Speechelo Review 2024: How Powerful Is This AI Text to Speech Software?

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Speechelo Review


The Speechelo text-to-speech software was developed to mutate and combine the speaker's tone of voice with the written words. The concept here is that the text may be played again to the audience through a software system or smartphone, with the voices being pitched higher to get their attention.

Out of 10


  • It's remarkable how quickly your text will be converted to an audio file.
  • The voice is very clear and has an excellent tone.
  • The software is well documented and easy to use, even for newcomers.
  • Because most languages are covered, even if some aren't in every software.
  • To make it seem more natural and personable, you may also include breathing sounds and pauses between words.
  • Among text-to-speech apps, only Speechelo's allows you to adjust the app's voice's pitch.
  • Speechelo has more than 30 male and female voices that sound natural.


  • Only 23 languages were available for translation using standard Speechelo software.
  • It is limited in the length of videos for which it can generate a voiceover.


Price: $ 47

If you make videos that look professional but don’t get the results you want, it could be because your voiceover doesn’t sound natural.

To get more subscribers and sales, your videos must have a voice that people want to watch over and over again.

Videos are more engaging and useful if they have an excellent voiceover.

Software like Speechelo, which can turn text into speech and make a voice that sounds like a person, can be very helpful in this case.

In this article, we will look at Speechelo to see if it is the best text-to-speech software out there. You will find out if Speechelo is a good online business for you in this detailed Speechelo review. 

In the end, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about Speechelo and text-to-speech software in general.

Because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way, this system made them give up voiceover for good.

Speechelo Review 2024: What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo is the first voiceover software in the world that can turn text into real-sounding human voices. You can use it to make great voiceovers and text for your videos that sound like real people.

With Speechelo, it’s easy to make any text sound like a real voiceover. With this app, you can choose between a male and a female voice. Making videos with Speechelo is just like using any other program.

Speechelo Review

Our Human Voice styles come in over thirty different languages, making it easy for you to find one that suits your needs.

You can create human voiceovers for your YouTube channel, website, and social media platforms in three clicks.

How Does Speechelo Work?

Why don’t we discuss how Speechelo works and the text-to-speech software?

Step 1:Only upload the script you want to translate in the web browser. For a more realistic appearance, exclamation points are added as the text is scanned.

Step 2: You can choose from 30 different voices with the standard kit. There are 60 voices in Speechelo Pro.

Step 3: In 10 seconds, your sound will be ready to play. On the right side of the screen, click on Upload to get to your voiceover. In the next part, we’ll talk about what Speechelo has to offer.

Speechelo emerged from artificial intelligence.

Features Of Speechelo

Here are some of the best features of Speechelo:

Features Of Speechelo

1. Conversion

This is a great choice because it lets users change a lot of different things. You can also turn the video into captions with the most recent versions.

Speechelo figures out the language of a video and turns it into subtitles when you play it. That makes your life easier.

Speechelo is also very helpful if you speak more than one language. It knows what the sound is and acts accordingly.

2. Creating Voices

This feature is the best thing about Speechelo. Right out of the box, the tool will give you a number of voices to choose from. With the Standard option, you can have up to 700 words.

If you want to keep using Voice Creation and add as much text as you want, you should buy the Pro edition. You can type as much text as you want.

3. Languages

Speechelo Software also has the ability to use texts and languages from more than one country.

Up to 23 different languages can be used with the app. This feature is unusual because you don’t have to do anything until the text for the voiceover has been placed.

You only need to do one thing: enter the text. You can choose both the type of voice and the accent.

It has more advantages, but these are the most common and helpful ones. This software is recommended by a lot of people.

Top Benefits Of Speechelo

1. Reduces costs and saves time.

If you want to make a video presentation, you can do the voiceover quickly with Speechelo. It really only takes a few seconds.

Recording your own voice takes a long time. Speechelo can help you if you don’t know how to speak English well or if you have an accent.

You don’t have to hire a freelancer to help you do it. So, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

2. The price of Speechelo is reasonable.

Speechelo is not too expensive, and most people can afford to use it. Only a few hundred dollars are needed. And for the standard edition, you only pay once and then you own it forever.

It’s much cheaper than hiring a free agent.

3. Speechelo Voiceover Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Okay Most of the Time.

Due to the way technology works, Speechelo is not perfect. There is still something that sets it apart from a real human voice.

But Speechelo is a great tool if you need to make a large amount of video or audio content. It’s not perfect, but it can help you get your work done quickly.

4. You can purchase Speechelo through ClickBank.

Speechelo is sold on ClickBank, which is a good sign. This is because ClickBank is a safe place to buy and sell things online.

