FineCam Review 2024: Best Webcam Software for iPhone and Windows?

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Webcams have undergone a tremendous spike in usage over the previous four years due to the increased remote working during the epidemic.

But many of us are still doing business and holding online meetings. To be more ecological, you may utilize software to construct a “webcam” instead of purchasing other hardware.

In this review, we will review Finecam, which conveniently converts old iPhones (or new ones, for that matter) into cameras for your YouTube, OBS, Skype, Zoom or other video chatting or live streaming software.

  1. FineCam Review 2024: What Is FineCam?

FineCam is a practical webcam application. It improves the webcam quality of your desktop using your iPhone. Additionally, it comes with over 100 effects.

It is compatible with all of your favorite streaming and video-calling applications. FineCam is an excellent option for simultaneously launching the iPhone’s front and back cameras.

The secondary frame may be positioned anywhere and, more crucially, resized to accommodate video conversations, live demos, broadcasts, and other reasons.

FineCam Review

FineCam differs from other comparable applications in that it supports the plug-and-play approach for using the camera on an iPhone.

Utilizing the iPhone’s 4K / 12 MP (Telephoto Wide, Ultrawide) camera, you may pick from various angles and fully use the device’s capabilities.

Additionally, you may delete undesired backdrops in real-time.

FineCam Virtual Camera Assisstant

Finecam is a software application that, when paired with an iOS client on an iPhone, transforms the iPhone into an additional or primary webcam for any application that can access a camera.

This may be accomplished through Wi-Fi or a USB-to-Lightning cord.

Once loaded, the software lets you choose a camera (in addition to your iPhone, it may utilize additional cameras simultaneously), add backdrops, filters, and other effects to the stream, and then pass it over to another application.

Additionally, you may utilize PNG files to add branding to your screen, such as a corporate logo in the corner (or anywhere you like, as you can move it around with the mouse).

The software also features color and white balance adjustment tools to enhance the picture captured by the camera (to better match the background).

You may also utilize green screen and AI image enhancement tools to update the appearance of your picture.

Once everything is set up, you can utilize the built-in virtual camera hook to feed the output of Finecam to another piece of software, such as Zoom, OBS, YouTube, or anything else that supports external cameras.

FineCam Virtual Camera Assisstant - FineCam Review

Initially, I couldn’t find a justification for yet another application. However, Finecam is much more than this.

Think of it as a wedge between your iPhone and the video conferencing program that provides features that are either unavailable in the target or behind a paywall.

Finecam incorporates several of Zoom’s pro capabilities, such as sophisticated backdrops and green screen, and video conferencing software-exclusive features, such as filters and special effects.

You may apply Instagram-style filters to your photos for amusement or to complement the setting. With special effects, you may create the appearance of old-fashioned film, VHS video, or faulty futuristic displays.

You may include a PNG of your company’s logo in the corner or below, similar to how television programs use it.

In addition to a basic library of backgrounds, you may create your own or choose from an extensive collection of exciting backdrops. There are also AI-driven upgrades that automatically improve your picture.

You may also make more exact manual adjustments to the exposure, brightness, and contrast, similar to how you would on a television.

In contrast to most video conferencing software’s automated keying algorithms, I found the background modifications somewhat effective.

Even without a green screen, the cut around you, as opposed to your backdrop (called a “key” in technical language), is pretty clean.

Finecam is excellent, given my original low expectations, and I like how straightforward and efficient it is. The improved video streams it creates are inventive, entertaining, and valuable.

I understand that this day, with Zoom calls replacing meetings, some people may feel embarrassed by their cluttered homes.

Still, with these tools, you can make people believe you have a very significant property without raising too many eyebrows.

Okay, if you look carefully, you can see that’s a key, and like any auto-key software, it can get quite frilly and fuzzy in low light, but I’m still pleased.

One of the better applications I can see for this program is to provide a secondary camera in addition to your primary camera while performing live streaming.

If you have a second camera, you may, for instance, cut to your hands on a table or the scene outside the window. Having many cameras will make your broadcasts seem much more professional.

