SJCAM Discount Code 2023 : Get 30% OFF Now

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SJCAM is one of the best cameras offered by a Chinese company. It is the best as per its price. It has given a tough competition to the big brand cameras available in the market.

SJCAM is a multipurpose camera that can be used for clicking the photos and also for recording the videos. It can record the video in 1080p x 30 FPS.

Grab it before it is too late.

SJCAM Promo Codes 2023 :Get 30% Off Now


SJCAM Promo Codes

Also, it can take absolutely fabulous photos.

It is a water-resistant product up to 30 m only when it is used with the housing. It is an action-packed product accompanied by lots of additional gadgets.

This camera is released in the market in 2 formats or variants that are-

  • Camera with WIFI feature
  • Camera with no WIFI

As the variant suggests one has the WIFI option while the other does not have the WIFI option.

The working of both the cameras is amazing but what makes the difference is only the WIFI think. Rest everything and every feature is absolutely similar.

Specification Of SJCAM Cameras

All the specifications mentioned are similar to both the cameras that are offered. The only difference in both the cameras is the WIFI option.

Rest all the specifications of both are similar.

SJCAM Discount Code -Action Camera Price Online

Following are the specification of SJCAM:

  • 12 Mega Pixels CMOS SENSOR
  • Available in different colors like black, white, silver, yellow, blue, pink and Gold. Options for colors for SJCAM are many.
  • Wirelessly WIFI ( only in the camera with the wifi option)
  • The screen is LCD WITH 1.5″
  • Image resolution is 12mp with 4000×3000 -8 mp, 3264 x 2448 -5 mp, 2560 x 1960 -3 mp, 2048x 1536 -2 mp, 1920x 1080 -1.2 mp, 1280x 720
  • Video resolution of the camera is -HD 1920 X1080 / 30 fps HD 1280X 720p/ 60fps (recording with each frame twice) -848 x 480p/ 60fps 640x 480/ 60 fps.
  • 264 compression format is available
  • 4x (digital zoom option is available.
  • LENS is 170° Wide angle lens f=2.99mm F- 2.8
  • It supports up to 32 GB micro SD Memory card. Also, minimum Class 6 Micro SD is recommended
  • It supports various languages like ENGLISH FRENCH GERMAN CHINESE
  • Also, it supports simplified Chinese
  • It also supports traditional, Russian, Japanese, Korean language.
  • It has a connector with USB 2.0, HDMI CABLE
  • BATTERY is detachable and is 900 mAh
  • The camera dimension re 29.8 x 59.2x 41 mm
  • The camera weight without battery 44g and with the battery 58g

SJCAM Cameras Design

SJCAM is little lightweight with a dimension of 59.3x 41.1x 29.3 mm.

Also, with the battery also it weighs around 44g which is much lighter than the rest of the camera.

This makes it handy and easy to carry.

SJCAM Discount Code

Also, the camera is smaller in size than the expectation but the capturing power of the camera is just incredible and mind-blowing.

This tiny camera creates wonder. It comes in 7 different colors as specified in the features.

Video Feature Of SJCAM

Though it is not a DSLR or expensive can recorder it provides fantastic and amazing video at a great price.

The video quality is good and clear.

The wide-angle f=2.99 mm F= 2.8 lens enables the user to capture large videos and helps in creating high definition videos in different modes and resolutions.

Both the camera with WIFI and without WIFI can record the following type of videos-

  1. Full HD videos with 1920x 1080 30fps
  2. 720P: 1280x 720P 60/30 fps double frame and record each frame twice
  3. 640x 480P 60f
  4. 848x 480 60fps

Sj4000 does not support true 60 fps though it is mentioned in its features.

So if the user is in need of 60 fps with go for SJ5000  or any other camera like Sony, etc. The camera with more frames per second makes the video more realistic and better.

It is just to give an example that all the videos of Hollywood are made in 24 fps and in YouTube 30 fps.

SJCAM Time Lapse

The time-lapse feature is the wonderful feature available in the SJCAM 4000.

This option helps the user in setting the time-lapse while taking the picture. The time-lapse available is 3, 5, 10, 30 sec and also full min that is 60 sec.

