and save myself a lot of trouble with screen recordings and screenshots.

You can easily playback some sessions and then make notes of the topics that were covered during the webinar.

Flexible Scheduling 

So you want to start right now or a week later? WebinarJam will easily fit into your schedule as you want it to.

WebinarJam flexible scheduling options

You can start your sessions right away, which begins broadcasting immediately. All you have to do is send your attendance to the login link so that they can jump right into the room and start your video conference.

If you are on a tight schedule, you can schedule an event for any time any day in the week. This way you won’t have to be in the process of starting a session informing your attendance in the short-term.

Your attendance can register through your registration page and they will periodically get reminders for their scheduled meeting.

Not once, you can have a series of webinars running through several days, weeks, or even months. Perfect for tutorials and video lectures that cannot be surmised in a single session.

With always-on room features, you have a room at your disposal under your name. This rule can be used for on-demand uses. You can customize it according to your business and without any rush, you can log in anytime and go live in a fraction of a second.

Perfect for business meetings that need attending to enroll beforehand.

Let the Audience be Presenters

Isn’t it going to be boring for a person to attend a webinar for hours and not do anything? Shouldn’t the webinar be interactive and engaging for all the members. So why not provide a chance to your attendees to become present status once in a while.

Your attendees can be made into presenters in just a few couples of clicks and they will be able to speak, share their screen, or put on their webcam. They will be allowed to talk or carry forward some activity from your side.

Similarly, a couple of clicks will bring them back to the “attend only mode”.

With this, you no longer need to rush and all worry about having a clear mode of presentation. Anyone that is in the audience can also hop in and take over the presentation.

Unlimited & Active Offers

WebinarJam active and unlimited offers

Webinar jam encourages users to come up with exciting offers for their audiences. They want their users to take instant actions that are simple yet I catch him for their audiences which helps them to grow their business more.

The exponential growth of any business is highly dependent on the audiences you have. If you are a veteran selling your courses, you must have a perfect strategy to market your courses too.

It provides you with a pre-configured and visually captivating front that helps you to grab the attention of your audiences. Provides you with insightful solutions to engage and lessen the efforts of the attendees. 

Last but not least you should also have a full sense of scarcity and urgency that might come up with the number of copies available for activation expiry.

Panic Button

WebinarJam panic button

We all have faced technical glitches during online sessions. No matter how good is your internet and your device, sometimes you still face problems while logging in or your presentation is frozen to a particular slide. At times your voice is reachable and hazy to your attendees or you can’t even turn on your mic.

Some issues might come up, right? Although Webinar Jam is popular for the least glitches faced by its users, it still comes up with a Plan B for you.

The “Panic Button”  is a great feature that will automatically create a room if you face any technical issues. Within seconds all your data and attendee will be shifted to a new room. And you can continue from exactly where you left.

Create Polls and survey

Yes, this can really come in handy when you are presenting to an audience. Why? Well, it’s actually quite simple. You can easily get a feel for what they are thinking and collect their opinions.

create polls and surveys on WebinarJam

You can also use this so that you understand what the audience is actually getting. For instance, you want them to understand one thing but they grasp another.

In situations like that, this tool can be a lifesaver. That way you can explain it on the fly. I don’t know about you but this feature has helped me out a lot while presenting. Especially during the really important webinars.

So I hope WebinarJam can help you out just as it helped me. 

Drawing board

drawning board- webinarjam review

Can you guess what is the best part of an offline presentation? 

So before I answer that question I’ll just give you a small picture to imagine.  

What do you think of when I say the word online presentation? Some boring lecture-type PPT presentations, where only the present will be speaking for hours?  

So let me clear it for you that your online presence is much more than just a lecture. 

Coming back to a question. The best part is that the presenters get to provide their personal touch to the already designed presentation. 

So how do we do that in an online presentation? 

Teachers can’t virtually come and write on boards, right?  Or can they? 

Certainly with webinar Jam they can! 

Webinar jam allows the presenter to use flexible tools to draw and write on the presentation itself. something they would commonly do in an offline environment. They can add handwritten notes, highlight important details, and sketch out diagrams to explain better. 

Always On-Room

Webinarjam Always on room feature

If your company does live sessions, you will love their ‘Always-On room’ feature.

The URL is branded with your company name and never changes, so it is easy to remember and share.

