Clouding Review 2022: Does It Provide The Best Cloud VPS Server Renting Services?

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Ease of use
Customer Support


  • Customizable instance size.
  • Pay just for archived instances’ storage.
  • Free trial period with a €5 bonus.
  • A dependable and strong storage system.
  • A modern, straightforward, and lightning-fast user interface.


  • Single datacenter.
  • No shared hosting plans available.

It is a company situated in Barcelona, Spain that rents out Cloud VPS Servers, offering Linux and Windows operating systems, SSD hosting, expandable resources, data redundancy, and, most importantly, hourly invoicing. This platform is entirely based on open source technologies such as OpenStack and Ceph, is highly configurable to user needs and requests, mainly relies on public domain tools, and produces its own structure.


This article is dedicated to Clouding Review. Recently, there has been a lot of talk on social media and in the blogging community about a firm called Clouding that specializes in cloud server rental and has a data center in Spain.

I, too, was urged to try it and provide feedback on this intriguing project, which I have admired from the start. 

There are numerous VPS servers offered, each with its own unique set of characteristics, strengths, and limitations, which makes selecting the most suited one a difficult process.

However, to expedite this process, I will describe this platform in-depth, providing an honest assessment of what it has to offer and leaving the door open for you to test them for free.

Clouding Review: What is Clouding?

It is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, that provides Cloud VPS Server renting services, including Linux and Windows operating systems, SSD hosting, extendable resources, data redundancy, and, most crucially, hourly billing.

This platform is totally based on open source technologies such as OpenStack and Ceph, is very customizable to the requirements and demands of users, heavily relies on public domain tools, and also generates its own structure. Review

Without a doubt, knowing that it is a success story with free technology adds value.

What makes Clouding Unique?

Clouding It is the product of the efforts of seasoned hosting administrators, which offers a range of services under one offering:

  • A diverse selection of Linux distributions.
  • Outstanding performance (20 Gbps network, Intel processors).
  • A platform that is completely redundant.
  • Hourly and use rates.
  • Utilization of open technology.
  • Controls for extensive monitoring.
  • Customized technology developed and implemented by the same team.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, the ability to expand in response to our demands.

The combination of all of these traits enables it to be viewed as a provider of Cloud Servers with a high level of availability, a bright future, and a suitable solution for any sort of project.

Clouding Review: Features & Ease of Use

Clouding is a fully-fledged cloud computing solution. It is not pre-planned. You may completely configure a cloud server by moving elements around until you have the configuration you need for your website or online store.

Due to the fact that cloud hosting is provided via Virtual Private Servers, small websites may end up having significantly more than they require. The following are some of the characteristics:

  • SLA of 99.95 percent uptime
  • Available on SSDs ranging in size from 5GB to 1900GB
  • Up to 48 Virtual Cores
  • RAM of either 2GB or 4GB per vCore

Clouding’s strong servers are equipped with Intel Xeon processors and Solid State Disks to ensure peak availability. The organization speeds up operations by utilizing three tiers of caching in the RAM. One important characteristic is its storage type, called Ceph, which has a number of advantages.

For one thing, it automatically duplicates data three times over various nodes, ensuring that data can always be retrieved from a different node if one fails. Ceph storage also includes an additional data protection mechanism known as erasure coding.

To ensure security, the company employs Anti-DDoS methods that identify and block untrustworthy IP addresses from connecting to your server. It handles minor attacks but routes larger traffic to an external source capable of handling up to 20Tbps.

Snapshots and backups are easy to create and very affordable. Snapshots can be created when you’re planning to do some changes in the software. If something goes wrong, you can create a server from the snapshot.

Backups are security copies that get updated automatically depending on the parameters chosen when created. If there is an attack on the server by, say, a cryptolocker, you can create a server from the backup within seconds

Clouding’s system is virtualized using the KVM virtualization technology. While configuring your server, you can pick between Linux and Windows as the operating system.

It includes a client control panel for managing your VPS, and you can actually lower or raise your server capacity via the client control panel for as long as you like.

