SendWin Review 2024: Is It Best For Managing Multiple Accounts From One Browser?

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SendWin Review


SendWin is a web-based application that allows users to manage multiple accounts from a single browser. There is no need for additional browsers or secret sessions. This stops two browsers on a PC from vying for resources at the same time. It doesn't provide enough value to an already long list to justify a recurrent subscription.

Out of 10


  • Accelerates your productivity pipeline by 80%
  • Enables you to share all sessions across all your devices.
  • Enables you to simply switch between several accounts.
  • Display Set a timer for each session.
  • AES-256 is used for symmetric operations


  • No disadvantages found as such.


Price: $ 2.99

This article will provide an in-depth evaluation of Sendwin Review.

Are you fed up with jumping between clean tabs and browsers to access the session from your various accounts?

Managing several accounts from a single profile is sometimes a tiresome chore, and sharing sessions without sharing a password might compromise the security of sensitive data.

Additionally, the ongoing hassle of assigning projects to each tab in each of those sessions puts you on edge about your account’s security.

Introducing Sendwin, a powerful chromic addon that enables you to access numerous tasks from a single profile and share your sessions in a single click.

Sendwin Review: What is Sendwin?

Sendwin is a software application created by Techrosh LLC that enables users to manage numerous accounts from a single web browser.

Sendwin is a program that enables you to log into your favorite websites with several accounts. It allows you to log into many accounts simultaneously. No additional browsers or private sessions are required. Sendwin will take care of these details on your behalf.

In other words, if you have two Facebook accounts (for example), you may access both accounts concurrently from the same browser window or tab. As a result, switching between browsers/windows is no longer required.

Sendwin - Sendwin Review

Sendwin is an excellent Sessionbox alternative and an extension I wish I’d discovered sooner since I regularly handle numerous social media accounts.

I no longer have to move between Opera and Chrome with separate logins. Additionally, this prevents two browsers from running concurrently on my PC, fighting for resources.

This is particularly important if you have several Google accounts and utilize Google Drive since downloading anything from Drive will be difficult if another Google account is active.

While it is a much-needed app in my daily life at the moment, it does not provide enough value to warrant adding a recurring subscription to an already lengthy list.

Now, let us proceed.

The Idea Behind Sendwin

The founder of Sendwin, Roshan, stated in an interview that as a digital marketer, he was having difficulty managing multiple add accounts and thus was using multiple browsers and PCs.

It was impossible to manage all those things in a single browser or PC, even though when he and his team searched for a tool that could do the job, they discovered that it was prohibitively expensive for ordinary people, costing between $ 200 and $ 300 for 50 to 100 sessions.

What Can Sendwin Help You With?

Sendwin is a multi-login platform that enables users to manage several accounts from a single browser. Sendwin is here to assist you.”

1. Session Isolation On Every Tab: Isolate and access all of your online accounts quickly and easily from a single browser session. From several Facebook profiles to various email addresses and much more.

2. Multiple Login Made Easy: Sendwin accelerates your productivity pipeline by 80 % and your work by 60 %.

3. Share Session Across Device: Sendwin accelerates your productivity pipeline by 80 % and your work by 60 %.

4. Switch Accounts With Ease: Sendwin lets you switch between several accounts with a single click. The simple interface enables rapid switching between many websites and accounts, allowing you to do more than ever. Managing several sessions has never been simpler than with Sendwin.

What do I like About Sendwin?

We have some key features that we like about Sendwin; let’s have a look.

Sendwin Features - Sendwin Review

1. Sendwin Data Store:

Sendwin maintains two types of data: metadata and some other technical details. Metadata includes color, icon, launch URL group, and technical details.

In certain situations, it also keeps cookies, regarded as highly sensitive data that must be cautiously handled.

2. Session Protection In Sendwin:

The sensitive portion of your sessions is encrypted and decoded on your device. Sendwin never transmits cookies or other sensitive data to the server in an unencrypted format.

Encrypted data on your device can only be decrypted on your device since it never transfers it to a server or stores it. It is constantly connected to a secure network.

3. Manage Multiple Accounts:

Sendwin is a browser extension that enables you to access all your online accounts from a single browser session.

