AirVPN Coupon Codes 2020: Save Up to 68% OFF Now

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Get upto 68% Off on AirVPN by applying the AirVPN Coupon for May 2020

About AirVPN

Best Airvpn - The air to breathe the internet

Any VPN will extend privacy to your network across the internet. It enables the exchange of information between your computer and servers through encrypted ways.

This secure way of sharing information is achieved through a point-to-point open VPN connection.

The link is encoded, and each packet is validated by the servers, so that nobody (plus your ISP) between your PC and the VPN server can see the information you convey and receive, the real source or ends of such files, and, can insert fake packets into your course of data.

AirVPN is also an open VPN through which you can browse safely. It is an Italian VPN provider, which pompously claims that it was set up by “hacktivists and activists” reimburses an almost unparalleled concern to retaining users’ privacy.

Best Buy AirVPN Coupon May 2020

Choose Best Pricing Plan on - Airvpn


  • 3-Day Trial for AirVPN: 2 €
  • Save 28% Quarterly
  • Save 30% Off Half Yearly
  • Save 53% on AirVPN Coupons Yearly Subscription
  • Save 62% on Subscribing Two-year AirVPN plan
  • Save 68% on Three Year Subscription


  • Anonymous surfing
  • Hides your IP
  • No monitoring and logging of your online data
  • Strict secrecy through Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  • Extra connections for ISP and openVPN disrupting countries are OpenVPN over SSH, SSL or Tor
  • High level encryption thru 4096 bit RSA keys size, AES-256-CBC Data Channel, HMAC SHA1 Control Channel
  • Complete concealing of traffic and protocol used
  • No risk for data eavesdropping between your PC and Wi-Fi network

Why Choose AirVPN?

With AirVPN discount code, you can access all your exit nodes without thinking about traffic and time limits.

You can have three prompt networks per account.

There is no set limit on the server speed and protocols like P2P. DDNS and forwarded ports are welcomed to optimize the software.

AirVPN keeps a clear policy on bandwidth allocation to give an exact evaluation of performance.

OpenVPN is the most reliable and protected solution for encoded channels, offering higher than the military level of security.

The servers are fully compliant with European Union directives which safeguard your privacy.  The API is understandable to experts in this field.

There is no tracking apps or cookies from the third party. Air VPN is compatible with all major operating platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and much more.

coupons for AirVPN

Pricing Plan:-

The charges for AirVPN range from €1 to € 54. Starting with the minimum plan that is € 1 which is for 3 days.

Other plans are also there which are one month, 3 months, 6 months and yearly plans. 3-day free trial can be asked for in particular cases.

All the packages have full access to all the security features and nothing is compromised on any grounds keeping in mind the subscription structure.

All types of credit cards and Bitcoin are accepted as a payment source.

AirVPN coupons give you a discount of up to 30% on your VPN subscription.

AirVPN free trial

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

✅ How does VPN work?

VPN works by routing the Internet connection of your ISP to the private server that you choose. the data is transmitted from the sender to receiver through a hidden IP and private server.

💥 What are the benefits of using VPN?

VPN can help you with; surf anonymously, keep forward secrecy, defeat restrictions, port forwarding, OpenVPN.

💲💲 How much does AirVPN cost?

AirVPN costs 7€ for a monthly subscription. You can save up to 68% on your AirVPN discount code subscriptions. Choose yearly, two-yearly, three-yearly plans.

🔥 Does AirVPN accept bitcoins?

Yes, AirVPN accepts bitcoin payment and pricing is based on the basis of European payment banks.

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Conclusion: AirVPN Coupon May 2020

If we look at the overall functioning of the AirVPN servers, it gives full security and data encryption while browsing other restricted servers of other countries.

The level of protection is quite high, and the performance of the European servers is good enough to meet your surfing needs. The support system works through forums and emails giving you the most satisfying answers.

Moreover it is highly compatible with all devices and works on clear policies.

All in all the performance of AirVPN is likeable with many advanced features. If you want hands on it, then go for its 3-day plan which will give the whole idea about the open AirVPN.

I hope you enjoy a great discount on secure servers AirVPN discount code. 



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