Fluencia Review 2024: Is It Best Platform For Learning Spanish?

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This post is about Fluencia Review 2024: Your Best Spanish Teacher. Read and know more!

Hey people, Spain is the hub of football. People love visiting Spain because it has many tourist locations and one of the best football clubs in the world.

But what if a group visits Spain and the complete group is not able to communicate with people as they have no idea of the native language?

Spanish is recognized as one of the most common languages along with French, German, and at top of all English. There are various platforms that help you learn foreign languages with great ease.

Wish to have a command over the Spanish language? Imagine yourself speaking the foreign language with total ease and grace. Imagine people asking you about the platforms to chose to learn the language and asking you for help.

Also, there is a career in speaking foreign languages for people as their translator. That gives you the chance to get a job as well as earn huge as there is a lot of scope in the field.

Fluencia Review 2024: Is It Best Platform For Learning Spanish?

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Their offers or discount percentages that these coupon codes can avail start from 5% to a maximum of 60% of the total order you make.

The only thing that the user needs to keep in mind is that these coupon codes are valid for a single-use and expire once they are redeemed or applied during the purchase.

There are also discounts in terms of the number of dollars. The discount range is from 5$ to 200$ depending on the purchase that is done by the subscriber.

Detailed About Fluencia Review

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” is a famous saying. Thus the platform that has the capsule format of teaching where they teach many languages under the same roof might sometimes prove confusing to people.

Fluencia Review Homepage

Fluencia understands this problem that people are facing usually this era. Thus, Fluencia is a dedicated platform that teaches Spanish. The platform purely teaches Spanish and no other language as they believe in serving the best.

The pricing that Fluencia askes for against the services that they offer are nominal and always preferred over the pricing of the platform that teaches multiple languages.

Imagine, a single teacher teaching you all the subjects and teachers dedicated to an individual subject with complete knowledge about the subject. 

Obviously,  the teacher with complete knowledge will be able to guide you in the best possible way. Fluencia does the same.

They have complete information about the language and a thorough study of the language that helps them to teach their students better and make them the best in speaking the Spanish language

Overview of Fluencia Review

Fluencia is the best supporter of a candidate who wishes to learn the Spanish language. The company started in near 2013 and since then has served more than a million people with the best characteristics that they have and gained a name in the E-educational sector.

Fluencia Review Overview

Fluencia falls under the category of E-educational platforms that are ready to help the users at any point of the day 24/7 in case of any queries.

Fluencia serves a three ethics module where the steps to learn the language are very simple and are as follows: Speak up, learn your way, and finally get the results.

With all these facilities Fluencia also comes with a record maintaining page where Fleuncia and the learner from Fluentia can keep a track record of the lectures and sessions that are overall conducted and the number of sessions conducted by the student.

There is an option for the student to attend the lecture later on if in case he is stuck in some more important work. Furthermore, proceeding with Fluencia Review, I will discuss the specifics that Fluentia has to offer.

Features of Fluencia

The features play a vital role in making an image ahead of the crowd and also specific features of any platform tend to attract the candidates towards a particular platform. It’s the features that make a platform or even have the power to break the platform.

Fluencia Details

Luckily, in the case of Fluencia, the features are very good and totally useful to its students. The features that Fluencia offers are totally worth their money and very easy to use as well. Here below, I mention a few from the many features that Fluencia has to offer.

At the initial, I will list down all the features and then guide you through each one of them individually describing each feature.

  • Impressive interface
  • Engaging Exercises.
  • Pictorial format learning.
  • Easily operational.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning.
  • Tailor-made courses.
  • Conversational learning.
  • Track of all records.

The list above shows the brilliant features that Fluentia has to offer. As a reader, you can see there are many features in such a small platform. These features not only make your life easy with learning but also makes the learning interactive and engaging.

Fluencia Personalized

Now, as I promised I will describe each feature to give you all a clear idea about what basically these features have in them.

  • Impressive Interface:

The first feature that Fluencia has to offer its students is an impressive and very appealing user interface.

As a student, if I find all the options right in front of my eyes, I would be the happiest person. There are all the important tags right in front of your eye and if I wish to enter a particular section, I am just a single click away.

Also, major services that Fluentia has to offer can be seen making it easy for the students studying with Fluencia. I would rate the interface 3.5/5.

