Trend Micro Vs Webroot 2024: Best Antivirus Program For Your Computer?

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Are you confused between Trend Micro Vs Webroot? Struggling to know that which one is better and why?

If yes then read this full article and find your idol one. Let’s start with the basic comparison.

Trend Micro

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Pricing $19.95/annum $29.99/annum
Best for

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a cloud-client content security architecture meant to protect consumers from web dangers including data-stealing viruses. To lessen reliance on traditional pattern file downloads on the endpoint, this integrates in-the-cloud technologies with existing client-based AV methods.

Webroot is dedicated to making Internet security easier for people and organisations all around the world. Webroot products constantly obtain high evaluations from reputable third parties and are used by millions of people across the world.

  • “Antivirus+ Security” from Trend Micro is the best feature.
  • “Internet Security” that incorporates all of the features.
  • Trend Micro’s “Maximum Security” for your devices.
  • All Webroot products are free to try.
  • It provides basic protection at an entry-level price.
  • Anti-Phishing Technology.
  • It has hardware protection feature in one click.
  • Blocks webpages that are harmful.
  • Suspicious files are quarantined.
  • Allows for the restoration of files from central quarantine.
  • Behavior monitoring module terminates suspicious processes.
  • Advanced threat protection including ransomware
  • Excellent assistance for customers and resellers.
  • It can be set up in minutes.
  • On the gadget, there is a minor footprint.
  • Definitions/updates are automatically deployed.
  • You can make global exceptions for common programs
  • Needs more options for personalization.
  • Basic reporting is good but still lacks some details.
  • On Mac computers, it seems to always throw false positives.
  • 2FA is absolutely atrocious.
Ease of Use

The layout of Trend Micro is very simple with circles separating each utility. There is a clear indication of what each utility represents and there are icons to help you understand what it is. With white and gray color schemes, the layout looks clean, and the most important part of the program is highlighted in a different color.

There are no icons to indicate the different utilities that Webroot offers, making it difficult to navigate the UI. In order to navigate the program, customers will have to read each section individually.

Value For Money

Trend Micro has an edge over Webroot because it offers better deals and features for the price. Trend Micro will ensure your basic internet safety despite the complexity of cyber attacks. You are protected from online threats lurking on your PC while you browse the Internet.

Webroot’s performance is far below that of Trend Micros. It’s important to keep your machine protected because malware attacks can affect anyone at any time, and Webroot lacks a lot of features that won’t stand up to powerful attacks.

Customer Support

It offers Email, calls, FAQs and helpbooks service to their user 24*7.

They lack in customer support as they have only email and FAQs service for their user.

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SonicWall’s Mid-Year Report for 2019 claims that more than 4.8 billion malware attacks occurred during the first half of the year. Even this statistic illustrates the importance of antivirus programs like Webroot or Trend Micro for protecting your computer.

However, viruses and other malicious programs remain a constant threat despite the fact that they have steadily declined over the last decade.

Data published by Google shows that malware sites have decreased by 91% since 2017, but this does not mean you should browse without an antivirus installed on your computer.

We’re going to compare Webroot and Trend Micro’s antivirus suites today with the aim of helping you choose the best cybersecurity solution. As a result, let’s examine the main differences between these two malware protection software products.

Trend Micro Vs. Webroot: Main differences

Feature Trend Micro Webroot
Compatibility compatible only with Mac Computers Compatible with both Mac and PCs
Privacy Tools on Social Media Not available Available in Webroot
Elimination of Online Traces Not available Available in Webroot
AI-Based Learning Capability Lacks AI-based learning Lacks AI-based learning
Cloud Storage Not available Offers 25GB of cloud storage in Webroot

Note that not all Webroot’s and Trend Micro’s products include the features mentioned here, and for that reason, it is worth checking the features list before you buy Webroot’s or Trend Micro’s antivirus software.

Cybercriminals are most likely to target laptops and desktops, so each feature an antivirus program provides may make your device or personal information more secure.

Trend Micro Vs. Webroot: Features

Malware, ransomware, and identity theft are some of the most common threats your computer faces whenever it browses the Internet or installs new software. Your antivirus program must, therefore, be able to guard your computer against all threats that may cause damage to it.

The features you will have at your disposal will depend on the product you select from Webroot’s range of cybersecurity products for homes and businesses.

In spite of this, all three of these malware protection suites take up just a small amount of hard drive space and scan your computer 60% faster than Kaspersky, McAfee, or Norton. Furthermore, all of Webroot’s products protect you from real-time phishing attempts and keep your personal information and identity secure at all times.

Trend Micro Features - Trend Micro Vs Webroot

Depending on your needs, you can keep one or more devices safe with Webroot’s anti-malware software. Mac users must ensure that the Trend Micro software they wish to purchase is compatible with Mac OS X.