The webinar room is open 24/7 for you to log in at any time. There is nothing that needs to be configured or prepared before going live. Just click the button and start broadcasting!



💰  Price


😍  Pros

Live webinar

😩  Cons

No evergreen webinar option


If you need a webinar software that can help you with quick set up, faster turn-around and accessbility along with plethora of tools, WebinarJam is the right solution for you. 

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How to use WebinarJam?

Are you intrigued by all those features that you just read about?

Do you feel ready enough to embark on the journey towards starting the program and creating captivating webinars?

Let me tell you how, with a simple step-by-step process! WebinarJam offers a 14-day free trial which you can start with $1. 

Step One: Sign-up on the WebinarJam website, and download the plug-in, which can be installed on any browser. 

Step Two: Explore the various features at your disposal and create an interactive webinar.

Step Three: Done creating a strategy for your webinar? Select ‘Your Links’. You will see a list of all links, displayed before you. As you’re hosting the webinar, select ‘Presenter Login’

WebinarJam dashboard- how to run webinar

Webinarjam presenter login

Step Four: Copy the link given under the tab ‘Live Room’. Paste this link into your preferred browser window. 

Step Five: Now that you have entered the Webinar Room, select ‘Start Event’. You’re now live! 

Here are a few additional tips, to ensure a  smooth-sailing webinar process:

WebinarJam last minute checklist

  • Don’t run any heavy programs and streaming platforms, during the webinar.
  • To ensure great video quality, do not put anything for download in the background, and minimize background processes.
  • Wear your earphones! This will ensure a remarkable sound quality!
  • Not to sound like a parent, but focus fully on the task at hand, and put those pop-up notifications and devices on mute!

Quite simple to use, isn’t it? Follow these steps, explore the amazing features a bit, and you are good to go! Grow your business to extents that you thought were previously impossible, without hiring a professional video editing team! 

WebinarJam Pricing Plans: How much is WebinarJam?

webinarjam review- pricing

Considering the desires and requirements of all kinds of people present on the internet who want to conduct webinars, WebinarJam has been very considerate and offers three magnificent plans for you to choose from:

  1. Basic Plan: 

This plan costs $499 per year and has the following features :

  • Conducting unlimited webinars.
  • There can be 2 presenters in a session.
  • A total of 500 people can attend the webinar at a time.
  • Webinars of a maximum of 2 hours can be conducted.
  1. Professional Plan : 

This particular plan costs $699 yearly and provides the following facilities :

  • You can conduct unlimited webinars.
  • You can have four presenters.
  • 2,000 people can attend a session at a time.
  • If you have frequent live sessions then the ‘always on room’ feature can be very helpful. This feature reserves room for you and keeps it accessible 24/7 for you to log in at any moment when you are prepared. Also, you get a URL that is branded with your company’s name so the link never changes and is easy to remember and pass around.
  • You don’t need to worry about technical glitches anymore as with the panic button feature you just need to press the button whenever you think there is a problem with the session and you would be automatically redirected to a new live room with all the presenters and attendees and that too within 10-15 secs!
  1. Enterprise Plan:

This plan costs a whopping $999 per year but has many perks over the plans mentioned above. This plan is preferable if you have a huge audience as it has the following perks:

  • Unlimited webinars can be conducted.
  • A total of 6 presenters can be present for a session.
  • 5,000 attendees can be accommodated in a single session.
  • Always on live room features can surely save some of your precious time.
  • The panic button saves you from the disturbance created due to technical glitches.
  • A control room can be created which is a separate room for a team member to operate all the logistics such as publishing polls, Q&A, highlighting important announcements, etc. This lets you focus on your presentation without worrying about the other things that are to be conducted at the same time.

Still, confused about which plan you would need for your sessions? Then don’t worry! A few months ago even I was in your shoes and the 14 days free trial offer can be your ultimate savior as it has proved to be for me. 

All that you need to do is just visit the website, select any plan that you think might be suitable for you, fill in your details, pay $1 and you are done!

Gaining some good knowledge and having a 14-day experience, just at $1 can prove to be very helpful in taking the right decision. Now you can easily purchase a plan only when you are fully satisfied with it!

Is there any Webinar jam Monthly plan?