1. Hourly Billing

Pay per hour. You only pay for what you use, you can easily save! Hourly Billing Features - Review

The company adapts to your needs, even the way their service is billed.

2. High Availability

Your Cloud Servers will always be available and functional due to their redundant and high-performance infrastructure. High Availability Features

Clouding makes certain that no bug can ruin your day-to-day.

3. Data Center in Barcelona

Your projects, are in close proximity to you. The optimal platform is based on a Tier IV data center in close proximity.

Data Center in Barcelona

With the highest level of security, according to the ISO27001 standard, and delivering the level of excellence you demand.

4. Create in 30 Seconds

You can now obtain a Cloud VPS Server on a high-performance platform. Select the RAM you require, the vCores you desire, and the GB of NMVe SSD that most convince you, start, and you’re done!

Create in 30 Seconds Features

You’ll be inside and doing your first tests in less than 30 seconds.

5. Delete and create whenever you want

The platform provides you with the independence you seek. Clouding makes it simple and intuitive to create, grow, alter, or delete servers in the Cloud.

Delete and create whenever you want

Carry out the necessary actions from your control panel.

6. Archived

Cloud computing allows you to administer your own server. Archive it temporarily, when not in use or for testing purposes: you will not be charged for RAM or CPU. Archived Features - Review

You will save money while maintaining the integrity of your data, which you can unarchive at any time.

8. Resized

You are not constrained in any way! Increase or decrease the size of your Cloud Server as needed. You can always add resources to your projects to expand their capacity. Resized Features - Review

Do you wish to return? There is no problem! Consolidate your server configuration in a matter of seconds.

Clouding Review: Pricing & Support

Would you join a hosting firm that compensates you for your participation? Unlikely. However, Clouding appears to do so. It offers a free trial period during which you can evaluate the service, and if you sign up for the trial, you’ll receive a €5 bonus balance.

Pricing is reasonable, and you pay by the hour. As a result, if you choose to take your website offline for a period of time, you won’t be charged for time or resources that aren’t being used. Support - Review

To try the service, you only have to sign in with a user and a password and then verify an e-mail account, a telephone number, and a card with 3D Secure device (1€ will be charged and returned immediately just to verify your identity). In less than one minute, you can access you control panel and create the first cloud server.

Customer service is provided via email or telephone. While support agents are available via email 24 hours a day, phone help is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Additionally, there is a community forum, a blog, and a tutorial component in the knowledge base.

What is the cost of Clouding?

In Clouding there are no fixed plans since you can choose the combination of the resources more suitable for you and change it at any time. Below you can see the most popular flavors but you can always create your own. Pricing - Review

Which Clouding plan should I get?

My advice is, to begin with, a less expensive package. You can always upgrade your account later. Clouding can assist you in making the switch to a more expensive subscription. Increases in visitor numbers can take longer than anticipated, and you should avoid spending large sums of money until the necessity arises.

Clouding Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.


  • A modern, straightforward, and lightning-fast user interface.
  • Customizable instance size.
  • Pay just for archived instances’ storage.
  • Compensation is based on the amount of time and resources spent.
  • Free trial period with a €5 bonus
  • A dependable and strong storage system
  • Capability to flexibly scale servers up or down in response to demand


  • Single datacenter.
  • Fewer tools geared toward beginners.
  • No shared hosting plans are available.

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Conclusion: Clouding Review 2022

I’ve gone through Clouding from top to bottom, running benchmarks, installing upgrades, and conducting some stress tests; the results have been beyond my expectations. I want to emphasize its support and its capacity for real-time feature expansion.

Something I may have overlooked is how it behaves with non-Spanish visitors, as well as the fact that we have been unable to reduce the disc storage capacity we hire, despite the fact that we understand this is due to technical constraints inherent in the infrastructure.

I have not been able to test thousands of actual visitors, but based on the characteristics of its infrastructure, I am certain that they will go smoothly. It’s a truly inspirational and promising endeavor that I would strongly suggest to anyone.

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