SmartScout Review 2024: Best Amazon FBA Product Research Tool?

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SmartScout Review


SmartScout is an Amazon data analytics package that allows customers to review and analyse product and traffic data in order to build their brands, find successful commodities, visualise traffic flow, and much more! Each membership includes onboarding, which will assist you in understanding exactly what you can do to grow your business.

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  • Quickly and easily see the average buy box price, monthly revenue, and number of sellers for each product
  • Never compete against Amazon again
  • Compare product performance across different regional markets
  • The only tool that shows the top-performing products in any niche
  • Identify where to advertise for the best return on investment


  • No keyword search tool


Price: $ 97

This article will provide an in-depth evaluation of SmartScout Review.

Smart Scout is an Amazon product research tool that takes it to the next level. It stands out in particular for its capacity to locate brands and possible suppliers for your company, as well as for the breadth of features that, frankly, are not found in other tools in its class. 

We are aware that there are a few suites and apps for Amazon that stand out, the three or four heavyweights, but Smart Scout performs so effectively that it is called upon to bridge the gap between them in a short period.

We shall go into detail below, but the reality is that it delivers far more than Premium options. You may use this program to identify brands to work with and devote yourself to retail arbitrage, as well as to study subcategories, sellers, and rivals.

SmartScout review

Additionally, it enables you to filter Amazon items to avoid wasting time and money directly competing with them.

All of this is accomplished at a monthly cost that is, at the very least, affordable. The price-quality relationship is quite well-balanced.

Let us check out SmartScout in detail.

What Is SmartScout & Why You Should Consider it?

SmartScout is an Amazon Seller tool that enables sellers to rapidly identify brands and goods that meet particular criteria. It was created by Scott Needham, an incredibly successful Amazon seller who also runs BuyBoxer.

This is the software he used to develop his illustrious Amazon firm, which now offers more than 300,000 goods. The data originates from inside Amazon.

This app has tools that you will not find anyplace else. Their FBA Calculator identifies the specific changes that must be made to a product’s size and weight for it to be placed in a lower tier. This is very beneficial for private label businesses.

Their traffic graph will show you the number of individuals that noticed your items and the source of that traffic. This identifies which items to advertise and which products to stock.

The traffic flow map will indicate which goods are often recommended by Amazon as “also purchased with.” This may be quite beneficial when considering prospective bundles and also when determining which other goods to target so that your ad appears on their website.

Smartscout trust factors

Using SmartScout’s easy file directory structure, you can easily scan all subcategories inside any category on Amazon using the subcategories tool. Conduct in-depth assessments of Amazon items and brands incomparable or adjacent subcategories to increase your product options.

If you are an agency, this program is ideal for locating Amazon sellers that want your assistance or whose firm you may like to acquire.

Additionally, the program provides access to critical criteria such as the average number of sellers on Amazon, the average selling price, and even sales income.

The program analyzes each brand’s sales to determine which merchants are responsible for the majority of the volume. Additionally, it identifies which brands are private-label.

One of the most useful features of SmartScout is the ability to check which goods are now unavailable across all Amazon categories. No other program seems to do this.

And if you can locate such things elsewhere and ship them to Amazon, you can often set your pricing if the product is in high demand.

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Major Features of SmartScout

For Private Label –

  • The Traffic Graph is a critical tool for private label merchants looking for strategic items to grow into, bundling possibilities, and crucial data for developing targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Ad Spy exposes competitors’ advertising techniques and gives critical cost per click and weekly search traffic data for keywords that may be used to develop effective brand advertising strategies.
  • Subcategories are a very effective tool for identifying unexplored market niches by displaying market share distribution across brands and goods, as well as Amazon and seller income share.

For Wholesale –

  • The Brand tool assists Amazon sellers in identifying lucrative brands to target as well as profitable goods inside the brand. Wholesalers on Amazon may see critical indicators such as the number of sellers. The average cost of a purchase package. monthly income on an average basis, and much more.
  • With an in-depth perspective of often purchased organic traffic, Trafic graph assists wholesalers in identifying high-traffic goods to add to their Amazon offering and identifying unique bundling options.
  • Smartscout’s UPC scanner eliminates the guessing associated with lengthy product listings and identifies the most lucrative items. Simply submit an excel file including product UPCs to see important product KPIs and uncover hidden treasures.

Smartscout uses comprehensive Amazon data to assist merchants in making the most informed selections quickly.

Why Do I Recommend SmartScout? 

1. Never compete with Amazon again

Reduced Amazon revenue equates to increased revenues for you. As a result, SmartScout includes an Amazon In Stock Rate filter in its research tools, allowing users to easily exclude companies and goods associated with the big A.