There is no monthly pricing plan for Webinarjam. You need to purchase the yearly subscription plan for $499.

WebinarJam Free Trial

webinarjam review- free trial

WebinarJam gives a 14-day trial for $1.

In the free trial, you get to try all the premium features of WebinarJam along with in-depth guides and tutorials.

WebinarJam Customer Support: 

The customer support team of WebinarJam is available to answer your queries 24/7/365. Have a problem understanding the advanced features of WebinarJam? No worries!

They have detailed videos on the working of WebinarJam and its advanced features.

Also, if you have some marketing strategies and ideas about how you should conduct your webinar but want some suggestions from others as well so that the session goes smooth then you can post them on the WebinarJam Facebook page. 

WebinarJam has some well-trained, professional, and patient customer service executives who quickly solve the customer’s doubts with much courtesy. Most customers find WebinarJam support as prompt and knowledgeable. It has a brilliant customer support team to cater to the customers’ needs. 

WebinarJam Review: Ease of Use

You went through all those features, and might be left wondering, is WebinarJam user-friendly? Absolutely!

The entire process of webinar creation and set-up is possible within a matter of minutes if you’re in a hurry. Need to jazz it up? While it may take some extra time, its features are super easy to understand.

Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can easily get a grasp on available tools! The templates and features, not at all complicated and are easy-to-grasp, and are usually self-explanatory. Stuck somewhere?

Not to worry! There are step-by-step video tutorials to guide you along the way. And WebinarJam’s responsive and prompt customer service is always at your fingertips, to consult!

Because of WebinarJam’s compatibility across various browsers, and operating software, you have the freedom to use whatever you are comfortable and familiar with.

To use WebinarJam, you don’t need an expert! Just a stable internet connection, and your unique creative instincts, and you’re good to go! 

WebinarJam Security Features: Is WebinarJam Secured?

How does WebinarJam ensure that the privacy of your customers and your business is not exploited for untoward activities?

Here’s a breakdown of security amongst three broad categories:

Infrastructure Access

WebinarJam’s entire server is hosted on the most secure server available currently- Amazon Cloud. To avoid any identification, secret IPs are put in place for maximum security. When it comes to protection against unknown and malicious traffic, Cloufare’s efficient services have been deployed. 

Outage Protection

To prevent all data from being wiped out or corrupted during outages, all databases are backed up regularly. Yes, multiple times a day, all year round! There are even secondary servers in place. 

Data Privacy

Worried about your webinar recordings being misused? All your recordings are protected by unique, randomly generated keys, with over thirty characters!

Passwords and credentials are thoroughly encrypted and databases are segregated between different customer groups, all to ensure safety and privacy.

Pros & Cons | WebinarJam Review


  • The functions of this software are easy to understand and do not require you to have advanced knowledge of computers.
  • The pricing of this software is way lower than most others and they also give access to various other features for a much lesser price.
  • They provide training videos at every level in order to help guide the users all through their sessions, teaching them exactly what to do and how to do them.
  • Live representatives are available all through the day to help answer any query you have regarding any of the videos or your process.
  • Pop-up buttons, offers, and other means such as countdowns help you encourage the webinar attendees to take action.
  • It allows you to customize the landing page templates for your webinar that they have provided.
  • This software further permits you to message an attendee of a webinar both in a public and private manner.
  • If an attendee has a question that they want to pose during the live chat you can allow them into the live webinar, allow them to present themselves, and further participate in the discussion.
  • Each webinar that is conducted is automatically recorded and is sent to all the attendees of that particular webinar.
  • The recorded and saved webinar can be used to create an automated webinar using Ever Webinar.
  • The team is open to criticism and works towards fixing flaws in the system and considers the opinion of its users and also genuinely care about working to build a product that is the best of its kind
  • It is also easy to integrate this tool with the ESP.


  • It does not have an evergreen webinar which most of the webinar platforms do. For this, you must use Everwebinar.
  • The system was complicated earlier when the meeting was held on google hangouts and it caused much confusion but ever since it has been upgraded, it has been much easier and better to use.
  • The premium package is priced very high and it is solely made for experts and professionals.

Best WebinarJam Alternatives & Competitors: 

If you still feel that WebinarJam doesn’t live up to your expectations, or isn’t tailor-made for you, here is a compilation of the alternatives to WebinarJam.