FineCam – Use iPhone as a Webcam

Transform your iPhone into a high-end camera that harnesses the potential of WiFi and different angles to offer 4K footage at 60 frames per second.

You may zoom in/out, switch to portrait or landscape mode, choose a resolution, and utilize either the front or back camera or both, with the touch of a button.

In need of picture-in-picture mode?

It poses no trouble whatsoever. FineCam is a top-notch solution for concurrently shooting with the iPhone’s front and back cameras.

Use iPhone as a Webcam

In addition, you may flexibly alter the frame’s size and location to accommodate your conversations, presentations, streaming, and more.

There is no need for a second USB webcam. Simply add your mobile device to your preferred streaming applications.

FineCam enables you to roam freely while streaming from any location on the same network for the highest quality visuals.

Utilize your phone’s higher processing power and image-enhancing algorithms to improve your appearance in remote meetings, live broadcasts, and all your recordings.

FineCam – Webcam Background Removal

FineCam allows you to instantly remove and blur your background and directly replace it with an image, video, web page, PowerPoint presentation, or online video.

FineCam uses AI Face Recognition and Chroma Key to instantly remove the background from your webcam video, allowing your audience to focus on you.

FineCam For Webcam Background Removal

FineCam’s blurring effect makes it simple to conceal a cluttered room or workspace when participating in an online class or meeting, eliminating the need to worry about visual distractions.

FineCam collaborates with Unsplash to provide you with millions of virtual backgrounds. You can add a custom background by uploading an image/video/PowerPoint presentation or entering a link to a webpage/YouTube video.

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FineCam Pricing Plans & How You Can Get It?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of FineCam and click on ‘Buy Now.’

Official Website of FineCam

Step – 2: Click on ‘Buy Now below the plan of your choice.

Choose FineCam Pricing Plan

Step – 3: Enter your email address and click on ‘Continue’.

Enter Your Email Address

Step – 4: You will be asked for some more details. Fill them up and click on ‘Continue.’

Fill Up All Details

Step – 5: Choose how you wish to pay and complete the payment.

Choose the payment method and pay


FineCam Real-Time Video Processing Using Deep Learning

FineCam video processing with deep learning

Auto Framing:

Utilize AI technology to detect major subjects, follow their motions, and automatically frame them for the best images.

Gaussian Blur:

When you have little time to tidy your home or workplace, you may reduce distractions in real time by blurring the webcam’s backdrop using computational image processing.

Low Light Video Booster:

Utilize low-light video improvement techniques to improve your look in meetings, live streaming, etc., by automatically adjusting the video’s brightness.

Background Subtraction Algorithms:

Using semantic analysis and edge detection, you may swiftly eliminate the backdrop to safeguard your privacy. There is no need to worry about privacy breaches.

5 Reasons Why I Recommend FineCam

Why I Recommend FineCam

1. Makes It Easy to Create and Edit:

Simply add your brand or company’s name, tweak the logo’s opacity, and modify the logo’s layout and color scheme. It is simple to build the ideal branding design. No design skills are necessary.

2. Professional Branding Templates:

Provide premade branding templates with a simple design for your company. Every branding template is editable. Simply select a suitable template and get started.

3. Superimpose Yourself with Any Content:

FineCam can accommodate your want to show PowerPoint presentations, a YouTube video, or a web page as a virtual backdrop.

4. Capture Creative and Unique Scenes Like a Pro:

FineCam enables the creation of a multiple-camera video configuration. Capture a single image from different perspectives, effortlessly swap between lenses, and so forth.

It is so simple to create a professional multi-shot video!

5. Your High-Quality Webcam Is At Hand:

No webcam? Poor webcam performance? Finecam can effortlessly transform your iPhone into a 4K HD webcam.

Additionally, Finecam is compatible with webcams, DSLR cameras, digital cameras, iPods, etc., and there is no restriction on the number of cameras that may be used.

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Conclusion: FineCam Review 2024

Finecam is terrific software that delivers advantages to whatever video conferencing applications you use it with.

By downloading the free version, you may have it immediately and begin immediately.

This will provide you with all the fundamental features.

I sincerely hope this article helps. Feel free to share your opinion on FineCam in the comment section.

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