Trend Micro offers a number of different products, but users must ensure that the software they select is compatible with the macOS.

Malware protection software from Trend Micro includes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) learning features. It will protect your computer from rapidly evolving threats you might come across online or through your daily interactions with friends and colleagues.

Despite the fact that both products are powerful enough to protect your computer from common threats, Webroot’s least expensive antivirus software is loaded with more features than Micro Trend’s basic malware protection suite.

Trend Micro Vs. Webroot: A Detailed Comparison

We are now going to compare Trend Micro and Webroot in order to determine which one is the best in this head-to-head antivirus comparison.

Trend Micro:

Let’s start with Trend Micro’s antivirus suites:

1. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security:

“Antivirus+ Security” from Trend Micro is an entry-level suite recommended for first-time anti-virus users. Windows users can only use this device to protect one device at a time. This program defends your computer against online attacks.

It has advanced endpoint protection and removal software, which makes it easy to block all web threats, such as ransomware and others. Stop online scams and frauds and browse safely.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Make sure nobody steals your information while you log onto a website; receive real-time alerts about malicious activity detected by the engine.

This next-level suite now includes advanced AI learning. There are two subscription options for this suite: one year or two years. Is it not up to your standards? You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee from Trend Micro!

2. Trend Micro Internet Security:

Next, we have “Internet Security” that incorporates all of the features of the above antivirus program. You can protect up to three computers at the same time against malware and ransomware threats.

Online shoppers will be assured that their transactions will be protected by Trend Micro’s “Pay Guard” while shopping online.

Trend Micro Internet Security

The suite also includes anti-spam and anti-phishing software designed to protect your email account. 

Parental Controls provide parents with the ability to monitor and filter out inappropriate content from their children. Among its other features, Trend Micro protects your social media data by not letting any of it be scraped from social networks.

You are protected from online threats lurking on your PC while you browse the Internet.

3. Trend Micro Maximum Security:

To get a complete security suite, Trend Micro’s “Maximum Security” for your devices is the right choice. Different from other suites, this one can run on different operating systems simultaneously! Since different types of viruses can infect iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices, you should be able to protect them all.

You can protect up to five devices from all types of digital dangers with one subscription. By increasing the number of years you are purchasing, you are also able to increase the number of applicable devices (from 5 to 10).

trend micro maximum


Adding features such as the “Password Manager” allows you to store all your passwords for any online account. It would be best if you took advantage of this feature because it can be overwhelming to carry multiple passwords for every online profile.

Using the same password for every site is never a good idea. If you use the same password for everything, you put yourself at risk of attacks that can lead to a domino effect, allowing access to all your information.

Keeping this antivirus suite in the background will keep your machine running as smoothly as possible while it is running.


In addition, this is the perfect time to examine the different antivirus packages available from Webroot to find out if they truly live up to your expectations.

1. Webroot Free Trial:

It’s possible to test out Webroot’s suites for 14 days free to get a better idea of the products. You don’t need a credit card to sign up for this! All Webroot products are free to try.

2. Webroot Antivirus (PC/Mac):

At a reasonable price this antivirus software provides basic protection at an entry-level price. The software can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. Three devices can be protected simultaneously.

This security suite offers antispam, anti-phishing, and prevention of any malware attack with security-related features that are more suited to online use.

In addition, Webroot takes approximately 20 seconds to fix any virus-related program on a user’s device if it is compromised. The speed is helpful, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s done well just because it’s fast.

3. The Webroot Internet Security Plus (PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smartphone*):

In Webroot’s next level-up, “Internet Security Plus”, all of the features from the above suit are included. The advantage of this suite is that it protects your WiFi network from being hacked in any way.

It is becoming more and more likely for hackers to even infiltrate your network without you knowing, so any machine that is connected to your network is at risk.

Webroot Internet Security Plus - Trend Micro Vs Webroot

It has been reported that almost half of Internet users have been victims of cybercrimes, so it doesn’t take much to be the next victim if you take steps to secure your machine. By scouring all URLs, Apps, Files, etc., online, Webroot allows you to stay productive without worrying about potential issues.:

4. With Webroot Internet Security Complete (PC, Tab, Mac, Smartphone*, and 25GB of online storage):

Are you still craving more from the “Internet Security” suite?

This suite provides all of the above features and is capable of protecting up to five devices at the same time. If you need to support up to 10 devices, we have a “Family Pack” available!

The package can be used with different platforms and includes anti-phishing and anti-spam software that protects all your devices at once. You’ll never have to worry about your important documents being deleted since this suite includes 25 GB of backup space.