Smartscout features

2. Know the sellers you want to work with:

Select Amazon merchants who satisfy the requirements for your company. Then, before you contact them, educate yourself about their company. SmartScout displays crucial indicators, product offers, and brand coverage for each company

3. Advertise private label where it counts: 

With the “often purchased together” portion of similar items, you can see which sites your rivals are using to generate the majority of their traffic. Then, by advertising on such sites, you may increase traffic to your items.

5. View anything within any subcategory:

Explore the universe of Amazon’s subcategories using the only tool designed specifically for that purpose. You may now research brands, goods, and dealers under any subcategory using SmartScout’s new category directory system.

6. Brands for wholesale and online arbitrage: 

Brands are the key to selling on Amazon. And using SmartScout, you can quickly identify wholesale-friendly businesses with promise, rather than spending your time on brands’ items. 

SmartScout Review: Flow Visualizing & Product Analysis 

This is one of the most appealing aspects of SmartScout. It enables us to see how traffic moves inside Amazon in an entirely visible manner. 

SmartScout can help you get a 35 percent increase in sales as it enables you to understand how the Amazon recommendation mechanism works.

Additionally, SmartScout also has a proprietary traffic graph that utilizes reverse engineering to determine the origin of the traffic received by our rivals. It is a novel approach to market analysis.

By using these images, we can effectively plan our advertising campaigns and target regions that we know perform dependably.

By delving further into the analytical process, we arrive at a very detailed product analysis that incorporates the Amazon database into the SmartScout platform.

Smartscout filters

When engaging with the various objects in the search engine’s listings, we have a great deal of freedom of movement.

For instance, when we hover over the thumbnails of the images, they automatically enlarge; we can navigate directly to the product page on Amazon by clicking on the SKU; we can see and filter out-of-stock products; we can identify high-quality content on the product page, and we can organize the list according to the qualifications received.

When making purchases on Amazon, it’s critical to understand the product’s history. We need to understand your current and historical performance before making any strategic choices. As is natural for a first-level tool, Smart Scout provides us with that option.

SmartScout Pricing Plans: How Much Does SmartScout Cost?

Given the amount and quality of features, as well as the contribution they make to the strategy, you may be considering a price range far higher than what Smart Scout truly offers.

It offers three distinct options that range in terms of the functionality included and, most importantly, the number of people that may use the tool under the same license.

smartscout pricing

They have three pricing plans to offer: 

1. Starter ($97 per month or $897 per year): This plan will include 1 seat with $49 for every extra seat per month or $490 per seat per year, 10,000 searches per month, and a lot more.

2. Pro ($187 per month or $1897 per year): This plan will include 2 seats with $49 for every extra seat per month or $490 per seat per year, 100,000 searches per month, and a lot more. 

3. Enterprise (Contact SmartScout for pricing): You can customize with this plan. Contact them for more information.

Smartscout review pricing

All programs have a seven-day free trial period to allow us to completely examine them before hiring. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SmartScout Pros and Cons

SmartScout Pros

  • Quickly and easily see the average buy box price, monthly revenue, and number of sellers for each product
  • Never compete against Amazon again
  • Compare product performance across different regional markets
  • The only tool that shows the top-performing products in any niche
  • Identify where to advertise for the best return on investment
  • Searching is straightforward, quick, and pleasant

 SmartScout Cons

  • While SmartScout analytics can bring insight into all categories, brands, sellers, and products, including where to strategically place your marketing they don’t have a keyword search tool.

Frequently Asked Questions: SmartScout Review 2024

👉 What Is SmartScout?

SmartScout is a data analytics package for Amazon service providers and sellers that enables customers to examine and analyze product and traffic data to expand their brands, identify successful goods, visualize traffic flow, and much more! Each subscription includes onboarding to help you understand exactly what you can do to build your company.

👉 Who Uses SmartScout?

SmartScout is used by Amazon Wholesale and Retail Sellers, Amazon Private Label Sellers, and Amazon Service Providers.

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Final Verdict: SmartScout Review 2024

It’s encouraging to see that new tools for Amazon and eCommerce continue to develop that aren’t clones of old ones. In this scenario, it’s simple to appreciate the company’s efforts to develop innovative solutions that are suited to consumers’ needs that were likely unmet by other rivals.

Those few standout features elevate product research to a new level. We want to underline once again how magnificent flow charts are as a concept and as significant strategic value addition.

If you operate on Amazon in any capacity (as a seller or an agency), you owe it to yourself to evaluate this technology. 

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