It can simultaneously log into numerous Facebook accounts, Gmail accounts, and any other website using the same browser. This enables the user-friendly interface to move between many accounts quickly.

Previously, you could not log in to many accounts in the same browser, which complicated our work since we had to log out of one website and then log in to another. Still, with Sendwin, you can simultaneously use numerous accounts in the same browser.

Sendwin Review: Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans to offer:

Sendwin Pricing Plans - Sendwin Review

1. Free ($ 0 per month if paid monthly and $ 0 per month if paid yearly): Sync your sessions across several devices—share sessions with friends and teams without disclosing your email address or password.

This will include session sharing, multi-tab isolation, and sync between devices.

2. Pro ($ 2.99 per month if paid monthly and $ 2.49 per month if paid yearly): Utilize bookmarks, bulk session creation, and session timers to increase your productivity. Automatically assign various proxies to your sessions.

This includes everything from the free plan, bookmarks, bulk sessions, cart timers, proxy support, and commercial use.

3. Pro Plus ($ 6.99 per month if paid monthly and $ 6.49 per month if paid yearly): Unlock all capabilities with a single click, including session sharing, session blocking, website session access, and session sharing under a single roof, while making each session seem to have begun from a separate browser on a different machine.

This will include everything from the Pro plan plus automatic proxy assign, block sessions, one-click all session share, blur sessions, website session access, and session share link.

Sendwin Review: Pros & Cons

We have some pros and cons of Sendwin Review:

Sendwin Pros

  • AES-256 is used for symmetric operations for each session, while RSA 2048 is used for asymmetric activities.
  • They do not use shared storage, which means that other tabs and websites cannot track your behavior.
  • Display: Set a timer for each session to know when you’re out of time.
  • Blur chosen text or pages and Hide important information on a web page using this tool.
  • Protect pages you do not want to share without permission, such as account or billing.
  • Save your most frequently used sessions and accounts straight in your browser tab.
  • There is no longer a need for secondary browsers or secret sessions; Sendwn will take care of this for you.
  • Reduce your burden by easily isolating and testing additional copy variants.
  • Sendwin accelerates your productivity pipeline by 80% and your work by 60%.
  • Sendwin enables you to share all sessions across all your devices with a single click.
  • Sendwin enables you to switch between several accounts with a single click.

Sendwin Cons

  • New users might find SendWin’s interface and plethora of features overwhelming at first. It may take some time to become proficient in utilizing all its capabilities effectively, especially for those with limited experience in email marketing tools.

FAQs on Sendwin Review

❓What if I'm not satisfied with Sendwin?

Sendwin offers a hassle-free 30-day money return guarantee; just contact their support service and they will expeditiously handle the refund.

👀How are my sessions secure?

On your device, sensitive portions of your session are encrypted and decoded. Sendwin never transmits your cookies or any other sensitive data to our servers in an unencrypted format. The keys that were necessary to decrypt your data are stored on your device and are never sent to our servers or data storage locations. Sendwin makes use of free and open-source cryptography libraries and algorithms (AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 for bit asymmetric operations). Components are constantly connected securely through the Google Cloud architecture.

🧐What is Sendwin?

Sendwin is a multi-login platform management application that enables users to manage several accounts from a single browser. Sendwin, on the other hand, may save you a lot of time. I do not need to log out and re-login each time I need to access several Social Media Profiles. Another incredible tool has been added to my arsenal.

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Final Verdict: Sendwin Review 2024

I hope you found this Sendwin review informative. When you utilize Sendwin, you may visit your favorite website from several accounts. You may use several accounts to view the same website concurrently.

By using Sendwin, you can do away with the requirement for additional browsers and secret sessions. Sendwin is the greatest multi-login option, so try it to increase your productivity.

Sendwin uses your Sendwin account to synchronize your sessions across many browsers securely. Begin a session here and continue in any Chrome browser.

Sendwin supports multiple logins through Chrome. It is possible to enter into many accounts on the same website concurrently using Sendwin without exchanging passwords.

There will be no need to launch several browser tabs or private sessions. Sendwin will take care of all of this for you.

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