Webroot Complete Internet Security

You can use this package on your phone or tablet as well, so it’s a perfect package for those who are connected to more than just a computer!

In addition to this suite’s one-click optimizer, mobile device security helps you make the most of your mobile devices without draining battery life.  In addition to software protection, this package includes hardware protection, so any machine, such as webcams or microphones, will be protected.

Which antivirus software offers the best protection against malware?

There is no denying that there is a huge importance to “Malware Protection” and getting the best antivirus software to combat it. In order to combat malware, it is necessary to recognize it and remove it. Let’s compare Trend Micro and Webroot.

The absence of a solution to an attack can sometimes cause it to be called a zero-day attack or an unknown attack.

It’s important to keep your machine protected because malware attacks can affect anyone at any time, and Webroot lacks a lot of features that won’t stand up to powerful attacks.

Winner: TrendMicro

Which software has the best user interface (UI)?

Which is more user-friendly, Trend Micro or WebRoot? Do you have any trouble navigating the program when you open it? You should be able to read the User-Interface easily without straining your eyes.

The user interface is the way a program displays the utilities that come with a software program.

This includes how the utilities are placed, how they are colored, how the fonts are displayed, and even how the icons are displayed. Understanding how to use antivirus protection can make it difficult to utilize the software to its full potential.

It is in this category that companies will achieve customer satisfaction because they understand that everyone may not be an expert in technology, so their layouts should be intuitive to view.

Let’s compare the following antivirus products based on their user interface (UI):

Trend Micro’s UI:

The layout of Trend Micro is very simple, with circles separating each utility. There is a clear indication of what each utility represents, and there are icons to help you understand what it is.

A green circle with text below indicating that the device is protected lets users know their device is not experiencing any issues.

Trend Micro UI - Trend Micro Vs Webroot

With white and gray color schemes, the layout looks clean, and the most important part of the program is highlighted in a different color.

Webroot’s UI:

There are no icons to indicate the different utilities that Webroot offers, making it difficult to navigate the UI. I know it’s divided into boxes on the left, but it’s just words.

Webroot Overview - Trend Micro Vs Webroot

In order to navigate the program, customers will have to read each section individually. Trend Micro’s design provides a professional appearance, but it doesn’t have a green color scheme to enhance the Protected message.

Winner: TrendMicro

Which Antivirus Software is Less Expensive?

Pay attention to what an antivirus program can do for you, especially if you’re paying for it.

In order to make your choice easier, we have listed each suite of software with their latest price so you can decide which option is best for your bank. Here are two more reasonable antivirus protections:

Trend Micro’s Pricing Model:

trend micro pricing


Suites Price
Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security $39.95but currently on discount, so available for 


Trend Micro Internet Security $79.95 but currently on discount, so available for 


Trend Micro Maximum Security $89.95

but currently on discount, so available for


Webroot’s Pricing Model:

Webroot Pricing

Webroot Antivirus Suites Prices
Webroot Antivirus $29.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Plus $44.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Complete $59.99/annum
Webroot Business Products Full Range

Among these products, Trend Micro has an edge over Webroot because it offers better deals and features for the price.

Winner: TrendMicro.

What Is The Most Popular Antivirus Software?

Which software is more popular, Trend Micro or Webroot? According to the OPSWAT statistics on antivirus program popularity, we will be able to find out who receives the most admiration.

Trend Micro antivirus suites did not make the list, whereas Webroot had a market share of 5.65% as of September 2019.

When analyzing these statistics, keep in mind that popularity doesn’t always equal better software. Webroot’s performance is far below that of Trend Micro.

Final Winner: TrendMicro

FAQs on Trend Micro Vs. Webroot

👀How good is Trend Micro?

Trend Micro is a good antivirus program. Trend Micro provides the most effective blocking of online threats in comparison with other antivirus companies and top-rated antivirus security products. My Mac runs scheduled scans for me in the background to protect my data and laptop. Virus threats and phishing attempts are never exposed to the latest updates, since the updates are delivered on time.

👍Is Webroot the best antivirus?

Webroot remains the winner. However, Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus does not meet the testing standards set by many independent testing labs, even though it scored highly in one test.

✅Why does Webroot use so much CPU?

Webroot SecureAnywhere users may notice increased CPU usage if they see a sudden increase in the number of applications run at once (for example, as a result of Windows updates).

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Conclusion: Trend Micro Vs Webroot 2024

Trend Micro beats Webroot in terms of various aspects of its antivirus software. You will benefit from this feature as it enables you to prevent attacks on your device.

Trend Micro provides its customers with a wide range of security options based on the features and price of its security suites.

In tests comparing file safety and performance, Trend Micro consistently outperformed Webroot. Trend Micro will ensure your basic internet safety despite the complexity of cyber-attacks!

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