WebinarJam vs Cisco WebEx:

webex review

If your business is run by a large team, and you want to communicate online through team-building webinars, Cisco WebEx, is a great choice!

Your entire team, including customers, can easily collaborate. While it includes a lot of amazing features such as screen-sharing, HD videos, and calls, it may not be ideal for those who want to reach out to a large customer base.

It’s primarily meant as a video-conferencing tool, but can be used to create simple webinars as well. You can enjoy one-on-one meetings in a Personal room. WebEx pricing ranges from $13.50 to $26.95 per month. There is also a free trial version, valid for a month.


  • Sharing options
  • Highly secured platform.
  • HD video and audio
  • Minimum Utilization of Internet Data
  • Stream live meetings on social media


  • Only for smaller audience
  • Takes large space.

WebinarJam vs GetResponse:

getresponse review

Another popular platform, among online enterprises and entrepreneurs, is GetResponse. What does it offer that is different from WebinarJam?

This platform also allows you to integrate your email tools and auto-respond to customers. With this platform’s conversion funnel feature, you can increase the traffic to your site, create an online store, and include payments!

Their automation tool is very powerful, as compared to others on the market that offer this feature.

As if this wasn’t enough, you are also provided with a variety of marketing tools, including webinars, in the higher pricing plans, of course,  to scale your budding business. GetResponse pricing varies between $15 to $65 per month.


  • User-friendly
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Conventional funnel feature
  • Third-party integration
  • Stellar Support


  • Only 500 people can attend the webinar.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Webinar:

zoom review

A minimal, straight-forward platform, meant for those who don’t have a taste for flashy presentations, is Zoom.

It may not be ideal to market products or services online, but is a great fit for large-scale companies, looking for affordable web conferencing.

For those looking at Zoom as a webinar creation tool, several handy features such as intricate webinar reports, cloud storage facility for recordings, and personal subdomains are available!

However, a lot of customers find it quite pricey, as it is limited to only a hundred participants, per webinar or conference. It also requires an app download or Zoom account, and cannot be used as a browser plug-in.

Zoom also offers a free version, during which you can confer online, just for 40 minutes. The pricing for Zoom conference or webinar subscriptions, ranges from $14.99 to $19.99 per month, per host.


  • High-quality video and audio
  • You can add multiple hosts.
  • Add virtual backgrounds
  • Screen sharing


  • Poor customer support

WebinarJam vs BlueJeans Events:

bluejeans review

Looking to increase your interaction with your valuable audience, and captivate them beyond no measure? What better than the plethora of multimedia features, offered by BlueJeans events?

You can integrate this platform, with several marketing tools to automate invitations and much more!

Some interesting benefits of this platform include the ability to divide your attendees into groups, have intermission broadcasts to captivate the participants, and ‘green room’ for around a hundred speakers! It even features captivating 360-degree videos.

For those looking for an immersive show, BlueJeans Events is the choice for you! The pricing on this platform differs according to your requirements. For a one-time webinar, the price is around $499.

Webinar Jam vs Livestorm:

livestorm review

Similar to its competitor WebinarJam, Livestorm also operates from your preferred browser and doesn’t require a separate app installation.

It’s a platform that worries about all technicalities for you, so you can dedicate yourself to your creative content. This platform offers the complete package when it comes to marketing tools, integrations, widgets, and eye-catching templates.

Starting from $99/month, it is on the costlier end, as compared to WebinarJam, but it offers useful tools, which are handy for larger companies such as integrations and unlimited storage capacity. 

While WebinarJam is the best and most affordable webinar tool available, these options can be sought after, if you feel you and your enterprise have different specificities than what is offered on WebinarJam. 


  • Integrates with over 1,000 mobile-based apps
  • Both live and automated webinars.
  • Robust landing page designs.
  • Create multiple sessions in one webinar.


  • Low quality webinar

WebinarJam vs Demio

demio review

Demio is one of the best webinar platforms out there.

Out of all the other WebinarJam alternatives, they are by far my favorite because it’s so easy to use and I know they’ll do everything in their power to give me the event experience I’m looking for.

They offer countless marketing tools that help you figure out what type of presenter or audience member suits your needs in order to create an event everyone will love attending. It’s perfect for any type of campaign, particularly when working with big brands in corporate markets.