You can be sure that the transaction is safe and secure, so your personal information and credit card information won’t be stolen. Also, because ClickBank acts as a go-between, getting a refund is easier.

Speechelo Top Complaints

1. Not A Genuine Human Voice

Speechelo is not perfect when it comes to imitating the human voice. People can still tell the difference between a real voice and a fake one, even though technology has changed.

So, if you have high expectations, you might not be happy with the voice Speechelo gives you.

2. There Is No Free Trial Period

Most software comes with a free 14-day trial, but Speechelo doesn’t.

This makes me a little sad. Speechelo seems less sure of what it has to offer.

You do have the right to a money-back guarantee, though. If you try it and don’t like it, you have 60 days to get your money back.

3. Standard Version Word Count Restriction

The Speechelo standard service is limited because each request can only have 700 words. Because of this, you might not be able to convert all of the text at once, which could be a hassle. At that point, you might be asked to switch to the pro version.

4. Difficult To Monetize Speechelo Created Voiceover

It might be hard to use Speechlo to make money by directly providing voiceover services. On Fiverr and Upwork, there are a lot of freelancers who offer voiceover services using real human voices.

The voice quality of Speechelo can’t be compared to that of a real person. The technology is not yet advanced enough to replace the human voice completely.

When people know you’re just using software, they won’t pay for your voiceover service. They will know which one is which.

Standard Vs Pro Version Of Speechelo

In these two versions, the number of voices you can use is very different. Only 30 voices and 23 languages are available in the regular edition. When you upgrade to Pro, you can choose from more than 100 different voices.

Also, the regular version has a limit on how often voiceovers can happen. With Speechelo Pro, you can listen to hours of voiceover content. You can also use premium voices if you have Speechelo Pro.

Speechelo pro comes with both the software and a business license. Under the same license, you can sell the voiceovers to your clients and keep the money you make.

Who Is Speechelo For?

The software offers many benefits, as I’ve already discussed. There are a number of people who will find Speechelo to be highly valuable:

  • Content Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Agency Owners
  • Podcasters
  • Online Marketer
  • Video Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers

Who Is Speechelo Not For?

Speechelo is not for you if you want to make a lot of money. Speechelo is the only software that can help you create content, so it can’t help you make a lot of money.

If you want to use it to sell voiceover, it might be hard to do. It’s not very lucrative to work as a freelance voiceover for videos. A real-sounding voice is also important to them.

Speechelo claims to be able to mimic a real human voice, but it is not the same. People can still tell the difference if they listen carefully.

How Much Does Speechelo Cost?

There are two types of Speechelo: standard and pro.

Speechelo costs $47 per month for the regular version. Speechelo Pro costs $47, but you have to pay for it every three months.

Speechelo Cost

You can’t get Speechelo Pro until you’ve bought Speechelo Standard. After you buy the regular plan, you will be able to choose to move up to the pro plan.

Speechelo Pro makes Speechelo more powerful and takes it to the next level. The pro plan is good for people who really want to grow their businesses.

Is Speechelo A Scam?

Speechelo is not a scam, that’s for sure. It is voice-over software that is powered by AI. I think it’s a well-made piece of software that can help you create more marketing content.

A lot of good feedback and testimonials have been given about the software. The success stories show that Speechelo is unique and real.

There are some people who say Speechelo is a scam since not everybody can use it to earn money. After all, it’s the only software that can help turn text into speech. It’s not a business model that will help you make money immediately.

It is possible to build a successful voiceover business that makes money… But there are better ways than voiceover to build a business.

Our number one pick shows this.

Because, unlike Speechelo, it has real success stories from real people from as recently as a few days ago.

FAQs About Speechelo Review

How does Speechelo work?

Speechelo is the first voiceover software of its kind that sounds like a real person. In a few seconds, you can make the best transcription. There are more than 30 different types of speech in the program, but you can choose the tone you like best.

Is Speechelo a good program?

Speechelo is the newest and best program for turning text into spoken language. The way Speechelo works is great, and the results are even better.

Is Speechelo Pro a service that you pay for by the month?

You don’t have to make payments every month. Every three months, you’ll be charged $47, but you can cancel at any time.

Is There Anything Like Speechelo That’s Free?

There are no free programs that have the same features as Speechelo at the moment.

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Conclusion: Speechelo Review 2024

In conclusion, Speechelo is cloud software that is easy to use and should be on your list if you want to make your own voiceovers.

Speechelo is a great alternative for people who are nervous about their voices on YouTube.

Making videos that you don’t have to be in is as simple as writing what you want to say and then making videos.

If you want to make videos for other people, you can turn your small investment into a stream of income that will pay for itself.

Should you get Speechelo? Based on what I’ve said in this Speechelo review and what you want to use it for, you can decide if it’s worth it or not.



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