SJCAM promotional codes

This implies in simple language that if the user selects 10-sec time-lapse option then the camera will capture the frame every 10 sec.

Also, this implies that if the user leaves the camera with 1 hour time-lapse then the camera will take 6 frames per min applying 360 frames in an hour.

This feature is really a great option at such a price.

SJCAM Photography Features:

It is usually noticed that one gadget is not much efficient in giving both photos and videos. Either it should be a cam recorder or a photography device.

And if the gadget is capable enough to give the user both the feature in a similar device then it is very expensive.

But with a surprise, these both the features are available in this gadget.

In present times, video recording is becoming essential and is also widely used and therefore, companies offer this feature the most.

But it is advised that if the user is in the need of only a photography camera then opt for digital camera or DSLR.

They will be able to serve your purpose more efficiently.

Though this camera is amazing but still if the user needs only a photography camera then go for it and if needed for both videography and photography then opt this camera.

There are different modes available while clicking or taking pictures.

These modes include color change, sepia or black and white option. Also, the white balance option makes photography more vibrant.

It makes the photos look different and also it is extremely useful if the user is willing to make shoot appear warmer or colder.

The photos taken from the SJCAM is not bad nor great. They are just average. But the biggest setback is the resolution of the images.SJCAM Discount Code -Action Cameras For Sale Children

The manufacturing company claims that the photo is taken in 12mp also few reviewers considered it right but they are not worth 12 mp.

Actually, 12mp and 8 mp look-alike 5mp photos. Also on zooming the picture, a blurred image is seen. Also, the details are not easy to shots.

SJCAM Products

The camera is accessorized with equipment and all of them are of great help in clicking the pictures. The mount and accessories are just amazing.

Following the accessories of SJCAM

  1. SJCAM along with the battery
  2. Waterproof housing for the SJCAM
  3. Bicycle stand
  4. Stand base
  5. Clip
  6. Fixed base
  7. Switch supporters
  8. Adapter
  9. Helmet base
  10. bandage
  11. Ribbon
  12. Double coated self-adhesive tape
  13. Wire rope
  14. Data wire
  15. Ac adapter
  16. Manual for the user to use the product
  17. Wiper

The list of attachments is really good and big. Also, the attachments are worth using with the other brand camera also like Sony, etc.

The list is huge and has all the useful items that are needed for great photography. This attachment when attached altogether makes the action camera and the action camera is also very flexible and easy to use.

The stands for the bicycle, waist or car require one more attachment which is required to be purchased separately and is not with the product.

The manual provided also is of great help and helps in setting up and combining accessories and mounts.

SJCAM Accessories 

Though SJCAM is providing all the main accessories bit for better and smooth working you really need to purchase some or all of the following accessories.

Purchasing these accessories is completely optional for the user.

But it would be great id he purchases and use these accessories also.

SJCAM promo codes

Following is the list of additional gadgets that you can buy-

  • Car brackets: though it is a completely optional product working with this would be great and efficient as well
  • HDMI outlet line- again an optional but is of great help for the user
  • Waist bandage- it is a necessary accessory for best photography experience and amazing photographs
  • Car charger- this is a must. The charging issue is major. And finding a socket or electric circuit is not a good option. Car charging will be the best and most needed accessory

It is suggested to purchase some or all of the above-mentioned accessories to get the best photography experience. All of the above accessories are important and very useful

Waterproof Casing

Again a useful feature of this camera. This casing helps in taking photos underwater band also in rain.

It has made photography experience really great. The camera is water-resistant which allows the camera to go up to 30 m in water for taking the pictures.

SJCAM Discount Code -Action Superpowers waterproof

The camera is equipped with the waterproof option which is to be selected before taking it to water.

Also, water-resistant or waterproofing does not affect the quality of video making. But the minor drawback is that its audio made is not good. Audio quality is really made underwater.

But images and videos are really amazing and great.

It is easy to insert the camera in the housing of waterproofing but the buttons are quite hard to press. The reason for their hardness is only because this will make the camera safer. Sometimes, it may feel annoying because of the stiffness and hardness of the housing.

The sound quality which is not very good underwater and the stiffness of housing are the major issues that the user may face with the housing.

But this is a great deal as well.

Cameras without water housing are not very effective and useful and also it is not advised to use them.