  • Cloud-based platform.
  • In-built analytics.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Live chat support


  • Might fail to connect at times.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

everwebinar review

EverWebinar is the easiest way to run automated webinars. With features like live streaming, live chat, email marketing integration, attendance management, Everwebinar gives everything.

One of the major USPs of Everwebinar is automated evergreen webinar.


  • Easy to setup webinar.
  • Advanced scheduling system.
  • Integration capabilities with MailChimp, Kartra and others.
  • Evergreen webinar.


  • Lacks Facebook Live & YouTube Live integrations
  • No automated webinar feature.

WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting:

clickmeeting review

ClickMeeting provides all-in-one webinar software that’s perfect for any meeting.

Get your agenda together in the waiting room, connect on video through our easy interface, or organize audio based conferences with ease.

It doesn’t matter what type of meeting you’re hosting business meetings, workshops, training sessions, you can do it all from ClickMeeting’s virtual web conference platform!


  • Webinar Monetization options.
  • Integrates with Facebook and YouTube.
  • Creates Polls and Surveys
  • Whiteboard accessibility.


  • Screensharing feature needs improvement
  • Poor support.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar

gotowebinar free trial

GoToWebinar is a webinar platform that was created to provide on-demand, recorded webinars.

It stands out in the industry for being one of the most stable and reliable platforms available with consistent customer satisfaction rates, providing its users with an easy-to-use tool.


  • Excellent poll feature.
  • 7-day free trial
  • HD Video quality
  • Seamless third-party integrations.


  • Highly priced.

WebinarJam Affiliate Program

WebinarJam offers a highly paid affiliate program to the affiliates. Sign up as an affiliate for WebinarJam and click on “I Accept” before the sign up process.

If you are already a Kartra or Everwebinar affiliate, you can use the same credentials to log in.

WebinarJam gives a one-time commission to the affiliates through Genesis Digital program.

Webinarjam pays a 40% commission to the affiliates.

WebinarJam Customer Reviews & Testimonials: (What WebinarJam users say?)

WebinarJam customer reviews and testimonials

A lot of customers of WebinarJam have been satisfied with the platform. Here is what WebinarJam users say:

“WebinarJam lives up to all the hype it has been given. From the very thought out features to the stellar customer support this webinar is hands down the best one we have used. While other platforms have different limitations WebinarJam allows so much more and from a value standpoint, it is the best hands down.”

Michael Moyers, WebinarJam User

“WebinarJam provides incredible value, is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It’s the best webinar software on the market.”

Angela Hauck, WebinarJam User

“This software changed my life. As soon as I start to use it I changed my way of selling. Use of WebinarJam gave me an opportunity to work at my full capacity, because I’m no longer searching for clients – they come by themselves after every webinar.”

Dimitrije, WebinarJam User

“I took [WebinarJam] for a test drive and… that was IT!

It’s easy to use, has lots of features that we love (we have a mastermind group) especially the fact that it automatically records our meetings. Oh, and the registration templates are sooo cool. 🙂 I’m happy with my decision.”

Cristian, WebinarJam User

“I’ve been using WebinarJam for almost 2 years now, and I love it. No Webinar service comes even moderately close! Especially since the WebinarJam upgrade… I’ve also gotten a LOT of use out of the survey feature on the registration page. 20-50% of my subscribers fill it out, and it really helps to guide the presentations.”

Nick Haubner

I’m new to using WebinarJam, but I have to say that right out of the blocks I feel comfortable and supported. The user interface is super simple, the instructional videos answer all of my questions, and I had a webinar up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Yeah, I’m still learning – but man, these guys have taken a load off my plate by making it so damn easy. If there’s anything they haven’t thought of yet, I sure as hell haven’t seen it.

FAQs on WebinarJam Review

🙆 Is WebinarJam secure?

The internet is never 100% risk-free but the developers of this software have installed very vigilant tools within this platform to ensure that every user has a safe and secure experience while attending webinars.

🙋‍♂️ How does WebinarJam work?

The platform runs with a single participant or multiple participants and they can take webinars, discussions, hold meetings and live stream information or chats and also highlight them one by one using the dynamic and the flexible controls of the layout. The attendees are free to pose questions while the webinar is going on.

🤷 Can you replay on WebinarJam?

