Scraping Robot Review 2023 – Is It A Good Web Scraping Tool?

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  • Scraping Price is very low as compared to other websites
  • They keep on adding new features
  • Scraping Robot is very simple and efficient to use
  • You get the results very quickly, hence saving you a lot more time.


  • Lacks some features like filtering products.

Scraping Robot is a tool that can help you automatically scrape data according to your needs. Read the blog to know more.

Price:$ 9

Here in this article, you will learn how you can scrape website data with ease, with the help of a tool called Scraping Robot. I will go into more detail about Scraping Robot and their process below!

For just about every business, you need to know the data that is on the internet. And whenever you surf the web, take some data, and copy-paste it to somewhere else, what you are doing is called web scraping!

For most people, this is an easy task but usually people have a lot more important work to do, rather than surf the internet all day and look for large amounts of information!

This includes taking data from different sources like e-commerce websites, job boards, social media profiles, and many more.

This data will help you conduct better market research, help you gain a clear vision for growing your business, and help you track your competitors.

What is a Scraping Robot?

What is a Scraping Robot

Scraping Robot will help you with web scraping which is also known as web data extraction or web harvesting.

There are a total of 8 different ways in which you can scrape data! We will not go into detail about all of them, this is just to let you know that there is more than just one way of doing it.

Scraping Robot is a tool that can help you automatically scrape website data according to your needs. It is very reliable and compared to other scraping websites, its cost is minimal.

Also, the scraping process with Scraping Robot is very easy, anyone can do it!

Getting Started With Scraping Robot

Like any other website, you will have to first sign-up for Scraping Robot. On their official website, you will see a wonderful page describing the scraping process.

You first have to sign up on the website. So here is the step by step process to sign up for Scraping Robot:

Step – 1: Open the official website of Scraping Robot as mentioned here – Scraping Robot Official Website.

Step – 2: In the upper right corner, you will see ‘Signup’. Click it.

Step – 3: You will see a registration form asking you for a few details. Fill it.

Step – 4: As soon as you are logged in, you will reach its home page.

How Scraping Robot Works?

Here, I will describe to you how Scraping Robot works –

Step – 1: Placing Your Request for Scraping: You first have to choose the module that will fit your request. For this, you will have to put in your data request. Scraping Robot will then analyze the information provided by you to start the scraping process.

Step – 2: Scraping Robot gives access to Blazing SEO: Scraping Robot and Blazing SEO are partnered together to provide you with proxies that will handle every scraping request made by you.

Scraping Robot handles the scraping while Blazing SEO handles the proxies.

Step – 3: Running Your Request For Scraping: With the help of Blazing SEO, Scraping Robot will use your provided information and run it with all the possible unused proxies.

It then completes it as fast as it can! Their only goal is to give you the results as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can give them a new assignment.

Step – 4:Paying for Scraping: Due to their partnership with Blazing SEO, the process is cheaper than their competitors.

Step – 5:Guarantee of Scraping Robot: Scraping Robot guarantees that they will listen to and respond to your concerns on time but they do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Scraping Robot Tools: Pre-built Modules

Scraping Robot Review - Pre-built Modules

The Scraping Robot uses 15 pre-built modules to make your scraping efficient, affordable, and easy for you.

Here are some of the major ones –

Google Modules:

There are 2 different pre-built Google Modules named –

  1. Google Places Scraper
  2. Google Scraper

Here is how you can use Google Places Scraper –

Step – 1: Enter the name of your scraping project, location, and keyword.

Step – 2: Click on ‘Start scraping’.

Step – 3: After the scraping is complete, click on ‘Show results’. There you will see complete results.

Step – 4: For more details, you can click ‘More Results’ and download the CSV.

You will get 100 URLs from Google for a particular Keyword for the Google Scraper Module. However, it won’t show you the list of websites from where it scraped the data with Google Place Scraper. Google Scraper works In the same manner.

Indeed Modules:

This one has another 3 submodules named –

1.Indeed Company Reviews Scraper: This one will help you export and extract company ratings, reviews, and some other information. You just have to enter the company and project name.

2.Indeed Job scraper: This will scrape different job listings from a particular location using the name of the company or keyword.

3.Indeed Salary Scraper: By filling the form, you can find the complete salary data as well.

Amazon Scraper:

For this one, you just have to enter any Amazon product URL or ASIN and you will receive the complete pricing data of that product.

Instagram Scraper:

For this module, you just have to enter the profile URL or Instagram username, and you will receive the complete information about the number of followers of the user, and information in detail about the last 12 posts.

Facebook Scraper:

This one will help you gather a lot of publicly available data about the organization of the particular Facebook page. You can use the Facebook page URL or username.

This one will provide you with everything including reactions, shares, comments, timestamps, URL, Check-ins, Follows, Likes, Recommendations, Ratings, and Username.

HTML Scraper:

For this one, you just have to put a valid HTML URL of the page you want the information about majorly for storage or to parse it for particular data points.

Scraping Robot Review: Functions and Features

Module Filter:

This one can help you filter. Although it is expected to be under development, in the future it may add features like product filters, profile filters, and some more filters in the future.

Demos Library:

Demos Library

The library has all the information as to how every module works.


Scraping Robot Review - API

They give their users access on the developer’s level. This will help you manage proxies, servers, and developer resources.


Under this section, you will see what they are planning for the future. This means you can know which features can be expected from their side shortly.

These are divided into 3 categories, Live, in progress, and planned. You can upvote or suggest the features as well. Also, on their pricing page, they promise to bring more and more features.

Pricing at Scraping Robot Review

Scraping Robot Review - Pricing

On signup, they provide 5,000 scrapes completely free for every month which is enough if you are looking for small data. If you need more, they charge you $ 0.0018 per scrape.

Their prices are very low as compared to that of all other scraping websites. According to them, this is because of their partnership with Blazing SEO, the premium proxy provider.

Pros and Cons


  • Scraping Price is very low as compared to other websites, which makes it affordable for small businessmen and beginners as well.
  • They keep on adding new features and also show a roadmap that allows you to choose whether to purchase Scraping Robot or not.
  • Scraping Robot is very simple and efficient to use because you do not have to worry about anything and just have to type out the basic important things like URL, usernames, or keywords.
  • You get the results very quickly, hence saving you a lot more time.


  • There are a lot of features that are about to come but at present, it lacks a lot of features like filtering products, profiles, etc.

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Conclusion | Scraping Robot Review 2023

According to IBM, there are about 2.5 Million Terabytes of data that we generate every day. All this data is more than enough to plan an ideal strategy for your business growth.

If you are looking forward to building intelligence for your organization or gathering data and making growth decisions, this is the best place for you.

Using the 5,000 free scrapes monthly, you can give a little push to your business, understand the working of Web scraping and make use of it for free until you realize whether it can help your business in the future or not.

Also, this is completely legal, just be sure to apply ethical standards during your ethical practice and not violate people’s privacy or get trapped in legal issues.

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