Multi-Purpose Action Cam

This small-sized camera is very useful and can be used in a variety. It is easy to use and handle and can be used in various ways. It can be used Indoor, outdoor and even underwater purposes.

Also, it can be used in various other ways.

SJCAM accessories


The camera can be used in following ways also-

  1. Dash camera– also known as a car camera. It can be used as a car camera in the car.
  2. Webcam– another useful use of this camera is that it can be used as a webcam for PC which can be used for taking calls at skype or for video call purpose.
    Also, it can be used for clicking a photo with a connection to pc.
  3. Home surveillance– another important and useful use of this camera is that it can be used as a CCTV camera in the house. It will work as home surveillance as well making it very useful for the user.

The other uses of this camera make it the camera used for all of the purposes.

The camera is amazing and is of great use and will be able to serve the user in the best possible use. This is the best camera known to date.

Car Recorder

So this tiny toy can also be used as a car recorder which is again a useful use of this camera. Working as a dashcam makes it the best camera which will help the user in recording while driving as well.

The driver does not need to stop at every point but can click the videos while driving as well. The great feature.

SJCAM Discount Code - car recorder

Web Camera

The best way of using this camera is by using it as a web camera. This is though a tiny but is equipped with the various feature.

Among which is a built-in microphone. So that the voice can also be transferred along with the photo. It has a really wide angle.

It works really well as a web camera as well.

The microphone feature saves you from carrying additional mic. So the great use of this camera is as a webcam as well.

SJCAM Home Burglar Systems

Also known as a motion detector that is used for detecting the motion of the object while clicking the pictures.

It is a great option that a camera can do as it helps in saving pictures without blurriness. SJCAM also starts taking the video as soon as it detects the motion.

The user just needs to on the motion detector for efficiency.

SJCAM Discount Code - Other Accessories

There are some reliability issues when it comes to detecting the motion feature.

Sometimes it records the slightest of motion and sometimes it fails to detect the motions at all. So this feature is quite odd and not useful.

If you need a motion camera then surely this cam is not the right choice for you. Else the camera is really amazing and great to use with the other features.

Battery And Charger Of SJCAM

So the camera also comes with a detachable battery. Which can be easily detached and used. The camera uses the same battery as M10.

These are available cheaply with SJCAM discounts.

It uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery with 900 mAh power. The approximate battery life of the camera when fully charged and used for recording in 1080 30fps with no WIFI is 100 min.

The time usage is really appreciable and wonderful.

100 min applies more than 1.5 hours. The user can use it continuously for 100 minutes without break or cam turning off. This is a great deal at such a price.

SJCAM coupon codes

Also, the spare batteries of this product are also available in the market which can be easily purchased which will help in recording more videos nonstop.

The battery is detachable and can also be charged using the USB cable plugged into the PC, AV cable or the car powered adapter.

The fastest charging of this product is by the AV cable. But also it is to clear the USB charging is safe charging though little time-consuming.

Also, it must be noted that there may come an awkward smell while charging with AV cable.

FAQs {Frequently Asked Questions}:

✅ Which Is The Best SJCAM?

Some of the best SJCAM are SJ500X Elite, SJ6 Legend, SJ7 Star, SJ8 Air.

💥 Are Cheap Action Cameras Worth It?

Some of them may lack functionalities such as motion sensors and GPS. In short, these cameras are actually worth it if you want a better image quality and a static image.

⚡ How Should We Use SJCAM?

Just Install the SJCAM software on your mobile phone or android device and press the power-on button. Press the WiFi key and the Wifi symbol will display on the screen.

🔥 Can SJCAM Cameras Be Used As Web Cameras?

Some models under the 5000+ model number support webcam. Besides that, the model above that still lacks the webcam functionalities.

Also, Check

Final Verdict: SJCAM Promo Codes 2023

SJCAM is a tiny but amazing camera equipped with amazing equipment and mind-blowing features. It comes in various color options.

Also, it comes in 2 variants that are with WIFI and without WIFI. The working of the camera is similar but the only difference is with the WIFI thing.

It is a great camera at such a price with so many multiple uses. The battery life of the camera is amazing and great.

Grab the SJCAM discount codes and you can get the SJCAM 9 cameras here.

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