Each link of this webinar takes you to the webinar replay and it keeps you updated. Each link takes you to the basic interface of webinar jam and lets you rewind to the beginning of the video.

🙎‍♂️ How is webinar jam compare with other webinar software?

When it comes to the features and pricing, there is no other competitor who does any better in webinar hosting than Webinarjam. It has been affiliated to be one of the best marketing software in current times.

🙇‍♂️ Does Webinarjam offer online services?

Yes, a tremendous amount of services are offered by Webinarjam where the host can share documents, such as pdfs, and share screens for the attendees to go through information for a clear idea during the webinar itself.

💁 How do I get started on WebinarJam?

You can follow the link mentioned in our blog to get started with WebinarJam. Sign-up on WebinarJam. You can also download the plugin and install it for quick use of WebinarJam.

How to invite attendees to join WebinarJam?

Simply send the attendees an email with a webinar link. You can use your autoresponder or CRM software to do it. When they click on the link, they will be automatically registered for the webinar.

Is WebinarJam Recorded?

WebinarJam records your webinars for you. There is no need to click a button. The replays go automatically to YouTube, where you can manage them from your Video Manager.

How many presenters can I have in WebinarJam?

You can allow various presenters to the WebinarJam depending on the plan.

What is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

The main difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar is that the former gives live webinar feature whereas the latter only gives evergreen webinar feature.

How do you test a WebinarJam?

To test a webinarjam, you can use the test audii and video option in the dashboard.

Does WebinarJam automatically record?

WebinarJam can record automatically if you have enabled the recording button. Its special feature Replica Replay records the webinar bit by bit.

Does WebinarJam show your face?

Yes , webinarjam can show the attendees face if they are on live chat.

Conclusion | Is WebinarJam Legit Webinar Platform? WebinarJam Review 2022

WebinarJam gives you a platform to access your team and work with them virtually by conducting webinars and meetings online.

The safety and security provided by this software are definitely remarkable. The various features increase the reach of this software and help people use it in the most creative manner and therefore help host meetings in a very classic and elegant manner. 

The live chat and the webinars are all recorded therefore providing support to the attendees in rural or areas with a lot of network issues. Although the pricing maybe a little high as compared to other platforms, the features, and the reach through webinar jam cannot be compared. 

There are various tools within this system wherein people can easily customize their landing plates and their templates to make their page as unique as can be.

Most issues faced by the users are with regard to connectivity and that is usually because of the enormous participation of the users. The webinar jam crew is working towards fixing all the flaws in their system to provide the best virtual experience to their users. 

In a nutshell, if you need a webinar software that can help you with quick set up, faster turn-around and accessbility along with plethora of tools, WebinarJam is the right solution for you.

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  1. Weninarjam provides you with , a professional and clean meeting-room design, excellent video-and-presentation playback, and superbly helpful support staff. The quality of the sound is also great (most of the time). The fact that it runs in your browser, is relatively lightweight and not very data-heavy.

  2. I’ve been utilizing Webinarjam since last year and it works easily. I like you can comunícate whenever you need just by making a social event. Also, is unbelievable for online classes, since the pandemic I have had all of my classes on zoom and it works splendidly. Also, when you are in a get-together with a numerous people you can form on the discussion if you need to say something and don’t barge in on who is talking.

  3. WebinarJam software is used by many businesses and industries for online marketing. It is actually software for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting. It is compatible with all types of operating systems and along with that, it supports multiple languages, browsers, and mobile device platforms. Try Out WebinarJam now.

  4. WebinarJam is a proficient and useful asset that improves on the whole interaction of setting up online courses, leaving you with enough mental space to zero in on the customized bits, like substance and conveyance.

    One of the highlights that I for one love is that with simply the snap of a catch, you can share your live stream across well known stages like Youtube and Facebook, or even playback pre-recorded recordings and drawing in slideshows, directly from your screen!

  5. If you’ve got a business, you need a webinar. WebinarJam is the simplest way to set up and host an online webinar for your business. I have been using the service for a while and it’s been a great way to grow my business.

  6. Perhaps the most serious issue we have is that WebinarJam was offered to us as a lifetime permit, and it should remember broadcasting for Facebook. For reasons that were rarely clear, they quit giving that usefulness, which significantly diminished our utilization for the item.

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