  • Engaging Exercises:

The next important feature that Fluencia offers is engaging exercises. Exercises are given to make you ready for the main examinations and also to check your fluency level in the language.

There is an artificial intelligence parameter that places the questions in the exercise according to the level of difficulty in the ratio 6:4:2 which is a set of easy, medium, and hard questions respectively.

There are a series of mock tests as well as a subjective test that the student needs to appear and clear the tests and exercises for getting the certifications.

  • Pictorial format learning:

The next in the list of features that Fluencia has to offer is the pictorial format learning. To make the learning easy and engaging, to stop your mind from getting diverted and concentrate on the session that is currently being taken, all you need is a pictorial format learning.

A study has proven the fact that memory retention is more when the human sees a topic or a content rather than studying it from a book in the form of alphanumeric methodology. Keeping this in mind, Fluencia supports the Pictorial form of learning.

Fluencia How It Works

  • Easily Operational:

Nothing is better than easy learning methods and shortcuts for doing a process. If I wish to learn a language and get the easiest way possible to do, I will learn at a double pace.

This is the main reason Fluencia has this feature included in their list of a trademark as they totally understand the need of people.

Again, what this feature does is ties the students around them and once you get used to sugar even if you are a diabetic patient you cant get off sugar. This is the key feature that bounds the students around Fluencia.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning:

The next feature that Fluentia has to offer is anytime, anywhere learning. Fluencia allows the students to work at their own pace from any part on the geographical map. All you need is an internet connection and a smart electronic gadget for Fluencia to be operational.

Once the students register with Fluencia they get access to all the sessions and lectures that are offered by Fluencia for the students to learn from any position and any point of time during the course of 24 hours.

  • Tailor-made courses:

Personalization and change is the key to nature. Following the same methodology of teaching the students makes it boring and students tend to understand a few topics and there are areas that the students don’t understand at all.

To overcome this problem and a strong believer of the thought “Every child is special and should learn at his own pace” Fluencia has come with the feature of Tailor-made courses where Fluencia takes care that every student is provided with enough piece of information required to learn the language fluently.

Fluencia SignUp

  • Conversational Learning:

The next set of features that Fluencia has to offer is the Conversational Learning topology.

The process of conversational learning is a three-way module where first the students register the difficulty that he is facing in some lecture, the student needs to mention the lecture number and the point in the lecture he is facing difficulty.

The second step of the three-way module is where the difficulty is passed to the dedicated tutor for the student and the last step is when the tutor solves the queries of the student.

  • Track of all records:

The final stand-out feature that Fluencia has to offer os the track of all record feature.

There is an option on the profile of the student named dashboard. This is the chamber where all the secrets of the student get revealed. The student as well as the tutor who is assigned to the student gets a clear idea about the progress that the student has done.

After the registration is done even a single click on the complete website can be tracked with details like the tab which is clicked, the session that student has undertaken, the completion of lectures, and many more.

This feature not only helps the students but also helps the guardian of the student to keep an update of the progress of the student.

Let me take you to the next parameter of Fluencia Review and a piece of information about the pricing of Fluencia.

Pricing | Fluencia Review

The most important part of the discussion is the pricing sheet. Most of the students who work part-time and have to bear their own expenses look forward to this section. This section is also for the students from countries whose currencies are more when compared to a dollar.

Account Dashboard

Also, pricing is a factor that decides if the student will enroll with the Fluencia or not. But with the services and features Fluencia has to offer, they charge very very nominal as compared to most other languages teaching platforms available on the net or belong to the E-Education stream.

One good thing about Fluencia is that there are many payment options depending on the tenure the student wishes to buy it. I will guide you through every pricing section, the range of months or years, and the amount they need to pay for the same.

So without ado, let’s get started.

  • Monthly subscriptions.
  • Single yearly subscriptions.
  • Double yearly subscriptions.

Let me guide you through both the plans separately.

  • Monthly Subscription:

The first subscription plan that Fluencia has to offer is the payment per month. The most important feature that FLuencia has to offer is the 15-day trial option. But for the monthly subscription, the student or the purchaser has to pay an amount of 14.95$.

This is the cheapest subscription any platform could offer. Also, on the other hand, Fluencia gives the guarantee that it can make you an intermediate within the first month of the learning process.

All you need to do is pay an amount of 14.95$ and study with Fluencia with complete dedication. And as they guarantee if you follow the steps and teachings by Fluencia you will become fluent in speaking the language.

The outstanding feature that Fluencia mentions in its pricing sheet is that they offer 15 free sessions for the students to get used to the platform and then decide if they can learn the language with Fluencia.

Account Details

  • Single-Yearly Subscription:

The second plan that Fluencia has to offer is the single yearly plan. Once you are done with the 7-day trial and got familiar with the platform, and completely satisfied by the monthly subscription, you can opt for the single yearly plan.

If you find it expensive to pay 15$(rounded-off) per month, Fluencia has come with a single yearly subscription where the user has to pay an amount of 95.40$. If I sum up the monthly plan, it goes 12*15=180$. Instead, if you pay for the entire year you have a 50% off on the total subscription.

This is the offer that most people prefer to take as they consider one year as enough time to learn a new language.

  • Double-Yearly Subscription:

The final plan that Fluencia has to offer is the double-yearly plan. Happy on saving 50% of your subscription? Want to save more? Want to do masters in the language and learn the language for a longer duration?

Yes, there is an alternative to the above two mentioned pricing sheets taking the parameters written in this section Fluencia have come up with the double Yearly subscription.

Where you paid an amount of 14.50$ for a single month, to 95$ per year, opting for this double yearly subscription, you have to pay just 166.80$.

On calculating against the monthly and the yearly subscriptions, (24*15=360)&(95*2=190) you get a heavy discount of up to 60%. Isn’t that one amazing kinda deal?

With the double yearly subscription, you pay 6.95$ per month and with the single yearly subscription, you pay an amount of 7.95$ per month which is way way better than the monthly subscriptions.

The next parameter that I am going to cover in this Fluencia Review is the Pros and Cons; where the platform hits a century and what areas does Fluencia gets out on a duck.

Pros and Cons | Fluencia Review

Pros and Cons are the parameters that decide the side of a weight balance. If the pros of the platform are on the heavy side then the platform reaches heights by attracting more and more users.


On the other hand, if the weight is on the Con side, it is very difficult for the platform to fly high and definitely needs a change in its platform. Here, I present to you the Pros and Cons of Fluencia. These are the pros and cons that I have noticed on the platform.

Individual perspective regarding certain things might differ.

Pros for Fluencia:

  • Fluencia has a very unique and easy to be friendly kind of a user interface.
  • The pricing of Fluencia is great if considered for a longer duration.
  • Fluencia calls it the best Spanish teacher in the E-Education industry.
  • To provide support to all the students, there is a support desk and a group of dedicated teachers to solve the query.
  • Fluencia comes with a 7-day trial with 15 sessions or 15 lectures you get complimentary to get used to the platform.
  • It comes with an option where the student can keep a track record of the activities he as performed.
  • Fluencia has an engaging test in form of games making study enjoyable.

Woah surprised by so many pros, there are the negatives to come. As compared to the positive side only thing that I can say is that the weight is on the side of positives. Here I mention a few Cons about Fluencia.

User Review

Cons for Fluencia:

  • Fluencia is dedicated to only one language, Spanish.
  • The monthly charge for Fluencia is expensive as compared to the other two subscriptions.
  • The feature of anywhere anytime learning not always proves beneficial.

Also, Check-

FAQs | Fluencia Review

💁‍♀️ What is the difference between Fluencia and other language learning platforms?

The major difference between the other language learning platform and Fluencia is that Fluencia teaches only Spanish language. But it has the complete knowledge about the Spanish language right from the core to rookie.

🙇‍♀️ What is it that makes Fluencia stand out from other platforms?

Fluencia has many trademarks that other platforms don’t have. To name a few features, they have engaging exercises and different ways of teaching as well as a learning process.

Conclusion | Fluencia Review 2024

This is a section where everything gets crisp and the readers get the complete summary about the platform Fluencia. Fluencia is a platform that is dedicated to the Spanish language.

The people who love to learn the Spanish language can make the most of this platform. Fluencia has the complete knowledge right from the core of the language to advanced level learning patterns.

Fluencia is very cheap in terms of subscriptions and one of the most affordable languages learning search engine in the E-Educational industry.

It comes with the features of dedicated learning and tailor-made courses for the people. It also has an engaging test series, a record tracker, and many more trademarks.

The price that Fluencia asks for is totally worthy of the services that they offer their subscribers. Hope you found this Fluencia Review useful. Happy Learning!

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